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(EMP6110) Environment management assignment on managing environmental issues for Worseley Mine Expansion WA


Task: You are required to produce a construction environmental management plan for a selected project. Include one environmental management measure. Explain environmental management tools. Identify environmental management legislation and practises in your environment management assignment.


1 Context, scope and rationale for the environment management assignment
1.1 Proposal

The duration of the operation or the life of the mine will not be affected by the modification to the proposalprepared for the environment management assignment. The modification, on the other hand, represents a scaled-back approach by slashing the total area of native vegetation that will be cleared by 1,278.5 ha. The modification to the environment management assignmentproposal does not alter the kinds of impacts that are associated with the proposal; however, it is anticipated that the modification will lessen the likelihood of the proposal's impact on flora and vegetation. At the Boddington Bauxite Mine, the environment management assignmentproposal calls for the continuation of operations, the expansion of the existing mining area, and the development of a bauxite transport corridor. Additionally, the proposal calls for mining and maintenance activities to be performed at the Worsley Refinery in case of an emergency. Even though this environment management assignmentproposal will have a greater impact on the environment than the operations that are currently being carried out, it will also allow mining to continue in and adjacent to areas that have already been disturbed, and it will be gradually reformed in a way that has the ability to reduce the total impact from having a large number of areas open at the same time. Thisenvironment management assignmentproposal will enable for the expansion of existing actions at the already approved refinery production capacity of 4.7 million tonnes per year, as well as the continuation of those activities. At the same time, it will make it possible to assess the impacts in a more holistic manner while also increasing the success of environmental management. The native flora and fauna habitat on 4399 ha will be destroyed as part of this project.

• Expansion of the currently mined area as well as the incorporation of any newly discovered mining areas;
• Establishment of a transportation corridor for bauxite;
• Construction of an emergency mining area as well as maintenance work at the refinery; and construction of associated mine and support infrastructure

1.2 Key environmental factor/s
The revised environment management assignmentproposal will centre on agrowth of Worsley's Boddington bauxite mine. However, it will also include provisions for the clearance of land for new transport corridors and activities involving storage and preservation at the alumina refinery located further north.

The capacity of the environment to adapt and survive has, for the most part, been preserved in the same way as in the original proposal. Because of the adjustment, there would be fewer potential adverse effects on the environment. There would be no further cumulative effects from combining this project with any others. Because of the adjustment, there would be fewer potential adverse effects on the environment. The potential connections and interactions of the environment have not been altered in any way as a result of the change that was made from the original proposal. The modification to the clearing method mentioned in the environment management assignmentwould lead to a decrease in the potential negative effects on the environment. Because there was less land that was cleared, there is now a higher level of confidence in the predicted impacts.

The expansion would lead to the destruction of habitats for numerous endangered species, such as black cockatoos, western ringtail possums, and woylies. There are a few preliminary key environmental factors that are complicated, and the environment management assignmentproposal consists of several different components. A comprehensive analysis is necessary in order to determine the scope of the proposal's direct and indirect impacts, as well as the potential solutions to environmental problems that may arise. Due to the intricacy of the environmental impact assessment, there are almost 4700 pages of documents to go through.
Scientists, managers, and cultivators in Australia's native forests, plantations, besides environmental services industry are all members of Forestry Australia, an independent professional association. Members of the organisation are dedicated to implementing sustainable forest management practises in order to improve ecological, economic, and social conditions in all forest types and tenures. More than a thousand people are currently members of Forestry Australia, and that number is rising.

Condition requirements
The environment management assignmentproposal calls for the removal of up to 7,119.5 hectares of natural vegetation in order to make room for the mine and activities related to mining. Additionally, the proposal calls for two river crossings over the Hotham River to be constructed. The expansion of the mine will require an increase in the footprints of both the mine and the infrastructure, as well as the clearing of up to 7,119.5 ha of native vegetation and habitat for native fauna. As part of the plan, the banks of the Hotham River will need to be modified in order to accommodate the construction of two haul road crossings (Argus and Samson, 2021). The proposed mining and related activities mentioned in the environment management assignmenthave the potential to result in increased levels of noise and dust as well as greenhouse gases and vehicle traffic, all of which could have a negative impact on the area's amenity. Any proposition that is likely to have animportant effect on the environment must be referred to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A significant environment management assignmentproposal may be brought to the attention of the EPA by anyone, with the following exceptions:

• A strategic proposal can only be referred to by its proponent.
• In the context of an assessed scheme, a proposal can only be mentioned by the proponent or a responsible expert.
• A proposal that seems to be of significant importance must be mentioned to a decision-making authority in order to be considered.

