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   Free sample   Health care assignment critical reflection on aboriginal and torres strait islander people s culture and health

Health Care Assignment: Critical reflection On Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People’s Culture And Health


Task: Reflect On The Social And Cultural Factors Which Have Shaped Your Views Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People
Assessment : Reflective assignment writing

Consider influences such as mass media and the literature that has shaped your views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Comparisons of indigenous peoples from other countries may inform your descriptions and discussion of similarity that might be experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Consider the following points when constructing your assignment:
• reflect on how your personal views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been shaped;
• Describe family and/or personal history influences on your perceptions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
• them should be no introduction or conclusion;
• the assignment should be written in the first person
• review the marking rubric associated with this assessment item as your marks will be allocated based on rubric criteria.


Critically reflect on the factors which have shaped your views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture and health
It has been found that the indigenous population over the decades had the adaptation of gathering and hunting. The aboriginals have been believed to have stayed in Australia for more than 45000 to 50000 years (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019). They mainly belong from the Asia. The Aboriginal people were habituated of speaking multilingual or bilingual language. It was considered that the aboriginals were nomadic in nature and there were no one to one relationship among them. From this, I developed the attitude of focusing on my trade and my duties of carrying out the assigned role with commitment. There was no kind of national identity that was shared among the tribes. A common understanding was shared among them which influenced their culture.

From this I developed a sense of common understanding with my groups working in an institution. In my University, as we work in team we developed a sense of unity with the team members. It was assumed that though the aboriginal people led a lifestyle that was nomadic in nature yet they were closely attached to the sites and the areas in common boundaries (, 2019).Recently government statistics has shown that there are about 400,000 aboriginals that is about 2% of the total population of Australia.There was a sense among the people that they had to balance the population for which they dispersed into small groups. From this I developed the tendency of working in groups and this increased the bonds with the team members in my workplace. Communication strategy got a new outlook with the influence of the cultures and it incorporated a feeling in me that different languages should be learned so that it can help in business affairs as followed by the aboriginals.

From the attitudes and cultures of the aboriginals, I could say that it has influenced my personal values in terms of religion, beliefs and education. I have developed a strong sense of attachment with the place where I exactly stay as this was my place of birth. A positive factor among the tribes was that of the male adults being the leader and all followed the leader. Leadership quality in me has been developed with the help of the leadership culture as found in the aboriginals. Being the head of the family, I developed a sense of leadership which was influenced by the aboriginals. Rheumatic heart disease has been caused among the aboriginals who were caused due to the taking of tobacco and alcohol. In my personal life, I refrained from these items as it would cause health problems largely

Torres Strait Islander people’s
This tribe has been quite different from that of the Aboriginal tribes in Australia. There are about 6,800 islanders living in the area of the Torres Strait and 42000 of them living outside the area (BBC News, 2019).The culture of the islanders varies according to the islands they dwell in.. The tribe has a complex culture with a mixture of Australian culture. I got influenced by the attitude of mixed culture as this improved the business affairs as this was practiced by the islanders. Mixture of culture influenced me in understanding the nature of different people and oversee that this does not hamper the current business. I developed the about of interacting with people by understanding their cultures and respecting them. Creativity was inspired from the culture of the Islanders and developed strong sense of attachment with others as influenced by the aboriginals. The islanders are agriculturalist which is not the case with the Australian aboriginals (Jens Korff, 2019). I had gathered the sense of presenting my art in my business which influenced my professional life as well. From the behaviour of Torres, I developed the culture of taking business to new heights and making use of talents.

I developed a strong sense of family attachment which was influenced from the behaviour of the aboriginals. Education has been given to the islanders which have been absent with the aboriginals. There were trade were like involving gathering foods fir two to three weeks but islanders had artists and sculptures who were involved in the trade. It was accumulated that no trade was small in nature as aboriginals stayed in the trade of hunting and gathering foods. The aboriginals were much back in comparison to that of the islanders. However, from the perspective of culture, the aboriginals were much easier in nature and the islanders were complex in nature (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 2019).

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