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HardtoFind Network Security Assignment


Assessment Task: Technical report
You will need to develop a technical report of up to 2,000 words.

You will need to research the Comodo certificate fraud hack in detail and analyse the security risks that it presents to the organisations you represent. You will then need to present a cost effective, feasible and well- justified solution to ensure the security of your computer network.

Everything you need to solve the problem will be touched on during the first four weeks of the course. This content can be found on FutureLearn. However, it is expected that you will seek additional, high quality information to justify and give weight to your findings. The Library’s Information Technology Resource Guide may be a good place to start.

See the rubric for further details.


Executive summary
In this network security assignment, the security of network communication in HardtoFind has been evaluated with particular emphasis on its IT problems and its solutions. In respect to this, the content has been divided into three portions. Within the first portion, a description of IT approaches towards the computer security has been procured. Within the content, the approaches including the access controls along with identifying the authentications and verifications have been procured. This has been done in order to minimise the cyber attacks over the system. Within the second portion, comparisons along with contrasts have been given with various types of cryptography. Issues like low server, inadequate passwords and low security system have been highlighted. Regarding the final portion, the applications of public key cryptography principles have been devised out for the achievement of secured networks of communication through the use of digital certificates and digital signatures. Recommendations of paid applications and adequate knowledge of network security have been given. We are providing some sample solutions of Network Security assignments, to help you in building up a concept plan in drafting the solution yourselves.

The term network security is taken in form of a strategy that an organisation particular entails for guaranteeing its asset’s security including every other network traffic. Within the concepts comes both hardware and software technologies. It can also be taken in form of multiple integrated layers concerning network defence. In relevance of such, the following content will be discussing the issues of IT securities along with algorithmic problems over network security prospect. Along with such, the sustained solutions of the security issues are also taken into consideration with suitable recommendations. The network security assignment is ended with a conclusion engulfing the conclusive facts regarding network security and its aspects. Using the format given below will help you in drafting the Network Security assignment in a descent way.

Description on IT security problems
As opined by Jing et al. (2014:2490), network system gives a new revolution to modern generation. There are some problems such as server issues and network issues that occur at the time of online transaction or online surfing. However, there are many payment gateways that a network uses at the time of transaction. In the case of HardtoFind, users use secure-pay, e-path and online payment gateways at the time of transaction and give their banking details to proceed to the next step of transaction. At the time of giving these details, all data goes through different protocols on the network.

Access control
According to Acemoglu et al. (2016:550), the main goal of network access control is authorization of network connections. Network access control has different uses in different places like college campus, health care and office and many more. In different fields there are different servers and IPs (Internet protocol) that are used to run internet. Each user has unique IP that can be used only by them. It helps to track the user while doing cyber crimes. Nowadays, some hackers hack this IPs by using some software and do their crimes using another’s system. Data encryption is the main thing in network system (Sicari et al. 2015: 147). It system of network access control is more effective in case of retrieving lost or any stolen information. In case of HardtoFind, this venture uses same protocol and same topology which connects each user with their servers. Each user’s data is only accessible by that user and server. However, any other user is unable to see that data. At the time of accessing data, sometimes users’ data gets leaked by some network problems or by some topologies where many users are connected.

Cyber attack minimization
Cyber attack is technology dependent networks. It use encrypted code to alter a computer code, data or logics that compromise with provided data and lead to cyber crimes such as leakage of important information. As per suggested by Trappe (2015:17), there are some problems such as malware, breach access, unauthorized access and password sniffing which leads to unauthorised access of information.

  1. Malware, Trojan viruses: These are the viruses that cyber experts put on user’s mail or on their system at the time of using internet and website surfing. As regarded to Rodríguez et al. (2015:37), these viruses get downloaded on their system and steal all data from system without their knowledge. In this study, HardtoFind is attacked by these unwanted viruses as it is an e-commerce venture.
  2. Password sniffing:According to Wang et al. (2014:42), password sniffing is one of the dangerous cyber attacks that happen nowadays. Insecure protocols are the main causes of these attacks. In every network such as routers and printers can also be harmed by this attack. In the case of HardtoFind, some users have been attacked by password sniffing problem. As a result important data of that venture has been leaked.

Authentication and communication
Authentication and communication protocol is a type of protocol that transfers authenticated data between two entities. This protocol is needed to secure authentication and communication between entities to avoid cyber attack. In this case, HardtoFind uses the protocol for data security. This is because it is effective for encrypting their data regarding any sort of access control over their data. Communication gap between client and server makes a bad impact on venture’s reputation and business skills. To avoid this gap server should be connected to network for 24 hours thus can satisfy customers need.

Purposes of Security problems
There are some security problems like internet security, data encryption and hacking issues that user faces at the time of using internet. Besides this, there are many others problems like data overflow, noise in data, jamming in data process and packaging data items because of security problems. In the case of Hardtofind, they have faced those security problems at the time of using system. The security problems which have been faced by users in HardtoFind are as follows-

Internet security: Internet security is the security system that an organisation uses to get rid from security issues like viruses, unwanted application and corrupted files as they can harm the system of an enterprise. As suggested by Strohmeier et al. (2015:1077), some trusted internet securities such as Mcafee, NCRT are available on internet that gives system 24 hour protection from unwanted Trojans and damage. However, sometimes users get this security software from unwanted websites like torrentz. As a result, they get unwanted viruses that ruin their system and steal all information without their knowledge. For HardtoFind, they use Mcafee internet security that gives them protection from viruses and hackers although they have suffered from viruses as they have used expired internet security (Refer to appendix 1).

