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(ENGL1102) English assignment critically analysing Lucifer from the OTT platform, Netflix


Task: Write a critical analysis of any form of media content for your English assignment. What will you say about your chosen media? What insights will you give us about it as cultural text? What can the media teach us about our culture? Do not analyse the entire media instead analyse one character, one scene, or one theme.


Identifying the text for the English assignment
Brief on the text’s medium and genre

Lucifer is a web series that premiered on the popular OTT platform, Netflix. The series belongs to the mystery of occult detective fiction. It can also be categorized as an urban cop fantasy or police comedy genre for the purpose of the English assignment.

Purpose of the analysis
Choice of the text

Lucifer is an interesting web series for those who like to watch fantasy dramas. The concept of Heaven and Hell are quite interesting for the English assignmentandport the viewers to a different proposition unrelated to their daily struggle.

Fact or fiction
The web series is fictional and draw itsinspiration from the comic character, Vertigo created by Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg, and Sam Keith.

Realistic code
The web series is strictly for entertainment purposes and hardly has anything to do with any sort of realistic implications. The concepts of Angel and Devils as per the English assignment findings are fantasies that are fine in comic books or TV shows having no such link with the real-world scenario.

Change of genre affects the meanings as per the English assignment
A displaced immortal being from Hell working alongside the LAPD detective is quite an interesting thing to watch on the screen. If the detective never meets Lucifer, then it would not have turned into a cop drama which is a popular genre among viewers across the world.

Probable changes if it was a different genre
Lucifer would have been something else if the character of Detective Chloe Decker was not introduced in the series. As per the English assignment analysis he could have battled with his dilemma of whether to go back to Hell or stay on Earth. Having Cloe by his side, he got a purpose to stay on earth and continue his quest for truth and justice.

Physical attributes connote
The body language of Detective Chloe Decker goes well with her profession. She is quite an upright, professional, and no non-sense individual who is out to seek the truth and justice for the victim. As per the English assignment she dresses appropriately like a lady detective and is a caring mother beside her professional commitments. She attends to her daughter’s needs despite her busy schedule making her a modern-day responsible working mother.

Tropes and archetypes
Are any tropes or archetypes used?
The web series has used an archetype.

Influence of the archetype on the media
It is an interesting proposition as a Devil from Hell is associating himself with a lady detective to solve murder mysteries. As per the English assignment it is an innovative idea to cater something different to the audience.

Intertextuality discussed in the English assignment
Media allude to other genres

Interestingly, Lucifer is a combination of various genres like mystery occult, detective drama, comedy, suspense, and thriller that keeps the viewer on edge.

Comparison with other series in the genre
It is better to perceive Lucifer as a unique series rather than comparing it with other shows because it is a combination of different genres. Still, it is found from the English assignment that some may like to relate to the Sherlock Holmes series andthe duoof Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Culture and audience
Culture in which the text is produced
The series focused on the aspect of seeking truth and justice as both Lucifer and Decker indulge in solving the mysteries that came on their way. The engagement of the detective in the series makes it an interesting watch, especially for those who like suspense in a light mood.

Cultural assumptions
Some may prefer it to refer to as satanic context but it is effective to perceive it in the aspect of fantasy suspense. The Netflix show considered for the English assignmenttries to touch upon different layers that the characters reveal and the detective along with Lucifer decodes them.

Ideal audience of Lucifer
The show addressed for the English assignmentis appealing to those who have a curious mind, say having a liking for crime dramas. Besides, Lucifer also belongs to the mystery occult genre and appeals to the audience who like to see fantasies on screen like angels, demons, and other religious aspects.

Intended reading of the media
It varies from one individual to another. Some perceive it as a crime drama while some take it as fantasies with a contemporary touch. Different people have different opinions about the show and Netflix, the presenter.

Influence on dominant cultural values
The show may have a different impact on different people. For instance, the show has a female detective and the phenomenon may inspire more women to join the force and help the community. Again,believersmay feel strongly about the aspects of Heaven and Hell.

Possibility of multiple readings of the media
As per the English assignment findings, different people can perceive Lucifer in different ways as humans vary in their thinking processes.

Context, audience, and interpretation
Context of the media

The show caters to the majority Catholic Christian population in the US who widely believes in the concept of Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Demons.

Creating the text
It is the strategy of the makers and Netflix to get the attention of the targeted audience. Thus, they imbibed the concepts from biblical references to make the people watch the show.
Inclusion and exclusion addressed in the English assignment
Inclusion in the show depicts the sort of mysteries that Lucifer and Detective Decker comes along with. They form a team to get to its root and unearth the matter. Contrarily, the exclusion is the fantasy part that may be good to watch but hard to accept in a real-world scenario.
Differ in interpretations
Different viewers have different tastes. So, shows like Lucifer has a separate loyal base while those who like to see hard-hitting documentaries. This show is for entertainment.

Critique of the media
Some people perceive Lucifer as unrealistic and Netflix feeds the minds of its viewers with fantasies and an urge to engage in crime.

Change in context influencing interpretation
it is deduced from the English assignment that if Detective Decker did not meet Lucifer on account of a shootout in the street and closed it as an open and shut case as suggested by others.


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