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Health Profiling Assignment On Health Evolution For Patients


Task: How to evaluate a patient using health profiling assignment strategies?


This health profiling assignment measures an individual from a specific society can help the researchers to get an idea about Public Health concerns in this present situation. Health measurement must encompass 3 basic attributes such as physical health, mental health and social health. These attributes correlate with managing the social life balance of the world accordingly. The present study has evaluated the background idea of health measures to emphasise the analysing strategies. In addition, the health profile of the selected respondent can help the essay to critically evaluate and analyse the health measures for a standardised lifestyle for reducing the risk related to illness.

health profiling assignment Background
Defining health

health profiling assignments define Health as one of the most important states of humanity which ensure problem-free life. It has been reported in the understanding of the World Health Organisation that health mainly compasses the complete understanding of physical, mental and social wellbeing (, 2022). Evaluation of physical measures improves the idea of a specific disease. Analysing the mental measures can help to identify internal issues. Along with this social status also leaves a huge impact on the physical and mental situation of an individual (, 2022). In addition, the identification of equal development of specific regions and other areas can reduce the threat of communicable diseases and common dangers. Moreover, the report also showcases that implementing ideas about adequate health and social measures including government responsibilities can improve the health measure of a society.

Importance of measuring health
Health measurement is required for getting an idea about the baseline data of the global health issues that can drive the clinical decision-making activities of a medical practitioner. It has been reported that epidemiological purposes enable the basic idea about population health statements and common scenarios of disease risk factors and others (, 2022). The report has also highlighted that health measurements can be defined as the representative model to understand the utilisation of health services. It has been identified on this health profiling assignment that measurement of health can be analysed in different ways like analysing blood pressure blood sugars evaluating alcohol consumption and others. According to the opinion of Sandmannet al. (2021), body mass index or BMI can be considered as the most useful way to measure the health issues of an individual. It estimates overall disease risk based on different perspectives. The World Health Organisation also demonstrated that health status can be considered as the key element for evaluating the quality of life which improves the positive vibes. An index of co-existing diseases can help an individual to get ideas about physical complications (, 2022). The report of the World Health Organisation has suggested creating a city health profile for analysing the health attribute based on the present scenario so that it can address and deal with the sudden disease in a comprehensive way.

Epidemiological study on UK health measures
This health profiling assignmentobserved that it has been reported on the government website that 1 in 10 emergency medical admissions in neurological problems has increased in recent years which is highlighted in Figure 1 (, 2022). The most effective age group for this disease is 60 to79 years old (, 2022). Moreover, the report has highlighted 60 million prescriptions for respiratory diseases (, 2022). These pulmonary issues have been reported up to 1.8 million in 2020 (, 2022). It has also been reported that psychiatric tests have been emphasised in this present critical scenario. The report also demonstrated that the rate of heart disease has increased to 2.8 million in the year 2020 (, 2022). Figure 2 highlights that increasing numbers of psychiatric problems have accelerated the number of psychiatric employees up to 12.7 thousand in 2020 (, 2022). The report stated that 99.11% of the population use basic sanitation services for Healthcare (, 2022). In addition, 89.38% of International health regulation management has been scored by the United Kingdom (, 2022).


Figure 1: Non-communicable diseases
(, 2022)


Figure 2: Prevalence of mental health illnesses in Europe
(, 2022)

Main body-
Identifying and describing the health and well-being status-
Interview Questioner
(Physical health)
What is your height?
5.5 ft.
What is your weight?
62 KG
What is BMI?

Explain your diet.
Basically, I prefer non-oily foods. Moreover, I mainly like vegan products. However, I do not belong to the vegan community. In spite of being health-conscious, I like chocolate too much.

Do you prefer Smoking or drinking?

What is your normal Blood pressure?
60/ 90

Do you have any specified disease?

(Mental health)

What hobbies do you pursue?
Writing stories, drawing

What is your preferred leisure?
Reading books, listening to soft music

How often do you like to talk?
I like to interact with people and talk about different perspectives for improving my knowledge. Indeed, I am afraid of being alone.

Do you like any exercise or yoga?
Freehand workouts sometimes

What is your anxiety rate?
I feel anxious for a short reason
(Social helath)

How are your Relations with family and friends?
I talk to my parents very often. Hence, my friend circle has been reduced after schooling.

What is your educational status?
I am a student now.

What is your outside interest?
I like to explore the world to find new places


What is your Sex?

What is your ethnicity?

What is your marital status?

What is your Employment Status?

What is your Age?
23 years

It has been reflected in this health profiling assignment aforementioned table that the respondents have provided the clarified ideas about their physical, mental and social health attributes which can help to analyse health measures of the respondents accordingly. Thus, it signifies that the no-shared issues of respondent can affect mental wellness to some extent. In this scenario, the respondent maintains a healthy diet which helps to maintain the proportion between height and weight. However, respondents also faced issues due to low blood pressure which can affect their health perspectives as well. It has also been reported that the respondent has an artistic mind which can be the basic reason for unwanted anxiety and depression. This study has showcased that the respondent interprets herself as a talkative personality by not intending to share her family friendship status.

Analysing the collected data
Physical health:

It has been reported in the collected data for this health profiling assignment that the respondent has an effective food habits which can help the respondent mitigate risk related to premature diseases. However, the physical health measures of this respondent showcased that their blood pressure level is below normal. However, height and weight measures can be considered absolutely perfect and balanced (Sutanet al. 2022). Along with this, BMI is normal for this respondent. Moreover, any kind of addiction like smoking and drinking is not consumed by the respondent. In this scenario, it can help the respondent to get high health security.

