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Health Promotion Assignment: Brimbank


Task:The Australian Health Policy Collaboration at Victoria University has been working in partnership with the City of Brimbank in the western suburbs of Melbourne to improve the health outcomes in the Brimbank Community.

In collaboration with the Public Health Information Development Unit at The University of Adelaide, and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living at Victoria University, two Brimbank population reports have been prepared:

The Brimbank Atlas of Health and Education

Physical Activity, Sport and Health in the City of Brimbank

A summary of the findings and their implications can be found in the Brimbank Collaboration: A Collaborative Approach to Lifting Health and Education Outcomes

These reports were designed to enable Victoria University and Brimbank community leaders and organisations to plan and develop integrated policies, services and strategies to lift health and education outcomes across the Brimbank community now and in the future.

Considering the social determinants of health for this assessment you will use this data to inform the development of a health promotion project plan to address a priority health issue in the City of Brimbank. You can target a specific population group in Brimbank or develop a project that targets the broader population.

Your project plan should align with the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2019. You should consider focusing on the priority of ‘Healthier Eating and Active Living’ in the Plan but recognize that there are important relationships between all priorities. Please see the Unit Coordinator to discuss if you are uncertain.

Your project plan should also consider the VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion.


Executive Summary
Brimbank, the company which is described in this health promotion assignment is one of the largest and the most populous municipal area of western Melbourne and the area is undergoing through obesity problems, which should be curbed out.

The state governments and the local municipal chairperson have devised for many plans and programs. The departments of the state government, Community Indicators, Australia Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC) have devised for plans at Victoria University.

It has been observd in this health promotion assignment that the government has directed to curb out the obesity problems and conducted literacy programs about the fitness programs, which the citizens should adopt, and they should leave the smoking habit and the consumption of alcohol to stay fit and healthy.

The city of Brimbank is one of the populous local government area of Melbourne, Australia. There are 160 different languages spoken in the area with a 56.2 percent of population speaking their own language other than English. There is a high risk on obesity as the area contains a higher percentage of adults, who consume alcohol. 43.2 percent of the total population increased their lifetime risk of alcohol related issues. The Brimbank also has a higher percentage of adults who have blood sugar problems and diabetes. Obesity has been one of the most crucial problems, which the city of Brimbank is having in the present date. There are also some issues related to smoking and mental problems. 19.6 percentage of the total population, dwelling in Brimbank, who are having the obesity problems and 17.5 percentage of population has a regular habit of smoking. In this health promotion assignment, the problems of obesity are being discusses. The local government has given much stress and emphasis on the obesity problems and many people have died for extreme sugar level and diabetes in the area. It is inferred in this health promotion assignment that to curb out the disease from the area, many schemes and programs have been performed for the benefit and well-being of the citizens (Slade and Carte, 2016).

Project Focus
Outline of health issue
The List of Health Issues: It was first implemented by the National Preventative Health Strategy 2009 vision for developing the health conditions of the people living in Australia and thus emerging the whole physical state of the population and representing the country as the most healthiest country by 2020. There were three points, which have been listed as the top three priorities and they are identified as follows:

  • Diminishing the growing disease of overweight and obese Australians
  • Emerging to diminish the rate of smoking
  • Preaching out the growing epidemic of health diseases and social harms those results from risky alcohol consumption (Slade and Carte, 2016).

Health Issues and its Implications : A collaborative action plan has been established by the federal and the states and the name of the program was The National Health Priority Areas (NHPA), a joint effort with the territory government organizations and the non-government sectors. The programs have aimed in seeking a national health policy and thus focusing on the diseases and conditions that have a major impact on the health of the population. The nine segments have been classified in the joint program action and these nine segments are cancer, cardiovascular, health, injury prevention, mental health, obesity, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, musculosketel conditions and dementia (Slade and Carte, 2016).

Justification of the Issue: Among all the other issues, obesity has evolved to be pf the major and common issues that is affecting people. The joint program plan has identified that there is much less physical activities of the people living in Brimbank in comparable to the citizens living in Victoria. The less workout and physical exercise causes the high growth of obesity and thus they are becoming weak. There are 37.2 percentage of people living in Brimbank, who have a routine of daily exercise in comparable to Victoria, where 41.3 percent of people has a daily habit for physical exercise. There are top three types of physical activities, which the people living in Brimbank do daily. The top three types of physical exercises are walking, jogging and doing gym and fitness in respective health clubs. There are 48.1 percent of the total people, who regularly walk, 12.0 percent of people who regularly run and jog and the least number of people (8.9 percent) do regular fitness training in respective health clubs. With the help of this number percentages, it has been clear that the people who are living in Brimbank, does not have a regular practice in keeping their body fit. However, that is the only reason about why the obesity problems are increasing with the time.

