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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Implementing Lean Project Management


Task: This assessment item requires you to work INDIVIDUALLY. As the project manager in charge of delivering such as an important world sporting event, you are required to produce a REPORT to be submitted to the organising committee.


  • With regards to the event that you have chosen to organise, identify and elaborate
    1. The processes from PMBOK or Prince2 that you would use to help with the stakeholder management
    2. The critical stakeholders for the event
  • In what ways would you have implemented lean project management for this event? (You need to identify and elaborate the areas and opportunities where you can eliminate waste).
  • Identify and elaborate processes from PMBOK, PRINCE2, Organisational Project Management (OPM), Agile Practices and Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology) that could be used to implement lean project management.


FIFA World Cup is the biggest football tournament that took place at the international level after every four years. The FIFA 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar, and it is the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup (2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, 2019). The number of teams that will take part in the tournament is the existing 32 teams that took part in 2018 world cup. In the history of the FIFA World Cup, 2022 will be the very first time when the host country is an Arab Country. The purpose of the paper is to effectively discuss regarding the stakeholder management and the implementation of lean project management in the tournament.

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Identify and elaborate concerning the event
Correct usage of a process for Stakeholder management: Stakeholder management for the FIFA 2022 World Cup is vital for maintaining the project and providing a suitable outcome. FIFA World Cup is one of the prestigious game for all over the world and for that maintaining the stakeholders related with the event is highly essential for the project management (2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, 2019). Stakeholder management is considered to be the critical component to the successful delivery of the project. Being the project manager I would like to implement the PMBOK process for understanding regarding the stakeholder management. The process are as follows;

  • dentify the stakeholders
  • Plan stakeholder engagement
  • Manage stakeholder engagement (Addiechi, & Verkhunova, 2019)
  • Monitor stakeholder engagement>

Figure 1 in the Appendix provides the steps that are to be followed within the process of stakeholder management for the event FIFA 2022 World Cup. Identification of the primary stakeholder is the vital process, and this could be done with the help of proper input regarding project charter, business document and much more. The entire process help to maintain the activity of the project stakeholder for the successful delivery of the project. The identification of the stakeholder for FIFA World Cup 2022 is made by analysing the previous year stakeholder and the host nation activity within the event (Addiechi, & Verkhunova, 2019). The detail of the game and its procedure and all the sponsorships are being effectively discussed as the part of stakeholder management for the betterment of the game. In each of the process, the gathering of information and analysis is the vital part of understanding the working function of the stakeholders within the event. Meeting and maintaining proper communication skills allow the project management and the president of FIFA World Cup to maintain their stakeholder and deliver the most interesting game to the world. Updating the documents and performing the task with proper planning is highly essential for the success of FIFA World Cup 2022 and that could be viewed from the spectacular design for the Lusail Stadium for the Gala event and match.

Correct identification of Critical stakeholders for the event
FIFA is the tournament that has potential to shape both the game and the industry in the most inclusive manner and also for the best interest of the fans, players and the football lovers across the world (Hermano, & Martín-Cruz, 2019). The primary stakeholder of FIFA World Cup is the people and the government that is associated directly or indirectly with the game. The list of a stakeholder group are as follows;

  • Event organisers
  • The workforce
  • The participants
  • Commercial affiliates (Hermano, & Martín-Cruz, 2019)
  • Community
  • The organisations that are related to football
  • The regulatory bodies
  • Supply chain
  • Attendees

From Figure 3 in Appendix, it can be seen that the primary stakeholder group are almost directly associated with the game and they provide their support for providing the satisfaction level to the football fan. Event organisers are the crucial stakeholders as this involve the entities of FIA then the LOC, host cities that are 7 host cities of Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022 (Hermano, & Martín-Cruz, 2019). It also involves the stadium authority along with the regional committee as the crucial stakeholder for the game. The workforce group involves the employees and the volunteers for the game of FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Hermano, & Martín-Cruz, 2019). The national teams that took part within the game are also considered as one of the vital stakeholders for the FIFA game. Some of the commercial affiliates are the FIFA partners that are Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Qatar Airways and Visa are also the direct stakeholder of the game. The FIFA World Cup sponsors like the Budweiser, Hisense, McDonald, and Vivo are the stakeholders. The national supporters are also one of the stakeholders of FIFA, and the primary national supports are Diking, Luci, Yadea, Living Football, and The association member along the companies that provide the product as well as service to the event is considered the stakeholders of this prestigious game.