Mental health:
In terms of Mental Health, the respondent has already found the basic attribute of reducing anxiety. However, instead of pursuing writing, reading books, listening to music and extraversion nature, the patient also faces issues regarding anxiety and depression. In this situation, it also can negatively affect the physical condition of this patient. According to the opinion of Olson et al. (2020), mental disorders like stress and anxiety can create chronic diseases like headaches, heart disease and others. The respondent has a threat form of being alone which represents the feeling of loneliness in spite of being in the society.

Social health:
It has also been reported on this health profiling assignment case that the patient does not interact with family and friends as per the requirement which creates a feeling of being alone. The respondent said that there is a great fear of loneliness for the respondent. The emotional imbalance has started to affect the mental well-being of this respondent which is the initial reason for stress and anxiety. In a different context, the respondent intended to explore new places that showcased the artistic and enthusiastic nature of the respondent. According to the opinion of Olson et al. (2020), the respondent is highly required for effective support for developing mental Wellness which can reduce the potential risk of health factors. Evaluation of the mental scenario along with physical issues can help the health practitioners to suggest a secure and flexible lifestyle.

Identification of the potential health risk based on individuals
It has been reported that the respondent felt the issues regarding anxiety and stress. The report has highlighted that excessive anxiety and stress can lead to headaches Insomnia neurological disease, heart disease and others. However, the respondent on this health profiling assignment casefollows an effective diet with a high nutritional balance. Moreover, the respondent has an affection for chocolate in food habits which can help to improve mental Wellness accordingly. On the other hand, it has also been highlighted in the report that Insomnia is able to lead to stomach upset and other issues in the future. Demonstration by the world health organisation has highlighted that depression can be the basic reason for obesity, diabetes, asthma and others (Olson et al. 2020). In terms of physical health, the respondent only faced issues regarding low blood pressure. Thus, anxiety can be the reason for this issue.As per the demonstration of pathophysiology chances of low blood pressure, anxiety and depression can be increased due to smoking, lack of exercise and others. In contrast, in spite of not being addicted to smoking and drinking the respondent faces health issues like low BP, depression and others.

Identification of health recommendations for the individual
It has been reported on this health profiling assignment that consultation with a psychologist and nutritionist can help the respondent to improve health conditions and to reduce potential threats regarding obesity and others. It has been reported that having food like almonds, bananas and others can help to increase the secretion of serotonin which can develop mental wellness to some extent. Consultation with a psychologist can help the respondent to reduce fear regarding loneliness and depression. Moreover, psychologists also can suggest to the respondent to improve effective communication with parents for creating balanced social health which can also improve mental wellness by reducing anxiety and depression (Huremovi?, 2019). In order to reduce the threat of low blood pressure, the respondent is highly recommended to include iron-based food like pomegranate, spinach and others. However, the respondent is also suggested to evaluate health measures like haemoglobin thyroid blood flow and others for more specific health recommendations.

Defining and discussing population health screening and its advantages and disadvantages

Population health screening is defined as the systematic application of enquiring health measures of a group for investigating the unrecognised health risk. It also can help medical practitioners to identify upcoming diseases for an individual (Sandmannet al. 2021). Screening criteria include examination documentation interaction with the patients and others. For instance, public health screening program was arranged in the Uk named the NHS bowel cancer screening programme, and NHS diabetic eye screening (, 2022).

Health screening can develop the idea of potential risk at an early stage with noticeable symptoms that can mitigate the threat with low expenditure and low treatment (Sutanet al. 2022). It also can reduce the lifetime risk by implementing a change in life skills that provides a healthy lifestyle to the patients.

On a contradictory note observed on this health profiling assignment, it has also been reported that poor epidemiological research can create bias in health results that can be harmful to the patients. Health screening can affect the mental strength of patients by making them aware of their chronic disease (Banerjee et al. 2021). For instance, anxiety and depression rates have been enhanced in this pandemic situation after getting positive results.

Describing the significance of immunisation and health checks for future recommendation

Immunisation accelerates the immunity power of patients by providing external medicines as per the requirement. As per research done on this health profiling assignment, the World Health Organisation vaccination and immunisation can help to prevent up to 5 million deaths from diphtheria influenza measles and others (, 2022). Hence, immunisation provides a global health development success story for medical practitioners.

It has also been reported that anxiety disorders can be reduced by the implementation of verbal immunisation. Effective interaction with the patients can help medical practitioners to get an idea about chronic inflammatory diseases. Neuro-endocrinologists provided a collaborative new navigation system of immunisation for reducing mental health issues (Loharikaret al. 2018). In this scenario, the respondent is highly recommended to consult with a psychologist for better treatment. However, for the initiation stage, the respondent is recommended to take verbal immunisation for betterment.

It can be concluded that health profiling assignment analyses different segments of physical, mental and social perspectives that all of the sections are interconnected for a balanced life.Measurement of mental and physical health is able to emphasise the idea of medical professionals on potential health issues. It has also been reported that the present study has elaborated on the interview to analyse the basic attributes of health measures. In this case, the respondent possesses a problem with depression, anxiety and low blood pressure which can create significant risk for the upcoming future. In this case, the present study has provided recommendations for reducing the health issues of the respondent. The present health profiling assignment study provided an idea about the evaluated recommendation for the individual to improve the importance of societal health measurement.?

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