Similarities and Dissimilarities of cryptographic algorithms


Symmetric key algorithm

Asymmetric key algorithm

Hash functions



Relatively slow










Commonly used key




Effect of key compromise

Loss of both sender and receiver

Only loss for owner

Not Applicable


Big problem

Easy and secure

Not applicable

Key length

128 bits

2048 bits

256 bits


AES, Serpent


SHA-384, SHA-256

Table 1: Dissimilarities of cryptographic algorithms
(Source: Mehmood, 2017)



Symmetric key algorithm

Asymmetric key algorithm

Hash functions

Digital signature create




Mathematical problem

Can be solved

Can be solved

Can be solved


Public and private key

Public key

Public sub-keys

Table 1: Similarities of cryptographic algorithms
(Source: Mehmood, 2017)

Problems on digital signature and digital certificates
As opined by Xu et al. (2017:21050), digital signatures and certificates are creation of cryptographic algorithm. However, in banking sector or any venture this algorithm is used for security purposes though it is not so secure. Nowadays it has become unpopular because of cyber attacks and poor protocols. Cyber crime has increased due to misuse of this digital certificate and digital signature by users. For an example, that Iranian hacker who has been responsible for Comodo creating certificate, is well known for providing services to mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and hotmail. He claimed that he has been responsible for breaking the security of Global Trust’s server by using digital certificate. By using digital certificate and developing .dll files from that digital signature he has decrypted whole information of that server and stolen all important information. In case of HardtoFind, it uses of digital signature for their customers and their employees for encryption of information. However, they should be aware about their network security and protocol to get relief from data leakage.

Solutions of Security problems
Use of SSL (Layer of Secured sockets): SSL or as named under Secure Socket Layer is taken in form a standard protocol of security regarding the establishment of encrypted links existing within a particular browser and a web server through online communication. SSL is majorly effective for online businesses for protecting their customers against fraudulent activities within online transaction (, 2018). Apart from such, through use of encryption, passwords along with credit or debit card information can be saved from any sort of illegal uses.

Use of CA (certificate authority):Through the use of CA that is certificate authority, the issuance of digital files can be taken into considerations. Through such aspects, the data field of an organisation in particular can be taken into consideration for being cryptographically linked with that of entity (, 2018). The certificates with higher trusts levels are usually taken as a requirement for more work over the certificate authority.

Communication network solution: The solutions through use of communication network solutions are related to provision of backup plans along with avoiding the excess over flow of noise within the procured data (Vasilakos et al. 2015:08). Further solution can be provided regarding the authentication of clients and that of using security protocols for server authentications. Any organisation, HardToFind considered in this case, would be favoured through the use of multiple networks instead of using single networks. Through such aspects, bogging of traffic can be averted to a major level.

Apart from such the concerned company, can look forward to secure their network system and update their network topologies in order to get connected with their clients. This venture has a huge protocol called TCP/IP which encrypts their daily data and sends them to server quickly and securely and also avoids noise in data.

Data security technique
Use of PKI (Infrastructure of public key): One of the techniques to be used for data security is the use of public key infrastructure that is PKI. PKI would be effective to provide support for distributing along with identifying the key for public encryption. It would be effective for the used to be enabled towards both network data exchanges and verification for identifying other parties’ (, 2018).

Limitation of data access: By limiting the accessibility to sensitive data of an organisation, they can undertake data management more efficiently and safeguard it from theft or any sort of loss.

Regular backups and updates: Having backups can also revive the aspects of data security. Regular update of data via antivirus is to be maintained in order to retain the security of data. Automation or a backup on manual basis can also cater as solutions.

The main issues that are identified within the content are low servers, weak networks and hacking through cyber attacks. Regarding the cyber attacks, Hence by this Network Security Assignment we strongly recommended to use that antivirus which comes with a subscription and are not free available. Paid applications come with high authenticity which can be used in large scale industries. Further, regarding the server and network issues, it can be recommended to first have adequate knowledge regarding use of network. Then the service or network quality is to be taken in concern along with considering the packet shaping. It involves procurement of auto-configurations and then fine tuning of priorities, especially in case of small scale organisations like HardtoFind. Further, recommendations can be given over data compressions which help in recognising patterns within larger streams. Apart from that, the procedure should enhance lower usage of power for its functioning.

You can observe that in this Network Security assignment a detailed analysis is being conducted which helped us to arrive at this conclusion that data security, strong passwords and up gradation can help in reducing cyber attacks. In favour of network solutions, there are various preventive measures such as the use of highly anticipated passwords along with the use of authentic antivirus. Further, implementation can be done by limiting data access along with keeping up back-ups while consulting with large scale organisation regarding data aspects. It is important to have network security to prevent data from any sort of loss or thefts and preventing them from any sort of illegal use. Network Security assignments are being prepared by our IT assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable Information Technology assignment help service.

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Appendix 1: Network security

Network security assignment


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