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   Free sample   Evaluating the marketing human resources hr and financial management strategies of the body shop

Evaluating the Marketing, Human Resources (HR) and Financial management strategies of The Body Shop


Task: Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the Marketing, Human Resources (HR) and Financial management strategies within The Body Shop. Which of these do you feel contributes most significantly to the business success?



The Body Shop is a global cosmetics and skin care company that was established in Brighton, England, in 1976. It now belongs to the Brazilian cosmetics business Natura & Co., which operates more than 3,000 outlets throughout 66 nations. The Body Shop is well known for its dedication to moral and ethical behaviour, as well as for its use of organic, environmentally friendly components. Its motto, "Enrich, Not Exploit," highlights its dedication to preserving both people and the environment. The Body Shop's dedication to sustainability has established it as a pioneer in the cosmetics sector and given it a positive reputation among customers.

This report will provide an overview of the marketing, human resource and financial management strategies of The Body Shop and analyse the internal and external forces that impact the business using a SWOT analysis.

Company History Background

The Body Shop was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976 in Brighton, England. The company was operated as a retail business in the cosmetics, skin care and perfume sector. By the late 1990s. The Body Shop's initiative to do so has encouraged many other firms in the same industry to follow in their footsteps in the business world (Hall, Aranasand Parkes2020). Anita Roddick's primary goal was to empower women and girls through the economic decisions she made and to work toward equality by providing opportunities for women through the Community Fair Trade Program.By embracing beauty as a source of joy and energy rather than perfection, she was able to boost self-esteem while also having a good impact on people and communities (Looser2020). This hasn't changed; as the business has grown, it has remained a top goal to develop beauty products with natural inspiration using ingredients that are responsibly obtained from around the globe. The Body Shop now operates in over 70 countries, has around 2800 retail locations, employs over 10,000 people directly and another 12,000 through its franchise network, and serves over 30 million clients globally.The company is known for its commitment to ethical principles, such as sustainability and animal welfare, as well as its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Information on the Marketing Strategies of the Body Shop

The concept of business marketing was created in the 1960s as a framework for comprehending consumer purchasing patterns. Understanding customer values and using them to determine which items will increase sales for the company is marketing (Hodgkinson, Jacksonand West2021). Marketing plays a significant role in determining the strategic course of an organisation; in the case of The Body Shop, this value and competitive advantage is the promotion of corporate social responsibility. One of the crucial departments for making sure a business succeeds is marketing since without it, clients would not be able to make the best purchasing decisions or have a good working relationship with the business. They first used demographic segmentation to target largely women, though they have since developed items for men as well. The market has been segmented based on the numerous occupations, such as housewives, working adults, and adolescents, aged 18 to 60. By doing this, they can develop better products for working women who want to look nice at work and for those who want to prevent dry, dull skin in air-conditioned spaces. Because of their excellent quality and the moral and ethical principles they uphold, The Body Shop is regarded as a reliable brand. The branding of their products is also authentic and captivating (Crotty and Holt 2021).

The Body Shop’s marketing strategy is focused on delivering its brand promise to their customers. The company segments its customers based on lifestyle, age, gender and other demographic factors and then targets them with appropriate messaging. The Body Shop uses a combination of traditional and digital marketing tools to reach its customers, such as television and radio advertisements, in-store promotions, online advertising, and social media campaigns. The company also implements the 4 P’s of marketing (Gossen, Ziesemeand Schrader2019).It includes product, pricing, placement and promotion.


The Body Shop promotes its products through a variety of channels, including traditional advertising, digital platforms, and social media. They have a strong presence on both Facebook and Instagram, where they share product updates, company news, and exclusive offers (Tong, Luo and Xu2020). Additionally, they often hold special events and workshops to let customers interact with their products and learn more about the company. The brand also frequently partners with influencers and other brands to reach a wider audience.


Utilising the items, the business provides to them to create a solid base of devoted clients (Katsikeas, Leonidou and Zeriti 2019). The Body Shop's mission is to build a company that is a force for good. They accomplish this by developing organically inspired beauty products using materials that are sourced responsibly from across the world.The Body Shop has a wide range of products that are all made with natural ingredients and are free from animal testing. They offer anything from skincare and body care, to fragrances, makeup, and haircare. They even have gift sets and accessories to complement any look. All of their products are a perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one and make an ethical choice when it comes to beauty.


