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   Free sample   Environmental sustainability assignment innovation and sustainable development of tesla

Environmental Sustainability Assignment on Innovation and Sustainable Development of Tesla


Task: Prepare a report on environmental sustainability assignment on the issue faced by Tesla and propose a solution for that issue.


Executive summary
In the following context of environmental sustainability assignment, the key issue regarding the environmental sustainability of Tesla has been highlighted. In this context, the proposed solution is big data analytics. Based on the proposed solution, the business model and value proposition has been discussed, which helped to derive the strategic fit and competitive advantage of the business. The findings, that have been found through the research is that the company does integrate a better supply inventory management. This has improved the viability of the company. Therefore, in order to cater to sustainability, the business, will be able to yield in better effective results.

Innovation and change explored in this environmental sustainability assignment is the key towards success in the business industries. In this regards, it is noteworthy that innovation brings improvement, by working on the existing issues, to mitigate those and get a better system, which could meet the industry needs and make more profit for the marketer. In this context of environmental sustainability assignment, the issue of electric cars produced by Tesla has been highlighted, which needs immediate solution, in order to protect the environment as well as to increase profitability of the giant automaker. Considering the context, in the following report, the key emphasis would be discussion about the solution, which could mitigate Tesla’s rising issues. Here, integration of “big data analytics” in the system has been highlighted as the most effective solution for Tesla, which would improve the sustainability of the cars it is manufacturing. The use of big data would improve environmental sustainability of the electric cars as well as would increase competitive advantage of the company in the global market. It is signifying the value of proposal.

Business model description
The automaker giant Tesla is experiencing issues with the environmental sustainability of their electric car products. Addressing the issue, the proposed solution is going to integrate big data analytics in the business model provided in this environmental sustainability assignment. Therefore, upon integration of big data analytics, the communication and information exchange would be modified and improvement in these areas would also improve the entire business model of Tesla’s electric car manufacturing. Therefore, the business model would include the key partners, key activities, resources, value proposition, customer, channels, cost and revenue streams (Stocker & Shaheen, 2017). Big data would also help to arrange the solutions basis a more critical a understanding of survey results. It would also help them in redefining there business strategies according to the findings.

Value proposition development
The value proposition discussed in this environmental sustainability assignment indicates the value the company is delivering to the customer. In case of Tesla’s current issue, it is noteworthy that value proposition would be defined by identifying the particular problem, which is being solved by integrating big data analysis in the electric car manufacturing business system. The electric car which is facing issues related to its manufacturing and performance might see a turnaround when big data techniques are integrated.It is developed through the fit between the profile and service value map (Osterwalder et al., 2014). 

Business operations development
The business operation canvas will be used in this environmental sustainability assignment to bring in an understanding of the issues, which are related to the comprehension of sales in business. This is important as Tesla, will be able to evaluate an understanding of the operations and the suppliers that would be associated with the sustainability measures. Choice of suppliers always remain as a strategic decision for the company as it helps the company in ensuring the quality of products. The smooth flow of operations is also dependent on the supplier services.Therefore, as per the business operation canvas, it was found out that the business will be integrating the use of the big data. This will be useful for the business to fulfill the growth and other measures related to customer service for the company. Hence, the company has been able to fulfill all the major issues, which have hindered growth of business.

The other figures, which have been discussed below in this environmental sustainability assignment, have described how the implementation of big data has improved the sustainability of the business. It has taken into account the various strategies and the various stakeholders, which the business, should take into account. The suppliers of big data would be emerging from the IT companies. This would be instrumental and fruitful for the purpose of the business.

