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The Environmental Issues Assignment on Deforestation of Australia


Task: 1.What are the BI reporting solution/dashboards you will need to develop for the Senior Executives of chosen data Set– You must have at least two types of analytics i.e Predictive/prescriptive/ descriptive

2.Design Mobile application using QSR code for your insights /solutions/dashboard – Please provide your QSR code in your assignment

Justify why these BI reporting solution/dashboards are chosen and why those attributes are present and laid out in the fashion you proposed (feel free to include all other relevant justifications using the academic articles). Note: To ensure that you discuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots of the BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and also include any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in yourassignment report (i.e. the report to the senior executive team of the company)

Furthermore, the CEO would like to improve the operations. Based on your BI analysis and the insights gained from “Data Set”, make some logical recommendations to the CEO, and justify why/how your proposal could enhance company operations, sales etc. Include the relevant screenshots of the BI analysis, and also any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis.


Throughout the area of Oceania, it is considered that the forfeiture of the environment mentioned in this Environmental issues assignment is a notable hazard to its biodiversity. Australia has two tremendous mega diversities, the biological systems and the earthbound species, and to a great extent, they have been affected by the social practices throughout the universe and specifically within Oceania. The earthbound territory of Australia was surrounded by 30% of the forest in the time of European colonization. The forest cover comprised of Timberland and wood that are ruled by approximate 2 m high trees which has a suspended cover of minimum 20% and 0.28 ha base zone.

After that, this exclusive forest has been subjected to deforestation by at least 40%. With the modernization or urbanization, they are either totally exhausted or altered to a great extent to serve the purpose of farming and other advancements(Bakaki& Bernauer,2018). At present times, most of the shrubland, living communities of open forest, timberland and meadows have either been divided or tampered in Australia. Australia being a developed country with robust strategies for administration and its institutional limit is at an extraordinary state with a low population, it is possible for the country to undergo modifications to have 'Timberland change' only if the destruction of the Woodland is stopped. The present analysis in this Environmental issues assignment put forward that the deforestation of Australia will again have a remarkable change though Australia has ranked sixth among the other countries in the deforestation of the forest at the turning point of the 21st century. Deforestation remarkably effects on the natural scenario. The fragmentation, alteration and clearing of the native vegetation add saltiness, dissolves the soil and causes degradation of the creatures that are forest feathered along with reptiles and other attached living things are also poorly affected(Bakaki&Bernauer,2018). The proximate term that is relevant to deforestation is land clearing, which has become the most significant danger to Australia's biodiversity.

Deforestation is a remarkable supporter of the environmental alteration actuated by a human. In the Kyoto protocol's base year (1990), Australia's deforestation emanated to be 132 Mt CO2-e, which is 25% of the total ozone depleting element that is produced by the whole nation. In the last four decades, deforestation remained a leading theme of discussion among the foresters, preservationist and agriculturists as well as a severe political issue in Australia. To comprehend the patterns, approach reactions and drivers to forest deforestation completely, references should be taken from the macroeconomic measurements and its institutional1, along with its confinement points and effects on the environment(Zeng, Dai& Javed,2019). In this very situation, to achieve the aim of expertise and complete investigation of the rates of deforestation, the satellite symbolism of deforestation and the cover of timberland throughout Australia from the time range of 1970 to 2014 should be dissected. In the following decades, by following this process, improvements in the forecast can be seen. At first, a complete analysis of the deforestation and forest cover should be done by analyzing the relevant satellite image of Australia between 1972 and 2014 so that the analyst can present a short analysis at a proper resolution regarding the rates of deforestation. Later on, the forecast for the next decades have been done(Zeng, Dai& Javed,2019).