Ways or areas to implement Lean Project Management
The Lean Project management is the concept and the process that help the project in their way of improvement and also for achieving the project success with the process of the effective management system. In the FIFA 2022, World Cup tournament the lean project management can be effectively implemented with the help of numerous ways. Some of the most effective practice that needs to be performed by the project manager for the implementation of lean project management are as follows;

  • Focus on the football fans/consumers
  • Thinking regarding the constant improvement within the event
  • Vendor and supplier management (Chaves et al., 2016)
  • Project reporting and communication

It is the fact that the implementation of the lean project management in the FIFA game help to eliminate the waste that might create huge barrier an issue for the football tournament. With this process, the management team can effectively determine the group or the phases that required high monitoring process for making the event successful (Kaplanidou et al., 2016). FIFA is one of the biggest tournament for the football and for that it is essential to maintain the event in the most effective way. With the implementation of the lean project management, the organisers can stand up to the expectation of the football fan and provide the best event in the world.

The best and the most effective way for the implementation of the lean project are effectively discussed below;

Focus on the football fans/consumers: Football is the game that connects all the people around the world, and for that, it becomes a crucial aspect for the organisers to focus on the football fans for providing them the best game ever. The organisers and the football authority try to produce the events for attracting the football fans all over the world, and this is effectively done by the help of suitable data gathering and analysis of the process (Kaplanidou et al., 2016). In every FIFA tournament the primary focus is on the football fans, and for 2022 World Cup also the focus is on them. In this process, the ticket for FIFA tournament is the biggest concern of the fans, and the organisers need to deal with this situation for providing their best in the field. In 2018, FIFA implements the process of First Come First Serve to the fans and even the procedure of random selection for providing the tournament tickets. This process was quite successful, and for that, it will be suitable for FIFA to utilise this process for their 2022 tournament in Qatar.

Thinking regarding the constant improvement within the event: The lean project management effectively supports the organisers to segment their event process in the small projects to monitor the process effectively and also to eliminate the waste. The constant improvement is done with the help of the organisers and the other members for making the FIFA world cup tournament successful within the world (Soares et al., 2015). Due to the small and segmented projects, the improvement is performed continuously and also the help of suitable process can manage the disaster. Being the project manager the crucial activity is to keep the team members active with the project development for the success of the event.

Vendor and supplier management: The lean project management allows the organisers to maintain the vendor along with the suppliers of good and services to the events for maintaining the quality and the continuous delivery of goods. As the project manager the process of maintaining the vendor and the supplier become vital for the development of event. This tournament is the prestigious game for the people all over the world and for that maintaining the quality of the game products is vital (Netland, Schloetzer, & Ferdows, 2015). The Football used in FIFA 2018 World Cup was Telstar Mechta by Adidas, and in the same way, it is essential for the 2022 world cup organiser to get the best quality ball for the event.

Project reporting and communication: The implementation of lean project management is effectively done within the event with the help of project reporting as well as communication. This process effectively helps the event organisers to maintain control and awareness regarding the activities that took place within the entire event (Knott, Fyall, & Jones, 2015). This is one of the biggest events that took place in the world where numerous nation took part, and for the elimination of the waste, it is essential to maintain an effective communication process. As the project manager of 2022 football world cup effective communicate with each other by the help of suitable project reporting process is essential to maintain the event for the successful outcome.

Identification and elaboration of the process to implement the lean project management

Table 1: The process to implement lean project management



FIFA 2022 World Cup


This is the first phase that deals with the need of the lean project in the tournament events.

Need to understand the wants of the football fan. Need to analyse the drawback of 2018.


Provide a suitable guideline for the organiser's team members. Prepare the report for the operational activities that the team members will perform during the event (Anholon, & Sano, 2016).

The process of providing tickets to the fans. Maintenance of the playing ground or the stadium, accessories for the game and even the players.


Performing the project management plan and guidance effectively in the field (Carbonara, & Pellegrino, 2017). This done effectively with the help of small projects during the events for the successful development of the event.

Use of advanced technology for the execution of the event. In 2022 the process and the factor will be enhanced much more that will help the organisers to provide their best to the football fans (Carbonara, & Pellegrino, 2017).

Monitor and Control

Manage the entire event for constant improvement. This help to deal with the waste and the disaster that might take place during the tournament (Biazzo, Panizzolo, & de Crescenzo, 2016).

Gathering the feedback from the fan after the tournament of 2018 will help to set for 2022 FIFA tournament.


Providing the suitable service to the fans and also achieving the successful outcome for the tournament of 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The project is expected to provide the successful result for the tournament just like the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Table 2: The process to implement lean project management



FIFA 2022 World Cup


The very first step for the implementation of lean project management within the event for its successful outcome. Utilising the process of PRINCE2 help to maintain the activities throughout the tournament.

Need to provide a suitable understanding regarding the utilisation of the process within the event.


