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Health Care Assignment: Discussion on Well-Being of Children



You are required to write a report on health care assignment of 2000 words (+/- 10%) that discusses the wellbeing of children.


The concept of emotional and physical well-being explored in the segments of health care assignment is a vital aspect of human beings. Children are considered the future of society. Therefore, the physical and mental well-being of children is considered an integral aspect of the development of society. The relation between good parenthood and good child health is important for maintenance and preservation of a healthy society. This report discusses the various aspects of the mental and physical health of children and how they influence their future behaviour. The report also describes the various strategies required to mitigate the issues that do not support the well-being of children. The implementation of these strategies is instrumental in enhancing the well-being of children and boosts their overall future development.

The primary aim and objective of the report are to assess and analyse the various aspects of the well-being of children and their role in developing societies. The experience of health, happiness, high life satisfaction and the ability to manage stress effectively is known as the state of wellbeing (Davis, 2019). It is considered as the general feeling of being happy and contended with whatever life offers. It is also considered as the positive state of mind where one can relieve themselves from various stress and worries related to life. The children are happy and contented because they are innocent and far from stress and worries regarding worldly affairs. This particular aspect differentiates children from other adults like young and older people.

Childhood forms the baseline of proper education and culture building because the early years are integral to the mental and physical development of children. The well-being of children enables them to make informed decisions regarding improvement in the social, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of growing and helps in increasing their experience in dealing with the positive aspects of healthy living and activity for themselves. However, the well-being of children has been linked with various mental aspects like stress and depression-free childhood (Amerijckx. 2013).

The well-being agenda is a perspective that has grasped the global societies and the societies in the UK. Significant developments have been seen in the approaches of society that include areas of equality, diversity, and inclusion.The well-being of children is considered as the most crucial aspect as the children are among the most targeted age group that falls prey to school-related anxiety and stress. The average recuperating time of children is also considered much longer than most adults due to their innocence and the inability to understand or deal with mental problems and depression (Barker, 2014).

Social factors
There are a few issues related to the wellbeing of children in terms of economic, education, health and community factors. Economic factors affect the wellbeing of children who are bound by poverty and whose parents lack a secure employment. Educational factors affect the wellbeing of children in case the children are not in school due to their inabilities regarding reading and writing skills (CDC, 2019).

Child health
The health issues affecting children are lack of proper nutrition which makes children usually prone to many diseases that affect their cognitive abilities (KVC Health Systems, 2018).The community factors that affect children are mental issues that arise in children when they belong to single parents. Therefore, the impact of education, health, community and economy can significantly affect the wellbeing of children in the society due to the various socio cultural and political factors occurring in the society.

Theories of well being
There are two theories that are related to the wellbeing of children in societies namely the behavioural theory and cognitive theory. The behavioural theories are related to the psychology of children that are based on observable and quantifiable behaviours in children. The economic factors and the family and community factors are responsible for behavioural changes in children. Cognitive theory deals with the thought process and learning abilities of children. The mental development of children is required to enhance their cognitive skills that can create good results for future educational prospects and merits of children. Intellectual development and wellbeing of children are dependent of key factors like relationship with parents and sound mental and physical health that is related to proper diet and nutrition (CDC, 2019).Health and happiness are two major concepts of well-being that are integral to the physical and mental growth and development of children.

General Health
The health of children is an integral part of their emotional, mental and social well-being. Physical well-being is one of the most important aspects of the health of children as it involves overall improvement of children development. Children have a biological drive to use their skills and can obtain a lot from physical activities. The growth and development factor is an important health aspect as it is linked to other health aspects like the emotional and mental well-being of children. The growth and development of children are primarily dependent on two factors the genetics and proper nutrition. However, psychological aspects like contentment are also responsible for the physical growth and development of children. The living environment in which the children grow up is also dependent on their physical growth factors. It has been seen in studies and research that the growth of children is directly dependent on their physical and emotional health (CDC, 2019).

Genetics and nutrition
Genetics play a key role in the growth and development of children as the physical structure and basics of the parents lay the foundation of the health and growth aspects of the child. The healthier the parents are, the chances are more that the child will be physically healthy. Therefore good health of parents will indicate good child health as it is mainly based on genetic factors. Nutrition is also an important deciding factor for the growth and development of a child (KVC Health Systems, 2018). Proper nutrition and food habits will help children build a physical structure that will provide good immunity against pathogens. A complete and wholesome diet needs to be provided to children to set the right tone for their growth and development. There are various other aspects that help in maintaining the physical well-being of children, like a clean and safe living environment, appropriate clothes, and access to healthcare and mental stimulation. Provision of enhancement of mental and physical aspects like playing and engaging in physical activities are integral to mental and physical development of children. In addition to that, proper rest and sleep are integral in deciding the growth and development aspects of the children. Children usually gain control of their physical aspects in a gradual and controlled manner. Sleep provides the body and mind rest from the physical activities and help the children to absorb the nutrition’s and other beneficial elements to get absorbed by the body easily (Dalton, 2013).

