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Health Care Assignment Analysis of No School No Pool Policy


Task: Watch the video “No School No Pool” and write a health care assignment answering the 4 questions listed below:

1) Identify and discuss how two social determinants of health that helped to determine the need for the project in the video. Provide one example from the video for each social determinant and include at least one scholarly reference for each determinant.

2) Identify and explain how two primary health care principles guided the project in the video. Provide one example from the video for each principle and include at least one scholarly reference.

3) Identify and discuss one strategy from the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion that relates to the project in the video. Provide at least one example from the video.

4) Define cultural competence and discuss why it is important in determining the success of the project. Provide at least one example from the video.


Two social determinants of health in the children of the Burringurrah community:
There are two main social determinants of health observed in this health care assignment which is clearly related to the Burringurrah community which is causing a major health issue for the people of the community:

Education and literacy:
Education has a significant role in the social determinants of health or the indigenous and ethnic communities of Australia living in remote areas. It has been playing a major role in the health conditions of the people as well as the growth and development of the community. It has its influence on people's lifestyle, behavior as well as provides the capability to take control over the heath as well as social conditions. Often it has been observed that people, as well as children of the community, lack significant education and literacy which makes them susceptible to multiple health complications, poor assistance to health care facilities as well as unemployment which often develop a major threat to the people (Greenwood, De Leeuw & Lindsay, 2018). The case video of the Burringurrah community of Australia demonstrated that in order to provide better strength and well-being to the people, the children were provided with effective education facilities in order to strengthen the younger generation with effective education and literacy(No School No Pool, 2021). They were provided with better education as lack of education has been identified to be one of the complex social determinants of health impacting the population with vulnerability.

Physical health:
It has been found that deprived involvement in physical activity has a negative impact on the health condition of people living in a community as it often develops the risk of multiple health issues leading to causing community health complications. Poorinvolvement in games, sport, physical activity as well as exercise tends to weaken the community children making them susceptible to health issues which include, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues as well as respiratory issues as often these communities witnessed poor nutrient intake. Thus, it is necessary that children and other people of the community are involved in physical activity in order to promote the physical health and wellbeing of the community (Bethune et al., 2019). The case study video of the Burringurrah community of Australiademonstratedthat the health acre and educator worked along to ensure that children of the community are involved in physical activity in order to sustain better health and well-being. In order to ensure that both the social determinants of health of the community are addressed they focused on addressing no school no pool policy where children were not provided with pool facilities until they attend school(No School No Pool, 2021). It helped them promote education as well as good physical health within the children making the community’s young generation strong and educated enough to promote the community in every aspect.

Two primary health care principles:
Social equity:

Social Equity is known to be the condition where there is no difference or discrimination between people of diverse communities. It entirely focuses on ensuring an environment where communities and their people are provided with an environment where everyone is provided with equal respect and facility with any discrimination of isolation based on social factors, economic condition, education, race, gender, or demographic and geographic concerns. Thus, social equity in primary health care focuses on providing an equal address to the social determinants of health and ensure access to health resources and facilities to improve health equity to veery individuals (Kendall et al., 2020). The case video of the Burringurrah community of Australia demonstrated that children belonging to the community where children were provided with equal treatment and facility which are provided to children outside the community(No School No Pool, 2021). They were provided with equal opportunity to take part in competition based on their skills and talents on the national level in order to sustain better knowledge and strength to support their community with growth.

Intersectoral coordination:
Intersectoral coordination tends to explain the process of promotion as well as coordination of the health care activities to the community in order to promote and provide the community with qualitative services and facilities. In the field of primary health care, it intends to promote and improving the health condition of the people of the community including government and other stakeholders to promote betterment to the people in terms of health and well beings. The case video of the Burringurrah community of Australia demonstrated that children were provided with swimming pool facilities to not only promote education but also to promote better health conditions (McCalman et al., 2020). It was provided focusing on physical activity and cleanliness which tends to help them sustain better health as well as a life free from the critical illness which often develops a barrier in attaining growth and since within a community. It was stated that children started getting fit and even healthy after getting involved in the no school no pool policy(No School No Pool, 2021). Also, infection and skin irritations they were witnessing due to dirt and unhygienic routine were also recovered as soon as they started education as well as involvement in swimming.

One Ottawa charter for health promotion:
According to the Ottawa Charter for Health promotion strategies, it has been found that creating a supportive environment is known to be one of the five strategies which tend to help in promoting effective health within diverse communities. It focuses on protecting people from any kind of stress or threat that may have its negative impact on the health and wellbeing of the community. They focus on adapting participation in enhancing the health and wellbeing of the people by expanding their self-reliance, efficacy as well capabilities (Thompson, Watson & Tilford, 2018). Creating a supportive environment focuses on developing a setting or environment for the people focused on their health, lifestyle, education, play, activities, work as well as routine in order to promote healthy changes for attaining quality of life. It thus promotes and develops a community that sustains the behavior as well as cognitive ability to make healthy choices in their lives to promote better health and well-being. It has been found in the case study that the no school no pool policy tends to involve a protocol or rule where children are not permitted to use the pool until they attend school on regular basis. The community of Burringurrah was provided with the health promotion policy which focuses on education and well the physical well-being of the children as a way to health promotion. They focused on developing a creative and supportive environment for the children where they were provided with education as well as swimming pool facilities to develop their health as well as literacy which addressed the chief social determinants of health of the community. Thus,it can be stated that the strategy focusing on the Ottawa Charter helped the community sustain better effectiveness due to the health promotion strategy using a supportive environment(No School No Pool, 2021). Children were sustaining better health and wellbeing within the community which was lacking when they were not provided with any policy such as no school no pool in order to assist them with better health conditions.

Cultural competence and its importance within the Burringurrah community:
Cultural competence is often explained to be the ability of the policy or strategy to work along with the people of the community belonging to diverse backgrounds focusing and addressing their cultural values and perspectives. It is generally consisting of four main components which include, cultural learning, diplomatic mindset, declined approach with intercultural interactions as well as reason regarding diverse cultures (Henderson et al., 2018). It focuses on understanding one's culture, values, and beliefs in order to respect the culture and provide a supportiveensure base on their culture and ethnicity. Focusing on the case study of the Burringurrah community. Cultural competence plays a significant role in the condition of promoting health and wellbeing focusing on the culture and ethnicity of the community people. It was found that the people belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds were equally addressed by the no school no pool policy within the premises and every child was provided with similar support and consideration. Children were all addressed equally within the school and the swimming pool focusing on the need of the children but without any discrimination based on culture and ethnicity. It explained the fact that the community was provided with a policy that clearly addresses the condition of cultural competence in order to promote education and physical within the children(No School No Pool, 2021). After the involvement of the policy focusing on cultural needs and values, the community and their people have been sustaining better health among their children which was identified as the children were no longer witnessing eye disease or skin infections which were major health concerns for the children of the community.

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