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Essay On The Cause And Effect Of Global Warming With Some Solutions To Combat The Problem


Task: Global warming has been a major issue for environmentalists and the world population for many decades, however, the in recent years, there has been a major spike in the awareness for global warming and climate change.
In 2000 words (-/+ 10%) present a Global Warming essay discussing its various components in detail, major causes, impacts, measures to control its growth.


Melting of glaciers, the rising sea levels, destruction of forests and animals are a sign of increasing global warming. If the past weather is compared with the present one, it can be seen that a lot of heat has been generated by humans in order to live a luxurious life. The level of greenhouse gases has reached a maximum limit and has resulted in global warming, which is a matter of concern to be discussed in this global warming essay paper.

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The climate of the Earth is changing rapidly, leading to different weather patterns which vary from place to place. Prolonged heating of the Earth is global warming. It has been observed that the climate is not the same that it was before the industrial period. Since the pre-industrial period starting from 1850-1900, human activities had increased, which included the burning of fossil fuel (Nunez, 2019). The Earth's atmosphere began to trap these burnings, and the heat-trapping increased the greenhouse gas levels. Climate change is another term which is used in global warming essays in place of global warming, but these two terms are not the same. Climate change basically denotes the warming caused naturally or by humans and its effects on the planet.

Global warming is the average increase in global surface temperature on Earth. It is analyzed that since the pre-industrial phase due to the activities performed by humans, the global average temperature of Earth has increased by 1 degree Celsius. The number is not stagnant; instead, it has been growing at a rate of 0.2 degree Celsius per 10 years. Due to the increasing human activities since 1950, global warming has been increasing at an unprecedented rate (Nunez, 2019).

global warming essay

Source: (Nunez, 2019)

The above graph has been sourced from the data of NASA institute. It shows the increasing and changing rate of global warming since 1951.

Greenhouse effects considered under this global warming essay
There are some gases which get trapped in the atmosphere of the Earth, which is known as the greenhouse effect. The gases make way for the light to pass through it, but it holds back the heat within the Earth's atmosphere in the same manner as the walls of the greenhouse. The surface of the Earth absorbs the energy from the Sun and the same is radiated back in the form of heat which gets trapped due to these gases. The greenhouse gas molecules trap some of the heat from the Sun, and the rest gets released in the space. When this process continues, there is a generation of more heat and concentration of more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The presence of greenhouse was recognized by scientist since the year 1824. It was Joseph Fourier who estimated that if the Earth had no atmosphere, then it would have been colder. But the greenhouse is helping in our living by keeping the Earth warmer. It was in the year 1985, one of the scientists named Svante Arrhenius found that humans could increase the effects of the greenhouse by releasing carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas (Xu, Ramanathan & Victor, 2018).

Causes of global warming
Global warming is not caused due to a single issue, but there are various reasons behind its formation. Many lives have been transformed due to global warming. The global warming essay paper will discuss two categories of the causes, natural causes and the other human influences.

Natural causes: The climate has been on a continuous change since centuries. The rotation of the Earth around the Sun is changing the intensity of the Sun and is bringing the planet closer to it. As stated in the previous section of this global warming essay, greenhouse emission is also one of the natural causes of global warming. It is made of carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide which does not allows the release of heat rays from the Sun. The prevention of the heat rays from the Earth's surface causes its temperature to rise.

global warming essay

A frequent volcanic eruption is also one of the increasing temperatures which will be discussed in this global warming essay. When a volcano erupts, it releases a certain amount of carbon dioxide and ash in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide accumulates within the atmosphere due to the greenhouse trap and increases the solar radiations on the Earth (Xu, Ramanathan & Victor, 2018).

Emission of methane is also considered to be another reason behind the increasing global warming, and it is a part of greenhouse gases. Methane can trap more heat in the atmosphere as compared to carbon dioxide. It can be released from different places like from cattle’s, natural gas, mining, landfill, industrial waste, etc.

Human cause: Global warming due to human activities has been increasing and is considered as a serious issue. It reflects that humans are not at all concerned about the planet they live in. It has been noticed in this global warming essay that the intensity at which the humans are harming the environment is more as compared to the natural causes (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). Humans need to understand the fact that the Earth does not need to change; instead, the former needs to change their lifestyles if they want their coming generations to survive. Production from industries, burning fossil fuel, deforestation, mining, etc. is some of the human activities causing global warming.

global warming essay

Source: (Xu, Ramanathan & Victor, 2018)

One of the foremost issues, as discussed in the previous paragraphs of this global warming essay, is the industrial revolution. Fossil fuel is being used by industries for supplying power to the machines. It is also used by us for e.g. the phones that we use are built by certain machines which use fossil fuels. A high amount of carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere when there is a usage of fossil fuel. The cars or the vehicles used for transportation also release carbon dioxide from its exhaust.

The next issue being discussed in this global warming essay is mining. Methane gets trapped below the surface of the Earth during the process of mining. The manure being released by the cattle’s during rearing also causes the release of methane.