Identified need and the Policy Framework
Why the Policy is needed: The Brimbank Collaboration has been one of the most important collaboration between Australian Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC). The collaboration was taken place at Victoria university and Brimbank City Council. The collaboration has taken place for the long-term research and programs and interventions.

Why Program is needed: The health program is needed to reduce obesity and spread awareness of the same among the people. The Growing Brimbank was established along with the collaboration program as it was founded to reduce the potential long term hazards based on the risk factors on the people and community of the country the rough joint plans and proposals. The four streams have been separated and they are as follows

  • Early childhood health and the development program (0-8 years)
  • School years and Youth Transition Program
  • Family Formation Program
  • The Prime Years: Health, Wellbeing and Engagement Program (Slade and Carte, 2016).

Why Program is needed for Public Policy : A Policy Framework has been established as the Health and Wellbeing Framework demonstrates the manner of work of the Council’s Policies, Plans and Strategies converse with one another and thus addressing the health and wellbeing priorities for the people living in the city of Brimbank. The Framework also informs about t the council’s actions and directs about the method of working in partnership with the community and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Framework has also taken an initiative that undertook the health initiatives for protecting, promoting and thus developing the health and wellbeing of the Brimbank dwellers (Veitch, et al., 2017).

Project Shareholders
Stakeholders play a major role in the health promotion campaign that focuses on obesity. The policy framework, which has been established, has planned for creating Better Parks Policy and they have identified 156 parks. This plan was formulated to upgrade the future capital works program, which was subjected to budget considerations. The plan was formulated for helping the council meets and the needs of the community programs by developing integrated, accessible open space networking channels in Brimbank. The Cycling and walking strategies throughout the Brimbank and it guides the council for adopting better plans for future. The Strategies include some of the objectives, taking shareholders in their mind. The objectives are as follows

  • Revising the strategy and clearly identifying the proposed trail networks
  • Consulting with the community rider teams and groups and the main shareholders or the stakeholders to develop and implement a revised network which will meet up the public needs
  • Revising new strategies for finding up new and relevant local and state walking and cycling initiatives (Slade and Carte, 2016).
  • Delivering proper guidelines and treatments to the local people of Brimbank

The shareholders have also the responsibility to continue and revise the works on Sunshine as a key employment segment and thus re-distributing the efforts for better support to other local business sectors. They have also pledged to continue and thus expanding the work sphere with young children as the key feature for the future economic development. They have also improvised and implemented in doing their work with migrant groups and communities for empowering them for getting a new job.

There are two shareholders engagement tasks, which include the sporting club and health community services and the interview programs with the shareholders, which include the business, and industry groups, that should be conducted (Wallace, 2015).

The main target of the consultation program is to make understand the Brimbank community and stakeholders about the big ideas that is related to the well being of Brimbank people. The four themes have been selected that has evolved from the analysis of the previous community program consultations.

The four themes are as follows

  • Establishing an inclusive community program
  • Establishing a livable community plan
  • Developing a prosperous community program (Slade and Carte, 2016).
  • Introducing an innovative and responsive ‘Community First’ council

Project Target Group
List of Target groups: An analysis health promotion assignment has been published on the health status of the Brimbank population, which is based on the information ranges from the resources, which are taken from the State Government departments, Vic Health, Australia Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC), and Community Indicators at the Victoria University. The health promotion assignment describe and have showed the positive and negative aspects about the Brimbank population. The reports have been analyzed under two categories, which are as follows

  • Addressing the determinants of health and fitness
  • Addressing the modifiable health risks and issues (FURLONG, et al., 2017).

Explanation of Target Groups: This health promotion assignment has targeted to some groups, which are known as Target groups. There is an increasing problem of obesity in the Brimbank and the State government have introduced and planned for a number of efforts to curb out the disease from the population of Brimbank. The obesity can cause tremendous health problems to the normal citizens and even to the pregnant women in the time of their delivery. The Brimbank population has a less habit in doing their physical exercises and thus they are not aware about their fitness. Only 8.2 percent of population regularly goes to gym and fitness clubs to improve their fitness and to stay healthy.

Justification on the Target Groups: There is some justification behind selecting the target groups. The population who are not aware about their obesity problems and who have having high blood sugar and diabetes mellitus are included in the target groups. The State government long with the local government personnel has established a number of plans and programs in the Victoria University to diminish the health hazards. The State Governments have also launched important programs related to the education about the health risks and thus increasing the understanding in member organization about achieving the goals and objectives through health education and literacy programs. Increasing and imputing knowledge regarding the health literacy can improve the mentality of the target groups (Furlong, et al., 2014).

Project Content
Goals and Objectives
Aims: There are many goals, which the Brimbank population should adopt to stay healthy and tusk for reducing the tendency of obesity in them. The obesity has been one of the greatest epidemics that the Brimbank population has faced in the recent years.

