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English grammar assignment: Identification of Grammatical issues


Task: Write anEnglish grammar assignment identifying the grammatical issues.


1. Introduction
The purpose of this particular English grammar assignmentis to carefully identify with the grammatical issues from a given text. It must be noted in the English grammar assignment that in order to write effective English the grammar is required to be correct so that the writer is able to express his or her views to the reader in the most beneficial and rightful manner. The text that has been chosen to identify with the grammatical mistakes and issues relates to the first text option that was provided in the module guide list.

The text is written in a narrative style possibly a recount of a 12-year-old Burmese refugee who has spent 11 years living in a refugee camp. It must be noted within this English grammar assignment that the writer as coming from a refugee camp has not attained proper schooling and was not having adequate knowledge in writing and communicating in effective English. The writer is currently studying English in Australia for the past 12 months and is extremely weak as observed through the narrative that has been drafted. TheEnglish grammar assignmentintends to identify with the grammatical points by adopting a functional approach to language an identifying three specific issues across at least two met functions. An ideational issue, interpersonal issue and one textual issue have been identified with the overall text that is going to be analyzed in the following content of English grammar assignment. In addition, traditional and functional grammar knowledge has been used to analyse the chosen text and the text has been annotated carefully from a teacher’s perspective and attached in the appendix. One of the areas that are going to be considered while focusing on strategies and implementing them in order to develop the students' knowledge relates to the textual issue that will be a major theme of discussion on English grammar assignment.

2. Discussion of grammatical issues
Identifying and describing the grammatical issues in the text.
2.1 Explaining what the grammar features are and their uses and meanings and how their use in the text provided to you is problematic in relation to their standard use in English.

English has become the global language that is learned and spoken by most people in the world. In order to effectively communicate in English one must develop his or her skills and abilities to write and no correct grammar while constructing their sentences (Gibbons, 2017). Understanding the significance of correct grammar helps a person to articulate his or her expressions in a rightful manner by choosing the best and appropriate words that allow the listener or the reader to fully understand the writer’s expression (Richards, 2017). It must be noted in the context of English grammar assignment that certain grammar features are extremely important in order to express the right meanings of the chosen words. Using incorrect and inappropriate words will certainly be an issue and problematic for the listener or the reader who is trying to understand the narrative of another person. Writing English is extremely important in the contemporary academic world as it helps to improve the student’s English and make them potential in developing a successful career in the current world.

In terms of identifying the grammar features of the chosen narrative provided in the English grammar assignment, one must be able to understand the parts of speech that are taught to English learners at a very early age. The parts of speech help in identifying the nouns objectives conjunctions adverbs pronounce prepositions verbs that collectively build a correct English sentence. Relation to the particular text that has been chosen to identify with the grammatical issues several features of grammar starting from the use of noun verbs pronounce article’s punctuation marks where incorrect.

It must be noted herein English grammar assignmentthat the noun is the name of a person place things or any matter. The purpose of the conjunction is to effectively join two sentences or phrases and provide the right expression (Haslam, 2018). On the other hand, pronounce our words use instead of noun and verbs are the words that are used to identify with actions. Prepositions are important as it helps to identify with the position of things by sitting before the noun and adjectives are used to provide quality to the noun (Leonard et al., 2017). Therefore understanding parts of speech and grammatical features as these are extremely important in order to conduct the right message through our grammatically correct English sentence (Mustanoja, 2016). For example, the student has repeatedly written the name Lisa in a grammatically incorrect manner alongside making several spelling mistakes that made the overall text extremely difficult to read. It is seen in the given case scenario of English grammar assignmentthat the student was also poor in identifying with the right verbs and a major section of the narrative was not clear, as it did not make any proper sense that can we used to make modifications or provide proper corrections. drafting come instant of understanding its past tense form as came writing her instead of ‘she’ that would be a preferably better pronoun the issue of finding the right verb and missing out on stating certain words also made the overall text extremely poor in terms of its grammar.

2.2 Identification of the three issues
Ideational issue

In simple terms ideational in grammar refers to expressing what exactly is going on in a person’s mind or in a circumstance (Sameer & Dilaimy, 2020). Language is an extremely important aspect that helps to convey the writer’s perspective or experience on what is happening as the ideational meaning. While speaking about an experience or describing, any situation one requires representing them in a certain way with the use of proper words in a grammatically correct context. It must be said in regards to the case of English grammar assignmentthat the text represents a few subjects including Lisa her dad it talks about a woman and Lisa's family members. However, the writing is poor as the difference in lexical choices is not well represented alongside repeating grammatical pattern mistakes in sharing the right idea of the situation. It must be noted that the student who wrote the narrative is possibly a recount of a 12-year-old Burmese refugee. Considering the fact given in the English grammar assignment that the writer has been living in a refugee camp for 11 years and has not been, fortunate in attending effective schooling the Boston's ability to broaden his or her ideas has not been developed and enriched. Therefore, the mistakes and issues relating to Lack of proper ideations are observed in the text.

