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Effective Communication Assignment: Data Solutions Business Memo


Task description: In this task, you will write a memo in response to the case study provided below. The memo must be logically structured, free of grammatical errors, professionally styled; in addition, follow the writing conventions for memos as discussed in the lecture and supporting material.


Background and Objectives
The general purpose of this Effective communication assignment is to outline the purpose and techniques in which memos reflect the concepts of effective communication and the methods that can improve and deplete it. The business companies have the most precious assets in the form of its employees. This element of the business of any organization has major potentials of influencing the company’s effectiveness and productivity. As simple, it may sound, but the impacts are capable of delivering large-scale implications. The employee relationship can be improved by the people centric company policies and rules, but this is only the perquisite while the actual factor being very different. The real image of the company that the employees form in their minds is through the day-to-day interactions and communication with the management (Schön, 2017). Therefore, it can be seen that the employee relationship and effective communication with them is the backbone of operations in any organization.

The gap in communication can cause confusion and chaos at work, leading to misaligned priorities and incorrect decisions. The Specific purpose of the memo is to provide an internal business communication audit at the organization so that it can help in identifying the factors that are influencing the process of effective communication and analyze the problems observed. A SWOT analysis of the communication within the organization will help in analyzing the situation and provide the opportunities that can be utilized. The identified factors and areas that lack in effective communication can then be worked on and the gap removed.

Context: The memo has been constructed in the context of the identified problems at Data Solutions. The organization has been witness certain gaps in communication that have affecting the employee relations and the desired objectives. Data solutions is a Brisbane based company that has offices in Melbourne and Sydney. The organization develops and sells software related data management. The company is experiencing turmoil in the internal communication system and it is influencing the management and the concerned business.

Problems:The CEO and the management of Data Solutions have observed the following three problems influencing the effective internal communication within the organization:

  1. The employees are unable to receive clear information at the correct time regarding the decisions taken at the executive level of the company. Quantitative significance of the digital communication channels and methods help in collecting and preserving the data and the evidences regarding those (Lindlof & Taylor, 2017). The activities involved can be tracked as well as traced at any point of time from anywhere through the help of the internet. The feedbacks in relation to such communication can easily be obtained helping taking quick decisions. However, Effective communication assignment also outlines the traditional means of communication have qualitative significance as the offer clear and astute feed backs through facial expressions, body languages, emotions and expressions of the sender as well as the receiver.
  2. It has been observed that the supervisors and senior level executive do not work in the same premises along with the employees and staff of the concerned company. This is majorly effecting the communication between the management and the employees that is required to have effective operations and achieving the desired goals. Qualitative significance can be derived out of the channels that target a specific group. It helps in understanding exact views of the specific groups working within an organization. The targeted group’s communication and feedback is necessary to be clear so that effective decisions and work can be executed (Hair et al., 2015). The decentralized communication channels enable the organization receive ideas and perceptions of all the groups working within it without emphasizing on any specific group and help in gaining quantitative significance.
  3. The communication is done in an unprofessional way through the medium of emails within the organization. The communications and meetings with an organization need to be conducted effectively as they provide qualitative significance of the views of the individuals involved in them (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). However, the reports generated through the meetings have quantitative significance and they do not focus on the individual ideas and perceptions expressed by the people involved in the respective activity. The effective execution of such activities is vital for any business organization to achieve their organizational objectives.

Actions steps to solve the problems
The identified problems identified by the management of Data Solutions can be solved with the help of the following steps:

  • The Effective communication assignments first problem can be solved by the incorporating transparency and effectiveness in the process of communication within the organization between the management and the employees. Messages or information shared without clarity is of no use. It will without a doubt result in obstacles in the execution of the work. The required efficiency cannot be achieved without effective communication and the choice of channels. A message being delivered late is equal to the receivers receiving no communication at all. The management and employees need to be adopt effective communication practices in the matters of delivering important decisions taken in regards to the workings of the organization (Burke, 2017). Use of digital means of communication should be adopted to ensure timely delivery and clarity of information relating to critical decisions.
  • The resolution to the second problem observed at the organization is to establish specific communication channels to ensure effective communication with required members of the organization. A decentralized channel and medium of communication can help in reaching out to a larger audience and spread the messages across whole of the organization (Jenkins et al., 2018). The information concerning each member of the business can be sent through this channel along with the gaining of quantitative significance of the message that needs to be shared. A centralized system can help in reaching out to the specific group of members within the organization that need to contact for the purpose of exchanging ideas and views.
  • The third problem can be resolved by assisting all the members of the organization in understanding the importance and need of meetings and reports containing the minute details of the discussions and decisions taken in them. Use of digital media may be quick but at times is unable to deliver clear interpretations of the information and messages shared through it. The meetings can help in removing the unprofessional means of communication being used at present that is becoming a barrier to effective internal communication in the organization. The reports prepared after the meeting containing the details of it can help the other members who were not present to get an idea of the content discussed and the taken decision in regards to it.

Closing: In the conclusion, it can be said that the Effective communication assignment memo has been successful at delivering the clear concepts regarding the impacts of ineffective communication styles and mediums. The audit of the condition of the communication has been able to identify the key areas where the organization needs to imply changes and its purpose it served. The steps mentioned in the memo will definitely help in eradicating the obstacles in the way of bringing better effectiveness in the organization, Data solutions. Compliances relating to the suggested steps will prove to be of benefit to every member in the organization I helping it reach it goals and objectives.


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