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Effective Business Communication strategic used by MNC in Australia


Task: In this assessment you will both write a report based upon the following case study and then present an oral presentation either during the lecture or tutorial. You will be assigned into a group of three by the lecturer/tutor. Each member of your group will focus upon and write on one of the issues. Do not simply cut and paste each persons’ contribution. The group needs to make sure that all of the parts fit cohesively together and read as one document.

The presentation must be 20 minutes in length. All group members must present during the presentation. You will present the information that you developed and wrote in the report. The flex students will present using Zoom.

Case study:
A multi-national organisation operates in various countries including Australia, Vietnam, India, Oman, and Nigeria. The organisation manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment to local and international clients. In total the organisation has 8,000 employees in five countries and more than 1 million customers worldwide. The head office is based in Australia. In recent years the organisation is facing several communication challenges.

They include:

  1. Ineffective use of social media such as blogs, wikis, social networks to support teams in sharing ideas, building knowledge bases and task management.
  2. Lack of quality feedback from clients on ways to improve product quality and service delivery
  3. Misunderstandings and lack of trust based upon intercultural communication issues in different contexts

Your manager has asked you to develop strategies and plans to improve communication at all levels In order to complete this task, you will need to review relevant academic literature and case studies to provide evidence and examples

The report should have the following structure

  1. Cover page including a title, the names of the group members, the campus, assessment title and lecturer
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
    1. Describe the organisation
    2. Identify the purpose of the report
    3. Detail the scope/boundaries of the report—what is covered what is not
    4. Describe the report outcome
    5. Preview the structure of the report
  4. Analysis of the current situation (literature review of the three presenting issues)
    1. Issue one—social media
    2. Issue two--feedback
    3. Issue three—Intercultural communication
  5. Conclusion—no new information should be presented here—just summarize what you have already discussed.
  6. Recommendations—The recommendations should answer what should be done, who should do it, and how will the success or failure of the recommendations be measured?
    1. Issue one—social media
    2. Issue two—feedback
    3. Issue three--Intercultural
  7. References—Minimum of 25 (APA format)


Introduction : For the businesses, communication is the success gateway as effective communication helps in attainment of the objectives and goals of business organization. There are several communication tools which help in forming adequate communication flow among the organisation and its employees and customers Organizations also experience number of issues while using communication tools. (Kluver, 2010).

About organization: It is a case of a MNC headquartered in Australia deals in agricultural equipment. With more than 8000 workers have operations in several nations. But there are several communication challenges faced by company. Thus, there is a need to have improvement in business communication.

Purpose: The purpose is to analyze communication strategies and to identify ways to overcome the communication barriers.

Scope: The MNC is facing challenges in implementing the communication methods. The scope is to identify adequate communication strategies to deal with the issues. The study is based on secondary data. It will also provide recommendations for improving the communication strategies.

Report outcome: The report will analyze the challenges faced by the MNC in the case studyrelated to customer feedbacks. It will also provide recommendations for improving the communication.

Structure of report: The paper has four parts. The first part includes introduction, second part includes the situational analysis of the organisation, the third part includes findings and conclusion and the fourth part includes recommendations.

Current Situational Analysis
Feedback: The major issues in the communication arises when the customer does not provide proper feedback of the product and services, if the customer provide proper and actual feedback of the product or service they avail issues in communication could be resolved. The feedback of the customer should be service or product oriented it should be directly related to the satisfaction of the end users. The customer feedback plays a major role in the development of the product or services by the provider (Anderson, Narus & Van Rossum, 2006). It is the duty of the service provider or manufacturer of the product to provide a platform to the end user who could easily provide the feedback to the other party and also allow themselves to share the proper feedback so that the improvement could be taken place. For the necessary improvement also the feedback is very much important. The organisation which keens to grow its business should act upon the feedback provided by its customers, not only the feedback but customer should also mentioned the level of satisfaction on the scale of 1-5 in the customer feedback form provided by the organisation and the organisation should act upon the same with respect to the response of the users of the product or service (Morgan & Rego, 2006).

