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Evaluating Operations Management of Universal Studio Australia and Disneyland Hong Kong: A SWOT Analysis


Task: How do SWOT analyses of Universal Studio Australia and Disneyland Hong Kong shed light on their operations management, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and how can these high-profile attractions address challenges and enhance their visitor experiences?



Tourism is a vital industry for numerous nations and locales around the world, giving noteworthy financial benefits and business openings. At the heart of this industry are attractions and occasions that draw guests from distant and wide, advertising them special and paramount encounters (Ivanov & Webster, 2019). Be that as it may, the victory of these attractions and occasions depends intensely on viable operations administration, which can decide their capacity to meet the wants and desires of guests whereas moreover maximizing income and minimizing costs (Li et al., 2021). This report points to evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of two major attractions: Universal Studio in Australia and Disneyland in Hong Kong. Both of these attractions have established themselves as driving goals within the worldwide tourism showcase, pulling in millions of guests each year.

By utilizing auxiliary information, such as industry reports, online audits, and official websites, this report will give a comprehensive investigation of the operations administration of these attractions. This examination will compare and differentiate their qualities and shortcomings, recognize openings and dangers confronting them, and make suggestions for future administration. Eventually, this report will highlight the significance of successful operations administration within the tourism industry, especially for high-profile attractions such as Universal Studio and Disneyland. It'll moreover give profitable bits of knowledge into the challenges and openings confronting these attractions and offer proposals for how they can proceed to succeed in a progressively competitive advertisement.

2. SWOT Analysis – Universal Studio Australia


a. Strong Brand Image: Universal Studio could be a well-known and regarded brand within the excitement industry(Universal Studios, 2023). This gives Universal Studio Australia a particular advantage in terms of showcasing and client offer.

b. Interesting Attractions: Universal Studio Australia offers a range of interesting and exciting attractions, counting the Jurassic Park-themed ride and the Flunky Commotion 3D ride (Zima et al., 2020). These attractions are outlined to offer to a wide run of groups of onlookers, from families with youthful children to thrill-seekers.


a. Limited Attraction Offerings: Universal Studio Australia encompasses a generally little number of attractions compared to other topic parks, such as Disneyland. This may constrain its offer to a few guests.

b. Tall Ticket Costs: Universal Studio Australia charges moderately tall ticket costs compared to other nearby attractions (Jantassova et al., 2022). This may discourage a few potential guests, especially those on a tight budget.


a. Expanding the Attraction Offerings: Universal Studio Australia has the opportunity to extend its fascination offerings, which seem to offer assistance to draw in more guests and increment income(Universal Studios, 2023). For example, it might present unused themed regions or rides based on prevalent motion pictures.

b. Collaborations with Neighborhood Businesses: Universal Studio Australia seems to collaborate with neighborhood businesses to offer elite bargains or bundles, which seem to offer assistance to draw in more guests and make extra income streams.


a. Competition from Other Theme Parks: Universal Studio Australia faces hardened competition from other subject parks within the locale, such as Dreamworld and Warner Bros Motion picture World. This may affect its capacity to pull in guests.

b. Economic Uncertainty: Financial vulnerability, such as retreats or changes in trade rates, may affect the number of guests to Widespread Studio Australia, especially those from abroad (Lucchi, 2023). This seems to lead to a decrease in income and productivity.

3. SWOT Analysis – Disneyland Hong Kong


a. Strong Brand Image: Disneyland may be a well-established and exceedingly regarded brand within the amusement industry (Li, 2023). This gives Disneyland Hong Kong a critical advantage in terms of promoting and client offer.

b. Diversified Offerings: Disneyland Hong Kong offers a different extent of attractions, counting rides, appearances, and parades, outlined to offer to a wide run of guests, from families with youthful children to thrill-seekers.


a. Limited Attraction Offerings: Disneyland Hong Kong features a smaller number of attractions compared to other Disneyland parks, such as Disneyland in California. This may constrain its offer to a few guests.