Children are primarily dependent on emotional well-being and happiness, and contentment is a term that is of significant importance for them. Children usually enjoy the company of people who are warm, supportive, and close. The parents are usually the ones who are the closest to children. Apart from the love and happiness they receive at home, it is equally important for children to make friends and talk to them or play with them. The definition of wellness lies in subjective well being that can be termed as the feeling that life goes on well. Children are free from worries and stress and that is why subjective well being is important for their growth. The external perspective of the mental aspect of children is important as it helps children feel positive about them and instils a sense of happiness and contentment within them. Children also gain a sense of mental well-being and happiness when they are encouraged to take responsibility for doing manageable tasks (Dalton, 2013).These are a few factors responsible for the mental health and happiness of children in society. The children also feel comfortable in settings where their parents are also involved.

Effects of technology in children
However, in recent times, the cognitive behaviour and happiness index of children have become dependent on the use of digitalization in the form of social media usage for adolescents and pre-teens. This age group of children is the most vulnerable when it comes to exercising their rights or choices. The advancements of digital media and technology have created a negative impact on children and they are consistently deviating from their main track of studies and playing and getting addicted to social media. This can have an adverse effect in the children and can significantly create gaps in the mental development of children (Holecko, 2016). The children are usually very verbal in their communication and know the ways to gain supremacy on their choices and requirements. This trend is gradually becoming predominant in developing countries. The busy schedule of the parents is usually the reason that can be attributed to this behaviour of the child that displays their mental and emotional requirements.

The aggressive and disobedient nature of children can be caused by the excessive use of social media and mobile phones that distract them considerably and take them into a different virtual world. The inclination towards the virtual digital world can affect the psychological aspects of the children and can significantly impact their mental health and happiness. The inability of parents to spend quality time with their children owing to their busy schedule is the main reason that can be attributed to the event (Dominguez-Serrano, Del Moral-Espín, and Gálvez Muñoz, 2018). Therefore, it is predominant that children's happiness lies in the smaller aspects of life that are uncomplicated and easy-going, like spending time with their parents and helping them in their daily chores.

Strategies and initiatives that can enhance well-being in children
There are a few evolving factors in society that influence the emotional and physical well-being of children. The reasons can be attributed to changing social and economic conditions globally, increased migration, changing family structures, and increased urbanization. The assimilation of these factors sometimes makes the lives of children miserable for some families. The increasing economic burden on the families of developing countries forces the parents to pursue jobs, and as a result, the concentration and care that their child needs get saturated (Holecko, 2016).The practice of calmness and relaxation is an age-old technique that can considerably decrease stress and anxiety in children and increase their mental stimulation.

Exercising is considered as a primary way of leading a happy life, and the practice of it can significantly increase the happiness and emotional health of children (Miller, 2019). The parents must display a happy attitude for their children to be happy in their daily lives. Personal happiness helps to instil a sense of emotional well-being for the children, and that can help build sustainable relationships and bonding with the parents and other elders of the family. Proper guidance on the practice of optimism and emotional intelligence will help in boosting the morale and confidence in children and will eventually strengthen their happiness quotient (Holecko, 2016).

Children are usually affected by the events like violence and hatred that occur outside their house and surroundings. The impact of violence affects the mentality of children from a very young age. Violence creates a sense of anxiety and fear among the school students because the news of various shootings at schools and violence in various public events are widely published by the electronic and digital media (Blatt, 2018). Children should overcome the fear and anxiety issues instilled in their minds regarding the incidents of violence around the world.

Physical health
Good physical health is also an important aspect of children that needs attention because it protects against various diseases and illnesses. The practice of physical activities in children like playing and exercising are considered integral to health development. Children should be provided more fruits and vegetables as compared to fast foods or junk foods. The consumption of fast food can initially weaken the digestive system of children and excessive consumption can take a toll on the weight factor, as fast food can bring in obesity for children that can harbour various diseases in children and create a negative impact on the physical and mental health of children in the future (, 2020)..

Many countries globally have developed strategies that can minimize and mitigate the issues related to the general health of children. A holistic approach is being created to address the challenges by developing frameworks for child well-being. It has been noticed that the emotional and physical well-being of children is dependent on the attitude of their parents. The role of parents is crucial for developing good habits in children that can significantly help them attain their goals and objective. Exercise is thought to be the key strategy that can assure children of good physical health. Proper health can be achieved by practicing mindfulness and healthy habits like waking up early and getting to bed early. The strategies and initiatives should be implemented by parents and local health advisory boards to ensure a safe and sound child development method that can benefit the future society. The emerging social issues related to the mental health of children should be reconsidered as they are affecting negatively in the case of certain children.

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