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Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment: Research Paper Review On ERP Security Issues


Task: Select a recent academic paper related to security issues of ERP implementation and prepare a critique report on enterprise resource planning assignment.


ERP refers to the enterprise resource planning which is a type of process that has the ability to integrate business processes effectively so that business performance can be improved. The uses of ERP systems are increasing quickly due to their ability to propose effective business plans so that complexity can be managed and the productivity of the businesses can be enhanced easily. [1]. Securing ERP system is a challenging task for the companies where ERP systems are connected to the business networks and hackers are capable to transfer the fraud and malware signals that can impact on the personal data and lead hacking issues. The aim of the research is to review a research paper related to the ERP security issues. The title of the selected paper is “Security issues and their countermeasures in the ERP world”. This report will cover various sections for example content of the paper, research methods, findings, issues highlighted and so on.

Intention and content of the paper
The selected paper was written by Ayushi, Rathore and JHA in the year 2017 which is based on the ERP systems [1]. The aim of the paper is to examine the security issues and risks related to the ERP system and propose effective countermeasures again the security threats. SAP is a part of the ERP system which is able to deliver significant business services to the companies and in the year 2017, SAP software unconfined around 317 safekeeping points. While this articleexplains different security problems and countermeasures in ERP plans, a few confusions are there in the mentality of associations in the respect of ERP security. It is viewed as that the programming security is of very little noteworthiness as the utilization of the program is included in the association, and they're probably won't be any obscure admittance to the framework, which would make hurt the association [3].

Thought by the association is default insurance contraptions are sufficient for the information privacy in ERP. In addition, they accept that the works for ERP privacy require assets like man, cash, an existence which can probably influence their methodical work process. The writers determined that ERP system has dual environments containing internal and external environments. The internal environment containsparamount and tier. Paramount is capable of implement and handles the ERP system that may be proposed and implemented by the third parties. Tier is individuals who are capable to communicate with the ERP systems in order to link with the IT management, administration and networks. The external environmentcontains the consumers, stakeholders and IT members where the hackers are able to detect and hack the consumers and impact on the organizational performance [4]. The proceeded incorporation of ERP programming not just builds the danger of programmers who get through security border going about as approved clients to create harming exchanges inside business frameworks yet additionally the insiders who misuse framework benefit through demonstrations of misrepresentation.The writers determined that ERP based systems are well-structured and consistent IT networks which are capable to enable the companies for improving organizational performance.

Discuss research methods
After reviewing the selected paper, it is highlighted that the writers focused on the ERP security for which the writers included a qualitative design that has the capability to provide depth information in the research. In terms of effectiveness, the qualitative design is more effective by which the writers addressed the research problems and helped to complete the investigation in a significant manner. On the other side, the writers included an inductive approach in order to perform a depth analysis of ERP and its security concerns. The writers did not include deductive approach due to their less effectiveness in regards to the research objectives and provide brief information due to which the writers adopted the inductive approach in this investigation. Moreover, systematic literature is conducted in order to examine effective points related to the research topic and address the research problems that occurred in the previous research. Therefore, the involvement of literature review helped to provide depth and significant information in the research and addressed the proposed research objectives.

For gathering significant data, secondary data resources are used and literature review also helped toobtain secondary data in the research. Moreover, the journal paper, previous studies, books, and online websites are included for gathering secondary data related to the ERP and its security concerns. In order to analyze the collected data, the writers adopted a content analysis technique is included that helped to provide the depth information and analyze the collected data in a significant manner. All these are effective research methods and techniques used by the writers and managed the research gaps significantly.

Findings and results
ERP frameworks are brought together, very much prearranged, effective IT spines that run the HR, coordination’s and 500 companies worldwide. The collected datasets are managed and stored in RDBs and can be mechanically regulated and surveyed for checking the values, stock levels, standard consistency, etc. ERP mayhelp to motorize the numbers of exchanges in the retail and speculation business [5].Much of the time, the business rationale approves clients and gives them unambiguous rights to get to the information objects. Accordingly, information security is limited to information access. This evidently, implies that approved clients gain admittance to information objects dependent on exact proficiencies apportioned to them by the framework, which recommends arrangement offerjob-based privacy.

Issues highlighted
It is examined that the writers highlighted security related issues in the paper and reported that ERP is capable to improve business performance and not capable to deliver larger security to the companies. Communication channels linked with the ERP systems are suffering from the hacking activities and companies need to implement effective security plans and systems so that private data can be secured from the criminals. The writers provided complete information about security issues and risks related to the ERP systems and also allowed to examine the risk factors and problems that impact on organizational security.

Conclusion of the paper
From the selected research article, it may be summarized that ERP is one of the significant business systems that can be used for nitrating business operations but securing an ERP system is a challenging task for the companies. This paper highlighted the key characteristics and importance of ERP system in the businesses and also reviewed security concerns that occur in the ERP systems. As per the scholars, ERP is skilled to give continuous data to the organizations so as to deal with quantities of assignments and occasions in a solid way. ERP is a sort of program that can coordinate business strategies in an ongoing and creates a huge framework that can assist with performing business tasks adequately. On account of information dealing with, ERP is more compelling where organizations can store bigger datasets into a solitary framework that can assist with overseeing intricacy and lessen business issues without any problem. On account of security, ERP can't shield information from the digital lawbreakers because of which the organizations can experience the ill effects of hacking and digital assaults. It is inspected that the scholars featured security related issues in the paper and detailed that ERP is fit to improve business execution and not able to convey bigger security to the organizations. Absence of mindfulness among representatives is a significant issue because of which the organizations are less viable to control and decrease malware or bizarre exercises from the frameworks and experience the ill effects of the information break. This chosen paper is related to the unit where the researchers provided their viewpoints about ERP security issues and enabled to enhance understanding related to the ERP and its security issues.

Conclusion of the report
From this report, it can be concluded that security of ERP can be exploited due to lack of awareness and improper security plans in the businesses. ERP has the potential to deliver significant business services to the companies but criminals are capable to hack computer devices and perform data breach or loss related issues in the workplace. It is recommended that companies should adopt firewall and encryption-based techniques in order to detect and protect ERP networks from hackers. The selected paper provided complete information about ERP security risks and also highlighted the effective countermeasures that can help to maintain the level of confidentiality and privacy. According to my opinion, the writers provided theoretical information in the paper that affected the research quality and did not include real examples of ERP cyber-attacks. The future research will manage such challenges and problems and provide complete information. ?

[1]. Gupta, T.S. Rathore, and V.K. Jha, “Security issues and their countermeasures in the ERP world”, International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science, vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 12-18, 2017.

[2]. R. Kumar and, R., Goyal, “On cloud security requirements, threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures: A survey,” Computer Science Review, vol. 33, no. 6, pp.1-48, 2019.

[3]. R., Baskerville, F. Rowe and, F.C., Wolff,“Integration of information systems and cybersecurity countermeasures: An exposure to risk perspective,” ACM SIGMIS Database: the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems, 49(1), pp.33-52, 2018.

[4]. S.C. Misra and, S., Bisui,“Security Determinants in ERP Systems: Modeling and Analysis,” Software Quality Professional, vol. 22, no. 1, pp.9-22, 2019.

[5]. P. Balozian and, D., Leidner,“Review of IS security policy compliance: Toward the building blocks of an IS security theory,” ACM SIGMIS Database: The DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems, vol. 48, no. 3, pp.11-43, 2017.


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