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Facebook Case Study Analysis on Global Business Dynamics


Task: Consider a Facebook case study “Facebook’s Initiative: Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid?” and prepare a report answering the following questions:
1) Give a brief outlined of Facebook’s’s initiative.
2) Discuss the impact of on emerging economies.
3) Was the initiative really about serving the bottom of the pyramid or was it more about Facebook trying to expand its research? Analyze.


Case summary
This case study focuses on the aspect of global business dynamics . The term global business refers to a company which works the potential of the business in various places around the world. Such as factories and places that distribute products. This is separate from the term international business because this only sells its products all over the world but only has its provision in its own country. The term business dynamic comes from the fact that all types of businesses have their dynamics. That means the adaptation factor they have to get along with their customers’ needs and wants. Hence this case study talks about the use of Facebook and the team up with internet org. and its initiatives were taken as a whole. It shows the various advantages that it has all around the world and how it helps and affects people's daily life. It also tries to show how with times changing people tend to get to know more about the Facebook organization which was built by Mark Zuckerberg. The second question it covers is about the influence it has on the economy and how it tends to adjust to the needs of people all around the world. It also shows how the economy is being affected by Facebook as an organization. The third question that it focuses on is what the actual goal of the organization was. It is an investigation about what Facebook and internet org aimed for as a whole .

It wants to show whether it only aimed to fulfill the needs of the higher class in society or if they just wanted to widen their reach all around the world. In this case study, the main focus is on these three questions and getting the answers to solving it. It is following the dynamics of business that makes it aware of its customer's needs and wants and does whatever it takes to give them what they want because for more success they need to keep a check on what the audience likes and dislikes. Therefore, if they know what their audience wants they can make them happier and keep them as loyal customers too. Through this, they can also come up with new ideas and make use of that to compete with their competitions. Thus, this way they know how to deal with their problems and where they lack as an organization as a whole.

Brief about online on Facebook's internet org initiative

Facebook is an American online social media organization which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg . It is an app which is used by people all around the world to socialize with one another. Internet org as an initiative by Facebook has certain aims to make the internet accessible and easily reachable to all the people around the world and especially the people who are not yet aware of it. Internet org was an initiative of a global collaboration between technology leaders. The non-profitable organizations, local communities and the experts worked to make it available to a certain part of the community which was not still accessible to it. The people who worked together tried to get a mix of what to do to solve their problems. They looked for ways to carry this out on a low-cost budget . This would be a friendly budget to them as well. They planned and made models related to business amongst each other and also shared their gadgets used to make the models for taking up new procedures.

Internet org decided to fund the implementation of the passing on the data in an organized manner by gathering the data together. And with the help of that, they would work with producers, device manufacturers and mobile operators to make it accessible to people and make them come online. The partners believed that convention plays a big role in connecting the world and that is why they came together to achieve the goal of making everything available to it. Internet connectivity also helps the economy grow in a good way. It also helps to bring social change and makes jobs available to all and makes people who don't have jobs get one. This helps to keep poverty in control because many people are jobless and find it difficult to find jobs. It also helps to make people aware of living a healthier life. It helps to make people aware of what's healthy and not healthy and how they should change their life habits . Sometimes in some areas due to financial issues, some don't get the chance to use the internet so internet org. made it their priority to make everyone get access to and know about job vacancies, health decisions and also local news. For example, like the internet initiative carried out in the Philippines, they teamed up with the company globe mobile operator bared fruits and most people got access to free apps.

Discussion on the impact of internet org on emerging economies
According to the founder of Facebook MrZuckerberg felt that the internet org interview would help to give rise to a positive influence on the worldwide population . It made it feel that through this the people will be able to choose what type of government they want. Then get access to health care for the very first time. Also, be able to be in touch with their relatives and family who move to a different country. There are a few disadvantages and issues related to the use of it as well. The devices are mostly very expensive and not all the people can purchase them. It depends on the financial status of the people. The service plans are expensive usually as well. And not all people in society have a fiancé to avail to the services. Some areas don't have towers and there is usually nothing to connect to. This makes it impossible to have an internet connection in those areas as well. These mostly include the rural areas which are prone to poverty. Another drawback of the internet is that since it is an American based app it is bound to be in the language of English.