Discuss about Supply chain development in this environmental sustainability assignment
The supply chain development at Tesla has been imperative for the functioning of the business. In the words of Manna (2017) the company comprises of an innovative supply chain, which brings in better growth and development for the understanding of the business. In order to integrate a sense of sustainability, the company has been fruitful in organizing the various components that could bring in profit and stability in business. Therefore, the company has been able to introduce a novel value proposition and been able to venture all the products together in a better manner. This has also brought in an effective understanding of solar power and the use of new innovation in its mode of operation. Therefore, the company has an innovative inventory system, which aids in the development of systems in business. The company examined in this environmental sustainability assignment makes the use of vertical integration which has influenced its competitors to develop their own systems and units. Hence, the company is able to update its business operations and has provided the profits to the growth and stability of the company. This has brought in a better systematic method of overcoming the issues, which are faced by the business in a better manner. Therefore, innovation in its inventory has brought in success to the company.

Financial value capture

environmental sustainability assignment

Financial value capture is a way through which certain value is captured.It takes into account the economic value added by the product which is the most important aspect of the triple bottom line. The diagram provided above in this environmental sustainability assignment shows that there are two parts of financial value capture. One part is value created, where the values that are generated needs to be created. As the product is new to the market, understanding the amount of value added by the product would be difficult.The other part is value captured, which records the values that are captured during the creation. The formula that is present is value created by the feature – intrinsic costs – financial costs = value captured by the user. For example, value created by feature is $ 1,000,000; intrinsic cost = $ 200,000; financial cost = $ 500,000. Hence, the value captured by the user = $ (1000000 – 200000 – 500000) = $ 300,000

Competitive advantage
The proposed solution in this environmental sustainability assignment would give significant competitive advantage to Tesla. The competitive advantage would be gained by Tesla, which would help to eliminate the other competitors, out of the competition. For instance, upon integration of big data analytics, the customer service, IT as well as inventory management would improve significantly, through management of information and data in the business system (Bohnsack, Pinkse & Kolk, 2014). It would help the organization to gain significant benefit in terms of long term sustainability. Further, eliminating the customer issues, Tesla would become able to meet the customers’ needs through the integration of big data, thereby offering significant competitive advantage.

Product preview
It is mentioned in this environmental sustainability assignment that Tesla has been aiming for the use of the big data integration to boost the innovation measures, which are undertaken by the company. With the integration of the big data, the company examined in this environmental sustainability assignment has been able to provide a better knowledge to the technicians to improve the growth the business, in a better manner. Hence, with the integration of the big data, the company will be able to restructure, a large amount of data, which would be instrumental for the efficiency of the business. There are various, issues, which has been covered for the development of the tecgnical issues, which are important for the business.

The improvement in sustainability for the car will be further handled in a better manner. It is useful to take into account various issues, which are associated with the understanding of the business. It is imperative for the company to comprehend the use of big data, which is important for the company. However, there are various issues, which are imperative for the functioning of the business. Being a leader in the automotive company, the business, will be integrating the use of big data, to improve on the situations of the business. This will further affect the business, in a better manner.

Strategic fit
The strategic fit is defined, when it is understood that the proposed solution for the business model is compatible with the parent organization. In this context of environmental sustainability assignment, it is noteworthy that the parent company Tesla is experiencing some key issues, which are reducing customers’ satisfaction and company’s profit from its electric cars, as these are not environmentally sustainable (Fernando, 2017). However, the proposed solution discussed in this environmental sustainability assignment indicates the use of big data analytics, which would help to mitigate the environmental issue and improve customer satisfaction, while offering long term sustainability. Therefore, it is ensuring strategic fit for the parent organization.

Financial viability
The financial viability of Tesla is in very good position. The reason behind this is that they are performing well in selling different electric cars. Electric cars are a new entrant to the market and cannot be termed as a mass consumption market. The target market for the product is also different from other cars. They invest a lot of money in the business for research and development and providing better services to the customers. The price of the cars of Tesla is also very high. The Return on Investment of Tesla is very high as the sales of the company are very high. These are essential for the business to perform well and provide good service to their customers.