What is the proposed BI reporting solution in this environmental issues assignment?
Using the newest spatial information, which is on a national scale, the investigator shows the slope of the deforestation of the time range. From the NCAS, sufficient information on the changing land, the cover is accumulated by the Australian government. Over 7000 Landsat TM, ETMþ and MSS images are used by the NCAS to describe the change of an aim at 25m over the land mass of Australia and to focus on the region of the Island desert that is treeless and prairies(Tafere, 2018). As per the characterization of Furby (2002), these spatial information does not meet the shelter cover, territory limits and the tallness of Timberland it just bars the composition of the local vegetation. As a result, it fails to catch the losses of open forest, meadow and shrubland with this investigation.

By referring to the information based on the degree and change of backwoods the expert will explain the drifts of deforestation and along concerning the 'local vegetation arrangements' as an approach reaction to the topic of deforestation, which recognizes the directed regular clearance of the non-wood vegetation regardless of the permission of Woodland. For 23 ages starting from 1972 to 2014, the information on the change and degree of woods in the vital landutilization zones are available, where the adjustment of the scene has happened mostly. The examiner will change over the different incidents contained in the 23 ages from 1972 till 2014 for more than 43 years into yearly qualities by applying master exhortation(Tafere, 2018).

It has been featured in this Environmental issues assignment that the measure of the bright and accessible arable land is the primary factor that affects the conduct of deforestation. Bartel notably proposed that South Australia strategies for local vegetation of the 1980s cannot have any significant effect based on the fact that very little Timberland was left which is not enough for rural advancement. Research focusing on the slants of deforestation based on the evaluation of the necessary flawless Woodland is justified in that capacity(Tafere, 2018). The researcher will admit that in 1972, the degree of Woodland was the backwoods needed, to determine the measure's gauge of the necessary Woodland that will be left after some time. Then from each year, the investigator will eliminate each year's important deforestation events from the earlier year's leftover degree of the necessary Woodland.

Then the measurement of the necessary woods that sustained from 1972 to 2014 will be shown as a result of it. On the arrival of the reforestation the examiner will ascertain the amount of deforestation that is taking place after taking the deforestation events that occurred ashore, which was named in the 1972 as non-woodland, adding the reforestation lines which were once deforested before and again deforested in between the period of 1972-2014(Ravikumar, Larson, Myers & Trench,2018). In actual scenario, the expert will have to show the result after considering the altered suppositions as a significant part of the degree of backwoods from 1972 has become re-grown Woods. Though by this notion, the total sum of deforestation will remain unaffected, the planning of re-growth in the deforested areas can be done, and the vital insights of deforestation can be visualized as an excessively high estimate. Most likely, the investigator of the research will use the most recent National datasets to comprehend the patterns of deforestation. These outlines should be visualized as a gauge only as that residency information is not available for the full-time arrangement. To create precisely two preparation of BI Dashboard, the researcher will use the investigation instrument, which is SAP prescient in such conditions. The two mentioned arrangements are predictive analytic and descriptive analytic (Ravikumar, Larson, Myers & Trench,2018).

Justifying the chosen BI reporting solution
It is a kind of compelling insights as mostly suggested by its name. As per its name, descriptive analytic is primarily concerned with expressing and outlining several information. Towards the facts, that has just happened or occurring at present, this type of investigation of information is outfitted. Information mining and information conglomeration are used by descriptive analytic to perform research on the past conduct and also for creating bits of knowledge as well as for comprehending the occurred incident precisely. For understanding any event, that can happen in future, and predictive analytics uses various determining techniques and numerous measurable models.

To decipher and outline raw information, descriptive analytic is applied. For comprehending patterns from any past information, like a piece of information from one year back or just a moment before, it is used (Qureshi, 2018). With the application of these, the researcher can sense how future events will be affected by past practices. This kind of information is the most commonly used, and this class consists of more important utilized details like rates, midpoints and many more. In respect of deals, generation, back and so on, a substantial part of the organization's report is engaging investigation models. The prescient investigation is concerned with the determination of the incident that will occur in future, though no assumption is 100% correct. To appraise the possibility of a future outcome, it is used. Consolidation of a massive range of information is done, and the holes in knowledge are detected using measurements so that they can be filled.

