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Digital Marketing Assignment: Implementing Digital Media Strategies for Wesfarmers


Task: Yourdigital marketing assignment report should address the following questions:
1. Utilise the analytical tools and metrics you have chosen to evaluate the success of your digital media strategy.
2. Evaluate if the goals and SMART objectives, set in the first assessment, have been achieved?
3. Evaluate your choice of channels, topics and key words.
4. Consider if your chosen angles and pitches were successful.
5. Reflect on your copywriting and soundness of strategic implementation and recommend adjustments to grow your presence.
6. How much tuning was required and for what reasons? Were the changes successful?
7. Discuss if you reached your target audiences as expected? Did your content successfully engage your target audience in the way you expected? Which content has performed over expectations, or unpredicted (positive/negative) reactions from the target audiences?
8. Identify the positive outcomes generated after the implementation of strategy.
9. Discuss the difficulties and challenges you encountered and how you managed them. Recommendations:
10. Reflect what worked well in your digital strategy? What could you have done better? Recommend what you need to do differently to ensure further engagement.

11. Identify how you can use your learning to improve your campaign.
12. Reflect how you would prepare for and manage potential setbacks in the future.
13. Highlight something you have learnt from the resources in this course and your experiences. Refer to the key concepts and theories.
You can use any combination of short narrative, point form, diagrams, graphs, tables, or images to increase the readability of your growth strategy.

Ensure you include appropriate screenshots, evidence, insights from the evaluation and metrics in your appendix to support your evaluation.


1. Introduction
Digital media strategies, examined herein digital marketing assignment areextremely essential for any company to undertake. It can be understood as one of the key areas to be addressed in the element of development which can be followed and assured. This helps in order for generation of larger impact which can be brought around. This study will look into the specific event of the implementation of a digital media strategy for the brand of Wesfarmers and will help in order for the development of an effective potential which is present.

2. Evaluation
In terms of the evaluation of the prospect of the digital strategy it can be understood that the current recommendations are surrounded around the aspect of developing a significant roach onwards the element of effectiveness which can be generated. Primarily, it can be viewed that an environmental analysis and the aspect of Seo was used to generate a greater amount of understanding of how to engage the audience. It is important to be uncertain as per the work of Eagerton (2017) that the element of SEO helps to create traction. In terms of the goal set to achieve a traffic of 1000 viewers on the company website every day, it can be understood that the goals have reflected elements of importance such as that of generating more reach in case of a market. Additionally it can be viewed that the ace of social media was used as well. Through the use of Instagram reels and Facebook marketing and post publishing this element was met effectively. It can be understood that this drew a near amount for follower support.

Effectiveness of Smart Goals
Essentially, the social listening context is defined by Mahmud et al. (2021), as the element of developing effective operational abilities in laughing at the market reach of a product; only 80 % of the intended goal was reached each day for a month entirely. This implied that the advent of SEO was mildly effective but the desired outcome was not achieved at all. Further it can be viewed that in the case of the social media strategy the element of conversations and alerts yielded minuscule results as these areas were not focussed on properly.

Effectiveness of Keywords
It can be understood that the use of keywords and the strategy of content creation was extended through the means of on-page optimization and this was bifurcated as much as possible. The content was pitched upon the use of low competition keywords. However, it can also be understood that a host of methodologies were employed. The keywords with low competition were compiled with high competition keywords to generate content and to maximise reach and leverage Google crawling. It can be viewed that specific searches in this scenario would result in more content clocks. Additionally, this played an important role in the capturing of a specifically targeted audience. Environmental analysis revealed gaps in markets which were to be capitalized on and this allowed the element of keyword to be designed and updated. The combination approach yielded the 80% rate of achievement of the same. These have been documented through the footprint of users in the case of an excel file (refer to appendix 1). Furthermore the use of hyperlinks enhanced the prospect of the same for the company of Wesfarmers. This channel as specifically used to generate greater content based clicks which could be accrued.

Chosen angles
The chosen angels were extremely dependent on the factor of generating audience inputs through the means of micro-sites which are aligned to redirect the customers to the main site. This involved generating a large potential which could be generated and assured. Furthermore, it can be understood that through the context of the same, it can be reviewed that the direction of customers to micro-sites and then leveraging this to gain access to the main site was a strategy to reduce digital jargon. This helped in order for ensuring a proper set of constraints and effective control which could be brought around. However, the metrics used were to monitor conversations

The original implementation plan was differential and the rate of tuning is extensive and great. It can be understood that the witches who have been made during including test strategy and implementation have been wide and vast. This has resulted in the aspect of making serious changes to the strategy as well. It can be understood that the keyword strategization had to be changed significantly in the case of the overall aspect. It can be viewed that there is an effective rate of potency which was developed through the use of different tools and on-page optimisation strategies to generate impactful content to direct towards the customer efficiently. The tuning was entirely switched out from social media based marketing to SEO based marketing. Thus adherence to goals was low.

