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Ethical issues essay: Data Collection in Cambridge Analytica


Task Assessment items 3 & 4 are linked. In Assessment 3 you will create a simple argument visualisation using MindMup software. In Assessment 4 you will produce a short essay which details the argument you construct in your argument visualisation (this assessment).

Your lecturer will provide a few links for relevant articles and/or case studies as the basis for your Argument Visualisation. These will be available to you just after your second assignment submission date.

Follow these instructions to complete the task:

  • Choose one of the media articles or case studies listed by the lecturer in your Interact 2 subject site. Use the title of the article/case study provided in interact 2 as the title of your argument visualisation so that the lecturer knows which article you are analysing.
  • Undertake further research about your chosen case, to assist you in analysing it in your argument visualisation (and in your essay in Assessment 4).
  • Identify some logical arguments based on the four classical ethical theories including utilitarianism, deontology, contract, and virtue.
  • Construct an argument visualisation using MindMup software. Your visualisation should contain the conclusion, and all of the reasons and objections supporting that conclusion.
  • Your argument visualisation should present a logical argument for your subsequent essay in Assessment 4. Your essay will develop these arguments based on a deeper analysis of the ethical issues.
  • Your essay should contain all of the arguments contained in your visualisation, and you should not introduce new arguments in your essay that are not in your visualisation.
  • When you have completed your visualisation, download as a .pdf file and submit via turnitin


Introduction: Ethical issues tend to be usually relevant to the effective use of IT with regard to possibly taking care of private information or even information nor taking care of the business procedures. IT changed the worldwide framework regarding the data administration, trade, as well as recording in the information and facts. The purpose of this ethical issues essay would be to emphasize the information assortment through the various organizations that are collection this regarding their very own usage. Big data research organizations are in the most notable in the record who collect the users’ private information for processing them as well as providing the accessibility on the huge ocean of information and data for their customers (Ruppert, Isin and Bigo ,2017). This ethical issues essay is going to be talking about exactly the same issue using the chosen research study mentioned previously title. Various traditional hypotheses are also talked about within this paper such as utilitarianism, deontology, contract, and virtue. The circumstance of those hypotheses described in this ethical issues essay continues to be relevant to the case research. Storage of information and facts within the current time is among the best strength in the organizations because it might enable the evaluation and the running of the information relevant to the behaviour and also the conjecture of the greatest span of options and choices for presenting the best-suited service or product towards the person. Depending on these types of hypotheses and conversation, a bottom line is presented having a suggestion regarding ideal suitable alternative with regard to the current situation.

Case Study: The chosen ethical issues essay in this is all about the issues related to the ethical problems when it comes to working from the Cambridge Analytica. This is actually contribute in assisting the political systems by means of running the behavioural research information. The organization stated which they used on the internet survey, along with other way to process the information as well as gather comparative data for their attributes as well as conduct of the people as well as running a large number of the records and details of American’s. This can be a subject of debate which whether or not the methods and also the deliveries getting made by the Cambridge Analytica had been possibly ethical or perhaps unethical since the end users not knowledgeable before the study that this accumulated information will be utilized for the political issues. The accumulated information and details ended upheld been utilized for focusing on the forecasting in the politics of force. The data being offered within the privacy plan declaration will not focuses on deep into the way they are likely to make use of the information and procedure of them regarding anyone’s assistance or benefits. Another ethical problem relevant to this kind of process in this ethical issues essay are the evaluation in the various individuality by means of attention is really the way of ethical issue or not and when yes; the reason why and when no; the reason why it cannot be? Really does these types of functions make a difference to the understanding in the fairness or perhaps it's just a conjecture in the behaviour of people utilize the exact same gathered information and details (Canu et al. 2018).

Ethical Theories
Utilitarianism: This concept described in this ethical issues essay the concern in the outcomes of the activities being created and just how it may be utilized for acquiring the very best activities which is well suited for the huge set in the people. The most effective path of activity within this could possibly be the subjection in the procedures and also the data offered by the customer in way to describe exactly how as well as the reason why the information has been made use of. Since it may be mentioned that this may have changed the political judgements in the USA.