Before submitting their proposals, proponents are strongly encouraged to first discuss their ideas with relevant decision-making authorities, and stakeholders in addition to the staff of the Environmental Services Division of the DWER.

1.3 Rationale and approach
Sadly, Washington State is the only state in which greenhouse gas emissions have increased since 2005 by more than 20 percent, making it the only state with this distinction. At this point in the EIA process, all that is being asked for are comments on whether or not the EPA should evaluate aenvironment management assignmentproposal, and if it should, what level of evaluation is thought to be appropriate. The period of time that stakeholders and community groups have to provide feedback on a proposal by South32 to expand its mining activities in Peel and the South West has been extended by two weeks. The Environmental Protection Authority is in the process of conducting an evaluation of the Worsley Mine Expansion – Revised environment management assignmentProposal at this time (EPA)(Dunstan, 2020). This includes a chance to provide feedback on the environmental review being conducted for the project over the course of eight weeks, which is currently being offered on the website of the EPA.

During the course of the investigation in the environment management assignment, which lasted for a whole year, the EPA participated in community forums, face-to-face appointment with stakeholders, as well as Exmouth residents, also targeted meetings with local government. In accordance with subsection 16(e) of the Environmental Protection Act of 1986, this piece of strategic advice was given to Minister Sanderson in the month of December. The provision of advice to the government regarding the environmental acceptability of development proposals and statutory planning schemes is one of the primary functions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The environment management assignmentproposals for development include plans for mining and industry, in addition to proposals for infrastructure projects like ports, railways, and pipelines. The term "planning schemes" refers to both statutory planning schemes and any amendments made to those schemes.

2 EMP Componentsin the environment management assignment
2.1 Factor







EPA Objective:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reached the conclusion that the public should have access to this environmental review document for an additional two weeks beginning on the 16th of December 2022. The submission period will be closed on the 29th of December in 2022. If you have already contributed to this ongoing consultation by providing feedback, there is no need for you to do so again. It has been decided that duplicates will not be considered.


Additionally, the project intends to safeguard local employment opportunities and maintain its substantial financial contribution to the economies of Peel, South West, and Western Australia.


To protect areas of the central jarrah forest in order to ensure the survival of species and ecosystems that are particularly important to conservation efforts.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made a recommendation to grant approval to extend the life of the North West Shelf Extension Project under the strict condition that greenhouse gas emissions from the existing facility, which has been in operation since 1984, must be reduced to net zero by the year 2050.

The Environmental Protection Authority has recommended that aenvironment management assignmentproposal to mine copper and nickel in one of the most inaccessible regions of Western Australia be given the go-ahead (Finucane-Woodman, 2019). The environment management assignmentproposal has made a commitment to attaining net zero greenhouse gas emissions through the year 2040. (EPA).


The goal of the environment management assignmentdevelopment project is to reduce the environmental impacts as much as possible while simultaneously allowing bauxite mining to continue. Bauxite mining is an essential part of our aluminium supply chain.


After wide mitigation measures were reinvigorated by EPA during the environment management assignmentassessment, the agency has recommended that an environmental approval be granted for the construction of a bridge and road that will cross the Preston River.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) expressed their satisfaction with the decision made by the State Government to safeguard the exceptional qualities of Exmouth Gulf.


This process in the environment management assignmentis a step in the right direction for the project, and we are excited to continue our engagement and conversation with the community as well as the government as we move carefully and thoughtfully through the approvals process. South32 is dedicated to adhering to all applicable procedures pertaining to environmental and cultural heritage.


Therefore, it is crucial to establish that a genuine threat exists to demonstrate averted loss and additionallyby habitat protection.


If the traditional landowners of the Exmouth Gulf were involved in the process of co-designing and managing the proposed marine park and reserves, then the area's unique qualities and benefits would be acknowledged. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased with the decision to appoint a coordinating body to advise the Minister on the planning, management, and protection of the Gulf of Mexico.


