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Healthcare Assignment: EngagingChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder In Mainstream Classroom


Task: Prepare a detailed and well-structured research report on healthcare assignment investigating the effective strategies for including children with autism in a mainstream classroom.


An autism spectrum disorder function. Focused in the present context of healthcare assignment, is defined as one of the complex neurological syndromes which restrict social interaction and monotonous patterns of behavior. A regular interval of the training process can create opportunities to learn for human psychology. Children who are suffering from this disease, their communication is very poor. A tailor teaching technique needs to be adapted here for encouraging the participation in different activities. The report will produce the aim, methods, analysis, and discussion of teachers’ management policy for those students who are suffering from Autism Syndrome disability. In most cases, teachers’ attitudes will be evaluated with the help of behavior therapy. Children who have autism spectrum disorder can easily overcome this disability with maintaining the behavior strategy. Behaviors management strategies will be implemented here by identifying the children's challenges. Collective information of the data can help to maximize the children opportunity.

The purpose of this study is to engage all children who are affected with Autism spectrum disorder disability. The symptom has appeared for 12 to 24 months. Not only that but also the teachers’ focus and capability will be measured here based on engaging students (Nasser et al., 2019).
Students who areseriously affected by such a disability are not able to cope up with any learning activity. Teachers within the classroom should implement adequate strategies to make social all those children. A well-established plan, fulfilling the gap of knowledge educators, appropriate training is required to improve the organizational growth. Due to this, Autism Spectrum Disorders few symptoms have emerged here like delayed language skills, movement skills, and cognitive learning skills. Abnormal activities of the children should be improved here by arranging different types of funny games and funny activities.
According to the present study, there is no treatment of this disease but adopting the above steps and procedures can maximize the ability of different children. These types of children are not quite matured basically. Though these diseases have no specific measurement, habits need to be changed frequently (Mundy, 2018). Social activities, funny games are needed to be played by those children for improving the behavioral activity.

The actual subject of this report is to create a significant environment where especially abled children can improve their mental stability and condition. Children who have a 20% high risk of this disease are found numerous challenges in classrooms settings. Children who have such kinds of diseases, quite difficult to engage in any social activity. Creative planning, structure routine should be added here to energize the children who are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (Doenyas, 2018).
Useful care towards the children, individual learning goals, and rewards in a frequent manner energized them to implement a new type of activity. Teamwork among staff, resources, and teachers’ can also create a huge impact on the learning and developmental process. Regular treatment with the help of psychiatry and occupational therapist creates multiple opportunities to enhance the growth of such students. An open communication system can also develop their mental health growth within the organization.

The whole report will give a piece of strong information about handling all students who are physically disabled to portray their feelings. Primary qualitative and quantitative research methods were engaged here to get adequate information about handling those children who have Autism Spectrum Disability. Different methods were engaged here to understand the growth of children by the help of teachers’ plan. The research method is associated with different categories like research question, Justification, research ethics, data collection processes.

Research Question:
Which are valuable cognitive learning areas that are required to be developed within the early childhood days?
Who are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder have been highly benefited by making themselves social in the environment?
A proper mechanism and social interaction are required to explore the knowledge and ideas of those students who are affected with the ASD disability?
Which things are quite impactful on the mind of those students who are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (Iglesias-Vázquez et al., 2020)?

What are the few advantages and disadvantages will be coming out to improve the social literacy, numeracy skills among the children?
What are the actual company of young children agreed the foundation of the mathematical skill development process helps to enhance those people suffering from Autism spectrum disorder (Quesnel-Vallieres et al., 2019)?

A qualitative research method defines the concept of collection and analyzing all non-numerical data to understand different concepts and experiences. Qualitative research defines the concept of statistical analysis. Qualitative research strategy is the quite opposite strategy of quantitative strategy. This research method has given a brief demonstration about understanding the children's requirements and the way to handle them specially. The whole research method also demonstrates the concept of a mechanism to produce or collect a bunch of data and information.

I also wanted to take the research project with much more care and enhance the learning of children. A proper knowledge with reducing stress and improvement of well-being can make mature to all the pre-school behavior. A strong analysis of the qualitative research method can enhance the quality of the teacher. Analyzing different authors' perspectives, it has been coming out that collaboration with participants can boost up the confidence among those students who are physically disabled.

Few ethical concerns should be taken out for analyzing different qualitative research methods. According to the Richards and Schwartz finding, it has been coming out that health care practitioner has different types of meaning. Students’ personal information need not to be enclosed here for identifying the growth of such organizations. The qualitative method explains, clarify and elaborates different areas of human life experiences. Research ethics provided adequate advice to all the correspondence of this project to make all necessary information personal and secure. These are the most common approaches which need to be confidential in the time of collecting data or information.

