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Understanding Frigbot Business Model Deconstruction


Task: To be completed individually, you are required to prepare a business report that deconstructs an organisation's business model and identifies the critical success factors that make the business sustainable. Your analysis will demonstrate your critical thinking skills and your ability to professionally articulate your findings.
Before commencing, you must seek your lecturer's approval to undertake an analysis of the business you have chosen. The type of organisation that should be identified for study is one that is relatively new, innovative in how they operate, and have most likely been established in the last five years.


Introduction to Frigbot
The present report helps understanding the deconstruction of Frigbot business model and thereby discussing the interrelationships between the nine building blocks. Frigbot Pty ltd makes cellular wireless monitoring device that connects into the programming port found on commercial refrigeration equipment. It is a start-up company founded by Darren Dwyer in 2015 in Australia. The number of employees in the organisation is ten. The market position of the company is growing very fast and large number of customers is taking interest to buy the cellular wireless devices. It is basically a low-cost controller that interconnects refrigerator tools to the internet turning into a normal fridge into a SMART fridge which we monitor and control remotely from the smartphone. Frigbot also supports various Dixell electronic controllers of the XR series and XW series. The features of the Frigbot are as follows

  • Every frigbot wireless cellular device joins the refrigerator tools to the Frigbot cloud with contact to all functions over the internet from the tablet, laptop, and Smartphone.
  • The Dixell, Eliwell and Carel configuration parameters are uploaded directly to the cloud. Customers can look, change and distantly organize configuration settings.
  • Customers can configure the Frigbot to send the usual email graphs and reports that explain temperature, time and performance.
  • Customers can enable heat alerts and time depends on maintenance alerts. These alerts notification can be sent by SMS or email to various recipients.
  • Firgbot has the capability to calculate electrical current at the actual time. It is a very advanced quality when customers need the functional status of the refrigerator tool. When the customer calculates electrical current then he can distantly examine if a compressor has a powerful fault, it is a big time-saver for a busy mechanic refrigerator.

Deconstruct the Frigbot business model using the nine building blocks in Osterwalder&Pigneur’s Canvas Model 2010
The Frigbot business model is a planned tool of management to easily and quickly describe and transacts a business concept or idea. This is a type of document that works with the basic features of a product or service of business defining an idea in a rational manner. This business model is developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur(Joyce &Paquin, 2016). They segregated the model into four sections for better understanding such as offering, infrastructure, finance, and customers. This is a mutual language for visualizing, describing, changing and assessing Frigbot business model.

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Frigbot Business Model Canvas




Key Partners
Darren Dwyer is the

Originator of the Frigbot. He started frigbot in 2015. This is a play and plug solution that solves an actual issue of customers.

Key Activities
The key activity of the Frigbotis to jointhe refrigeration companies to fridge owners by making value for both parties. It has an automatic system that reports the temperature by emails (Joyce &Paquin, 2016).

Value Propositions
It describes what types of value and quality is given to the customers of Frigbot and on what quality they will get more attracted to the goods and services. This is a unique product and authentic effort saving efficiency.

Customer Relationships
This block of Frigbot business model signifies that how any business organization makes relations with customers. It defines the relationship between a company and its users. Customers can also share their opinion about their product requirements in their personal or professional needs.

Customer Segments
Every company divides the customers on the basis of age, choice, area, attitudes, and culture of the environment. The important segment for customers of the Frigbotis to people who are looking for advanced technology in cellular wireless

Key Resources


The important resources of the company are its technology and its skilled engineers, labor who possess the skill to develop the products.

This block of Frigbot business model illustrates that there are certain platforms and channels by which Frigbot can explore its business into a new market or attract new customers. (Antikainen&Valkokari, 2016).

Cost Structure


The cost of the Frigbot is divided into two main types such as fixed cost and variable cost, and they are further divided into innovation technology, the salary of employees, training and development equipment and devices.

The revenue and profits of the organization are generated by its cellular wireless devices or the fingerprint sensor to controlling refrigerators delivered to the users (Antikainen&Valkokari, 2016).

Source: (, 2020

Can you explain the key interrelationships exist across the nine building blocks of Frigbot business model?
The nine building blocks of Frigbot business model canvas are interrelated to each other by understanding the segment of customers develop those products which are beneficial and highly demanded by customers (Schaltegger, et. al., 2012).The value propositions refers to how customers will attain value from products and services provided by the company from its different competitors. Frigbot gives outstanding services to users by controlling the devices on fingertips. It is designed to work with the main electronic controller's refrigerator; installation takes very less time than other devices.