While it is critical that we transition away from fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable energy, we must not lose sight of the fact that we must also address the carbon that is already present in the atmosphere.

.1 year


2 years

The proposed future activities and developments for Exmouth Gulf will need to demonstrate that they are compatible with the preservation of the essential qualities that make this region so important on a global scale.

This will guarantee that significant marine species like humpback whales, dugongs, dolphins, and turtles are protected for the generations to come.

Keeping our indigenous forests undisturbed and in their natural state not only helps remove carbon from the atmosphere, but it also makes them more resistant to wildfires and contributes to the preservation of much-needed precipitation.

3 Adaptive management and review of the EMP
Developing a thorough EMP is necessary in order to meet environmental standards that are considered satisfactory. This can include feedback monitoring, which is also recognized as adaptive monitoring. This will allow the work to remain while adjustments are made in real time, which is a significant benefit. The purpose of a compliance monitoring program is to make sure that the dredging procedure is carried out in accordance with the restrictions that have been stipulated either legally or contractually (Kragtet al.,2019). Restrictions may be of a physical nature, such as the depth of the dredging, the location, or the mode of transport; they may also limit the turbidity rate at a susceptible site in the area; alternatively, they may be related to the time of year, such as additional restrictions imposed during the breeding season; or they may be quality-based. These limitations mentioned in the environment management assignmentcan look very different depending on the project you are working on.

Training State Street has agreed to provide training to the Fund's personnel regarding the use of the System on the Designated Configuration. This training will either take place at a designated training facility owned and operated by State Street or at the Designated Locations. This training fir the environment management assignmentwill be provided by State Street. Alumina production at Worsley is among the most cost-effective, efficient, and one of the world's largest at this facility. Our conviction in the prospects of the alumina industry is reflected in our choice to increase our production capacity through an additional investment. It also demonstrates our faith in Worsley Alumina's capacity to maintain its stellar track record of production expansion in the years to come (Liddicoat et al.,2022). In addition to the other types of monitoring, it might be necessary, for instance, to conduct a visual inspection of the areas containing mangroves and coral reefs whenever dredging is being done.

As the Premier of Western Australia intends to prioritise carbon storage as a value managerial future management of the state's public forests, Forestry Australia has suggested that the Environmental Protection Agency evaluate greenhouse gas emissions caused by the removal of native vegetation in connection with the proposed Worsley mine expansion. After mining and associated disturbance activities are finished as mentioned in the environment management assignment, Forestry Australia suggests the EPA mandate the proponent investigate the feasibility of establishing commercial pine plantations on abandoned farmland as a reintegration action. With this move, the Premier's stated goal of prioritising biodiversity conservation and carbon storage in the future management of WA’s public forests would become a reality (McPhail et al.,2021).

This environment management assignmentplan is an interim plan that was designed to monitor the effects of aquaculture during the first five years that it was in operation. At the conclusion of the five-year period, the Plan will be analysed and modified as necessary. The purpose of the review is to make certain that the programme is appropriately scaled to the level of risk, which may rise as production levels rise. Because of this project, the capacity of the Worsley venture will increase from 3.6 million tonnes to 4.5 million tonnes per year, making it one of the largest alumina producers in the world. As part of the expansion, the capacity of the refinery will be increased, and Worsley's mining operations will be expanded near Boddington. Additionally, the port assets in Bunbury will be upgraded.

This environment management assignmentplan is atemporary plan that was designed to see the impact of aquaculture during the first five years that it was in operation. At the conclusion of the five-year period, the Plan will be analysed and modified as necessary. Not only on environmental grounds, but also to avoid the significant pollution and emissions that will result and hold WA back on climate action, the EPA must make a decision that is in step with the views of ordinary West Australians in rejecting this environment management assignmentproposal (Peddle et al., 2022). Not only on environmental grounds, but also to avoid holding WA back on climate action.