The interpersonal issues
It must be noted that interpersonal aspects referred to tools the overall communication through which people share their feelings and expressions (McGregor, 2019). In this particular context of English grammar assignment, the interpersonal issues related to the inability of the reader and the lack of grammatical knowledge in the writer who has written the text. It must be noted that while assessing the text the feedback is not only provided by understanding the narrative but also examining the background of the student Anne predicting strengths and weaknesses of the writer. The interpersonal issue was also observed in the form of lack of effective interaction through proper words and appropriate grammatical phrases and sentences that could have helped the reader to understand exactly what the writer was trying to say. The ways information and data are conveyed to the reader with writing is extremely important to develop robustly and a creative relationship between the teacher and the student under all circumstances that defines the overall interpersonal relationship between the same.

Textual issues
It must be noted in this section of English grammar assignment that text grammar is also considered a study of texts through which words ideas facts messages are analysed and examined (Meguro, 2019). Actual issues observed in the chosen text relates to the weak linguistic structure of the narrative. The overall text of the student has several mistakes relating to grammar style and expression of right English towards. It can be stated in the English grammar assignment that due to the lack of schooling and proper guidance the writer has not been able to learn about the parts of speech, as it would have been extremely beneficial to develop better English sentences that are grammatically correct and acceptable.

2.3 Providing a rationale for the comments made on the text for the student.
In order to provide a rationale for the commands that were made on the text for the student, it can be stated herein English grammar assignmentthat a combination of traditional and functional grammar knowledge has been used while analyzing the text. Each word sentence and the phrase were carefully observed and proper commands were made in relation to the right grammar that could have developed the overall content of the text. For instance, footnotes were provided 4 better understanding of the mistakes alongside explaining the right English and its reason beside each incorrect word and phrase. The comments were made in order to allow the student to identify with her or his weaknesses and strengths in writing effective English.

As discussed in the English grammar assignmentthe annotations were made so that the student is able to rectify the mistakes and analyze the areas that need special improvement and more attention. It is through the annotations and the analysis that is done on the text that several strategies are drafted in the following content of the paper that aims to develop the overall skills and competency of the student in writing effective English. It must be noted that the majority of the grammatical mistakes related to the lack of effective understanding of parts of speech as a major subject an area of English language that needs to be specifically taught to the student. However, it needs to be noted that the three discussed issues relating to ideational interpersonal and textual had to be developed as a whole for the student in future.

3. Teaching and Learning
3.1.) Focus Language Area

The above case study is about a boy who has spent 11 years in a refugee camp and he narrated that Lisa has a complete urge to attending the school. She desires to glorify her career by stepping into the school. She like other child wants to enjoy the freedom of schools. Perhaps she knew that her education could reshape her journey of life. The case study considered to prepare this English grammar assignment is subjected to various grammatical errors. The child needs to get corrected in every aspect of English. By analyzing the entire case study it can be clarified that the girl needs to be strengthened enough mainly from the grass-root level. She should be taught English from the very basis of language. Moreover, she needs proper grooming to learn English thoroughly. Although she has been started learning English just from 12 months and has written this still he needs a lot of improvement in the grammatical field.

Thus, the main area that is focused in this case of English grammar assignment is the textual language. This part is mainly highlighted, as the child needs to get huge support in the grammatical part. Proper learning of grammar can only allow him to write proper English. The textual language feature is a part of English that shed knowledge about the grammar of English (Radford et al., 2018). Actually, Grammar is the main foundation of English. Thus, learning proper grammar will allow the child to learn and write even to speak proper English. Textual language mainly covers up all section of grammar that the child needs to get groomed up thus this is considered as the pioneer section to guide upon.

3.2.) Teaching and Learning Activities
After studying the case study in order to prepare this English grammar assignment, the first thought that can come upon is that the writer does not have any grammatical senses. The sentence structure is not properly framed. The spellings are misspelt and even the sentences do not show any proper usage of parts of speech. Thus, this clearly gives an idea of the absolute lack of grammar knowledge

As the child has just started learning grammar, he should focus on the sentence structure. He should practice writing sentences and must evaluate whether he could write sentences with one word. If the child is able to get regularize while writing with one word then he must start practicing writing short paragraphs and get it checked from the concerned teacher. After that, the child should also practice writing varieties of issues related to his real-life stories. Writing incident related to his real-life will fetch him to get more acquainted with the subject. It is necessary to know the subject right from the root level. At the same time, he has to practice several grammar books but from stage 1 (Toolan, 2016). The readings developed within this English grammar assignment signifies that in the beginning, he should not try out using hard grammar books as this will reduce his confidence. After completing stage 1 he can approach to use stage -2 grammar books which will gradually increase his skill.

