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Human Resource Management Assignment On Fonterra


Task: This assessment is based on the HR Practices of an organisation.

Choosing an organisation: Here you need to choose an organisation of your choice. Try and attempt to choose a medium to large sized organisation and please check if the organisation has well-defined HR practices. The company website provides tacit knowledge on the HR function so it is important you draw conclusions from the information provided.

Organisations taking a strategic approach to HR will have a HR Director as the head for this function.

If you choose a family business in your country you may find that your business may or may not have a well-defined HR function but may take an ad-hoc approach to it. This is very challenging to analyse. You still may choose your family business provided you have adequate information that will address all the questions and meet the requirement of the assessment task.

You have been asked to address the four factors:

  • How is the organisation trying to improve the performance of its workforce?
    In this question you must firstly understand the performance management system in the organisation. Sometimes the performance management system is related to the overall strategic objectives of the organisation. Need to look out for this.
    Identify one performance related initiative such as the performance-based rewards system, or productivity linked bonus scheme or any other that you may think is relevant to the assessment. A well-defined performance management system highlights that the organisation perceives its employees as its assets!
  • How is the organisation trying to improve its culture?
    In this question you need to understand the culture. Culture is the personality of an organisation that is mostly implied. Please remember HR function is an artefact of culture. A well-defined HR function may contribute towards a good workplace culture. The textbook titled Organizational Culture by Andrew Brown is a good start or Images of Organisation by Gareth Morgan uses metaphors to analyse the culture of an organisation.
    Culture based initiatives are rituals such as Happy Hour, Recognition for loyal service etc.
  • How is the organisation trying to improve rates of employee engagement?
    In this question you need to understand strategies the organisation adopts to engage its employees. Employee engagement forms and integral part of workplace productivity. Organisations engage their employees by creating an empowering culture, recognition and rewards program, job enrichment strategies, consultative management style.
  • What recommendations would you have that would enhance those three strategies?
    In this question you need to make one recommendation that would improve each of three strategies in the above three questions.
    Your recommendations must be realistic and related to the above strategies that you have addressed.
  • Please follow the format provided in the Assessment Outline.
  • Referencing is very important hence please seek help from ASC in a timely manner. Journal references are important and you need to use them to support your argument or your point of view.
  • Your assessment will be marked against the rubrics provided so please use the rubric as a checklist to complete your assessment task.
  • Try and keep the similarity percentage to the minimum.
  • Assessments must be uploaded via Turnitin. Avoid last minute submissions. Submission of your assessment via email is not encouraged so please manage your time well to submit in a timely manner.


Fonterra is actually the world’s main exporter of milk products and responsible for over a 3rd of global milk trade. Fonterra’s milk farmers happen to be recognized for generating quality ice cream along with other milk products in modern day market. New Zealand is an international leader in large-scale dairy procurement as well as dealing out. Fonterra’s worldwide supply chain extends through facilities throughout New Zealand to consumers and customers in much more than 150 nations.

“Fonterra’s vision is usually to be the organic supply of milk nutrition for every younger and aged, all over the place, each day”. Fonterra is actually an international leader in milk nutrition - the selected vendor of milk ingredients to a lot of the world’s primary food businesses. Fonterra is yet a market main with the own customer dairy manufacturers within Australia/New Zealand, Asia/Africa

Improve the rate of employee engagement
Always there is room for enhancement, specially in an organization that desires to stay noticeable, practical and keep its competing edge. Realizing the present advantages and capabilities of the employees is really as crucial as determining their untapped probability of presume leadership roles, take part in team-building actions, exercising effort and create better interaction abilities. In agreement to the discussion in this human resource management assignment, these components not just help with a far more efficient and cohesive business but could also enhance employees' personal performance amounts.

As studied by Zhong, Wayne and Liden, (2016) as discussed in this human resource management assignment, Fonterra need to connect the targets and point out individual responsibility. Regardless of the type of company or the number of employees is there in the company , it is crucial that each employee knows how the particular efforts towards a standard goal determine the industry’s value, achievement and durability. Maintain regular employees conferences in order to monitor the position of pending tasks, create new projects and motivate idea on current or possible problems . Fonterra need to observe and assess job efficiency by yearly or twice-yearly composed evaluations. All these offer employees using the functional similar of a statement card to recognize the way they are succeeding, what places require enhancement and whether or not training courses might gain a current job or help in the changeover to some new one. Ask workers to get ready self-evaluations that allow them emphasize recent accomplishments, discuss problems that consider are conquering them through doing their finest work and ask for future coaching and advancement projects. Motivate suggestions all year round, not only throughout the evaluation periods (Conway et al. 2016).

Produce and dispense a reasonable and constant system of recognizing value. Regardless of what place an individual retains in the organization, this individual desire to realize that his function has been recognized and valued. According to Conway et al. (2016), an effective organization culture is only one that benefits effort, performance and commitment by means of bonuses, special offers, merit accreditation and benefits along with enhances and good old school thank-you's. The significance of coaching and training in order to show that administration is devoted to supporting employees accomplish their maximum prospective by giving them entry to the very best suggestions about the way to enhance their professions.