The element of copywriting was sound as this could be used to generate a level of sundress in the strategy. The use of proper images and combination with effective keywords is important to assure a larger impact on the rate of efficiency which can be generated and assured. This helps in order for generation of a larger level of efficiency which can be brought around and developed. This helps in ensuring a larger impact on the case of the overall prospect of the same, this war leveraged using graphics which are research oriented and by adding hyperlinks to the backend.

Positive Outcomes
The positive outcomes for the brand revolved around the factor of generating a larger rate of importance which could be accrued and ensured. This resulted in the element that the brand reach was widened a compared to before. However, the brand reach was not satisfactorily increased.

Difficulties and Challenges
The problems which arose during the implementation were that the strategy needs to be changed to make it more market oriented. The skeleton of the strategy needed to be adjusted to generate relatable content for target audiences. Vinayak (2019), indicates that strategy development is very important as this helps for assuring a larger impact and it also implies caution which can be brought around and effective rates of potential can be developed and generated. This also helps in assuring a potential of effectiveness which can be generated and developed as well. Thus, it can be delineated that the overall prospect of convergence is important to be generated and assured. Impact is created through the means of developing a certain amount of efficacy which can be developed and assured.

3. Recommendations
It can be discerned that the recommendation for benefiting the company indicates that there is an effective rate of importance which needs to be brought around through better SEO tools and adjustments made to the keywords.However the SEO integration was a positive aspect and this needs to be capitalised on by Wesfarmers.This also implies that the element of importance is important to be generated and assured as well. It can be viewed that there is a proper importance as is recommended to be called on the development of more targeted strategies. This helps to generate a larger rate of impact which can be assured through a firm.

Tuning should be minimised as this raises additional costs. Thus, a strategy needs to be run through initially to render a pilot run through the strategy implemented.

This helps in order for the development of effective potential.
Title labels are the names of your site and they mention to the web search tools what it is. The significance of a title tag comes from it being the principal thing a client or Google's calculation sees of your website page on a SERP. This is a significant piece of SEO measure, yet it works similarly as critically towards the potential clients, as this is the thing that they will initially see on your website page. While the substance of title labels is a significant factor, so is the length of one. Google normally shows the initial 50–60 characters of a title tag. On the off chance that you hold your titles under 60 characters, research proposes that you can expect about 90% of your titles to show properly.Heading labels are, as the name recommends, the headings on a website page – or to put it more in fact, they are the h1 is a HTML label that shows a heading on a site (Nair & Gupta, 2021). Heading labels are unreasonably more significant than one may suspect, and for a model inSearch Engine Ranking Factors, Page-Level Keyword Usage Features, which incorporate title and heading labels, rank as the #3 most significant elements in Google's Broad Search Ranking Algorithm.

Page load speed is another specialized perspective that influences both Google's calculations also as buyer conduct. While Google has authoritatively expressed that page load speed influences their SERP rankings, it is very clear that sluggish stacking sites can hurt your Google rankings. Page speed test was done through Google's PageSpeed Insights, Google's own program that gives assessments of page load speed. While the program is not difficult to utilize, it does offer various information beginning from First Contentful Paint to Time to Interactive. To keep the examination reasonable, as page speed time is just a piece of it, we will just glance at time as intuitively as this information gives us when the page is completely intelligent. For how they do in page speed, the examination will utilize the information given by a similar program, which goes from 0-100, with 100 being the most ideal score. Of this 0-49 is thought about a helpless score, 50-89 is considered to require improvement and 90-100 is viewed as great (Nair & Gupta, 2021).Thus this can be employed for the case of Wesfarmers as well.

4. Conclusion
Thus concluding from this it can be rendered that I gained a better idea of the marketing skills that I can apply in the terms of developing and generating effective content. This helps to ensure a large impactfulness which I can draw out and engage within.

Reference List
Egerton, D. (2017). The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Why it's Important and How it May Change in the Future.

Mahmud, W., Kanon, S. S. A., &Fahad, M. D. (2021).Development of a Learning Portal for Affiliate Marketing.

Nair, K., & Gupta, R. (2021).Application of AI technology in modern digital marketing environment.Digital marketing assignmentWorld Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development.

Vinayak, S. P. (2019). [Infographic] Top 11 Tips For Creating Effective Facebook Ads| Better Facebook Adverts 2020.

Appendix: Excel Results

Appendix Excel Results


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