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Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment: Evaluating ERP Software


Task: Research project: Impact of new technologies in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
how New technologies such as Cloud, Internet-of-Things, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Blockchain or any other, impacting ERP industry. Also, I will give details about 4 major ERP such as SAP, Oracle's JD Edwards and Microsoft's AX, Microsoft NAV with respect to what they are doing in new technologies


The concept of ERP explored in the enterprise resource planning assignment refers to the enterprise resource planning which is a major part of the business process that helps the companies to collect, evaluate and interest data from numerous business activities. Technology plays a significant character in the ERP industry where companies can develop and implement effective ERP systems using advanced technologies. The presence of effective technology can help business communities to reduce complex systems and implement automated ERP networks for managing business activities automatically. There are numerous advanced computing technologies used by companies such as cloud computing, IoT networks, AI, machine learning and blockchain. All these are effective technologies which are capable to enhance business performance and help to implement effective ERP systems. The aim of the research on enterprise resource planning assignment is to determine the impact of new technologies on ERP systems and evaluate different ERP software and networks used by the companies.

Impact of new technology on ERP
As per the research on enterprise resource planning assignment, ERP is a kind of business process software that enables the companies to utilize an effective system for handling and integrating the larger datasets easily and enhance business performance. In this modern era, the uses of ICT networks and IT technologies are growing quickly due to their capability to perform multiple activities and solve the complex tasks faced by the companies. In the case of ERP industry, new technologies like IoT, AI and machine learning play a crucial character that helps to design and implement automated systems based on the ERP networks and manage the business operations in a significant manner. It is determined that many ERP software applications like, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft AX and NAV are effective systems which are capable to implement resource planning systems for integrating the procedures required to run business operations of the companies.

The presence of AI-based networks and IoT enabled systems in ERP systems examined in this context of enterprise resource planning assignment can help to implement remote control networks which are capable to manage the communication-related issues and helps the companies to perform operations automatically. It is true that the involvement of new technologies can help to lead the effectiveness of ERP systems by implementing automated control systems. In this generation, more than 56% of business communications are using such technologies for increasing productivity and implementing effective ERP systems. ERP systems which are integrated business processes and systems, IoT and blockchain are effective technologies that can be adopted for implementing effective IT networks and managing problems effectively.

It is evident herein enterprise resource planning assignment that AI plays a major character in the developing businesses and it is capable to lead the effectiveness of ERP software by providing reliable services and networks. It is found that with AI-based ERP systems; business communities can optimize their business models and reduce the operational costs easily. From recent literature considered to prepare this enterprise resource planning assignment, it is determined that AI-based networks can take over routine tasks in the business processing models which are performed by the individuals. In the case of the ERP industry, the presence of AI and IoT based networks can help to address the problems occurred in the data integration and business evaluation. It is found that the advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, cloud computing and IoT are capable to read, respond and execute transactions significantly. In the business communities, combining AI and ERP is pertinent as companies require effective systems and processes for implementing cost-effective systems in order to lead the level of business performance.

New technologies in EPR are effective and significant as compared to previous networks as they helps the companies to implement computing-based automated systems which are helpful for managing human errors and leading organizational effectiveness. In the future, the uses of AI will be increased and business communities will implement along with the ERP systems due to their strength of providing cost-effective solutions. It is determined that the major function of an ERP system is to help companies for improving the level of performance and involvement of new technologies can be significantly lead such performance by managing problems. In this era, many companies are moving towards the automated systems rather than manual operating systems for which AI, machine learning and other IoT networks are capable to implement such systems and help ERP systems to integrate larger data effectively.

The combination of AI and ERP can also lead the business processes significantly and also helps to analyze and monitor the larger data sets easily by which the companies can implement effective decisions in the businesses. Recently Microsoft has announced that AI is a capable technology that can be used in the NAV ERP networks for implementing effective systems for leading business performance and effectiveness. The readings developed in the enterprise resource planning assignment determines AI and other technologies have just started to appear in ERP systems and the addition of advanced technology requires more efforts and time in the companies. The future businesses will implement new technologies with the ERP systems in order to lead the effectiveness of the companies.