Here in this research, a detailed analysis is required to make stable the mental health of any children suffering with mental disorder. Different authors’ have presented their perceptions and thoughts regarding these concepts. Few of them are given a piece of concrete information to handle those children who are especially abled. Teachers who are maintaining the collaborative approach can easily handle such kind of situation. According to the (Rubleet al., 2018), stated that Interest, experience, and participation in any program can enhance their mindset. It will also develop their behavior strategically. Regular basis practice, improving fun characteristics’ in classroom can help all children to recover from such disability like Autism spectrum Disorder.

Autism Spectrum disorder cannot be cured fully but these activities can become quite helpful for those children who were stuck in these situations. Monotonous classroom settings are not the actual remedy of such a situation therefore different guidance’s are very much important. Autism Spectrum Disorder function also established the concept like the gap of the knowledge. Children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder always love to stay in their comfort zone and fantasy World. As a result, it has been coming out that the environment needs to be changed frequently. It can also give them some significant taste of nature which is seldom found in the environment.

Autism Spectrum disorder has given a piece of strong information increasing the awareness of the neuropsychiatric disorder. In this context (Ruble et al., 2018), stated that unprecedented situations in pregnancy, neonatal morbidities, an endocrine-disrupting chemical, pesticides, and toxin can also create a huge impact on children's minds. Therefore, it is also very necessary to be careful for avoiding such kind of unprecedented situation in the future.

A regular plan or behavioral strategy helps to avoid any kind of disruption within the participants who are present in any classroom. Loud noise, bright lights can distract those especially able children.Thusteachers are required to play a vital role to care for all the children effectively.
Analyzing the perception of different teachers’ it has been coming out that proper maintenance is quite necessary to make overcome all abnormal children from their existing situations. Regulatory and open communication systems are quite useful to understand the mind of those children who are suffering from such disability.

According to the different authors’ perspectives, it has been coming out that, proper care, proper knowledge is quite important to understand the psyche of mentally affected children. There is no proper treatment of these diseases so that habitual activities are quite significant to handle such circumstances effectively.

Analysing the whole question few points are coming which will taunt the readers’ mind. Proper care is very important to enhance the knowledge or logical ability of those children who are highly affected by this Autism Spectrum Disorder problem. All the authors’ perspectives can create a positive impact to handle such specially-abled children effectively.

A quite significant approach has been coming out to create a positive connection with the literature. It can also create several challenges to understand whether the data will be able to find out the actual issue in the market. Analyzing the whole research, accurate data are seldom found from this research activity. A proper data analysis can identify the positive impact of this disease. On the other hand, it has given a piece of strong information to create some remedies of such activity. This idea can explore a new concept and new knowledge to stop such kind of activity from the grassroots level.

Limitation of the study:
The first thing which is very important to conduct any qualitative analysis high-cost method is very important to manage different types of staff members.

The quality of the data fully depends on the interviewer. Few people have the natural quality to take an interview. An interview process cannot be progressed without an efficient team. Since the size of the sample is limited to conduct any interviews. Therefore, it is quite important to interview in different areas which can increase the cost structure and data efficiency (Rämä et al., 2019).

Recommendation to the researcher:
The researcher should have enough idea to get an adequate answer from the correspondence by maintaining the strategy of SMART format. The researcher of this report must have enough knowledge about the particular research method. The result should be analyzed frequently. Personal data of the correspondence should be protected in such a way so that nobody can access this information without any prior authorization.

The whole project was given a concrete information about the teachers’ quality to manage all the students who are suffering from Autism mental Disorder. This report was given a brief idea about managing those candidates very carefully and gently. It also provided concrete information or process to enhance the knowledge of different candidates. Besides these, a teacher's role to handle any especially able children was also portrayed in this section. The ideal teachers’ contribution to their children was being portrayed in this report.

Doenyas, C. (2018). Gut microbiota, inflammation, and probiotics on neural development in autism spectrum disorder. Neuroscience, 374, 271-286. Autism_Spectrum_Disorder/links/5a8edb530f7e9ba4296967a4/Gut-Microbiota-Inflammation-and- Probiotics-on-Neural-Development-in-Autism-Spectrum-Disorder.pdf

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Mundy, P. (2018). A review of joint attention and social?cognitive brain systems in typical development and an autism spectrum disorder. European Journal of Neuroscience, 47(6), 497-514. Nasser, I. M., Al-Shawwa, M., & Abu-Naser, S. S. (2019). Artificial Neural Network for Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Rämä, I., Pirttimaa, R., Ojala, T., Pesonen, H., &Kontu, E. (2019). Teacher Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Finland. In Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in China and Finland (pp. 183-195). Springer, Singapore. sequence=1
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