Therefore, with regards to this case research, the results consist of hampering or even exploiting the choice of the person mainly because it might convey a number of adjustments within the ultimate choices.

Deontology: It focuses on the devotion towards the responsibilities as well as commitments whilst examining the ethical problem. The more substantial significance should be offered towards the activities rather compared to just putting an emphasis on covering the guidelines because the adjustment as well as modification in the procedures best meeting the environment factors might be best program of activity according to this concept. The organization must proceed with the ten best practices or attempt to include it before the selection and running of the information and details.

Contract: The social agreement stresses on the advancement in the regulating conduct whilst building or implementing the list of the guidelines which will be regulating the whole procedure and action as well as handle them appropriately. Whilst related the idea using the present situation, the contract as well as certification should be there as well as an individual may merely fill up the study when they acknowledge the contract which declares about how exactly, when, and just where, the information will probably be utilized and prepared. The approval in the people is the best issue within this situation and just how they might practice as well as handle the approval in the large party which the procedure or action has immediate effect (Uldam, 2016).

Virtue: The personality in the individual is actually evaluated with this theory regardless of the course of activities which stresses on the change in the common behaviour in the participants. Within the circumstance of the situation, it may be mentioned that this activities and also the assortment of information is illegal regarding the current situation related the behaviour and also the administration in the personal effect on the some other person that has been manipulated utilizing the exact same method of conduct. The behaviours which tend to be required to take care of this kind of scenario utilizing the virtue ethical concept, stresses on the motives, popularity, as well as morale in the person and just how it may be prepared regarding getting together with the requirements and needs in the clients (Shorey. and Howard, 2016.). Research of Information could be a great asset with regard to the current and upcoming business as well as marketing plans nevertheless, this straightaway has effects on the behaviour in the person and therefore, appropriate contract or even agreement should be created with regard to relevant the working in the business analytic application and also the probable effect on the person.

Evaluation and Endorsement: It really is apparent in this ethical issues essay that this activity and also the procedures being provided through Cambridge Analytica is actually illegal and also the organization should acquire a contract along with every respondent prior to requesting these people to present their data. These activities is suitable for the current situation whilst related the above mentioned hypotheses the factors all those are essential regarding the deployment in the length of activities. It should reveal all of the methods where the information getting of being utilized or to be used at a later date besides the period of time for just how long the information will likely be kept with the company plus they can use it (Chatfield et al. 2015).

It is coming to the conclusion that this ethical issues essay being utilized through the Political systems along with the assistance of the Cambridge Analytica is definitely an dishonest situation nevertheless, there has to be the effective use of proper concept that may recommend the specific situation to become very least influencing on the people. It may be mentioned that this Utilitarianism concept is suitable for in our situation whilst monitoring the choices using the strategy of enhancing the current situation as well as dealing with the consequence as necessary. The huge amount of people within the group that are answering the online survey and also the improvement in the techniques those might play a role within getting rid of these types of ethical issues through the entire situation. The biggest team who confronted the ethical situation had been the Voters of United states and also the resource of the unethical situation is the Cambridge Analytica who seem to have gathered as well as processed the individual data as well as conduct belonging to the people without having going over the results and also the methods for supply with all the Voters. Therefore, additional techniques, as well as conditions and terms all those are essential regarding the respondent whilst giving within the ethical issues essay that will be applied through the political people with regard to developing the most effective appropriate situations. ethical issues essays are being prepared by our IT experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay writing services.

Chatfield, A.T., Reddick, C.G. and Brajawidagda, U., 2015. Government surveillance disclosures, bilateral trust and Indonesia–Australia cross-border security cooperation: Social network analysis of Twitter data. Government Information Quarterly, 32(2), pp.118-128.

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Dencik, L., Hintz, A. and Cable, J., 2016. Towards data justice? The ambiguity of anti-surveillance resistance in political activism. Big Data & Society, 3(2), p.2053951716679678.

Shorey, S. and Howard, P., 2016. Automation, big data and politics: A research review. International Journal of Communication, 10.

Uldam, J., 2016. Corporate management of visibility and the fantasy of the post-political: Social media and surveillance. New Media & Society, 18(2), pp.201-219.


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