ERP provides a platform to implement effective systems for solving the data integration and collection-related issues in the companies. The Internet of Things is a significant technology in which machines interconnect with other systems using Internet servers. In this present generation, most of the companies use IoT enabled systems for implementing significant controlling and communication systems. Such kind of technology positively impacts on the ERP systems where the communication gaps can be managed easily and wireless communication systems can be implemented in the companies. Moreover, IoT based systems deliver new approaches for increasing effectiveness and significance of the ERP software in the companies.

One of the major tendencies mentioned in the enterprise resource planning assignment in technology currently is the rising volume of info that is shaped, both by clienteles and productions. Many present ERP schemes are unable to appropriately grip the large capacity of data that n negatively impact on the systems and produce problems in the companies. One of the answers planned in the organization of big data by present ERP designers is to safeguard the commercial network is climbable to encounter future stresses and to syndicate this with new skills as they ascend. The problem identifies in this segment of enterprise resource planning assignment is to discover the correct mix of well-organized data group and processing, letting for brainy journalism of various initiative applications.

The upcoming ERP may very well be contingent on how well new skills can be combined into current schemes and how this will improve occupational performance. Technology is ever proceeding and altering, providing novel welfares and encounters to an amount of numerous structural developments. Having a combined administration system in place can help a commercial to improve effectiveness and manage performance-related concerns. It is highlighted that new technological tendencies will only support ERP schemes be more operative, either by delivering fresh options for additional efficient procedures or by delivering more data to permit the ERP scheme to make additional intelligent choices.

In the circumstance of ERP given herein enterprise resource planning assignment, new technologies are obtainable that can be devoted to tackles and even cars, nourishing data back to requests hosted in the cloud. Info such as location, practice and presentation can then be easily retrieved, permitting governments to classify issues. Therefore, it is reported that the presence of new technologies are beneficial for ERP systems where the collected data can be integrated and evaluated significantly.

The enterprise resource planning assignment examines that ERP is at the major part of the business corporations which is capable to deliver a solitary foundation of data. The IoT has the latent to importantly intensification data obtainability and correctness. This has noteworthy insinuations for improving ERP in parts including client service, predicting, record and asset organization, and commercial intelligence. IoT has already made a considerable impact in the engineering sector. For instance, devices devoted to equipment permit a better level of upkeep mechanization and ensure energetic data is reachable to those who rely on it, from workshop specialists to c-suite decision creators.

Conventionally, when a producer sells straight to a client, the ERP system’s facility component is rationalized with customer info for each serial quantity, characteristically at the time of consignment. However, it is also clear on this enterprise resource planning assignment that when crops are sold via dealers, it has continuously been additional problematic to get the end-user statistics. Now, IoT allows creation to connect directly with the builder from the moment it greeneries the granary, providing both facility and engineering sections a wealth of info. Many ERP schemes offer gateways to vendors and clienteles to directly access, settle and update orders and list any subjects, ornamental message and facility. With IoT-enabled crops collaborating directly with the ERP scheme, this assembly to both clients and dealers is flattering closer.

This results in condensed expenditure and mistakes and a thinner overall source hawser. Real-time informs of on-hand values allow builders to accomplish consigned record or account situated in third-party logistics granaries. Therefore, it is stated in this enterprise resource planning assignment that the adoption of IoT and AI technologies are beneficial for implementing significant ERP systems in companies.

Industries can currently monitor mechanism operations anywhere in the creation and achieve real-time analysis of gushing data. Moreover, handling machine preservation, the IoT and other new technologies permit social analytics and an additional direct boundary with patrons. The prompt obtainability of precise commercial intelligence helps directors to develop healthier tactical decisions. The usage of AI, IoT and other technologies can help to communication with ERP scheme without the requirement for manual interference. IoT explanations are delivering newfangled chances to extend and supplement business administration schemes. New foundations of data and augmented volumes from current sources have the probable to transport superior insights to conclusion makers at each level of an association. ERP organizations will require being capable to gather, progression, and analyses and utilize such data in a significant manner.

It is found through the analysis done in this enterprise resource planning assignment that there are abundant profits of ERP software. It unifies all commercial data, permitting industries to gain fuller governor of the internal processes and make knowledgeable results for the future. Moreover, all data is efficient in real-time, which is vital for the unified operative of all occupational sectors. Blockchain thrusts the current welfares of ERP scheme to another level.