In this situation, concerning the dashboard of descriptive analytics in this environmental issues assignment, it can be noticed that over 7.2 million ha of necessary Woodland was wiped out throughout Australia from 1972 till 2014. The total forest cover was 101 million in 1972, which has decreased by 7% as of 2014 due to the deforestation till 2014 (Ravikumar, Larson, Myers & Trench,2018). In addition to it, 9.5 million ha of Woodland that has redeveloped was also cleared in this period. The significant portion of the deforestation took place in Queensland. In Queensland, backwoods of 9.7 million he was removed in which 3.6 million was vital deforestation. In general, the best deforestation took place in the time of 1980-1989 where local vegetation of 4.7 million was cleared throughout the nation. In the next decades the deforestation has declined but again in the 2000 deforestation of the re-growth has increased. Approximately 1.5 million ha of re-grown vegetation has been cleared in Queensland (Ravikumar, Larson, Myers & Trench,2018). Still, the rate of vital deforestation has diminished remarkably from the 1970s when many timberlands in Queensland and South Western Australia have been cleared. The analyst designs two types of the dashboard for descriptive analytics. One is used to visualize the data of the total deforestation. And for comparison of the re-growth deforestation and primary deforestation across various locations, the other one is used.

Dashboard 1 [Descriptive Analytic]

Descriptive Analytic in environmental issues assignment

Dashboard 2 [Descriptive Analytic]

Descriptive Analytic 2 in environmental issues assignment

Descriptive Analytic 2 in environmental issues assignment

Dashboard 3 [Predictive Analytic]
In order to make reasonable expectations about the future predictive analytics uses techniques which are not only numerically sound but also repeatable. For example it can easily answer a query like, throughout the succeeding 2 years possibly which areas are going to make their deals two-fold by the help of correct information foreseeing one variable against the other one is known by most. Complex models, which also include those in respect of machine learning, are used in predictive analytics unquestionably. The information provided in this Environmental issues assignment is commonly utilised in it not only as information but also important feature of its set for preparation, which relates various facts after suppositions, examining its theories and time as it passes by.

A more prominent base for information is required rather than a mere interpretation of the ongoing past's patterns, for utilising predictive analytics. For preference measurements and a few software engineering involvements are readily available. Just by twitching situations clearly and on a regular basis with the help of enough data and a good investigation motor probable solution as per requirement is possible.

A well executed and prudent research can be highly valuable. Most possibly, the rest is left over enquiries by all managers for instance, is it necessary that sequential cutbacks will bring Re-enlistment of individuals within a month? Or, are the projections of income are extremely precise for the upcoming quarter? Or is it better to support one stream of income over the other in a regardless manner?

Predictive analytics has applications which are mostly strategic and simple. In this case, it can be used to evaluate the total amount of deforestation that is going to happen in the upcoming 10 years based on the available historical data. In this particular case, predictive analytics can also be used in detecting the bond between variables, like re-growth deforestation, total deforestation and primary deforestation in various locations. However, before making any recommendation it holds back. It has the motive to solve a major portion of the mystery from setting down on necessary options to facilitating the supervisors to predict the sure probabilities to setting down on necessary options.

scatter matrix environmental issues assignment

The below dashboards in this Environmental issues assignment supports the above views as the analyst has designed three predictive models related to total deforestation over the next 10 years period.

