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Event Management Assignment: Marketing Strategy for Promoting The O2 Academy


Event Management Assignment Brief:
Promotion. Illustrate how you would develop a seasonal promotional plan to expand THE O2 ACADEMY event business.
This essay is designed to assess your understanding of how promotion (the fourth P) is used as part of the marketing process and how it is used tactically by a business to reach its target segment and achieve marketing advantage. You do this by explaining the role of promotion in marketing and then illustrate it by developing a promotional plan for a service business in the tourism, hospitality or event sector. Don't forget that promotion is only one part of the overall plan and must be set in the context of the planning process. You can only write about your promotional ideas once you have done a brief review of the market context (situational analysis), identified your segment and any product changes that might be needed.

To start with you will need to identify an existing business in the hospitality/tourism or events sector that you are interested in. It should be a well-known company so that you can find out some information about it through the text books, academic articles or other sources such as trade magazines. Do not use a small independent business for which you will not be able to find information and do not use the company you are using for the Business Development module.


Introduction to event management assignment
Business services offered across the tourism or hospitality event sector are influenced by some unique and innovative marketing trends to promote activities. Although the industry has struggled with multiple challenges in the form of characteristics of products and service stagnation across various population segments, future adaptive promotional technique tries to appeal to modern trends in the market. Opportunity to associate with dominant trends within the hospitality, tourism, or even sector, technological creativity is designed for the promotional campaign. The present event business which is tried to be promoted is The O2 Academy (McGovern et al., 2020). The opportunity of grabbingnew strategies of product diversification, expansion of loyalty, and touching new market segments for internationalization the O2 Academy music group tries to explore outside the United Kingdom.Challenges in technological capacity and changing customer minds are tried to be addressed in the present promotion campaign.In the course of preparing a hypothetical campaign to host the O2 Academy event, different opportunities and challenges related to the promotional plan were equally focused.

Creating expanded reach among the large-scale audience for the O2 Academy

Product: Idea for campaign
Concerning the currently practiced modern promotional plan to serve the business sector of tourism, hospitality, or event industry, multiple new trends are introduced. Augmentation of reality has become one of the prime opportunity creations in the prospect of marketing. To create an effective reach to serve the product or service to the intended market segment, augmented reality or AR is considered an effective technological solution (Damiani et al., 2018). By bringing valuable opportunities through destination marketing, the digital screen is used to project the content via multiple service channels like mobile app connectivity to establish physical objects with digital content.

Promotion: Digital content innovation for the O2 Academy By designing video games and making an event popularised are on a large mass of audience across the international platform, the use of internet and web services to create digitally boosted content, the dominant promotional plan gains success (Putcha, 2020). As the virtual world is increasingly attractive among the current day population, events like musical concerts and event hosting conglomeration of musical activities like the O2 Academy are likely to gain robust banking with effective promotional capacity. This not only allows an augmented approach to be created across the market but also helps in specifying the particular location to be targeted for the event or business service activity to build sufficient response through promotion.

Place: Target to achieve for O2 Academy
Multiple locations can also be addressed with the same GPS-determined mobile phone application service so that augmented reality is turned into a prospective marketing opportunity to promote the event (Jung and tom Dieck, 2018). The amount of daily active users viewing such online platforms is usually in the account of billions and trillions. Hence, the expected audience response gets naturally boosted to add almost maximum marketing value with the opportunity of destination-specific experience appeal.

People: Innovation goal for O2 Academy
For a musical event like the O2 Academy to expand its international reach outside the UK on multiple audience segments, is likely to gain increased opportunity to expand the business appeal (Davila Delgado et al., 2020). By collaborating with AR technologies, sufficient improvement in the overall tourism experience by adding Valuable entertainment elements to the audience journey can naturally uplift the entire hospitality, tourism, and event sector growth. This cannot only ensure the opportunity of amplified user engagement with mass public experience appeal but also reconstruct the historic legacy of the event sector.

Opportunities of growth with the market promotion
• Viral marketing is gradually gaining momentum to become one of the promising mainstream marketing tools in recent times. With my sufficient exploitation of social media, multinational Enterprises across multiple industries try to make robust use of this recent trend through viral marketing so that the opportunity to grow gets strongly fuelled (Zhao et al., 2017).
• By considering the growing popularity of social media on an international platform, viral marketing is likely to contribute effective engagement with the help of word of mouth marketing activity with online social networks by ensuring the engagement of billions of consumers at one time.
• Whether the event business is successfully able to host and promote the O2 Academy event to incorporate musical concerts and hosting musical events as a significant part of the tourism or hospitality industry or not is dependent upon sufficient social media collaboration.
• Gaining media attention naturally gives a boost of consumer engagement as the number of viewers and active users are in exemplified numbers (Nayyar et al., 2018). Depending upon the content and the objective of expansion to explore the international market, the consumer motivation just tried to be built by sharing the digitally viable content by collaborating with the O2 Academy music events with virtual marketing through the associations of effective social media attachment. This creates a personal satisfaction and optimum entertainment factor where the customer expectations regarding a complete package offered with sufficient amusement within the tourism and hospitality package to be fulfilled with interpersonal needs.