Technical feasibility
The company examined in this environmental sustainability assignment has been subjected to the use of big data, to cater to the issues, which have had an impact on the environment. It has highlighted the important criteria, which has marked the development of the electric car, with the use of new and innovative methods. According to Harvard Business Institute (2015), it has been concluded that the product development that has been initiated by Tesla is not disruptive innovation. There are important issues, which is important for the growth and development of the business. Hence, it has provided an understanding on the concepts of the model, which has been instituted for the business.

Conclusion and recommendations
The study of environmental sustainability assignment has discussed the significance of solutions that have been provided for the electric car company. It has provided an outlook on the factors that have been discussed in integration with the big data techniques that are useful for the growth of the business. Hence, it has discussed the incidence of innovation and its impact on the growth of the business. The business model description and the strategic fit have been discussed for the comprehension of the business. According to critical extensive research, it was deduced that business was able to make the use of the business model canvas that provided solutions on the issues, faced by the electric car.

It has been recommended in this environmental sustainability assignment to Tesla that they should implement big data so that the issues that they have been facing with the new product that is the electricity car can be resolved.Tesla has been able to provide better solutions for the improvement for sustainable issues, which have been faced by the business operators. Hence, as per the discussion, innovation has been fueled for reducing the negative impacts of the    issues, which has been circulating and hindering the sustainability of the environment. The product related issues, which are against the norms of the company, have also been effectively discussed in this environmental sustainability assignment.

This has improved the efficiency of the business and the company. However, the business has been critiqued for the purpose of the business. The technical feasibility and financial viability has been taken .into account. The study had taken into account the various factors, which are associated with the development of the business. Therefore, the novel proposition of the company can attributed in a better manner, through the incorporation of big data, which is important for the business. This has brought in better growth and increased the value of the business. Therefore, the study of environmental sustainability assignment has also concluded that novel value business proposition aids in the development of the business, in a better manner. The strategies that has been discussed in the business, has been instrumental for the business.

Reference List
Bohnsack, R., Pinkse, J., & Kolk, A. (2014). Environmental sustainability assignment Business models for sustainable technologies: Exploring business model evolution in the case of electric vehicles. Research Policy, 43(2), 284-300.

Fernando, R. A. (2017). Strategic corporate sustainability–key approaches for creating strategies for environmental sustainability.

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Appendix 1: Business model canvas for the study of environmental sustainability assignment

Key Partners

Key Activities

Value Propositions

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments

IT companies providing big data services, Panasonic, manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries

MOTIVATIONS FOR PARTNERSHIPS: Increasing sustainability and profit

Collaboration is required at all level, along with communication about big data integration; thorough technical training of staffs; resource optimization through big data, information collection about employee performance through big data, inventory management through big data

The integration of big data would resolve the issue of environmental sustainability of Tesla electric car manufacturing


Integration of big data would improve customer relationship by collecting information of customers and strengthening customer service team

The business value would be created mainly from the customers of electric cars

Key Resources


Training, collaboration with environmental management team. IT support, financial investment

Integration of big data analytics would be done in through all the channels of supply chain management and communication 

Cost Structure

Revenue Structure

Fixed cost would include salaries, rents and utilities; variable costs would include revenue partnership cost with IT companies, training and other resources requirements

Environmental sustainability would increase sales of electric cars, which would not include new revenue stream, but would strengthen the previous one.

Business Operation Canvas

Service features and strategy

Product Sales

Production and supply chain

Customer services

Inclusion of Big Data

This would boost the product sales of the business.

The utilisation of the big data infrastructure will be allotted for the business.

It will provide an insight to the customers

Update of electric car features

The product sale of the car would bring in profit for business

The supply chain will bring in profit for the business

The IT technicians will be able to feed in new features into the car

Technical Improvement

All technical glitches will be repaired

The IT suppliers will be accommodated for the business

Sustainability will be catered to

Figure 3: Business Operation Canvas

environmental sustainability assignment

(Source: Created by Learner)


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