Frigbot business model basically focuses to calculate the electrical current flow in actual time. Frigbot has a current sensor having advanced quality when users need for functional status of fridge devices. When a customer wants to measure electrical current then he can examine remotely if the compressor has a powerful fault, which is the high saver of time for busy mechanic refrigeration. Frigbot has various features to deliver the value propositions such as cloud-based, reporting, configuration, alerts, current sensor, information screen, and cellular antenna, etc.(Schaltegger, et. al., 2012).

The important functions of the company are to become more successful with regular innovation and giving advanced quality in cellular wireless devices to customers. It also creates an impact on the cost and profitability of the Frigbot. By making more contacts and good networking Darren Dwyer established a strong foundation and joined some investors to help in business in the future (Oyedele, 2016). The cost allocation of the Frigbot business model is based on the delivery of goods and services along with technology and the cost of qualified engineers and staff.

Identify and discuss the critical success factors Frigbothas to get right to achieve sustainable success
The three critical factors of Frigbot business model play a significant role to complete the success of the organization with sustainability such as commitment to stakeholder engagement, commitment to advancement and commitment to leveraging. A commitment to advancement as called improvement which is the heart of every business. Frigbot cannot achieve the success of its installed programs and technology in devices without reporting or measuring on a frequent basis or to verify the areas of advancement. Stakeholder engagement is an important growing attribute in the execution of a developed sustainability program (Keane, et. al., 2018).

Deep and early-stage engagement within the business organization gives the energy and basis to appreciate the economic and environmental advantages of a successful program of sustainability. With the support of leveraging sustainability in the Frigbot, the supply chain facility of logistics, environmental designs, and global economy develops a win to win result with utmost good factors like reducing the level of carbon, enhanced functional efficiency, increased satisfaction of the customer and decreased unwanted cost (Keane, et. al., 2018).

Evaluate what factors might impact the success of the Frigbot business model in the context of downside risks
Downward risk is the numerical measure that analyses the loss in the security value due to the changes in conditions of the market and also known as uncertainty in which the realized amount is very less than the predictable amount. Some of the downward risk factors based on the Frigbot business model that negatively affect the growth of the business of Frigbot such as;

  • There can be certain chances of over calculating the ability of a specific market which basically depends on the local market of the country. It is assessed that the target market of the company has several fluctuations or changes in revenue or profits. So this is the reason for facing loss by the company and achieving its target profits or sales as per objectives (Lüdeke-Freund &Dembek, 2017).
  • The company is not always ready to face unexpected changes in the domestic economic atmosphere that raise the downward risk. These domestic markets are not able to handle the financial and economical losses and directly harm the position of Frigbot in the market.
  • The functional and operational cost of the business generally depends on innovation, labor cost, transportation, etc. these factors are important and makes a positive effect on a business model and value propositions of the organization. When the cost of such factors enhances then the operating and functional cost of the organization will also increase and it will create a negative impact(Lüdeke-Freund &Dembek, 2017).

Discuss the changes you would make to the business model if this was your business
In case if this was my business some of the transformations are to be required in the Frigbot business model which are as mentioned. The first one is, Frigbot is giving more focus on knowing the demographic and geographic areas where the demands of products and services of Cellular wireless devices are high. It is suggested that it is important to know the needs and desires of customers in particular products for their daily use and safety(Batocchio, et. al., 2017). It is related to the issues faced by company and innovation objectives to be achieved by them in particular products. The next one is, the business must have to ascertain the qualities of goods and services provided to the regular and new customers. The last one is, company should develop such products which are still not present in the market at affordable rates. The above factors can help business to make it more successful.

It has been concluded from the report that, Frigbot is dealing with innovative technology and making advanced quality controller equipment that will ease the work and suitable for users. It has stimulated people to live the lifestyle with different design products having advanced quality. With the support of the successful execution of the Frigbot business model canvas and its regular advancement in the innovation, Frigbot will search for some new scope of profit and goodwill generation in the market. When the company expands its trade into the new market then it has to examine the downward risk and increase the scope by reducing such risk.

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Lomas, C., (2020) The AI Business Model Canvas, [Online] Available at:



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