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Finance Assignment Experience Of Flourishing Situation In The Capital Market


Prepare a finance assignment critically analysing the topic “In general capital markets are flourishing now. Can you explain why we experience such a situation? Are there any implicit threats?”. Use relevant academic sources and journal articles to support your discussion.


Introduction to the topic examined in the segments of finance assignment
The phrase capital market specifically distinguishes the position in which various companies exchange different currencies. Such platforms might include financial markets, the credit markets as well as the currency trading and indicator of economic. The key markets include New York, London, Singapore, Hong-Kong and many other global financial centres. In this aspect, the financial markets are centres that conserve and spend among capital-intensive and capital-intensive vendors. Financial entities comprise private and commercial shareholders, and those looking for capital are companies, administrations, and individuals (Trainer, 2016). Moreover, during this current situation, the financial capital market is flourishing in the global economic platform. Therefore, the essay prepared through this finance assignment will evaluate the greater experience within this flourishing situation and will identify and evaluate some implicit threats in this market condition.

A brief explanation about the experience of the flourishing situation in the capital market and identification and evaluation of the implicit threats
During the industrial business of different countries, the global platform of economic sector getting raises to make the global economic stability more potent. In this way, during the international trading, the rate of the global economy has been enhanced by getting significant support from the international trading of US and EU. Through which, these countries have been able to enhance its national GDP rate in the market. Moreover, within the process of importation and exportation of industrial materials from one country to another country, it helps to vigorously enhance the profitability of the government (Adjibolosoo, 2017). Therefore, it is stated herein finance assignment that most of the countries have granted permission to fetch the international business within their domestic industry for efficient enhancing of the profitability in both the national and international capital market. Crucially, the flourishing market significantly helps to fetch the extensive growth within the global economic stability.

Generally, the flourishing markets are addictive due to its tending for growth faster than its other developed counterparts. To make evident this, people have to look into the recent changes that have occurred a few decades ago during the year 2007 or 2008. The financial crisis in the European market and in the market of the US had been released due to get a vast investment of potent industrialists to make the market more significant, and after these investments, the government of those countries were getting significant profit during its managing of both the national and international factors (Imran et al., 2020). In this aspect, it is evident that the market rate of finance had been increased by 10% and it also maintains the consistency within its enhancement process. However, during the outbreak of corona pandemic, the marketers have got significant hindrances to maintain the consistency within the significant growth of the financial market in the global platform.

In this aspect, it also easy to say that during the increasing process of the financial capital market, there are numerous fundamental issues like political uncertainty, vulnerable resources and national capabilities, etc. potentially hamper the capital market. Generally, the rules of administrative transformation make different variations within their decision-making process regarding the concern on the financial market (LiPuma, 2017). However, everyone knows that the flourishing condition of the financial capital market significantly helps the countries to develop their domestic financial potentiality for making extensive growth within its national business and in the domestic industries for developing the market. Therefore, the countries crucially need to consider all the factors associated with the platform of the capital market. Through which, the countries of EU and US, and also the developing countries will be able to prominently maintain the consistency within its national financial capital market. However, the market uncertainty also forms a large problem during the process of capital market (Adjibolosoo, 2017). In this aspect, the prevalence of corona pandemic significantly hampered the flourishing capital market throughout the world, and about this upcoming condition, no one would prepare themselves. Therefore, the research and analysis conducted on this finance assignment signifies that more of the marketers and investors had got significant hindrances during its development of financial stability.

Throughout the evaluation of the entire study prepared in this finance assignment, it is concluded that the flourishing condition of the capital market significantly helps to enhance the national and international profitability to efficiently sustain a potentiality in the global platform. Therefore, the people who have potential interests in investing and experiencing the flourishing condition of the capital market, they have to invest in it. With which, the investors will be able to get significant profit from the market and can also provide efficient support to the government by investing a vast amount of money on it. However, there are some fundamental risks and issues that prominently hamper the consistency of the capital market. Therefore, investors need to be more concern towards their investing in the flourishing capital market.

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