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Developing data based graphs using database coding graph assignment techniques?


Task: How to develop data based graphs using database coding graph assignment techniques?


The report focuses on carrying out a research on the problems faced by London School of Science and Technology in the higher education market of United Kingdom. The incorporation of different strategic tools will be made for carrying out in-depth research.

About LSST
Overview of LSST

The London School of Science and Technology (LSST) established during 2003operate as a private educational institution serving the needs of the higher education sector. The institution specialises in the educational areas concerning business management, information technology, and healthcare and also in social care based courses. LSST carries on its operation through 4 different campuses spread around the country that helps in catering to the higher educational needs of around 4000 students. The higher educational institution focuses on rendering an open and all inclusive learning experience in terms of providing quality education to its students irrespective of the educational backgrounds and levels that they hail from(London School of Science and Technology , 2022).

Vision of LSST
The vision of LSST is rendered as under:


(LSST , 2022)

Mission of LSST

The mission of LSST is rendered as under:


(LSST , 2022)

Values of LSST

The values of LSST are illustrated as under:


(LSST , 2022)

Problems faced by LSST

London School of Science and Technology (LSST) are facing some potential problems which are discussed as under:

- The educational business of LSST requires it to deal with large numbers of new entrants in the higher educational market. The new entrants generate greater competition to LSST in terms of working towards the fulfilment of like business and institutional goals.
- Higher educational institutions like that of LSST are suffering from dearth of quality teaching and non-teaching staffs. The same is affecting the effectiveness of the management and operations of the higher educational institution.
- The management of LSST is focusing on taking of conscious steps in developing a framework for both promoting and sustaining greater hygiene and health of both its staffs and student communities.

Critical Analysis of the Problems
The critical analysis of the problems will be carried out based on the incorporation of strategic frameworks like PESTEL, Porter’s

Five Forces and SWOT.
Application of PESTEL Analysis

The PESTEL Analysis is carried out for understanding and evaluating the macro-business environment of LSST. It would contribute in analysing the impacts of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors on the operation of LSST (Perera, 2017).

Political Impacts
The policies and regulations framed by the Government of United Kingdom regards to tuition reforms has enhanced the home educational rates for students in the higher education sector while also eliminated the funding grants. Post-Brexit the reforms brought about regarding immigration policies require the EU students to have tier4 student visas for getting a chance in higher educational institutions in United Kingdom(Scott & Mhunpiew, 2021).

Economic Impacts
The higher education sector of United Kingdom is evaluated to contribute to around GBD95 Billion to the nation’s economy. It tends to support and generate employment opportunities greater than 815,000. Over a 5 year period the higher education sector has contributed to around GBP50 Billion to UK’s GDP (Universities UK , 2021). The emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic is evaluated to account to an economic loss of around GBP2.6 billion (Deloitte , 2022).

Social Impacts
The students pertaining to the higher education sector in United Kingdom are required to take huge amount of loans from banks and other financial institutions for funding their education. Now owing to the lack of economic prosperity and also the lack of high quality jobs in United Kingdom it becomes difficult for the students to gain effective placements and thereby fail to meet the loan amounts taken for funding their education. The above fact thereby makes the higher education aspect less attractive to the UK students (Silesbarcena, 2019).

Technological Impacts
The service potential of the higher education sector in UK is enhanced based on the involvement of effective technologies like the audio-visual technology and virtual learning environments or VLEs. The use of digital and audio-visual technologies along with the application of interactive boards has contributed in enhancing the level of attractiveness regards to the educational framework. Further, the inclusion of the VLEs has helped in the development of learning management systems (LMS) that contributes in the carrying out of flipped learning activities(Blundell et al., 2022).

Environmental Impacts
The higher educational institutions based in United Kingdom are taking the current environmental issues concerning climate change with needed seriousness. They are focusing on reducing the level of energy consumption, reducing the use of fossil fuel, seeking the services of sustainable supply chains, reducing carbon footprints and also in developing a greener campus (Mayo, 2019).