Annual Compliance Reports should at a bare minimum include the following in the environment management assignment:
An executive summary that provides a brief overview of the program's findings.
• A methods statement
• A discussion of the results of the programme, including the utilisation of tables and figures in a way that is appropriate to summarise the results of:
Analysis and monitoring of water and sediment conditions
Benthic video reconnaissance and forensic studies
Information regarding the operation of the farm, including any correlations with data regarding the environment
In the event that it was carried out throughout the reporting period, campaign monitoring

4 Stakeholder consultation
The most important goals of the stakeholder engagement process as per the environment management assignmenthave been to meet the requirements of the Worseley Mine Expansion WA project. This has been accomplished through consultation with the most important stakeholders of the proposed expansion plan. Consultation with affected parties was made easier by the Worseley Mine Expansion in Western Australia thanks to the company's established networks and the state's existing Cone Bay operations. Worseley Mine Expansion Western Australia has also looked into broadening the scope of its stakeholder consultation in order to conduct a more comprehensive stakeholder analysis (Stevens et al.,2020).

Worseley Mine Expansion Western Australia will submit an application for the Worsley Mine Development to both the state and the Commonwealth for approval, and they will also prepare an Environmental Review Document (ERD) in support of their request. The ERD will address all issues of environmental management pertaining to the project, including Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES). Additionally, the ERD n the environment management assignmentwill include specialised environmental studies to address the assessment requirements and the feedback from our stakeholders. Bauxite is extracted from the ground close to the town of Boddington, which is located about 130 kilometres south-east of Perth. An overland conveyor system that is more than 50 kilometres long is used to bring the bauxite to the alumina refinery for processing. The refinery utilises a Bayer process that is four stages long in order to obtain alumina (Taukuliset al.,2021). By going through this process mentioned in the environment management assignment, the red bauxite rock is transformed into the white alumina powder. In order to produce aluminium, alumina is a necessary component of the smelting process. Strong, flexible, lightweight, long-lasting, and completely recyclable, aluminium possesses all of these desirable characteristics. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio that it possesses, it plays an essential part in the production of lighter vehicles as well as other forms of transport. Because of its resistance to corrosion and the fact that it can be recycled, aluminium is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the construction of modern sustainable buildings (Turner et al.,2020). Additionally, it finds widespread application in the mechanical, packaging, and electronic industries.

Worseley Mine Expansion WA has taken part in the planning, design, and development stages of the mine's expansion project for the environment management assignment. During the process of formulating the proposal and continuing on with its development, Worseley Mine Expansion Western Australia has adopted several key principles of stakeholder consultation, the primary focus of which is on open, honest, and transparent communication. These guiding principles are as follows:

Communication – Openness, accessibility, clearly defined parameters, and appropriateness are essential components of effective communication.
Transparency – To the greatest extent possible, the procedure and the results of the engagement of community members and other stakeholders should be made public and transparent, agreed upon, and documented.
Collaboration – Considered essential to productive engagement is the adoption of a cooperative and collaborative strategy aimed at locating outcomes that are advantageous to both parties (White-Toney, 2020).
Inclusiveness – To be inclusive, communities and other stakeholders need to be recognised and brought into the process at an early stage and continued participation is required throughout. Integrity – Engagement of the community and relevant stakeholders ought to establish and cultivate mutual trust and respect (Worsley et al.,2021).

Forestry Australia suggests that the EPA:

Seek a change to the Worsley mine expansion proposal that would prevent any future mining from occurring in the Quindanning timber reserve, which is a rare example of a mature native forest in the Eastern Murray landscape and is emblematic of the northern jarrah forest's eastern margin in general. By taking this measure mentioned in the environment management assignment, the Premier of Western Australia can ensure that the preservation of biodiversity and the sequestration of carbon will be prioritised in the state's public forests in the future;

To ensure that the proposed direct offsets for the Worsley mine expansion offer true additionality and are in line with the spirit of applicable state and Commonwealth legislation and policy, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive review of these offsets.

In light of the Premier's stated desire to prioritise carbon storage in future decisions regarding the management of Western Australia's public forests, it is imperative to state in the environment management assignmentthat the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the clearing of native vegetation caused by the Worsley mine expansion proposal be evaluated. When mining and associated disturbance activities are finished, the proponent should look into planting commercial pine plantations on the land as a rehabilitation action.

Limit the amount of state-owned land that can be mined in the future until certain conditions are met as per the environment management assignment, such as meeting completion criteria and returning mined land in a state-approved condition.

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