values in environmental issues assignment

values in environmental issues assignment

values in environmental issues assignment

This environmental issues assignment explores that the deforestation paves a severe effect on nature as well as on the biological systems also. Deforestation causes severe damages in life. Due to the deforestation, significant changes are seen in the environment, which eventually leads the world towards the end. Loss of biodiversity and decrease in soil fertility is the primary two effect that is seen due to deforestation. For example, it is to state that in Australia near about 40 % of this country’s backwoods are just destroyed by deforestation. And also, the rest portion of the woodland is only divided into two part due to the deforestation (Didia, Yuan&Didia, 2018). Therefore, by analyzing the information provided in this Environmental issues assignment, it can be concluded that nowadays deforestation going to be a severe issue for every country and as well as for the whole world. Due to the geographical position of Australia, it is seen that the majority portion of the forests is situated in the seaside areas. And the other some pieces are secured with the desserts and dry land. The Australian waterfront areas are considered as the most beautiful place throughout the country (Didia, Yuan&Didia, 2018). And also, this place can have the ability to attract tourists. That's why to make this place more beautiful and attract the tourists; the beachfront woods were cleared for further utilization by the Australian government. Australia is such a country that is isolated from the main settled area, and it is also an impoverished nation. A considerable effort is needed to save this country from the harsh effect of deforestation. Deforestation also appears to be a serious issue not only for the plant but for the animal too. Now in Australia, loss of biodiversity reach a disastrous level. Due to the harsh effect of deforestation, many rare species have been lost from the cities like Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia. Due to the division in the back wood, various species of reptiles have been abolished in the Queensland area. Multiple types of plants also face their survival due to the presence of toxic gasses from various organizations and even for the attack by weeds. For as an example, it is to be stated that near about 132 types of creatures and plants have just vanished due to this deforestation in the Mount Lofty Ranges area of South Australia. Also, the clearing of forests will enhance the overall temperature of the country lead to global warming (Didia, Yuan&Didia, 2018). And as a matter of fact, this deforestation will decrease the moisture in the air, and also it creates an effect on the typical climate of Australia as well as in the whole world. Day by day, it causes the increases of warmth and reduces the cloudburst. Cutting down of a large number of trees will disrupt the normal regular water cycle. Make the soil dry, and as a matter of fact, less volume of water vapour is discharged into the air and thus decreases not only the chances of rainfall but also decreases the humidity of the sky. The most recent investigation reveals that the average regular temperature of Australia has been increasing over around 1.0 degree in Centigrade scale that is 1.8 degrees in Fahrenheit scale. Due to the cutting down of trees, lots of toxic gasses are released into the air that makes a harmful effect on the most critical ozone layer as well as on the human.

The trees play a vital role in the conversion from barometric carbon dioxide into the vitality and oxygen. Deforestation will cause less volume of carbon dioxide intake from the air, and due to that reason, eventually, this will bring a global warming. In order to solve this problem mentioned in this Environmental issues assignment, the Australian government will take a step against the deforestation. They declare some conditions over clearing methodologies, diminishing carbon dioxide emanations. The richness of soil decreases due to the deforestation. Mainly some essential minerals like natural carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur level are in great danger. Cutting of trees will cause expanded disintegration of soil supplements and topsoil disintegration(Black,2018). It also reduces the overall biomass of the soil. Due to deforestation, the dirt gets warmth because of some absence of shade.

And in the long term, this will increase the decay time. Cutting of trees will also pave a serious effect on the Water motion and also have less ability to filter out toxins from the soil. Backwoods discontinuity is also described to diminish biodiversity.

Due to the taking of proper steps against the deforestation over a year gap of 1972– 2014 will help to decrease the rate of deforestation (Black,2018). With the help of continuous monitoring deforestation for agrarian, urban and modern advancement will probably stop. Be that as it may, the pile of approaches actualized in the course of the most recent 40 years. For the scope of natural targets, deforestation is being restricted to the Australian people group. Which association of more extensive financial patterns as well as socio-political directivity, made a natural strategy. To gain more reflective widespread socio-political trends as mentioned in this environmental issues assignment, there must be an ongoing movement towards financial instruments adaptability power as well as movement towards self-direction. Though the strategic move composes do not mean that there is any movement which can change the approach of adequacy. All of the instrument which is deleted to the ecological arrangement is in the form of order and control with self-regulation financial or enlightening require observing assessment and implementation if they are to be convincing. This is the cause for converting clumsy arrangement for Australia as local vegetation and biodiversity. This can be guaranteed that local vegetation strategies may try to help with conveying more compelling, effective and transparent results. At last, Australia has the way to accomplish this objective – it is an issue of whether it is socially and politically plausible.

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