These centralized occupational procedures become accessible crossways numerous administrations. Incorporation allows optimization of all processes of numerous different administrations, as well as right-hand distribution data. This is chiefly beneficial if consumers have in attention monetary transactions. Financial organizations and banks can like more regulators over interior data process that stretches them a firmer safety grasp. Having in mind monetary organizations grip sensitive info, using blockchain networks they are capable to deliver facilities with least risk. Among leading ERP sellers, SAP appears to be receiving fast with exploring dissimilar conducts of applying blockchain. Business spokesmen trust that blockchain is faultless for industrial trades, as this skill gives builders an occasion to have numerous kinds of info within the similar chain from the stipulations.

Blockchain can play a significant role in parts such as source chain administration and manufacture, areas classically falling below the ERP schemes area. It is therefore not ridiculous that blockchain will have a noteworthy impression on the ERP schemes in the nearby future. Blockchain can generate a single description of info, in which the fundamental IT scheme experiences a shortened blockchain and safeguards that all schemes, rather than conversation to each other, express over a blockchain.

However, Blockchain can exertion as a balancing complement that, through a submission, abridges the incorporation between the gatherings and decreases the requests susceptibilities due to the system's inherent safety. Blockchain for ERP schemes can suggest companies the maximum level of discernibility in each part of the procedure. Frequently, the supply chain inclines to be a prolonged yet segmented procedure. More so, pursuing all the procedures or how the creation is in each phase becomes comparatively problematic. Therefore, it is found that the presence of IoT and other technologies can help the ERP systems to lead the organizational performance and effectiveness.

It is determined from the investigation carried on the enterprise resource planning assignment that numerous kinds of ERP software and systems are used by the companies for integrating and evaluating collected data such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft AX and NAV. In which SAP ERP is effective software which is used by the business communities for leading business performance. It is demonstrated that SAP ERP system can be used with the AI and IoT technologies that can help to implement automated systems for handling the problems and increasing the effectiveness of the developed systems. The implementation of new technologies can help SAP type of ERP software to evaluate and analyze the gathered data easily and develop better decisions in the businesses.

Therefore, based on the findings obtained in this enterprise resource planning assignment, it is true that the advanced technologies are beneficial and more than 67% of the companies are using SAP ERP software along with the IoT enabled networks. Oracle is a significant ERP system which is now implemented with the cloud-based servers for managing larger datasets of the companies and addressing the security-related concerns. Cloud computing is capable to store and integrate larger datasets of the companies easily. Using new technologies in the oracle ERP software can help to manage the financial operations and activities in a significant manner. AI-based oracle systems scores effectively higher in budgeting. It is determined that such an ERP system has the capability to evaluate and handle general planning easily where advanced technologies positively impact on the operations and activities. Microsoft AX is a significant ERP system provided by the Microsoft community that helps the companies to evaluate and handle the data collected from the internet servers.

In the case of Microsoft AX ERP considered in this section of enterprise resource planning assignment, cloud computing and blockchain technologies can be implemented due to their ability to monitor and store the larger datasets in a significant manner. Therefore, the presence of such technologies can help the companies to create significant AX based ERP systems by which security and confidentiality of data can be enhanced easily. However, the adoption of new technologies is a complex task for the companies that require more efforts and experience about technologies and lack of awareness can produce negative implications on the ERP systems in the companies. It is found that AI, IoT and other technologies use wireless communication and networks that can be hacked by the attackers due to which data breach and security risks can be produced in the ERP systems.

The presence of such issues as identified herein enterprise resource planning assignment can negatively impact on the ERP networks and reduce the confidentiality of data easily. Therefore, all these are major negative points associated with the new technologies for which it is significant to focus on the security concerns while implementing in the ERP systems. In the future, advanced technologies will significantly impact on the ERP systems and will help the companies to increase business performance. However, it is significant for the ERP developers to focus on the security concerns and aware employees about new technologies in order to address the data handling and availability related problems. Overall, it is reported in this enterprise resource planning assignment that the uses of new technologies can positively impact on the ERP systems and companies can implement significant systems for integrating and monitoring larger datasets and increasing organizational performance. Moreover, in future businesses, the uses of advanced technologies will be increased rapidly along with the ERP systems.


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