Legal Impacts The Office for Students (OfS) requires the higher educational institutions to comply and enforce equality of opportunity for the students. Further, OfS also requires the higher educational institutions to effectively implement the Freedom of Speech legislation for encouraging students to put forward their concerns before the management. The Subsidy Control Bill is focused on being revisited for helping the higher educational institutions earns effective subsidies for promoting research and development activities (Owen, 2022).

Application of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
The Porter’s Five Forces Analysis is carried out for studying the micro-business external environment of a firm. It analyses the five different competitive forces that tend to influence the industry in which the firm is performing and thereby helps in understanding its corporate strategy (Perera, 2020).

Buyer’s Bargaining Power
The growing power of internet has enabled both the students and the staffs of educational institutions like that of LSST to gain information at hand for taking the needed decision regarding the course fee, educational programs, compensation structure and other facilities provided by the institution respectively to the stakeholders. Students and employees thereby compare the information pertaining to the different institutes before taking any like decision(Bothwell, 2020).

Supplier’s Bargaining Power
The emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly affected the flow of students in the higher educational sector of UK. The higher educational institutions like the LSST are required to carry out regular risk assessment tests for protecting the health of both the students and the staffs in the breakup of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are also required to sustain partnerships with government, semi-government and private agencies and participate in workshops for earning the steady supply of students (Bothwell, 2020).

Threat from Substitutes
The growth of participation of students in different Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) designed by different global universities based on using the online platform tend to act as an effective substitute to higher education programs offered in by institutes like LSST. The same being highly cost effective in nature has gathered needed attention of the students worldwide where they can study at the comfort of their homes or chosen locations (Top Universities , 2021).

Threat of Entry
The entry barrier in the higher education market that was quite high initially has been considerably lowered by the UK Government. The same encourages the entry of different private players in the higher education market in UK. The same enhances the level of competition faced by higher educational institutes like LSST (Hunt & Boliver, 2021).

Competitive Rivalry
Biggest colleges in the UK higher education sector like University College London, University of Manchester as well as the University of Oxford enhance the level of competition for LSST. The University College London has the maximum numbers of students followed by others. These colleges differentiate in terms of diverse and new product and service offerings for attracting potential students (Clark, 2022).

Application of SWOT Analysis
The SWOT Analysis of an organisation is carried out to reflect on the internal strengths and weaknesses and also the manner the strengths are used for exploiting the external opportunities and in countering potential threats. The SWOT Analysis for LSST is rendered as follows.


-          LSST works on the development of flexible programs to suit the needs of the students

-          LSST works in the development of industry oriented and job focussed curriculums

-          The courses of LSST are well integrated with skill based workshops for readying the students to face the industry

-          Awards rendered by LSST are approved and validated by recognised universities in UK

-          Collaborative and interactive atmosphere between teachers and students (LSST , 2022).


-          LSST has no MOOC Curriculum or any other online courses for online students

-          Existence of staffing problems that tend to affect classes


-          To focus on the development of MOOC Courses and other online diploma and executive programs

-          To focus on taking part in international workshops and seminars for gaining greater accessibility to students


-          Low entry barriers in UK higher education sector enhance the entry of international private players in the market

-          Fall in supply of international students owing to COVID-19 and post-Brexit

-          Growth in the number of MOOC Courses that enhance substitution threat

-          Growth in the rates of tuition fees in UK affecting student intention

Issues faced by LSST
Three potential issues faced by LSST are pointed below:

- The emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic coupled with the post-Brexit environment has reduced the flow of international students
- The growth in the tuition rates in UK has reduced student morale for taking registrations in higher education programs
- The growth of MOOC Courses online with lower barriers to entry in UK higher education sector has increased the competition for


The incorporation of different strategic tools like PESTEL Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model and SWOT Analysis is made for analysing the external and internal environment analysis of LSST. Three potential problems faced by LSST are inferred from the analysis carried out based on the use of the strategic frameworks.

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