The aim of the health promotion assignment is to spread awareness about the issue of obesity among the people and also reduce this issue. There are several goals, which includes, intake of healthier food habits and eating healthy foods like fruit and fresh vegetables. The fruits and fresh vegetables have a high nutritional value and it will not form any obesity problems in the population. The State Government and the Local government personnel has established some food markets, where are citizens can get all the fresh fruits and vegetable and adopting it into their daily diet plan. The government has also introduced some programs and interactive platforms for the Brimbank population, where they can directly interact with the doctors and health dieticians about their problems of obesity.

Explanation behind taking the aims
The Government has also stopped using liquor in the Brimbank area as the alcohol consumption causes the obesity diseases to the population (Wheeler, 2014).

The goals are important because, these goals will lead to the success and it will curb out the problems and health troubles in the population. The goals, which are adopted, will cost to the Brimbank population and they will be able to live a normal life in future.

The goals are important because, these goals will lead to the success and it will curb out the problems and health troubles in the population. The goals, which are adopted, will cost to the Brimbank population and they will be able to live a normal life in future.

Lists of program objectives : There are some objectives, which has been adopted for curbing out the obesity problems from the society. The SMART objectives, which are introduced, are described below. The objectives are taken to adopt some immediate changes, the whole Brimbank population is wanting and thus progressing towards the desired goal. The objectives includes with introduction of many vending machines within the area with 50 percent of the healthy food item. The healthy food options include the wholegrain breads and cereals, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, low fat dairy milk, lean meats low calorie drinks and purified water.

Explanation of Program Objectives:
The SMART objectives, which are being adopted, are as follows
Specific: The objectives include and indicate for a clear action on the vital determinants, population groups and settings. The state government has launched such programs and schemes that would stop the teenagers from smoking cigars and promoting those schemes and programs to about 90 percent of schools and colleges for situating campuses with wide no smoking policies by 2020 (Eime, et al., 2014).

Measurable: The objectives include the features that will help the board and the government to know whether the plans and programs have been succeeded or not. It cannot be measured that the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables has increased or not. For that reason, the government has directed to increase the number of outlets of fresh and green vegetables in the community so that people would get aware of the fact.

Achievable: The objectives include the realistic achieved objectives within the available resources. It cannot be measured that the teenagers have reduced consumption of alcohol or smoking or not. Instead of that , the state government has planned to formulate some rules and regulations where no youth can consume alcohol below the age of 16 in Brimbank and it should get reduced to 25 percent by 2020 (Bezzina, et al., 2016).

Relevant: The objectives include the health issues of the Brimbank population group. The objectives includes in improving the physical activity of the citizens living at Brimbank and thus increasing the literacy level which would directly give instructions to health issues and engaging all the citizens by next six months.

Time-frame: The objectives should function within a given period of time and thus reducing the promotion of adults in Australia, who smoke to 12 percent and that should be curbed between 2020 (Wheeler, et al., 2015).

Health promotion Approach
Outline of the Health Promotion Approach: There are two series of the health promotion approach based on the consultations in this health promotion assignment. In the first series, over 80 percent of the survey correspondents, have assumed that to have a strong network of health and services would be very important, but only about 39 percent were satisfied with the local health promotion approach.

Over 65 percent of the people have assumed that a strong network on the health and services would be important for the health promotion approach in future. However, at the time of assuming the respondents need to think about their family’s health and well-being and that could more or less change in future (Valdés-Cotera, et al., 2015).

In the second series, a team of 28 representatives was sent too many organizations for collecting reports. It was observed that most of the organizations have given the priority in curbing out gambling, diminishing of vulnerable act on children and thus improving the services and infrastructure. It is also hoped from that scenario, that the community and the health organizations in Brimbank will take up and adopt additional priorities, which are identified in the report in the development of their 2017-2021 integrated health promotion approach (Veitch, et al., 2014).

Strategies and Activities used: Many strategies have been adopted in the initiative taken between the Australian Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC) at Victoria University and Brimbank City Council. Strategies have been done to implement the objectives and goals. Some strategies that have undergone are as follows

Justifying the Strategies and Approaches

  • The state government and the local government of Brimbank have take an initiative and have undergone through a research study about the conditions needed to cultivate carrots, broccoli and cabbage in a specific vegetable garden. The vegetable garden will be established at a particular place of the area and there are strategies, which includes testing of soil, researching on whether conditions and thus knowing about the water usage and sustainability. To reduce the problems of obesity, the government has taken up these measures and directed to the Brimbank population in planting vegetables at a gap of four weeks (Tolhurst, et al., 2016).
  • For planting vegetables in a four weeks time, the cultivators should be equipped with special techniques and tools and engaging more population for buying seeds and plants and for preparing the texture of the soil.
    With these strategies and techniques, the obesity problem can be diminished and thus the Brimbank population can live a healthier life than the past (McCuskey, 2017).

