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Experiences InKindergarten School Teaching


Task: For this assignment you will need to write a Research Proposal for a project you would like to conduct (you will not have to actually conduct the study but develop a realistic research proposal). Choose a topic of your interest relevant to your specialisation (topics can include Special Education, TESOL, Literacy, ICT, Adult Education and Educational Leadership, HAS). You might choose the topic that you identified in your Assignment.

At the beginning of your proposal provide a brief literature review identifying key findings in the area, leading to a gap in our current understanding that your research studies seek to address. This should then lead to a research proposal.
In this proposal you will need to:

  • Define the area of research and identify the gap/s in current literature
  • Articulate and justify the aim and research questions/hypotheses that address the gap in literature and are aligned with the research paradigm
  • Describe and justify the research design and participants that are appropriate to the aim and research questions
  • Identify specific methods that will be used to gather data including research site; methods/instruments; types of data generated and a brief statement on how the data will be analysed); justify how these will help to address your aim and research questions/hypotheses
  • Discuss the ethical considerations that are relevant to proposed research


The current research proposal will discuss on the experiences in kindergarten school teaching. It contains all the details regarding the topic in the assignment. The different theories of teaching methods in the kindergarten school teaching as well as the teacher-student relationships have been thoroughly discussed in the research paper. The current assignment has further analyzed the topic with a combination of primary and secondary methodology and the analysis were made with different statistical techniques (Basu, 2017). It will collect data and made data analysis to get the result of the research. The data collection method will be followed by the chosen methodology of the research paper. In the end portion of the methodology, the justification behind choosing the particular methodology will also be described. The different sectors of kindergarten school teaching and the experiences of the teachers are the primary topic of the current research proposal.

1.1Area of research
This research proposal is being made to understand the various sectors of kindergarten school teaching. It focuses on the teaching methods in the kindergarten school. The various kinds of children and dealing with their different psychology have been discussed in the current assignment. It emphasizes the teacher children interaction within the classroom and analyzes the experience from it (Hu, Fan, LoCasale-Crouch, Chen, & Yang, 2016). The different new technologies that support kindergarten school teaching have also been a subtopic. The surveys and the interviews have described the current experiences of the kindergarten teachers and the existing literatures that have been studied have described the previous experiences as well as the background of the concept of kindergarten school teaching.

Gaps in current literature
The current research proposal contains the details regarding kindergarten school teachingexperiences. It mentions the teaching methods that are applied to such schoolings. It also mentions the kinds of children who join these schools. The research paper also gives an insight regarding how the disabled children are to be treated in the schools and how the teachers should make them mingle with the other children of the school(Gaias, Herrera, Abry, Granger, & Taylor, 2018). Interacting with the children in a homely manner so that they are not scared to express themselves have also been discussed in the current research paper. But there is still a gap in the current literature, since it has not taken much time to conduct the entire procedure, the research paper could accumulate the opinions of the teachers from less than 5 kindergarten schools and have studied less than 30 existing literatures. The limited source of resources has provided with a result that only gives a hint about the topic and not the entire scenario of it.

Aim of research
The aim of this research is to understand the different teaching methods and the teacher-children relation within the classrooms in the kindergarten schools. Through this research, the researcher aims to understand the wide range of skills that are to be acquired by the teachers. They have to be ready to solve all the questions or curiosity of the toddlers. The toddlers do not have the sense of letters so; the teacher has to be skillful enough to imbibe the sense of letters or identifying them one by one into them. The language skills and oral skills are very important(Chen & Peng, 2019). There should be stuffed toys and other toys which could be used as the medium of learning for the toddlers. It is the teachers who would come up with such ideas to make the toddlers learn. It is important for the teachers to engage the children in all time activities so that they keep learning from every aspect of the classroom. The teacher-student interaction is the most important part of this research on kindergarten school teaching. The teachers have to be empathetic and most understanding as it is about dealing the toddlers. There may be a couple of physically challenged or special children in the class. It is necessary for the teachers to make the others understand about how equally important the disabled students are and it their responsibility to make them mingle together. No bias should be there in the teachers.

Research Design
The current research proposal will involve across-sectional research design. It will mention the area of the research, aims of the research. It also discusses the gaps in the current literature of the research(Wright, 2017). The current research contains a cross-sectional design as it involves both primary and secondary research processes. Th current research paper has followed the format of the research onion and described all the parts of methodology. Aiming to understand the experience in the kindergarten school teaching, it studied the methods of teaching. The assignment has focused on the teacher-student interaction in the classroom. It mentions that the teachers need to be extremely skillful to teach in the kindergarten schools (Di Tore, Schiavo, & D'Isanto, 2016). The children of these schools are very small and this is the first time they will be getting introduced to the letters. It is the responsibility of the teacher to grow interest among them and imbibe the knowledge. The actual research of this research proposal will be having multiple participants other than the researcher. The researcher will be conducting some surveys across the kindergarten schools and the current teachers of those schools. It will help the researcher to understand the practical experiences of the subject matter. Keeping biases aside and treat every single child equally is the primary work of the teachers. They could incorporate different toys into the learning processes to drag the attention of the children. The current research paper has eventually described al these sectors and resulted in both qualitative and quantitative way.