This step helps the organisers to introduce the projects needs to be performed during the tournament with the clients (Alvarez-Dionisi, Turner, & Mittra, 2016). Perform effective meeting and paperwork regarding the event.

Need to effectively discuss the formation of the game schedule than the preparation of the stadium. Analyse the activities that will be performed by the host countries (Alvarez-Dionisi, Turner, & Mittra, 2016).


Planning effectively for the tournament and guidance for performing the task need to discussed (Holweg, & Maylor, 2018). Each of the host countries should follow the plan for maintaining the success of the tournament.

Make an effective plan and guidance that FIFA will follow to perform their activity during the tournament of 2022. The guidance will be followed by analysing the activities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


The controlling along with the monitoring of the tournament process is done with the help of a small project and the checklist. Advanced technology is also used for controlling the activities.

Gather the feedback from the football fans for the operational activity during the tournament. The feedback from the 2018 World Cup is highly essential for planning and controlling the event 2022 football tournament.


To manage the entire activity of the tournament with a suitable decision in every step (Brioso, 2015). The operational activities are managed by effective documentation and reporting.

Get the Voice of Customers and analyse the situation to gather effective knowledge for managing the tournament of 2022 (Brioso, 2015).

Managing products and service delivery and quality

Managing the vendor and the suppliers regarding their quality of product and delivery time.

The vital part of the game in the vendors and the suppliers for players’ accessories and also the ball of the tournament. The organisers have to effectively manage the process and situate to deliver the products on time.


The end of the tournament shows the successful outcome of the entire events.

The outcome of the FIFA 2022 world Cup is expected to be highly successful. They are expected to deliver the best events for the football fans.

Organisational Project Management (OPM)
The organisational project management that is also known as OPM is the appropriate strategy for the execution of better result regarding the tournament (Görög, 2016). The strategy utilised by the organisers will effectively create an impact on the tournament and the activities that need to perform for the constant improvement of the event. It is one of the biggest events that comes after every four years and also it is the prestigious moment for the host country which makes the strategies vital and effective for the tournament (Serra, & Kunc, 2015). Being the project manager it is essential that I look after the activity and the consequences of the 2018 football World Cup to have a clear vision regarding the process. Proper analysis of the situation helps the management team to develop the strategies that will help them to achieve success in the field.

Agile Practice: Agile practice is the procedure which eventually supports for the promotion of the constant iteration of development and the testing of the numerous procedure during the tournament. This practice effectively allows the organisers to provide the meaningful result for the football tournament of 2022. This process is effectively done with the help of suitable and effective communication practice that is being performed in the real-time and by face-to-face (Pantiuchina et al., 2017). For managing the big event like FIFA World Cup effective communication is the best way to maintain the activity. The tournament will take place in almost seven different cities and for that oral along with the written communication is also effective. The written communication include the guidance as well as the planning process for the improvement of the event and provide the best outcome in the world (Leite, & Braz, 2016). The guidance for the working function that needs to be performed by the organiser is effectively provided with the help of agile practice. All this effectively help the organiser to implement lean project management within the tournament.

Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC method)

Table 3: The process to implement lean project management



FIFA 2022 World Cup


Effectively define the problems along with the objectives of the project.

Objectives regarding the tournaments. Definition of possible issues that might occur during the tournament analysing from 2018 football world cup.


The process needs to improve the problem faced by the event.

Need to measure the impact of the problem and figure out the process to deal with the situation (Sin, Zailani, Iranmanesh, & Ramayah, 2015).


It is highly essential to analyse the process. Proper definition regarding the influential factor for the project is also essential (Ansar et al., 2018).

Understanding the factors that have a huge influence on the success of the tournament is required (Ansar et al., 2018). Analysis of the football fan feedback is also essential for the organisers.


Identification as well as the implementation of the improvement process.

Implement the process effectively within the small events of the tournament for making it successful.


Assurance that the improvement in the event will sustain during the process.

The management needs to control the activities for sustaining the improvement within the FIFA World Cup 2022.

It is concluded from the paper that effective lean project management is required for the FIFA 2022 World Cup for the successful outcome. An effective process like the PMBOK then the PRINCE2 and much more needs to be utilised by the FIFA organiser for maintaining the success of the tournament. This is one of the biggest events in the world where almost all the nation took part, and for that maintaining, every aspect of the event is highly essential for the management team. The paper also concludes that communication is the biggest source for maintaining the activities and the success of the event FIFA World Cup. Lean project management assignments are being prepared by our project management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help service.

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Project Stakeholder Management

Figure 1: PMBOK process for Stakeholder Management

lusail stadium fifa world cup 2022

Figure 2: Spectacular design for the Lusail Stadium

Stakeholder Group for FIFA World Cup 2022

Figure 3: List of Stakeholder Group for FIFA World Cup


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