b. High Ticket Prices: Disneyland Hong Kong charges generally tall ticket costs compared to other nearby attractions (Deng et al., 2022). This may discourage a few potential guests, especially those on a tight budget.


a. Expanding the Attraction Offerings: Disneyland Hong Kong has the opportunity to grow its fascination offerings, which may offer assistance to draw in more guests and increment income(Hong Kong Disneyland, 2022). For illustration, it may present modern themed regions or rides based on prevalent motion pictures.

b. Collaborations with Neighborhood Businesses: Disneyland Hong Kong might collaborate with nearby businesses to offer elite bargains or bundles, which may offer assistance to draw in more guests and make extra income streams.


a. Competition from Other Theme Parks: Disneyland Hong Kong faces solid competition from other topic parks within the locale, such as Sea Stop and Universal Studios Singapore (Ma, 2023). This may affect its capacity to pull in guests.

b. Changing Consumer Preferences: As customer inclinations alter, Disneyland Hong Kong may have to adjust its offerings to remain pertinent and keep up its offer to guests(Kaminishi et al., 2020). This might require critical ventures and assets.

4. Contrast and comparison

4.1 Disneyland

Accessibility - Accessibility to Disneyland Hong Kong is fundamentally through air and land (Kabra et al., 2019). This makes it simple for guests to reach the stop by open transport and decreases the requirement for private car travel.

Interpretation - Elucidation at Disneyland Hong Kong is given through sound guides and maps, which are accessible to all guests free of charge(Hong Kong Disneyland, 2022). The sound guides offer nitty gritty data about the park's attractions, appearances, and characters, giving guests a more profound understanding of the stories behind the different preparations (Bec et al., 2019). The maps are user-friendly and give a clear format of the stop, permitting guests to explore the distinctive attractions and appear with ease.

Digitization - Digitization is additionally a center at Disneyland Hong Kong, with online booking accessible for ticket buys. This permits guests to arrange their visit in development and dodge long lines at the entrance. The stop moreover gives a portable app that guests can download to get real-time data around hold-up times, appearance plans, and stop maps (Egger et al., 2020). Moreover, the app offers a virtual lining framework, permitting guests to connect a virtual line for chosen rides and attractions, lessening the sum of time spent holding up in line.

Innovation - The development could be a key perspective of Disneyland Hong Kong, with a center on utilizing cutting-edge ride innovation and supportability activities. The stop has actualized an extent of supportability activities, counting squandering decrease and energy-saving measures, to advance natural duty(Hong Kong Disneyland, 2022). In terms of ride innovation, Disneyland Hong Kong has presented inventive attractions such as the Iron Man Encounter, which employs 3D projection innovation and movement recreation to form an immersive encounter for guests (Pikkemaat et al., 2019).

4.2 Universal Pictures

Accessibility - Most people get to Universal Studio Australia by car or bus, and there is plenty of space to park there. The park is near the Pacific Motorway, so drivers can easily get there (Natalia et al., 2019). It's a good spot for people who are driving. You can also take a bus to get to the park.

Interpretation - Complimentary audio guides and maps are available at the destination, serving to enhance visitors' comprehension and facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the area. The available audio guides provide ample information about the park, encompassing aspects such as scheduled performances and special occasions(Universal Studios, 2023). These resources facilitate an enhanced comprehension of the filmmaking process and the narratives that underpin them (Zheng et al., 2022). The cartographic representations are designed with the primary objective of facilitating the visitors in navigating the park with minimal difficulty, while simultaneously enabling them to explore the multitude of engaging activities, including spectacles and attractions.

Digitization - Universal Studio Australia has implemented a function to purchase entrance tickets via online platforms. Incorporating pre-planning into your itinerary allows for expedited entry upon arrival, thus circumventing the need to queue for entrance. The park features a mobile application that is made available for visitors to access(Universal Studios, 2023). The provision of information aids individuals in determining the length of time they would have to wait in queues, the schedule of performances, and the optimal route to navigate through the park (Hadjielias et al., 2021). Furthermore, the application facilitates the purchase of express passes by individuals. These admissions permit individuals to gain priority access to particular rides and attractions.