He just spent time in school libraries reading storybooks. Story reading is a rich source of gaining vocabulary. The child is mainly recommended to note down each of the words that he cannot pronounce and then note it down in his exercise copy so that he can check the pronunciation and its meaning from the dictionary (Cody, 2016). In doing so he will gain interest in the subject and thus he will increase his grammatical sense. Moreover, the grammar can be more consolidated if the child started interacting in the English language. In doing so, he will come to know about the parts of speech. It is evident in the present English grammar assignment that the most important part of English that is required for writing and speaking is the parts of speech. It is that chapter of English that constitutes of various kinds of nouns and tense thereby practicing tense separately will allow him to gain the skill. Tense mainly guide him about the situational change and thus understanding this part will help him to speak according to the past present and future tense. In order to increase the skill rapidly, one should focus on these two categories of parts and speech. He should constantly practice tense and nouns because analyzing the structure gives a clear notification that he lacks knowledge in this two-part. Moreover, the child should also focus on the pronoun, adjective, adverb and even preposition. The sentences if analyze critically it is also examined that the child needs to improve his sense of articles as he has used "A" before a name. However, it is ideal to learn the tense and noun initially and then proceed towards learning the other part of grammar (Brown, 2019).

Spelling problem can be solved if the child practices reading and writing every day (Hadfield, 2016). This issue identified from the case study onEnglish grammar assignmentcan also be resolve if the family members give him dictation. One thing must be kept in mind that grammar can only rectify through constant practice. Practice can be achieved if the child maintains a routine of practising grammar at least 1 hour a day. With the application of modern world if the child is subjected to internet connection then the child can also take help from online teachers who are 24 hoursavailable (Graus and Coppen, 2016). Moreover, he can also check his progress by giving several mock tests through the internet, which can readily help him to know his improvement. There are many other websites, which can readily teach him the colloquial English language. In pursuing all these procedures he can easily increase his proficiency level and consolidate his English learning

4. Conclusion
Thus, it can be concluded from the above discussion on English grammar assignmentthat the child has all three issues – interpersonal, textual and ideational issue. Apart from the entire study, the child should spend time interacting with his friend and talking with them in English. Moreover practising English by using proper grammar books and pronouncing the proper English will foster him to learn English. At the same, it is also recommended in this English grammar assignment that constant reading storybooks and writing essays on a different topic will also allow him to gain overall knowledge about the subject. Last but not the least he should practice English right from the first chapter that is "the sentence" followed by a noun and tense and verb. It is expected if he followed such practice, he will be able to write proper English soon independently.

5. References
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The following is the annotation provided on the chosen text. The highlighted sections/ parts of the texts are the grammatically incorrect. The correct grammar is mentioned in the red coloured texts following the wrong highlighted words/phrases. Footnotes are added for better explanation.

lisa(The tile must start with the Capital/ Block letter)
lisa (Lisa is a name of a person and must start with the capital letter. Also, the beginning of every sentence in English must start with the capital letter) is a good gril (girl is the correct spelling)she lik (likes is the correct word as the first verb after the subject of a sentence is always in plural) to go to the school she is at home because he dad don’t want her to go to school in 2005. (her dad does not want her- is the correct English)

lisa (please follow the footnote) is a 12 year old (girl) she look (looks) sad she like to drass (dress) her hads ( undecipherable)(this part is not clear as the narrative is poor and not proper to express the right emotion/ understanding) 4 (using numerical is not accepted- you must write ‘four’) family her mum, dad, sister and lise (The name starts with capital letter) they live in America with a small house.

One day a man come (past tense- came) to take to work but her (she) want (wanted) to to doing a work her dad say took lisa to the car and lisa was crying (very unclear on what the student intends to say). The next day a man say (past tense- said to), lisa clear the house. Lida (Lisa is the correct spelling) to the road and cry a woman say to lisa what are you (verb is missing- preferably ‘doing’)here and the woman took lisa to her house.

A woman say (the woman said- past tense and woman here becomes a proper noun as you are specifically talking about one woman), what do you want to do lisa? Alisa(only Lisa)say I want to got (go) to school lisasay(said) woman say ok tomorrow I take you to school a (the) woman said.

Lisa was escited(excited is the correct spelling)to go to school andlisalove(as Lisa loves)to read.


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