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Economics Assignment: Effects On Life After Pandemic


Task: The economics assignmentis a detailed report on the topic “Effects on life after pandemic”.


The covid-19 is the most relevant and contemporary topic at present, therefore the present economics assignment is focused on the same. It has such significance or importance that somehow the discussion is important for everyone irrespective of class, background, culture, community, profession, etc. From any country, any origin, any culture, any socio-economic background, the effect on life after a pandemic is the most relevant issue to discuss. It is not only important for poor people for their existentialcrisis, rather for the high-class rich people with the threatening to maintain the same lifestyle after the pandemic and most importantly fatality threatening for everyone. Hence research for effects on life after pandemic can be the best consideration in the present context.

Effect oneconomic life after a pandemic
Effect on life after pandemic can best be seen by the economic environment of every country as well as for every individual. The covid-19 pandemic has snatched employment for most people due to the closing of several businessesthrough the economic downturn (TUNALI, 2020). In order to avoid transmission and fatality, the government of most of the countries has to announce complete lockdown as well as border closer for which import and export completely get shattered and several businesses, due to lacking preparation of such big issue, have to close and immediately the employees of all the businesses become unemployed. The entire scenario has severely affected the life after the pandemic for most people in two ways. Directly due to unemployment, the people fail to maintain their lifestyle, some even cannot afford to meals in a day and the government even is not having tax revenue from the organizations or from the individuals due to the same. thus the Government even fails to offer adequate support for individual people of the country (Sharif, 2020). The effect of the pandemic with increasing unemployment further makes people compelled to opt for only necessity cutting the luxury where tourism, fast fashion, and other industries are further suffering bitterly leading to further economic issues for more people.

Effect on mental health after a pandemic
The covid-19 pandemic has shared its impact on the lives of most people by affecting the mental health of people in two ways (Pollock et al. 2020). Due to initiated unemployment rate, most of the people are living an unsure life with the threatening of existence which directly gets connected with depression, alienation,trauma, stress, etc. On the other hand, as social gathering is restricted and people are not really free to do everything or to go anywhere further becoming stressed up with modern lifestyle initiating mental health issues incessantly. Life becomes more difficult for those people who have lost their near and dear ones due to the pandemic. They are suffering from mental health issues. On one side, they are suffering from grief and loss where on the other side they are going through depression, alienation for unemployment, and lacking support of another person as meeting, the gathering is completely prohibited (Stuijfzand et al. 2020). From every perspective, the caged monotonous lifestyle becomes a burden for every person creating major mental health issues.

Effect onpersonal and professional life after a pandemic
The healthcare sector plays the most important role during the pandemic, where all stakeholders of the Healthcare sector like doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals and pathological labs, hospitals, administration of hospitals have taken the most important responsibility to offer a better future for the country (Khattab, and Abou-Madawi, 2020). The life of the referred stakeholders has completely changed after the pandemic as during and after the pandemic, they do not have a personal life as every time they have the responsibility of serving the people to reduce the transmission rate. Initially, they have to fight the battle without proper support of the equipment like PPE, oxygen support, etc which further makes their lives difficult and many of them even have lost their lives while fighting with the pandemic. On the other hand, due to the fear of transmission, they even did not get the support of society, rather they were restricted to come to their house or to stay in a community where not only professionally rather personally their life gets completely devastated (Hlubocky et al. 2021). Not only them, but the family members of the referred professional not only for healthcare professionals rather for administrative personnel and another person who were frontline warrior have to face the same type of issues of noncooperation from the society which makes the life more difficult from every point.

Qualitative research
In order to have the best finding, it is very important to choose the best method as the method is the backbone for any research. Considering the research area and its importance, in the present context, authenticity is much more important for the research for which qualitative research would be best to confirm the authenticity for the entire research and its claims. In order to collect effective data for the qualitative research, questionnaires get used where open-ended questions help the research to optimize long-form answers. Questions are articulated in a way that it successfully accounts, narrative experiences, and opinion of every individual without putting any sort of pressure for biased views. The data collection method further helps the research to identify initial themes for the entire research to successfully identify the scopes for the research in the same area.

Summarization through thematic analysis
In order to summarize the data of the qualitative research, the paper has recorded and transcribed the sessions to focus on thematic analysis to confirm the best depiction of collected data as per the theme to make it clear for everyone (Mohajan, 2018). It further considers the development of a hierarchical outline to pay particular attention to. Considering the quotes of the participants, the paper finally writes its report to offer the best claim as explored by the research.

Result & future direction
The result of the qualitative research provides a deep understanding of the entire research area and clearly identifies the significance of the research in the present context to confirm its relevance justify the significance of the research. However, as the research has only objectified the qualitative research method, thereby it has failed to justify those areas which are not explored by other literature. In this regard, quantitative research can be a better way out. With the help of an effective sample or population size that research can better opt for data for unexplored areas even. However, the danger or risk of the qualitative research eventually helps the research to confirm the future direction

The paper depicts the effect on life after the pandemic. The discussion is quite relevant and contemporary as per the present situation where the effect is described in three scenarios. Through the effect on economic life after the pandemic, it has been described that the covid-19 pandemic has offered a severe economic downturn for industries, businesses, and of the individual which further creating a problem for everyone where some are fighting for existence and some are battling against maintaining the same lifestyle before the pandemic. The pandemic has been shared its effect on the mental health as people due to social distancing, feeling depressed and economic downturn, unemployment,further initiate the issue and fatality even cannot be missed in the same concern. The effect of pandemic even gets evaluated by the personal and professional life of frontline workers as they not only suffer from the professional issues due to excessive pressure of transmission rather, they have to deal with personal issues as they did not get chances to lead a personal life with the fear of transmission. Data the research has been facilitated by qualitative research with the help of a questionnaire through thematic analysis to confirm the authenticity for the paper.

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