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Critical Analysis On The Emily Case Study Considering The Academic Issues Faced By Student


Task: Read the case study of a student considering student’s situation/ problem referring to relevant sources on study skills.


In this report, a detailed analysis on the Emily case study of a student’s, Emily, academic problems are carried out. This Emily case study will consider theory and literature in analysing student’s problems, and recommend solutions. Emily from the past few months is facing issues with her academic course and so she decided to take advice from the Learning Support Centre Advisor. Emily's main concern is her growing issues which she faces while undertaking her program of Nursing. Emily is a New Zealand based nursing student who resides with her parents in Howick. Being a student from Howick College, Emily achieved NCEA level 3 and Biology and Chemistry were her subjects.This achievement of NCEA level 3 proves that Emily is a good student. Emily chose to become a nurse from the age of ten and this is due to the fact her mother is also a nurse and works in nearby medical centre and this nursing profession inspires Emily to become one of them and serve people with humanity and dedication. Emily feels that by becoming a nurse she could positively contribute towards society. Emily after being enrolled in the nursing course is facing several issues; however in this report the significant ones will be discussed

Discussion and Analysis of Emily’s Problems
What are the study skills issues faced by Emily in the Emily case study?
Emily’s main problem is her lack of ability to adapt to the study skills demands of the nursing course. Previously Emily was very serious about her studies but now her casual approach towards her studies has resulted in issue. Thus, here it can be said that Emily cannot adjust with the new environment and this lack of adjustment is the first issue. Here Theory of work Adjustment’s concepts can be applied to understand Emily’s issue. Emily cannot adjust with the new environment and this is because of the fact in class she is unable to make new friends. Emily cannot adjust herself within the class due to her lack of adaptability nature (Duffy et al., 2016).

Emily's second issue which she is facing in her nursing course is lack of time management skills. Emily due to her responsibility towards her siblings cannot owe much time towards her studies even she is unable to manage her timings for netball playing with her friends. This resulted in issue faced by Emily, and this shows that she lacks skills in time management. Here Bucket of Rocks Theory concepts can be applied to Emily issue because according to the theory an individual must segregate activities according to their importance and then should allocate time for each activity. In Emily’s case . she is unable to manage her time and make a priority list (Andra?, Andra? & Tomu?, 2017).

Another issue identified from the Emily case study which she is facing in her nursing course is the lack of knowledge about the referencing system. Emily loves essay writing but she is aware of the fact that if she uses someone else's idea, she has to reference that person and this knowledge about referencing is new for Emily and so she cannot understand what the requirement is. This lack of knowledge about the referencing system is resulting in negative feedback from her lecturers and this is acting as a demotivating factor for Emily. Emily is always used to positive feedbacks but the sudden achievement of negative feedback is reducing her interest in learning new things. Thus, here the Maslow's theory of motivation can be applied (Bassett2016). According to the theory of self-esteem and self-actualization is achieved then motivation comes within (Fallatah & Syed, 2018). Emily lacks in motivation because her self-esteem affected due to negative feedbacks from lecturers and so she feels demotivated. This demotivation is growing Emily’s casual approach towards her studies and this casual approach has resulted in issues for Emily in her nursing course.

Issues that Emily should address and their solutions
After reviewing the issue faced by her in the Emily case study it can be said that Emily currently is going through several issues and some of these issues can be life-threatening and this is because the issue like lack of motivation can result development of mental issues and hence, they need to be addressed with special study skills. Emily should take care of her lack of adjustment issues, lack of time management issues, lack of socialization issue and lack of motivation issues. In order to address these issues which Emily is facing proper study skills is required.

Emily for her lack of adjustment power can try to improve her friendship skills because if Emily make more friends in the class, she would be able to herself in the new environment. Emily should also start to become studios about her studies and leave her casual approach and this casual approach by Emily can be left if she finds that her friends are focused in their studies. Hence making friends can only help her out from the adaptability issue (Fath, Dean & Katzmair, 2015).

Now in order to tackle the lack of time management issue, Emily should make a priority list first and then should allocate time. Emily should allocate more time for her studies and then she should allocate her time for other activities like playing netball, meeting her friends and so on. Hence for the time management skills Emily should consult with her mother so that she could positively help Emily to allocate her time according to her priority list.

For escaping from the third issue, Emily should consider the negative feedbacks as her turning point and take them as challenges and she should overcome this issue by allocating her time more in her studies so that she could learn the referencing system properly. However, Emily can also consider her lecturers to help her out, she can request her lecturers to show her about the referencing system. In this way she will again gain her self-esteem and feel motivated towards her studies.

From the overall analysis of the Emily case study, it could be found that Emily is facing several issues and these issues should be tackled with much significance. The above Emily case study analysis it can be seen that Emily while pursuing her nursing course has faced three main issues and these are lack of adjustment issue, lack of motivation issue and lack of time management issue. The study has shown how Emily can manage her three issues. For the lack of adjustment issue, Emily should adapt with the new environment of the cotes, for the lack of time management issue Emily should allocate her time according to her priorities and for the lack of motivation issue. Emily should change her outlook towards life and should request for help from others.

Considering the overall analysis on the Emily case study, it can be recommended that Emily should make friends in her class and should spent more time with them in order to know each other this change in attitude in Emily is very necessary for enhancing adaptability skills within her. Emily should manage her time and should not spend much time in unproductive works; she should change her casual approach towards study and should become more serious. Finally, Emily should take the negative feedbacks from lecturers in a positive way rather should take them as challenges and should consider her teachers for helping her out and show her the right way of doing it.

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