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ERP Assignment Security Issues and their Countermeasures


Write a report on ERP assignment on a recent academic paper on a topic related to ERP implementation on any organization.


ERP refers to the enterprise resource planning which is capable to improve organizational performance by delivering larger integration to the management. ERP connects business networks with a computer system where management can deal with the larger networks and systems in a reliable manner. The key part of the ERP system is that it is more effective to plan businesses in less time by which the business productivity can be improved easily. The selected paper is based on the ERP system where the writers provided depth information in regards to the security challenges linked with the ERP systems.

It is found that ERP is more reliable and appropriate by which companies can describe appropriate business plans and help to reduce the problems and issues faced by the management. There are numerous benefits or advantages of ERP systems for example more efficient, the larger capacity to deliver real-time information, better consumer service, improved inventory costs, boosted cash flow and many more.

It is determined that ERP is capable to effectively deliver real-time information because it contains a single computer source by which the companies can maintain the level of performance. In terms of cost, the ERP system is less expensive because it does not additional computer networks and IT infrastructures by which companies can reduce operational costs. Moreover, the uses of ERP systems can be helpful to reduce data handling problems from the businesses in less time and provide effective data storing elements to the employees.

On the other side, numerous challenges and problems are associated with the ERP systems for example produce security issues, require proper resources and systems, and need to improve knowledge and many more. In terms of security, ERP systems are not much effective because connected networks with the ERP systems are not able to detect security threats from the computer devices.

More than 70% of the criminals target computer and communication networks associated with the ERP systems and access sensitive information of the users without their experience. It is important for companies to develop effective security plans and approaches in order to manage security risks and threats from ERP systems.

Firewall and encryption both are effective techniques that can be implemented in the businesses in order to reduce the security threats and cyber-crimes from the ERP systems effectively. Therefore, it is recommended that ERP is more effective and reliable but it is significant to focus on the security of data and provide training to the employees for managing awareness related problems in the workplace.

The term ERP is defined as “enterprise resource planning” which is a leading business technology that enables the companies to integrate and evaluate business operations in a significant manner. Today, the uses of information technologies are helpful for the companies and ERP is more effective where management can develop automated systems and perform business operations without requiring additional requirements and networks. Securing data in ERP is more critical because ERP networks are connected using internet servers where hackers can transfer unusual threats and risks easily. This research aims to find security-related issues linked with the ERP systems and review a research article linked with the research topic. The major identification of selected paper is to examine the security risks from ERP systems and allow improving knowledge related to the ERP security challenges. The outline of the paper contains the intention of the research, research methodologies, issues resolved, findings and many more.

The intention of the paper
The selected paper for this research is “Security Issue and their Countermeasures in ERP Implementation” which is completely related to the ERP security. The intention of this paper is to find security issues and problems related to the ERP systems and propose effective countermeasures against the cyber-crimes [1]. ERP is able to deliver effective business plans to the management and provide a way where problems can be addressed in less time. The writers determined that security plays a significant character in the businesses and ERP is not effective to reduce and manage security issues from the businesses. It is true that security threats can help the criminals to reduce confidentiality of ERP systems and computer devices for which the companies need to examine the risk factors.

ERP is a leading business technology that evaluates the collected data from the internet and allows companies to propose effective decision-making processes [2]. As the ERP having most development business device, the security of the information which streams in the application likewise makes a fundamental significance in the association. This paper featuring the significance of ERP frameworks security and different security issues tackle by the association. The writers examined that an ERP system is a configurable information system which is capable to incorporate the business processes in a significant manner by which organizational performance can be improved [3].

All ERP systems are mainly developed based on two factors for example users and development team. It is important for the development team to focus on the security of ERP systems because criminals are capable to send malware or malicious programs to the servers and reduce the privacy of database systems effectively. The selected paper provided a way to demonstrate knowledge about security threats and issues linked with the ERP systems. There are major two risk factors that producing security threats and risks in the ERP systems for example lack of understanding and miss-communication between employees. This research addressed these risk factors and provided depth information about ERP security concerns and problems along with the effective countermeasures.

Research methods
It is exhibited that the researchers highlighted security dangers and issues identified with ERP systems. The analysts embraced different exploration techniques for instance design, approach, and information assortment and information investigation. The research design alludes to the exploration plan which is able to give compelling systems and structures to the examination. In the picked paper, the subjective plan is received on the grounds that it is more successful than assisted with tending to explore questions viably.

Besides, the subjective plan gave hypothetical data identified with ERP security and its difficulties. The examination approach can oversee research concerns and permits the analysts to finish an exploration concentrate in a critical time. For this exploration, an inductive methodology is chosen in view of their capacity to convey profundity assessment about security dangers connected with the ERP organizations and gadgets. So as to assemble powerful data, the authors included auxiliary information strategies that assisted with finding dependable focuses identified with ERP security and its suggestions.