2.1 Research Question

  1. What are the skills that the teachers need to acquire for kindergarten school teaching?
  2. What are the teaching methods?
  3. How to engage the children with the specially challenged children?
  4. What are the conditions to teach in kindergarten schools?
  5. How to make the curriculum of kindergarten schools?

2.2 Research Philosophy
The current research proposal will involve both positivism and interpretivism research philosophy within this assignment. The research paper will use highly structured and large samples to understand the background of the concept of kindergarten school teaching. By studying these samples, the researcher will acquire the factual knowledge gained through observation and trustworthy measurement(Ryan, 2018). As a result of positivism, the research provides with a quantified result as well as qualified result. The research will conduct various surveys and interview processes to analyze the large samples. It has led to come up with statistical and numerical result of the research. The researcher will also study various existing literatures like journals, articles, newspapers and books. This accumulated knowledge will help the researcher to theoretically and critically analyze the matter of subject. It has incorporated phenomenology and perceived the subject as a social phenomenon. Then it proceeded with the impacts of the particular phenomenon to know the experiences of the teachers, the trainings they have undergone, the children they have come across or the way they are comfortable to teach the children(Costantino-Lane, 2019). All of the information has helped the researcher o analyze and reach to a final conclusion regarding the subject matter. The authenticity verification has been made before selecting the existing literature.

2.3 Research approach
The current research proposal will involve both quantitative and qualitative description of the different given aspect of teaching experiences in kindergarten schools. It examines the different methods in kindergarten school teaching(Prasad, 2017). The current research paper is based on both primary and secondary research approach containing qualitative and quantitative results. It could be called as a cross-sectional research work. The research will deal with various statistical and numerical experiments to come to a certain conclusion. Along with that, it will acquire numerous theoretical and subjective knowledge of the subject matter to provide with a detailed result of the research. The researcher will have a planned structure of the research in mind before starting to conduct the process. Both the primary and secondary research processes have helped the researcher to understand that, not only the degree is worth the designation of a kindergarten teacher. There are many more factors that are associated with kindergarten school teaching. Atthis point of time, they have no clear sense of anything is post. The kindergarten teachers are way more responsible than the teachers of other classes, because kindergarten schools deal with only toddlers. They are aged between 1-3 years. So, the teachers have to be enough skillful to make the children ern the first letters and the numbers. There are various technologies which could help the teachers to communicate with the children in a correct manner. The current research proposalwill emphasized upon the teacher-children interaction within the classroom. It is the biggest responsibility of the kindergarten teachers to let the children express themselves in whatever way they can. The research has found out the kindergarten school teachinghave to go through certain psychological training to deal with the children. The teachers have to be compassionate, understanding and unbiased. If there are children who are physically or mentally disabled, the teachers need to make the rest of the class understand that the particular child is not be left out alone or bullied and they all are equally important for the world(Sakellariou & Panagiota Strati, 2018). These cognitive trainings as well as some techniques make a qualified kindergarten teacher.

2.4 Justification of the chosen method
The researcher will be choosing this method because; the current research needed both the quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the subject matter. The topic of the current research is the experience of kindergarten school teaching. In this case, the researcher needed to survey and interview the people who are currently associated with this profession. The researcher also needed to understand the previous viewpoints regarding kindergarten school teaching and schooling experiences(Lee, et al., 2019). Hence, he/ she had to go through both the research process to come to a final conclusion. This research has been made on the basis of both practical and first-hand experience and the data gathered from the existing literature. The researcher has used both large samples and small samples to provide with critical analysis of the subject as well as the statistical and numerical result of the topic.

2.5 Data collection and analysis method
Both primary and secondary data collection methods will be performed within this research paper. This is a cross-sectional research that which took a 3 months’ time-duration to complete the research process. There are many activities taken place in the research process. Although, the time duration of the research is not long, the researcher has tried to gather as much information as possible(Safar, Al-Jafar, & Al-Yousefi, 2016). They have conducted various surveys and interviews to understand and experience the first-hand encounter with the kindergarten teachers. Through the interviews and the surveys, the researchers could come up with the statistical and numerical result. The researcher has also taken help from the existing literatures on this topic. The researcher will explicitly study existing journals, websites and articles to know the background of the topic and the past experiences for kindergarten school teaching.

Ethical consideration
The current research paper will involve primary research approach as well as secondary research approach. It will obtain qualitative research results as well as quantitative research results. The researcher will be conducting surveys and interviews to have the practical knowledge of the subject. All the participants of the research proposal will be credited. The interviews will be taking place between adults and with their consents. The authors of the existing literatures will be acknowledged and credited.

The current research proposal contains a discussion regarding the kindergarten school teaching experience. It has described the literature gaps, the aims of this research and the design of the research. It eventually talked about the chosen methodology ad justified it. Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches had been taken to complete the research process. ?

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