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English Teaching Assignment Exploring The Application Of TESOL


Task: Write a report on English teaching assignment focusing on the application of TESOL in language teaching development based on the video of Harmer.


According to the research on English teaching assignment, the language teaching in the classroom is a complex process and informative teaching technique cannot provide successful result in the language teaching. The practical approach is essential to implement for enhancing student and teacher interaction. The current study has focused on the application of TESOL in the language teaching development based on a video lesson. Furthermore, a theoretical example that has been identified from video lesson has been discussed in the English teaching assignment. The entire analysis developed within this English teaching assignment is made in relations to the classroom teaching regarding English language based on a video. At the end of the English teaching assignment, a critical reflection has been made regarding key points of the lesson.

Main Body
TESOL approaches and theoretical examples from the video of Harmer considered to prepare this English teaching assignment
TESOL approaches
According to the view of Harmer (2015), there are five approaches of TESOL that are used in the student learning development process. These five approaches include Musical Approach,Lexical approach, Communicative approach, audio-lingual or Task Based method and Total physical response or Socio-Cultural approach. In case of the video, it has been identified that Laura has taught in the classroom in three steps including consideration of a reading text and creating a condition of speaking activity, providing questions to the students for answering these questions and getting answer from students. At last the group learning technique has been focused by the teacher Laura (, 2020). In the entire process of language teaching, the most important TESOL method that has been identified is Communicative approach. Laura has provided less focus on information sources and she has encouraged students to participate in the learning activity. According to the view of Bidyuk (2017), it can be stated in this research on English teaching assignment that the communicative method of teaching is most effective as classroom interaction has been increased and it develops speaking power of students. Laura has successfully implemented the method in the language teaching process which has enhanced the quality of the study. The enthusiasm of students in the learning activity has been developed based on applying this intervention.

The second TESOL method that is found from the video of language teaching is audio-lingual method or Task Based Approach. The technique has been successfully applied by the teacher based on identifying behaviour. The video lesson depicts that Laura has made behavioural analysis based on male and female student differentiation. The entire learning of the class has been identified from student and teacher interactions and hence, the Task based approach has been implemented tactfully. As mentioned by Ellis and Shintani (2014), the key reason of enhancing popularity of the audio-lingual method is it helps to focus on listening, speaking, repetition and memorization. These four steps are properly followed in the classroom teaching. Hence, Laura has adopted effective student-teacher interaction technique for ensuring quality of teaching performance. The speaking activity can be developed based on proper listening and this is why the video shows that the teacher has emphasized the listening process at the very beginning stage.

The third TESOL method that is evaluated from the video lesson is Total Physical Response or Socio Cultural approach and this method is vital for completing the classroom interaction process (Gibbons, 2006). Laura has implemented this technique for motivating students in the continuous learning process. Furthermore, based on group activities, the teacher has tried to make individual development of students (, 2020). The application of this process has positively motivated students in the language teaching and the speaking activity of students has been developed. Furthermore, the group interaction process is also developed based on applying the technique. Hence, it is clear that the total physical response technique has helped to enhance the student and teacher interaction quality.

Hence, the overall discussion based on video lesson of language teaching, it is found that three types of TESOL methods have been applied by Laura to enhance student speaking activity and learning process.

Theoretical Example
Based on the video lesson learning, it can be stated that the cognitive theoretical learning process has been considered by the teacher. It has helped to develop mental thinking process of students and specking activity has been developed. As stated by Bolkan, Goodboy & Myers (2017), cognitive learning is most appropriate theoretical example in the teaching and learning process. The reason is mental abilities can be developed step by step considering this technique. The application of this technique has helped students to learn new areas and group interactions are developed based on improving mental decision making power. Hence, the teacher has aimed to enhance positive motivation of learning based on applying cognitive approach and TESOL methods.

Promoting maximum Student Learning in the Classroom
Based on the application of three TESOL methods from the video, it is identified that the communicative approach of TESOL has been implemented by the teacher for promoting maximum student learning. This is because Laura has enhanced the student participation process in the classroom teaching activities. The less informative teaching technique has helped the teacher to promote student learning easily. The application of communication approach has helped to the teacher to enhance quality of learning and the speaking activity has been improved. The most important matter is to create positive enthusiasm among the students regarding classroom teaching development. On the other hand, the task based method has helped to focus on the listening, speaking and repetition based on students’ requirements. Hence, the teacher has focused on the proper interaction for promoting the student learning activity most effective way. Hence, the task based approach has ensured skill development of students in the classroom. The third method Socio Cultural approach has been applied to create positive motivation among students to participate in the learning.

Actually, Laura has tried to implement above mentioned three approaches more efficiently and systematically for enhancing student learning activity. The language teaching in the classroom is a complex process for developing attention to the lesson. Under these circumstances, Laura has aimed to enhance student and teacher activity for developing quality of learning. It is identified from the view of Mason and Payant (2019) that TESOL is the most appropriate approach of promoting student learning in the classroom. Considering this opinion depicted in the english teaching assignment, it can be stated that the teacher has provided best effort to enhance student-teacher interaction and promoting student learning activity.

Analysis of the Lesson influenced my approach to English teaching as foreign or other language.
Based on the view of Harmer (2015), it has been identified that in case of English teaching assignment exploring teaching English as a foreign language, application of TESOL process is essential. The reason is it helps to enhance listening and learning process effectively as well s few difficulties in learning the language like the grammatical aspects. In case of foreign language teaching, Communicative TESOL approach is essential as it focuses on the participation of students in the teaching and learning activity. The informative teaching of English as foreign language cannot provide effective result to enhance speaking power of students. The ultimate matter is developing understanding regarding English language and it can be developed by considering practical learning approach. Listening and speaking skills helps in solving issues related to the communication norms to be followed while interacting in a foreign language. The practical learning has been ensured by the applicative of communicative approach of TESOL.

The video lesson considered to build this english teaching assignment has helped to identify the process by which the communication among various students, student-teacher interaction can be developed in the classroom. This help to increase positive motivation and students can easily learn based on mental thinking power. Considering the view of Bidyuk (2017), it has been found that learning of foreign language is not an easy matter and hence informative teaching cannot provide effective result in this matter. Hence, it is essential to focus on the practical teaching process considering the application of communicative approach. Some key points that I have identified from the lesson analysis are discussed below.

First point outlined in the context of English teaching assignment is focusing on personal interaction with students for enhancing quality of language learning. The teacher has made proper interaction based on a reading text to enhance speaking power of English.

Secondly, it can be stated herein English teaching assignment that the teacher has considered listening process based on group discussion among students. Some questions are given to the students for identifying their mental thinking ability and subsequently the listening process has been focused. It has increased understanding in the classroom and students have easily realized the key focus of the class lesson.

Thirdly, I can say that the teacher has emphasized on the less informative teaching process as it cannot enhance quality of learning of a foreign language like English. The teacher has considered interaction process for ensuring that practical technique has been followed in the class lesson.

Fourthly, I can say that teacher has focused on the development of positive motivation and enthusiasm among students within the classroom as it enhances the student participation process in the team or group learning.

Based on the above discussion on English teaching assignment it is identified that communicative approach, task based approach and socio cultural approaches are three important TESOL methods to enhance language learning skill within the classroom. Furthermore, cognitive style of learning is essential to enhance group interactions among students within the classroom with respect to the English teaching. The positive motivation of teacher is essential for promoting student participation in the entire learning process.

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