Efficient writing is likewise added because of their capability to discover and audit the past papers identified with the examination point. Consequently, it is accounted for utilizing such strategies and approaches assisted with achieving the targets of the examination study. For investigating the gathered information, the content examination strategy is utilized by the authors and gave compelling ends in the exploration.

Issues highlighted
It is determined that the writers provided complete information in regards to the ERP security concerns and risks faced by the business communities. Security of data is very complicated for the companies and ERP systems are not capable to examine the cyber-crimes and threats related to the ERP networks and systems. In this paper, the writers found that lack of proper experience among employees is one of the major problems linked with the companies for which it is important to deliver training programs to the employees [4]. The researchers found that proper security policies should be proposed by the companies because ERP systems are less capable to identify the security risks and attacks from the computer devices.

Results and findings
It is found that the ERP system is more appropriate and significant for the companies and capable to integrate and review business processes effectively so that level of performance can be enhanced. This paper shows that confidentiality of sensitive data is very critical while using ERP systems because employees are less experienced about cyber-crimes and security threats. The proper planning and strategies need to be proposed by the companies so that ERP systems and plans can be linked with the businesses more securely [3].

Numerous kinds of cyber-crimes and security attacks occur in the ERP systems for example ransomware, phishing, DDoS and many more. Numerous clients of ERP frameworks are less worry about the framework security and they may be thinking about this issue gently. Keeping this equivalent mentality they can forward this back rub to all other clients of the ERP frameworks furthermore, this makes the absence of enthusiasm for the ERP client's group in the respects of ERP security. SOD implies parts the business tasks among the people which give better observing and command over the business measure and hierarchical information. The arrangements in the respects of security must be secure, according to the principles given by the different worldwide norms. Likewise, the association must hold mindful to all the partner of the ERP framework about their security arrangements and their destinations.

Conclusion of the paper
After reviewing the selected article, it may be summarized that ERP is suitable for the businesses but security should be improved by developing plans and policies. In this paper, the writers highlighted security risks and challenges related to the enterprise resource planning and also examined risk factors linked with the businesses and ERP. It is found that lack of experience and proper security plans are major issues associated with the ERP systems due to which business communities are not able to decrease security threats and attacks. The adopted paper depends on the ERP framework where the essayists gave profundity data concerning the security challenges connected with the ERP frameworks.

It is discovered that ERP is more dependable and proper by which organizations can depict fitting marketable strategies and help to decrease the issues and issues looked by the administration. There are various advantages or points of interest of ERP frameworks for instance more productive, the bigger capacity to convey ongoing data, better buyer administration, improved stock costs, helped income and some more. The journalists analyzed that an ERP framework is a configurable data framework which is competent to fuse the business measures in a noteworthy way by which authoritative execution can be improved. All ERP frameworks are principally evolved dependent on two factors for instance clients and advancement group. It is significant for the advancement group to zero in on the security of ERP frameworks since crooks are able to send malware or vindictive projects to the workers and decrease protection of information base frameworks adequately. It is found that in the chosen paper, the writers addressed security issues and challenges of ERP systems and allowed the students to improve understanding and manage security risks.

It may be concluded that the ERP system is now interconnected with the businesses where security measures need to be developed in order to improve the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive data. This research examined the security risks and issues by reviewing a journal paper related to the research topic. The writers included effective research methods and approaches that provided a way to manage the research gaps and improved the level of research quality. It is demonstrated that cyber-criminals are capable to target ERP systems and computer networks linked with the businesses for which proper plans should be developed. The chosen paper found that updating computer software and systems can be helpful for the companies as the oldest versions are not capable to address bugs and viruses from the systems and lead the chances of data loss. Moreover, companies should adopt firewall and cryptography techniques along with the ERP systems so that privacy can be improved.

[1]. R.S. Wanare and, A.R., Mudiraj, “Security Issue and their Countermeasures in ERP Implementation,” International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR), vol. 3, no. 6, pp. 12-18, 2014.

[2]. M.K., Morrisson, “Best Practice Models for Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation and Security Challenges,” Journal of Business, vol. 8, no. 2, pp.55-60, 2020.

[3]. S.C. Misra and, S., Bisui, “Security Determinants in ERP Systems: Modeling and Analysis,” Software Quality Professional, vol. 22, no. 1, pp.9-22, 2019.

[4]. R. Antonova and, G., Georgiev, “ERP Security, Audit and Process Improvement,” In Smart Technologies and Innovation for a Sustainable Future, vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 103-110, 2019.


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