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Food And Beverages Assignment Evaluating Benefits Of Pop-up Restaurants


Food and Beverages Assignment Context:
During the last few years, restaurant pop-ups have been a growing trend in the guest dining scene. This has added a new innovative and unique way for guests to be part of something different and exclusive. Pop-up restaurants are a type of short-term restaurant that allows industry professionals to try out a range of new concepts, test new audiences, experiment with edgier cuisine, fundraise money, or draw new investors without the expense of opening a tradi;onal restaurant with overheads. The pop-up concept can poten;ally be set up anywhere it can operate legally and safely. They’ve been found everywhere from the roofs of city buildings to the inside of barns, hotels foyers, function rooms including the pool deck and any unused spaces in a hospitality venue. Existing restaurants are generally the easiest choice, as all the necessary equipment is on hand, and the hosting restaurant can additionally get some cross-promotion buzz going. Understanding how to conceptualise, plan, run and evaluate food and beverage operations in an ever-changing market becomes paramount for hospitality professionals. The objective and significance of these assessments is for your group to be able demonstrate an understanding of the processes needed to plan, organise, run and evaluate a pop-up restaurant concept and operation, from beginning to the end.

You need to reflect and review your personal contribution in your group’s pop-up restaurant. In this reflective piece, you be required to outline what you have gained from the experience, what you put into practice and how you would apply these newfound skills for the future.

Write a 1000-word narrative (first person), and include analytical frameworks.


Post-event Individual Self- Reflection
The main focus of this food and beverages assignment is on the pop up restaurants and the manner in which these restaurants have evolved in the current global scenario. These restaurants are easy to set up and they can operate without the traditional structure of the restaurants. The restaurants are temporary restaurants that are developed on private homes, hotels, pool sides and other similar spaces for a temporary period of time (Taylor Jr, DiPietro & So, 2018). This period can be certain festivals or other events which instigate the hotels to earn a profit and gain new customers. The setting up and winding up of these restaurants are easy which makes it convenient for the owners to set these restaurants up at any time.

This project is based on evaluation of the benefits of pop-up restaurants and pitching a well versed idea for the development of the same. This idea is likely to help in the proper development of the restaurants. I have understood that this development of idea is likely to help in mitigating the issues related to the high scale competition in the market. The current condition of the market does not allow the new establishments to be set up and it is difficult for the new restaurants to gain control of the market (Niroo, 2020). However the new idea of pop-up restaurant allows the new companies to open a temporary branch to understand their position in the market and develop their operational flow from the same. One of the main aspects of this development process according to me is the understanding of the leadership skills and methods that can be applied by the companies to enhance their condition in the market. The new pop-up restaurants are likely to enter into an existing market which has high competition in it. It has also been learnt by me that proper understanding of the plan and development mitigation strategy is essential for the growth and development which has been understood from the execution of the process.

Our research team has focused on multiple group discussions, which according to me is highly beneficial. The main aim of this is to constantly evaluate the progress of the team and understand the progress that is reached (Lizano, 2020). This understanding has also allowed me to develop the conflict resolution which was my aspect. The main aim of my task was to understand the situation of the market and to evaluate the issue that might be faced by the research team during the completion of the project or after the same. The conflict resolution was not to be done on the basis of the planning but the execution as well. I had to develop a strong framework based on which the restaurant is to operate (Kim & Shin, 2019). I had to focus on all the assumptions that might be present during the operations of the restaurant and develop mitigation plans on the basis of the same.

The research team also gave me the responsibility of assessing the various aspect of hospitality industry and to apply the same in terms of development of the plan for the establishment of the pop-up restaurants. One of the main aspects that I have been able to learn from this project is the proper team work. The different aspects of team work and the manner in which the same can help the operations of the company are understood by me. I have also learned that the quality of the services that are ‘received by customers are greatly influenced by the collaboration and the team work (Jones, Comfort & Hillier, 2017). There needs to be mutual respect between the members of the restaurant and the team which is likely to allow them to operate in harmony and develop a sense of understanding. I have taken this opportunity to learn the basics concept of team work which I think was lacking in me. As I have always conducted researches on my own the team understanding was lacking in me. However after the completion of this project I think I am a much better team performer.

In addition to this I have also understood that there are multiple strategies and approaches that can be taken to mitigate issues. In the regular group meetings I have learned a lot about proper development of strategies that can help in the future growth of the organization. The development of these strategies is not only based on the mitigation of the issues, but also to ensure that the efficiency and the productivity of the organization are constantly growing (AglieriRinella & García Rubio, 2017). The growth and development of the organization is essential and this should be the primary aim of the organization as have been understood by me.

One of the major issues that was faced by the research team was the complication related to the development of a strong bond in the team, this was mitigated by proper leadership skills and personal communication. In addition to this the group meetings also helped the entire team to connect to each other. I was given the opportunity of leading the team for 2 phases as the leader was unwell and I being the second in command had the opportunity to lead the entire team. I mainly focused on understanding the situation of the team members and modifying the approaches based on the same by applying the situational theory of leadership. This has allowed me to continue my leadership in a proper manner (Demetry, 2017). In addition to this the personal understanding of the team members is highly beneficial to maintain proper leadership.

Finally this project has allowed me to develop my skills in a great manner and also help me evaluate my weaknesses. My main focus is to enhance my skills further and to mitigate the issues and the weakness that I have in terms of my operations. This project has allowed me to understand the ‘efficiency of pop restaurants and the manner in which the dynamic future market can be benefited from the same. The various strategies that can be implemented ae also highlighted from this project. My understanding of leadership and proper application of the theories including the situational theory has been highly beneficial for the project. Strategies of leadership to gain higher productivity and efficiency of the team are also understood from this.

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