Deforestation is one of the common issues of global warming, which can be understood through this global warming essay. It is one of the issues which are widely caused by humans. Trees are being cut in order to produce commodities for human needs like making paper, building houses, furniture's, etc. The tree helps to absorb the carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere by humans and others, but the clearing of forests and cutting of trees is hampering the process and thus leading to global warming (Brown & Caldeira, 2017). The population of the world is increasing at a rapid pace leading to a higher amount of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere, and if the deforestation continues, then it would be very difficult for us to breathe.

The outcome of global warming
The gradual increase in the greenhouse gases is problematic because of the changing climate which the people and animals are unable to cope up with. It is very difficult for the greenhouse gases to escape from the atmosphere so it will here for a longer time, and the result of its stay will cause serious and extreme issues not only to our planet, Earth but to all the living beings residing on this planet. In case the rising global warming is not controlled, then it may also lead to other effects as well, which are not existent today. Through this global warming essay we can have an idea about the outcome of the warming which includes the melting of the polar ice, hampering the economy, warming of and drying of water bodies, the occurrence of hurricanes, frequent occurrence of earthquakes, spreading of different diseases, etc.

One of the first outcomes of this phenomenon to be discussed in the global warming essay paper is the melting polar ice caps. Due to the increased heating, the ice of the North Pole will eventually melt. It will lead to a greater influx of water in the sea bodies and thereby increasing the level of the water and turning the sea into an ocean. The data generated from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre reveals that if all the ice melts then the water level in the sea would rise by 230 feet (Brown & Caldeira, 2017). The rise would affect the low lying areas of the Netherlands, and if the entire ice belt melts, then it may also cover the whole country. However, the complete melting of the ice will not happen at once; instead, it is a gradual process.

global warming essay

The next outcome being discussed in this global warming essay is the extinction of different species. In case the ice of the Polar Regions melt then the habitats of the region will gradually extinct. These habitats include polar bears, tropical frogs, etc. These regions will also lose their birds due to migration. Animals and birds cannot adjust their way of living as a human being does.

The occurrence of hurricanes is another outcome to be discussed in this global warming essay. Due to the increasing heat, frequent hurricanes might occur, which may affect and damage houses and other areas. The damage will not only affect the people living in those houses, but it will also affect the government who would be looked up to, to provide help and basic amenities (Harvey, 2018). The occurrence may also lead to loss of life and exposure to different types of diseases. These diseases might be communicable and might affect a lot of people and cause a severe threat to the world.

How to control global warming?
There are some solutions to control the increasing global warming, and these solutions will be discussed in this global warming essay. Humans and the government of each country need to make an effort to implement these solutions. Global warming can be reduced by controlling and reducing the flow of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The leading solutions through which global warming can be reduced are reduction in gasoline, controlling the output of electricity and other human activities which adds to the increasing warming (Harvey, 2018). The solutions are being discussed below in this global warming essay.

global warming essay

The first solution to be discussed in this global warming essay is the reduction of gasoline. It can be done by using vehicles which produces less gasoline. Using vehicles also increases the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So humans can opt for vehicles that release lesser gasoline, or the usage of vehicles needs to be controlled. People should shift to cycling, which will not only help in controlling the global warming, but it will also help people to remain fit. Using public conveniences like bus, metro, etc. or taking a carpool to reach office can help in reducing carbon dioxide and also save some money (Koutroulis, 2019).

The next solution is recycling to be discussed in this global warming essay. There are certain things which can be recycled in order to save some of the chemicals making the atmosphere warmer. It includes recycling of plastic bags and bottles, papers and glasses. There are some people who do not throw away the plastic bottles after drinking water; they used it for personal consumption. By adhering to this technique, people can reduce deforestation and save the environment (Papalexiou & Montanari, 2019). If you are leaving a room, ensure to switch off the light and fan or any other electrical device which is not being used. By doing this, you will not only save electricity, but you will also save some on the next electric bill.

The last solution to this global warming essay is putting a stop on burning waste materials. Humans should stop burning in open which leads to the formation of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases which is not only harmful to the environment but for the people as well. Humans should not burn their garbage or any plastic materials in an open area. Cutting of trees should be prohibited by the government; this will reduce deforestation. The trees will help in controlling the temperature of the atmosphere, which will help in the reduction of global warming.

The Earth has been infected by a disease named global warming. Global warming is not only caused by humans, but it is also a threat to them. The outbreak of different diseases and disasters has led to the death of many. It has been seen in this global warming essay that global warming has affected and will affect all living on this planet, including the governments and its economy. The global warming essay has also presented certain solutions to reduce the increasing temperature, which includes limited or no usage of plastic, recycling of different materials, planting of trees, etc. Steps to control global warming need to be taken today in order to let our next generations to survive in a clean environment. Studying about global warming is an important aspect in a student’s academic life as it helps him to refrain from such activities which can elevate the temperature.

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