This often tends to be an issue because not everyone can speak and speak English. Therefore, the content available on Facebook is not always understood all and that proves to be a barrier. In rural areas, there are not many powerhouses therefore power source is limited in concert to be available . The Internet org also helps ones to find places and destinations when they are not familiar with the location. It has apps like Google map which helps people to find places virtually. It also helps people to find people and contact them easily. The Internet also helps people to do easy banking work. It has various apps which the people know that can help them do online transfers and buy products as well. Nowadays due to COVID, the internet has made work from home easy as well. Many people have lost their jobs and are at home jobless and this has helped them to be able to get their work done from home and earn as well. This helps them in their financial status too. These are the few advantages and disadvantages the internet org has had on the economy and how it also tends to help individuals all around the world. Analysis on if the internet org initiative about serving the bottom of the pyramid or is it more about Facebook trying to expand its reach

The internet org initiative aims for more expansion of Facebook. The campaign was about bringing every human being online . Mark Zuckerberg teamed up with various other leading technology companies and set it motion the internet org in August 2013. Along with energetic backup from the local government, the internet org has managed to bring basic daily use availability to every person. Especially countries like Zambia, Paraguay and Kenya. It was criticized by many but managed to have a strong foundation. It just doesn't focus on a particular part of the society like the bottom of the rich but focuses on all. It wants to make it globally that all have access to it for leisure. The founder felt its criticalness surrounding the market in India and felt that it was doubtful for the growth of the business. The individual felt it was needed for developing the economy as well. Thus, formulated the internet org as a non-profit and humane related mission. But the devastating critics were made saying that connectivity t was considered as a daily human right. Many called it a journey to humanitarianism and a gateway drug of Facebook. The CEO of Facebook repeated and said that money could easily be made with this concept.

Thus, the individual tried to expand it instead of aiming at a particular group of people. Mark knew that expansion could make it more useful to the economy and bring more profit to the business. It was also meant to be valuable and available to all but pricing free usage would not always be possible. The individual knew that not everyone would be able to purchase and have access to it. That is where it was allowed free access so that people would know more about their surrounding and be aware . Therefore it is pretty clear that the intent org intuitive was done to expand the use of Facebook all around the world and not only focus on the bottom of the pyramid. Everyone had an equal right to have access to it and use it for their reason. It is there to help people have access to the job opportunities out there available and also know more about healthy living through videos and podcasts. It also makes it possible to be updated with the news daily. Therefore, the investigation states that the initiative internet org collection with Facebook wants to expand rather than just focus on a certain area of people.

This report talks about the collaboration which Facebook did with the internet org. It focuses on the influence it has as a whole. It also talks about how it has helped people in their daily life situation. This includes job opportunities, health style and awareness of local news. It also introduces us to what business dynamics are and how they need to be updated with their customers’ needs and wants. This way it helps the organization to present what the people want and also benefit in the market . It also focuses on the act of how it helps the economy. It has stated that the internet org initiative has bred many positive results. It has helped people in places which have not been able to get access to the network now get it. It's helped people grow and develop new skills in learning new things as well. According to the dynamic of business, it is necessary to meet the demand of the people to succeed.

Then it also shows us whether the initiative of the internet org done by Facebook was just done to help the bottom of the pyramid or expand their awareness of their company. Therefore, this report shows us how the collaboration has worked with time and also helped people all around the world. The collaboration of internet org. Facebook is proven to be helpful for many and also at the same time help the financial system of the country. The actual aim of an internet org is to bring more people to use connectivity as a source. Also, be able to use it and see how it is helpful to be online. Most people who cannot online tend to lack the ability of connectivity. Many issues come up when it is time to use the internet. That is, many things need to be kept in consideration when it comes to the usage of the internet for all. The initiative has helped to keep all that in mind and help people get access to it.

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