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Engineering Assignment: Maintenance Programof F111 Aircraft for Strike/Reconnaissance


Task: Section A: Case Study Reflection (8%)
Read the F111 case study, which includes two attached documents, and prepare a reflection that includes:
- Adequate context information that clearly explains the goals, process, and outcomes of this case.
- What were the reasons to commission SHOAMP
- How can this maintenance program be improved (address 5 points)
- What have you learned from this case study(address 5 points) How would you relate your findings to our lectures - Citations to at least three relevant high quality references (i.e. articles, handbooks, or public reports). - Sufficient examples/evidence to support your writing (where applicable). - The following layout report structure: Table of content, Introduction, Reflection and Discussion, Conclusion, Reference, and Appendix (optional)


Principles of industrial maintenance are necessary for the basic safety of people in the concerned area. In the present context, the Board of Inquiry (BOI) has investigated over the fuel-tank maintenance programs on the F-111 aircraft for Strike/Reconnaissance. Present study is going to discuss the role of SHOAMP in the maintenance program (, 2020).Studies conducted by the SHOAMP, have identified that chemicals and solvent were the primary reasons for ill health. Application of a lump sum scheme has applied for staff associated with fuel maintenance and their family. Special compensation scheme has been developed by the government of Australia that has helped to increase the safety policies of staffs associatedwith the handling of the fuel tank activities of aircraft. SHOAMP have incorporated to provide regular checkup and medication for those employees suffered from ill health. Ways to improve maintenance are also going to be reflected in this task.

1)Study context

The primary goal is to provide the essential safety to the personnel associated with the De-seal/Reseal program of the fuel tank of F111 (, 2020).

I think incorporating necessary safety policies can be helpful for the personnel’s associated with the research as well as the diesel process of the F111 field tank (, 2020). Regular medical care and checkout are necessary for the personnel’s that are associated with the field task diesel and reseal activities. I think the medical care for these people is essential for maintaining the entire operations of the deceased and reseal (, 2020).

2)Reasons for commissioning SHOAMP
The primary reason for the commissioning of the aspect of SHOAMP is to identify the actual health outcome of the personnel’s that are involved in the reseal as well as a diesel of the fuel tank. As per my opinion, the commissioning of SHOAMP was primarily taken in response to the investigation of RAAF.

3)Improvement of maintenance
A maintenance program can be improved via a certain way; the ways are as follows:
Training of staffs:
A maintenance program can be enhanced with the aid of the training staff that handles the F111 field task. Training regarding safety handling can help team and labor to improve their safety policies.

Use of substitute chemicals:
The program can be useful if there is an idea regarding the use if substitute chemicals have been proposed that can be neutral for the health of staff (, 2020). I think exclusive compensation for the family members irrespective of the designation has to be provided.

Special compensation:
Regardless of the lump sum compensation, exclusive compensation for staff associated with the handling of F111 craft can be useful to maintain their safety policies.

Regular checkup:
Programs can be successful if regular check-up facilities can be provided. I think regular checkup can help to identify any issues along with the enhancement of the work area safety policies.

The scheme can organize an awareness program regarding the safe handling of solvent and chemical while sealing the aircraft as well as de-sealing (, 2020). Awareness can be helpful to improve the effectiveness of the program.

4)Learning from case and lectures
I have learned that employees are an essential aspect for any of the organization, especially when it comes to the question of defense. Maintaining the aircraft F111 is difficult as it concerns the safety and security of the employees directly associated with the handling of F111 aircraft.

I have identified that liability will be accepted by the board when the issues are at high. As per the Government of Australia, employees who had exposure to harmful chemicals will be given compensation along with the full liability of the authority body.

I have identified that lump sum payment can be valid for the staff to mitigate the ill-health issue and work area hazards. This type of payment can be given to ensure the treatment of the team suffering from health as a result of handling chemical and hazardous solvent during reseal and diesel of F 111.

Government has developed the F-111 support that can be used to support the families of people associated with the fuel tank activities. People that are not directly involved in the aircraft maintenance activity but get exposure to chemicals.

I have found it in the case study that the government has also focused on “lifestyle management” so that they can ensure a better life to the people handling the hazardous chemicals and solvents. A RAAF inquiry board also stated that regular monitoring, checking health and medication is necessary for Air Force. All medical checkup records have to be kept effectively for future needs.

As per Interim Scheme, there medical healthcare facilities and regular checkup have to be carried out. It has also been identified that the scheme developed two groups. One group participant are the staff and employees associated directly with the F111 fuel tank diesel and reseal activities (, 2020). Benefit named lump sum has to be provided to secure health of personnel associated with field tank F111 activities. The second group is the family members of the participants related to F111 fuel tank diesel as well as reseal activities. The DVA will offer treatment regarding the health issues affected due to the handling of the fuel tank F111.

From the overall discussion, it can be concluded that chemical and hazardous solvents are used in the aircraft fuel tank. A program is being carried out regarding the safety maintenance program, and during that program, safety assurance will be ensured. I think improvement is needed regarding the use of chemicals and solvent that are used on either reseal or diesel of Aircraft tanks.

Reference list (2020). About the air force to put people first following inquiry. Retrieved from: [Retrieved on 25th May 2020] (2020). We support those who serve or have served in defence of our nation and their families.Retrieved from: [Retrieved on 25th May 2020] (2020). Defence - F-111 Deseal/Reseal maintenance workers further support. Retrieved from:[Retrieved on 25th May 2020]


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