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Developing Smartphone Management Software To Regulate Smartphone Usage


Task: What is driving the demand for smartphone management software?


Executive Summary
Smartphones have grown to become the most useful and successful digital gadgets on the planet, but every smartphone depends on smartphone management software to ensure smooth and efficient operations. While most users rejoice as smartphones grow more powerful, there are significant complications linked to mobile devices, especially among juveniles. It has prompted the demand for smartphone management software that allows parental control while still allowing the young user to benefit from using the gadget. Besides children, corporate industry is also growing, and the demand for such software is seen as a lucrative investment opportunity.

Smartphone management software and hardware have helped people achieve unimagined feats in communication, and the gadget has revolutionized commerce, communication, and the business as a whole. But with this power and freedom comes the requirement for responsibility and proper management of the gadgets use among the device users. It is much easier said than done, and irresponsible smartphone use has been growing among users in recent years. Many are spending too much of their time surfing the web, chatting with friends, playing games and listening to music. It is a disaster for parents and business owners who cannot regulate smartphone use, leading to severe complications. It has created a multibillion-dollar industry requirement for useful smartphone management software and applications (Rajole, 2014). The application would override the existing operating system and place the administrator in charge of all operations and report directly to them regarding the gadgets use. The smartphone management software allows parents and corporate heads to effectively manage smartphone usage while still allowing them to benefit from the technology.

Problem Statement
The misuse of smartphone technology has led to smartphone management software demand, allowing the administrators to control smartphone usage. It will help improve efficiency and the use of gadgets among juveniles and professional in the workplace.

Smartphone management software Specifications and Demand
While smartphones have been identified to bring many benefits, they have also been identified to contribute to low school grades, misuse of the internet, waste of time and laziness. This is simply due to the smartphones coming with many functions that allow the smartphone owners to use a pocket gadget to perform over 50 operations. It has led to seriously affect time management and performance, leading to severe drawbacks at the workplace. Many parents also restrict their children from owning or using smartphones only due to the freedom the smartphones offer the individual without the possibility of monitoring their usage (Filev et al., 2014).

The concern hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it has resulted in high demand for smartphone management software to keep smartphone use regulated and monitored at all times. Due to nature and concerns linked to smartphone misuse, parents and the corporate industry are prepared to pay for the services as long as it limits smartphone usage and delivers proper monitoring surveillance to the parents and business owners. With most available smartphone management software and applications charging a yearly subscription, the demand for a free application is overwhelming. It can generate vast amounts of income from the sale of advertisement space directly on the apps. Over 65 million children are using smartphones today, and the number keeps rising each day, resulting in vast potential for generating income. It also projects a vast potential to generate an overwhelming amount of money through the free distribution of robust smartphone management systems which generate revenue from selling advertisement space.

Developing smartphone management software for free distribution and use will overcome competitors in the field and attract consumers to the free smartphone management system. It is because people are more likely to download a free application than the paid version. Even by charging 1 cent each time the application is used will result in the business generating thousands of dollars each day. The potential for generating vast income from the development of affordable smartphone management software is overwhelming, and it is a one-time investment. It is due to the preparation of a one-time application which only needs upgrades and updates that costs considerably less.

The smartphone management software project is expected to generate a considerable amount of income, but it is also essential to keep in mind that the project will require significant investment capital. The funds will go towards app development, testing, marketing, distribution, up-gradation and update development. It will require high investment to inform the public regarding smartphone management software, allowing parents and the corporate industry to download and test the application. Only after testing can recommendation and reviewing be done to improve the software further.

Utilization of Human/ Natural Resources
Initially, a small team of no more than five individuals are required to develop smartphone management software. A smartphone application development will only need one application development engineer, while others will concentrate towards marketing, management and communication of the application and associated services.

Time Schedule of the Smartphone management software
The project schedule will be a maximum of 6 months within which the program's research, development, testing and distribution will be done. Each of the stages will be broken down into a maximum of one month, leaving an additional two months for final testing and preparation for the launch. It is vital to make sure the launch is well organized and reaches out to many smartphone users, allowing them to test and review the application before recommending it to other users. The launch of any smartphone management software application is classified as very important. It has been seen that many applications that were well-organized experienced overwhelming acceptance from the user from the very day they were launched. Good examples of applications that registered huge launch success are WhatsApp and Skype, which offer free services and generate income from advertisements on the applications. These smartphone apps have also been noted to remain popular and a necessity among smartphone users worldwide, with many users downloading these applications immediately they purchase a new smartphone. The same target should be aligned with the smartphone management software, which must be distributed to smartphone users and the public. It should be done before the application is available to ensure the consumers know about it and are ready to download it and use it immediately on the launch date (Engel, 2010). Securing a large number of downloads on the exact launch date is very important. It will attract smartphone application reviewer who will also contribute towards creating additional awareness regarding the application to users and readers who may have missed the launch.

Project Budget of the Smartphone management software
The smartphone management software will require specialized equipment to allow replication and downloading due to consumer demand scale, thus requiring the developer to invest considerable amounts of capital investment. The estimated total project cost is 95 Crores, but this amount of money includes full funding and finance of the application, infrastructure, equipment and maintenance over 36 months. It is vital to ensure the project has adequate financing for 36 months to eliminate any unexpected complication or slow response linked to consumer attraction and use (Hitchne, 2011). The projected launch of the smartphone management software is expected to occur six months from the projects initiations and revenue generation is expected to begin immediately after utilizing the product. It makes it critical for the product information to reach out to as many people as possible, thus allowing maximum downloading and use. The company will require investing heavily on marketing and product exposure right from the project's initiation to inform the public regarding the product and prepare and be ready for its launch and large numbers of downloads.

Stage 1

45 Crore

Software Development

  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Software Engineers - Contract
  • Paperwork, labour and monthly expenses

Six months

· 20 Crore

· 20 Crore

· 4 Crore

· 1 Crore

Stage 2

50 Crore

Product Marketing and Distribution

  • Marketing
  • Distribution and Storage Servers
  • Misc and Unseen Expenses

12 Months

· 30 Crore

· 15 Crore

· 5 Crore

Project Monitoring and Measurement
The digital-based product will be self-monitored and keep track of itself using built-in applications that would report directly back to the principal survivor. It would allow the developer to identify the number of smartphone management software downloads that have happened, and the number of current users accessing the application at any given moment (Gudda, 2011). Armed with this information, the developer and marketing teams can turn their attention towards distributing the software, allowing them to distribute the software to many consumers.

Product Innovation and Improvement
To retain a competitive edge and ensure the smartphone management software remains competitive, it would require hiring a software development team permanently. The team would be responsible for collecting information from the user and including them to the software program's requirements, thus gradually increasing its features and ability to function more effectively (Neef, 2014).

As smartphones grow more powerful, they are also being accessed most often by the consumer, thus paving the way to constant monitoring at all times. The requirement to monitor smartphone use is also increasing, but no free smartphone management software applications are currently available, and this provides a huge investment opportunity for investors. The development of a robust free application will ensure the business taps into the large consumer markets instantly and generates revenue from the sale of advertisement space. While this revenue may be small, many people are expected to use the smartphone management software application and the generation of large amounts of revenue income from subscriptions and advertisements.

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