Improve organizational culture
Fonterra can do this through proactively routine a focused time for workers in order to get together around the interests regularly. In case discussed in this human resource management assignment the team consists of remote employees, think about virtual choices in order to plan, therefore all workers are involved. By regularly resulting in the space for workers in order to connect, the company display the value of improvement and cooperation in the organizational culture .As stated by Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, (2016) whose work is referred in this human resource management assignment, Fonterra should teach their administrators the worth and need for micro-recognition to regularly and quite often recognize improvement and accomplishments among all of their teams. Generate techniques and resources for workers any kind of time level to identify their colleagues to enhance company culture within teams as well as over the entire business. According to Junni et al. (2015), Fonterra should be creating an atmosphere where workers really feel they have a voice and is sure way to enhance the worker knowledge. Individuals are much more invested if they are permitted possibilities to become innovative within their jobs. Co-creation is really an excellent method to help in involvement and enhance organization culture.

Conducting a full revision of interaction to build up techniques and strategies that provide to improve involvement, like protection of worker awards activities, reputation reports, case research, and identifying worker accomplishments. As outlined through the investigation findings additionally in this human resource management strategy and practice it is considered important that interaction is observed through the perspective of workers, and never solely through the viewpoint of managers (Karatepe and Olugbade, 2016).Where achievable the idea of doing work in teams to improve involvement must be piloted because the research results emphasize the advantages of strong attachment to fellow workers. It really is believed this can result in improved productivity. Reconfiguring organization bonus plans, (that are typically based on economic outcomes only) to additionally recognize enhancements in worker involvement and client satisfaction.

Improve rates of employee engagement
Being an employer, Fonterra should have to find methods to enhance employee involvement at work. These techniques identified in this human resource management strategy and practice should be focused on the initial requires and motives of every individual worker. The primary suggestion to occur using this investigation in this human resource management assignment is the fact Fonterra must recognize the key role performed by administrators and instantaneous managers in encouraging worker engagement. The role must be reframed to stress the value of relationship-orientated behaviours – along with improved presence, higher convenience, and enhanced face-time together with workers. Where suitable, the profile of the individuals recruited to those roles, their job requirements and coaching have to be modified to reveal this important part of the job. Overall, it is suggested that Fonterra should follow a far more concentrated organisational method of enhancing worker engagement – through high-level steps including the development of an engagement panel by way of company-wide recognition coaching and employee engagement programs. To grasp the full advantages of worker involvement, it requires that must be taken significantly at all amounts (Mone, and London, 2018).

Fonterra should be thinking of creating an engagement panel composed of senior staff from over the company to market a culture of involvement. The Panel might setup ‘involvement boards ’ to comprehend engagement much better through the worker viewpoint; an ‘ involvement activity force’ might apply new methods as well as ‘ involvement champions’ might be designated to increase understanding of the significance and benefits of employee involvement. Establishing involvement focus organizations composed of operational support administrators correspond and boost the yearly employee study. According to Karatepe and Olugbade, (2016) primary organizations will be motivated by workers and may work as a feedback system within the yearly survey as well as activities taken due to the study the company . Offering engagement recognition practicing for all amounts of guidance and administration to describe the value of involvement, the advantages of high amounts of involvement, and the obstacles to involvement.

Applying worker engagement programmes in Fonterra to assist in involvement, for instance, participation in safety and health to make sure workers become involved within the protection aspects of their function, therefore assisting enhancements, and marketing the company’s security program. Reconfiguring organization bonus plans, (that are typically based on economic outcomes only) to additionally recognize enhancements in worker involvement and client satisfaction.

Recommendation of the strategies
HR specialists play in Fonterra plays an essential part when it comes to picking out the best strategies to assistance organizational path however should have the capability to consider beyond techniques to recognize the high-level aspects of emphasis which will drive achievement.

Think about Strategic Perspective: It is recommended in this human resource management assignment that the Fonterra should possess efficient HR techniques are not able to endure in a vacuum. To work, they have to be in-line with the company strategic perspective. The perspective provides indication of where the organization is venturing and also the people resources required to help it make it. HR leaders must overview the company's present perspective to find out ways that HR actions support that perspective. In concert with other company leaders, HR employees should consider whether the perspective applies depending on external as well as internal factors and whether or not adjustments in the market may be recommending a new perspective (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016).

Think about Demographics: As stated by Cascio, (2015) a baby boomer era approaches retirement living, organizations realize that Fonterra will be facing a retired key employees . Additionally, an ageing employee populace may stand for higher staffing expenses along with the require for coaching and re-training. HR leaders in Fonterra must analyse the demographics from the labour force to find out where spaces might exist among current abilities and also the requirement for abilities and encounter that could come out later on, in positioning using the organization's perspective and techniques. HR technique must be dedicated to filling these types of gaps by means of strategic recruitment, maintenance and training initiatives .

In this human resource management assignment Human Resource Management must be seen as an ideal feature of the organisation. It will help to create a competing edge to have an company through efficiently using its workers. Key ingredients of effective Human Resource Managements discussed above in this human resource management assignment are experiencing in position a suitable leadership type and efficient two-way interaction with workers. This results in an open up and truthful atmosphere where workers believe that their strategies are now being paid attention to and they can contribute in making decisions. Involved employees are more inclined to be happy to operate because of their organisation and for that reason will rely on and live out their beliefs of the company. Human resource management assignments are being prepared by our HRM assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help New Zealand service.

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