The Body Shop operates in 62 countries across the globe, including the United States,Latin America, Canada,Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In addition to its physical stores, the company has an online presence in more than 50 countries. The Body Shop has been praised for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, such as its stance against animal testing and its use of fair trade-sourced and organic ingredients.Natural ND states that because the company has stores all around the world, they are required to offer various items that are appropriate for the local culture, climate, and/or religion (Sheth, J., 2021). For instance, the corporation doesn't market products with alcohol in their recipe in Muslim nations like Malaysia.


The Body Shop bases the price of its products on the cultural and socioeconomic concerns of each nation in order to make the perfect profit for paying its suppliers, who must cope with the labour-intensive technicalities of production (The company offers a wide range of products with different pricing strategies. For example, some products may be priced by volume or weight, some by size or type, and some by functionality. Some products are priced according to their brand name or reputation, while others may be priced according to their environmental or social benefits. The Body Shop also offers discounts and promotional offers to entice customers.

Information on the Human Resource strategies (HR) of the Body Shop

The Body Shop’s human resource strategy is based on the idea of creating a “people-centric” workplace. The company focuses on recruiting and retaining talented employees and providing them with career development opportunities. The Body Shop also provides a range of benefits and incentives, such as flexible working hours, health insurance and retirement plans. The business makes significant investments in training and development initiatives to make sure that personnel have the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in their positions.

The Body Shop's HR department runs its hiring and interviewing processes differently. It has established an "open hiring" policy, meaning that it will hire the first applicants who apply for positions in its distribution and storage facilities. In the near future, they intend to extend this strategy to its retailer stores.Since the business has always been driven by passion, they take pride in establishing a distinctive workplace culture where individuals can flourish and realise their full potential. To do this, they hold on to their current staff and foster talent among qualified recruits from all backgrounds in order to foster greater creativity to satisfy client needs.

The Body Shop rewards and recognizes employees for their contributions. They have a performance management system that evaluates employees on both objective and subjective factors, such as customer service, teamwork, and innovation. They also offer monetary rewards, such as bonuses, raises, and promotions. Furthermore, they recognize employees with awards, such as Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year.

Information on the Financial Management Strategies of the Body Shop

The Body Shop financial management strategies include monitoring and managing cash flow, budgeting, forecasting, and managing risk (Clarke and Greenwood 2020). The company also focuses on developing long-term strategies to ensure that the business remains profitable and sustainable. The Body Shop’s financial performance is monitored through its Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statements.

The Body Shop’s financial management strategies have enabled them to remain competitive in the beauty industry and ensure that their shareholders are able to receive a good return on their investments.

Despite retail revenue increasing the year before, the Body Shop's revenue decreased by 25.3% in the second quarter of 2022(The Numerous causes, such as the conflict in Ukraine, which has undermined consumer confidence and reduced household purchasing power across Europe, are to blame for this. Focusing on margins and operational cash flows is their clear and urgent objective for the second quarter, which they have emphasised their teams are already working on. The difference between the first quarter and the second quarter in terms of net sales and gross profit may be observed in the table below.


First Quarter

Second Quarter

Net Sales



Gross Profit



Model of Analysis SWOT


• Established brand name and recognition

• Wide range of products

• Proven track record of ethical sourcing

• Global presence

• Loyal customer base


• Limited product development

 • High cost of production

• Lack of digital presence

• Limited physical retail presence


• Expansion into new markets

• Leveraging digital technology

• Developing new product lines

• Increasing customer loyalty


• Increasing competition

• Price wars with other retailers

• Changing consumer tastes

• Regulations and compliance costs

An effective method for analysing the internal and external factors that affect The Body Shop's business is the SWOT analysis. The company's broad product offering, dedication to ethical ideals, and high brand awareness and reputation are just a few of its many advantages (Tran 2022). Its shortcomings, meanwhile, include a reliance on physical storefronts and a lack of a robust internet presence. The rising demand for natural and organic beauty products as well as the opportunity for global expansion are prospects for The Body Shop. On the other hand, it faces risks from other beauty firms as well as shifting consumer preferences.


This report concludes that The Body Shop has been a leader in the cosmetics industry since its inception in 1976. The company's commitment to sustainability, ethical behaviour, and corporate social responsibility has helped it stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base. The most significant strategy that contributes to The Body Shop's success is its commitment to sustainability, ethical behaviour, and corporate social responsibility. This strategy has enabled the company to stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base. The company has developed a range of products that are ethically sourced, not tested on animals, and responsibly sourced. It has also invested in initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as its carbon offsetting program, which has helped it to maintain a positive reputation in the industry. This commitment to sustainability and ethical behaviour has helped The Body Shop to build loyalty from its customers and gain a competitive edge in the industry.


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