Innovation - Universal Studio Australia evinces a strong predilection towards devising novel and captivating endeavors. The subject of particular interest pertains to the discovery of alternative energy sources with enduring sustainability. The park undertook measures to reduce their ecological footprint. Solar panels were implemented as a means of powering certain components, while precipitation-derived water was utilized to nourish the flora. The park boasts novel, innovative rides such as those utilizing virtual reality technology and engaging special effects that render an experience that realistically simulates reality, effectively placing visitors at the center of the action (Casais et al., 2020). The aforementioned feature renders the experience of park visitation particularly salient and enriching.

5. Challenges and Recommendations

5.1 Disneyland Hong Kong

One of the most challenges facing Disneyland Hong Kong is overseeing guest numbers during peak periods. The stop can get to be amazingly swarmed, coming about in long hold up times for rides and attractions, which can adversely affect the guest involvement. To address this challenge, the stop seems to consider actualizing a reservation framework for top periods, permitting guests to book particular time spaces for prevalent attractions and diminishing the sum of time spent holding up in line. Another challenge for Disneyland Hong Kong is the competition from other theme parks within the locale (Zhang & Kim, 2021). To remain competitive, the stop seems to consider presenting modern and imaginative attractions and appearances, as well as collaborating with nearby businesses and attractions to make one-of-a-kind experiences for guests.

Also, supportability is getting to be a progressively vital issue within the tourism industry, and Disneyland Hong Kong may assist upgrade its maintainability activities to meet guest desires and diminish its natural effect. The stop seems to consider expanding its utilisation of renewable vitality sources, executing assist squander diminishment measures, and advancing eco-friendly transportation choices for guests. In terms of suggestions, Disneyland Hong Kong may center on improving the guest involvement through the utilization of innovation. This might incorporate extending the utilization of portable apps to offer increased reality encounters and personalized proposals based on guest inclinations. The stop night too investigates the utilisation of virtual and expanded reality advances to make unused and immersive encounters for guests.

5.2 Universal Studio Australia

One of the most challenges facing Universal Studio Australia is its area, which is moderately separated from major populace centers. This could make it difficult for visitors to get to the stop, especially those who are not traveling by car. To address this challenge, the stop could consider presenting carry administrations from adjacent towns and cities or joining forces with neighborhood visit administrators to offer transportation bundles for guests. Another challenge for All Universal Studio Australia is its constrained extent of attractions compared to other Universal Studios parks around the world (Alves et al., 2020). To remain competitive, the stop may consider presenting modern and one-of-a-kind attractions that are custom-made to the Australian showcase, such as consolidating nearby subjects and characters.

All Universal Studio Australia wants to keep things easy to maintain and they are working to reduce their carbon footprint and use environmentally friendly practices. This includes things like creating less waste and using more renewable energy. The stop is working with local communities to improve tourism and protect the environment. The establishment known as Universal Studio in Australia ought to endeavor to enhance the amusement and engagement of their guests by introducing innovative activities such as virtual reality and augmented reality (Jin et al., 2020). In order to enhance the overall experience of patrons, the stop has the potential to leverage novel ideas, such as the promotion of smartphone applications that provide real-time updates on wait times and show schedules

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, the SWOT analysis and comparison of Universal Studio Australia and Disneyland Hong Kong uncovered that both attractions have their individual qualities, shortcomings, openings, and dangers. Universal Studio Australia includes a vital area, a differing run of attractions, and imaginative highlights, whereas Disneyland Hong Kong has solid brand acknowledgment, a helpful area, and a steadfast client base. Both attractions moreover confront challenges related to competition, availability, and the effect of COVID-19 widespread.

However, by using recommended methods such as improvement, better access, growth, and marketing efforts, these places can overcome difficulties and stay ahead of their competitors. Both Universal Studio Australia and Disneyland Hong Kong can make sure that their guests have a safe and fun time by using effective COVID-19 safety measures. Both attractions can attract and keep visitors, which is important for the tourism industry and the local economy.


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