The organizations should also collect the data with the help of surveys which could be done by the executives of the organisation appointed for the purpose to record the feedback of the customer through various online and offline platforms. In the international markets the organisation working globally are focused on the feedback of its customers for its notable growth and success in the market this is the reason that the multinational organisation are always focused on the level of satisfaction of their customers. Now a day’s social media platform also helps to gather the feedback of the customers where they can express their view points on a social platforms or using the feedback forms provided on the websites of the company (Ribbink, Van Riel, Liljander & Streukens, 2004).

Example: McDonald taking effective use of customer feedbacks for improving the services. McDonald takes feedback from its customers on regular basis and provides improved services by analyzing issue and having potential improvements in the business processes (Frost, 2015).

Services and products improvement
For increase in the value of sales the feedback of the customer is very much important for the organisation. The different suggestion received from different customers helps the organisation to improve the working and develop its product and service according to their customers which results into rapid growth in sales and revenues. A sound consumer market is the necessity for any organisation to grow over the time and the same is most essential part of the marketing strategy and understanding the needs of the consumer (Kassim & Asiah Abdullah, 2010).

Satisfaction of the customers
The fulfillmentof the customer needs and the faithfulness towards the customers are the most vibrant feature in understanding the financial performance of the corporation. The customer satisfaction will result into the increase in revenue, reducing the cost of production and also stretch the market share. The customer also fills the feedback form and provide the organisation a rating on such level the consumer is satisfied with the product or the satisfaction it gets through the availing the service of the corporation (Hill & Alexander, 2017).

Example: KFC pay high attention on the satisfaction of its customers and therefore there is regular feedbacks taken from the customers to understand issues and improve products and services of KFC (Roberts-Lombard, 2009).

Retention of the customers
The feedback of the customer helps the company to develop the areas of improvement and a customer is also satisfied to see the after sale service of the organisation which increase the rate of retention of the customer with the company. Is the customer feels dissatisfied also the company learn as to how to make the customer satisfied and learning from the past the company enhance with the areas and develop new strategies and plan for the long period run in the business and by considering the regular feedback from the customer a customer also get involved with the company for a longer run which allows the company to rule the market even in competitive situation. Where the customer has any complaints and is not satisfied with the services of the company the issue should be solved immediately for attaining the loyalty of the customer towards the product and service (Gustafsson, Johnson & Roos, 2005).

Example: Hilton Worldwide pay high focus on customers’ feedbacks. There is a reward program for the retained customers. There are additional services, rewards and discount points given to the loyal customer. Therefore, Hilton has high retention rate of customers (Greatbrook, n.d.).

It could be concluded lastly after the series of discussion that the necessity of the organisation is the necessity of the consumer where the company wants to have a loyal customers at the other hand the consumer also want the same level of loyalty toward themselves by the company which results into the overall performance of the company. An effective communication between the company and its customer develop a profitable relation for the company through which a company can increase its revenue in the future. The goals of the company is certainly accomplished if the effective communication is taken place, also effective communication is very important for the customer feedback. The feedback of the customer is noteworthy for the organisation and its expanding business which surely clear the path of success in the long as well as short run. With taking regular feedback from the customers the issues are generally solved at the first stage of their creation and help the company to attain great level of satisfaction from its customers.

Feedback: Below are the recommendations through which appropriate and suitable feedback of the customer are given in the case study:

  • Company should provide online chat systems which supports the after sale services of the company and through which the customer demand and needs could be easily understood effectively.
  • The feedback forms could be provided on the website of the Organization which could be filled and submitted online through the portal.
  • Through building customers report also a feedback of the customer is noted by which the level of satisfaction could be judged by the company and necessary improvement in the areas of development could be done with the help of response of the number of customers.
  • The feedback of the customer could also be taken on emails and other method of electronic media, social media and several parameters like price, availability of the product, handiness, consumption of the product and other desired information with customer viewpointcould be reserved (Hill & Alexander, 2017).

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