Evaluation Plan

Outline of the Evaluation Plan with the impact and indicators: Ann Evaluation plan is a type of summarized text of what the government needs to be evaluated and what other information needs to be collected for formulating a better plan. In some cases can be huge requirement for the funders. The table shows the desired goals, objectives and above strategies as they act as the foundation for the evaluation plan.

Performance Indicators are being explained with the help of a table:



Types  of Evaluation


Diminishing the obesity problems from the Brimbank population and it is considered as a long-term outcome. It is impossible to solve out in six to seven months and for this reason the program has been given the time specification in between 2020. The  government has planned to diminish the rate of smoking by 6.3 percent within 2020 (Mekala, et al., 2015).

This is an outcome evaluation


It is a medium term impact. The objectives have been stated through SMART objective technique. The objectives includes diminishing the rate of smoking, spreading the health education to the Brimbank population, creating a specific vegetable garden and establishing more outlets of fresh fruits and green vegetables. The fresh fruits and green has a high nutritional value and it will diminish the obesity problems to the citizens. It is a medium term impact because it can be changed within small amount of time and the level of impact is medium to the citizens. The walking, jogging and fitness training should be done to keep them healthy and thus curbing out themselves from obesity problems (Mekala and MacDonald, 2018).

This is an impact evaluation


The strategies, which are described, are of short-term results with completed actions and outputs. The strategies include cultivation of carrots, cabbages and broccoli in a vegetable garden. A vegetable garden in an area will instigate the Brimbank population in consuming more vegetables and diminishing the problems with obesity, smoking and consumption of alcohol (Gilbert, et al., 2018).

This is a  Process Evaluation

Project Infrastructure
Human Resources
The Brimbank population are the main resources for the optimizing the goals, objectives and the strategies of this health promotion assignment. The state government and the local government of Brimbank have established all the plans and programs for stabilizing and keeping the human resources healthier and stable than the past. The governments and the community programs have developed a number of routine for the citizens and thus they have directed to the population for increasing their physical fitness by regular walking, jogging and fitness training for curbing out the obesity problems and diminishing the rate of smoking and consumption of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol increases the possibility of obesity in the population and thus decreases the flexibility and stamina of the population. Major steps have been acquired and developed in establishing vegetable gardens and forming more outlets of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. The government has also taken some vital steps in preaching out the health solutions to the citizens thus making them more aware about the problems, they are having. The Brimbank has a very low rate of fitness among the citizens in comparable to Victoria. Victoria State is much more developed than the Brimbank in the health related issues. Brimbank is the third most populous municipality area of Melbourne and the second largest in the Western region of Melbourne. The estimated registered population in 197,011 and the forecasts indicates that it may rise to 222,447 by 2041. However, the government has taken preventive measures in the health issues because of the rising population and they have directed the population for less smoking and consumption of alcohol. New plans and programs are also sent to various schools and colleges for the creation of no-smoking zones and debarring the youth ,w ho are below 16 years of age from smoking (Furlong, et al., 2018).

Timeline: Listing of the Timeline Plan with Activity and Responsibility and the Date when it has started and when it will complete.

A project timeline in this health promotion assignment has been set after the project goals, objectives and activities, which are identified above in this health promotion assignment. A basic timeline template has been provided below



Start Date

End Date

Establishing vegetable garden

Developing a vegetable garden within the municipal area, and engaging a number of citizens and cultivators for accomplishing the task in a better manner (Slade and Carter, 2017).



Increasing the literacy level

Establishing new plans and procedures for educating the Brimbank population about the harms and affects of obesity The government has  also taken new measures for decreasing a rate of smoking, which is a common feature in Brimbank (Slade and Carte, 2016).



Budget Breakdown
,Lists of Budget Item in Administration Head: A budget template has been used in this health promotion assignment to develop the whole project budget. The categories and the budget line items are given along with the money allocated for each heads.

The items and the Inkind Notes has been explained below



Inkind $









The money has been allotted by the state government and the local municipal government

The advertising of the government schemes and the printing of the pamphlets and the expenses of the travel from one area to another in Brimbank and the equipments, which are used for the vegetable cultivation, are all the factors, for which the money has been allocated (Dobbinson, et al., 2017).

The items have been justified and the estimated cost has been justified above in the table

A research report has been done on the problems related to obesity, which have arisen at Brimbank in this health promotion assignment. Brimbank is one of the populous municipal areas of Western Melbourne. The Project Focus, Content and the Infrastructure have been described. The health issues, policy frameworks, stakeholders and the target groups have been discussed. In the Project Content segment, goals and objectives, health promotion approach, strategies and activities and evaluation plan have been elaborated. Evaluation template and the timeline template have been given in this health promotion assignment with reference to the obesity problems at Brimbank. Health promotion assignments are being prepared by our nursing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help australia service.

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