Challenges in a market promotion campaign
• Lack of manpower and human capital with sufficient specialized knowledge can impede the O2 Academy from deriving the effectiveness of social media as one of the robust and useful platforms to expand and grow prospects in the event business sector.
• When the tourism and hospitality sector finds a way to diversify their products and amplify the sales opportunities, one of the prime challenges is faced with a level of business complexity (Cuffy and Nair, 2020). The customers or the audience intended to be engaged in event promotional plans for events like
• The O2 Academy music concerts are difficult to be engaged with optimum trustful and reliable source in the form of social media creates a mutual dependence. It not only allows destination-specific awareness by digitally processing the content over social media marketing but also helps to predict the success and response towards the O2 Academy event through various hosting of virtual marketing meets.

• O2 Academy faces a challenge when Human spirit marketing is a newly introduced concept a trend across the tourism, hospitality, and event sector. Acceptance towards change becomes a challenge when a new creative way to society is introduced. When the objective is to promote the O2 Academy event business to touch the societal community over expanded markets, external factors like political unrest, weather disruptions, and technological incapability emerges (Bec et al., 2021).

To integrate a specific situation analysis to promote the O2 Academy event as a promising business activity within the hospitality, tourism, or event sector, the potential it has internal and external association created are highlighted. The O2 Academy event looks for hosting various musical concerts and conglomerates the Academy of music groups to operate actively up on various venues particularly in the area of the United Kingdom (Wei, 2019). The O2 Academy musical events are held across multiple location-specific geographical regions to engage the audiences from Birmingham, Bournemouth, Briston, Brixton, Islington, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford, and Sheffield regions.

The SMART objective for the promotion of the O2 Academy event

The present objective is to create international expansion with a greater loyalty program induced not just among the existing customers but also to involve a new set of customers to improve the overall reputation of the O2 Academy event (Gibson and O’Rawe, 2018). The idea of engaging the O2 event has a significant part in boosting The overall hospitality, tourism, and event sector activities are driven through optimized attraction with the enhancement of entertainment quotient.

The response usually derived across the O2 Academy event in the UK is trying to be enhanced by 30 to 40% when the latest trends in the form of augmented reality, virtual reality and human spirit marketing, and viral marketing with social media optimization is engaged (Horairaand Devi, 2021). The ability to capture maximum audience attention with the help of social media association and virtual market collaboration on destination or location-specific activities are possible to become essential measurable indicators by the marketers.

For the O2 Academy event to build achievable marketing strategy collaboration, the virtual reality with augmented digital content presence he’s tried to be boosted with social media collaboration. For the O2 Academy event to take place in association with digitally designed content, technological feasibility and robust use of VR innovation can create complexity (Cuffy and Nair, 2020). However, a reliable association with social media helps to Boost the loyalty program and create an overall improvement in the reputation of such a brand.

To create realistic and gradual progress, the O2 Academy event is tried to be promoted over the tourism and hospitality dedicated social media pages to host musical concerts and events as an added attraction with optimum entertainment and amusement quotient within the tour packages for the visitors (Yusa et al., 2021).

Time frame:
Technologically augmented reality is aimed for social media collaboration with a span of 6 months.For designing a campaign across social media by involving marketers in the digital media;a total of 1 year is required for the virtual reality augmented.

Strategic distribution tactics
A competitive pricing strategy to create sufficient optimization of the auto Academy event as a significant boosting factor towards the tourism, hospitality, or event sector is right to be established. By applying the destination or location-specific distribution strategic tactics, a sufficient opportunity to engage 30 to 40% boost in the overall audience rate to attend the musical concert may be received as a response (Yung and Khoo-Lattimore, 2019). As a part of the pricing and placement distribution plan for positioning the business idea of expanding the Reach of the audience for attending the O2 Academy event, social media virtual reality marketing scope is necessary to be exploited. For the overall expansion of loyalty among the viewers and audience, the frequency of O2 Academy event hosting of musical concerts is tried to be engaged as a significant part of the entertainment quotient added to the hospitality and tourism sector (Ertaet al., 2021).

From the present promotional plan based on a hypothetical campaign idea, the motive of expanding the audience reach of the O2 Academy event is tried to be established. By collaborating with social media exploitation activities, such a musical event arrangement is possible to undergo the dominant trends of current times like human spirit marketing, virtual reality, viral marketing, and augmented reality with the help of social media associations. By launching the core product of the auto Academy event across the hospitality sector, the possibility of acquiring new customers with greater loyalty programs across extensive international locations other than merely concentrating upon the UK market is possible to be exhorted as a definite promotional plan.

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