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Decision Making Process Assignment: Learning Experience In Clear Vision Communication


Task: Write a report in which you draw on your experience and use examples from your Co-operative Education placement to demonstrate:

  1. Your progress during your Co-operative Education experience including a self-evaluation of how your experience has facilitated your ability to apply knowledge from your major to your role, increased your understanding of business and developed your professional skills (1500 words).
  2. A comprehensive understanding of a relevant topic through research and application to your role and/or organisation and/or industry. This topic should develop your discipline knowledge beyond that acquired in your role, and your skills as a critical enquirer and problem solver (3500 words).

You must only draw on secondary research i.e. relevant academic literature, theories and concepts for your entire report to support your discussion.

  • You must not disclose any confidential information or complete any primary research.
  • The work must not have previously been submitted by yourself or another person.
  • Ensure all researched information has been acknowledged by citing and referencing in APA 6th ed.

You are required to:

Write a report in which you reflect on your Co-operative Education experience and demonstrate comprehensive understanding of a relevant topic through research and application to your role and/or organisation and/or industry. Your report should include:

  • Introduction and conclusion(s) 5-10% overall word count
  • Reflection (1200- 1500 words)

• Introduce your Cooperative Education placement to provide context. Assume the reader knows nothing about your placement – include your role, your organisation and its environment and your industry/sector.
• Reflective overview: Discuss your progress and performance in your role, major knowledge and your professional skills against initial thoughts (Your Learning Plan) and expectations. Reflect on things that went well, key challenges that you encountered and how you dealt with these and where to from here (your future plans). You may wish to view the following for guidance on reflection

Your Topic (3000-3500 words)
• Introduce your topic and discuss how your topic can be applied to your role and/or organisation and/or industry.
•Write up your findings from your research (use informative subheadings) in which you demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of your topic.
• To demonstrate your understanding of the topic it is expected that you will analyse, synthesise and evaluate the material and evidence you have gathered.
• Organise your material and evidence based on your analysis, research and evaluation to arrive at conclusions and if appropriate recommendations.
Discuss how these conclusions/recommendations relate to your role, organisation and/or industry


Executive Summary
The role of the Manager in taking effective business decisions is much dependent on analysing the financial information and data of the company. The decision making process assignment has focused on discussing the role of the financial assistant and his learning experience in Clear Vision Communication for taking effective business decisions, the way various financial and company-related factors that influence the decision-making process of the manager have been critically discussed in the decision making process assignment on the second part of the study.

The accounting information is very important for a business as well as the managers as it helps in the decision-making process of the managers. It is not possible for the managers to make important business decisions without the help of analysing the financial or accounting related information and determining the relevant data of the business growth and development. The decision making process assignment focuses on discussing the role of Managers in a co-operative education placement company and the way managers professional skill development helps in the decision-making process. On the other hand, the second part of the decision making process assignment focuses on defining the role of accountants within a placement company and critically analysing the relation of accounting information in the managerial decision-making process. 

Part A co-operative Placement experience
Company Introduction
Clear vision Communications Company is selected to prepare this decision making process assignment which is a leading organization in Auckland that offers the foundation of a successful career path and ultrafast broadband service with exceptional high-quality service. The team of the company is extremely loyal to UFF and incorporates virtue in the team spirit and tailors the agenda team with respect to UFF. It also organizes credit study programs for more than 5,000 American colleges and universities. The accounting career field is constantly fluctuating in nature and for this intern required to be very specific on various accounting tasks. The organization offers a wide range of learning starting from bookkeeping to other exciting projects. The majority of the location where the organization is located offers opportunities for accounting that enables the learners to develop concepts regarding the handling of accounts across the globe. Through customized international internships as well as study programs, the company encourages as well as inspire the young people to develop professional experience. Each detail of the programs ranging from the accommodation to social events is carefully selected in this report of decision making process assignment on the basis of the experiences.

My job role
It is stated herein decision making process assignment that managers play an important role in the effective functioning of educational training in Clearvision Communications. I have assessed the needs of the students that require training and align the training with the goals of the organization. I also created a training budget and kept the operation within the estimated budget. I tried to develop training programs and update them, whenever necessary. Along with this, the creation of online modules of learning and other specific educational materials were developed for the learners (Engle et al. 2017). Managers at Clearvision Communications also review training materials for a wide range of vendors and select appropriate content that goes best for the learners. They also taught methods of training as well as skills for the instructors and correspondent evaluated the effectiveness.

Professional skills and development
The development of personal and professional skills was initiated by creating opportunities from one to one discussion. As a manager, I need to have one to one conversation with the team members in my organization. These efforts will be appreciated with the face to face discussions. The role of the manager is quite tough in nature as I must hook for driving the best results and create a continuous progress environment. I believe that it is important to set goals for yourself and for the teams in order to ensure an effective management process. There are two basic goals that are required to be established for enhancing performance. I would like to mention in this section of decision making process assignment that I personally have adopted the SMART framework for keeping track of the progress. The achievement of the goals of the organization initiates with the departmental managers that set up their goals based on the organization. While making any departmental goals, I have ensured that there is no sense of conflict or overlap and have allowed various departments to support each other. I have also established performance planning and an action plan through which the goals will be achieved.

Professional learning plan
Learning plan

Priority Area


Learning strategies

Learning resources


It is important for me to develop communication skills through one to one discussion.

Ensure communication with the stakeholders

Facilitate the resources of the organization

I believe that it is important to provide undivided attention to the workplace.

Lack of focus devalues the conversation and thus, eye contact must be maintained.

Software such as edX, Udemy, and skill soft

Team building

Enhancing employee networking

Developing trust among the group

Increase in collaboration

Encouraging creativity among the team members

Adopting open-door policy

Setting up boundaries and provide direction

Solve the problem among team members

Team building activities and activities

Team coaching and measuring emotional intelligence

Knowledge of Domain areas

Develop an understanding of competency management

Encourage collective learning

Establish corporate education

Igniting the passion for coaching teh employees

Adopting a flexible learning approach

Building trust in organizational leadership

Supervisorial development

Team development

Personal development

Management development

Current skills

  • Communication: It is noted herein decision making process assignment that I presently have good communication skills which I think are the most important skills of the manager. I need to use my communication skills effectively with the ones that I supervise. In a numerous range of management tasks, I feel that it is important to share thoughts and ideas worth the teams. I also feel that it is equally important to send the right messages to the team and use the powers for persuading people in an appropriate manner.
  • Team building: I believe that it is important to keep the team intact and ensure that three is a healthy competition among the team members for stimulating personal growth. In this process mentioned in the decision making process assignment, I notice the irregularities among the team members and attempt to correct the situation as per the appropriate discussions. I also try to build trust among the team members so that they head towards the same goal. I also got adequate training on accounts payable invoicing for the supplier that i have worked with. Along with this I have also worked with many software and have also acted out SDU jbs and bunning reconciliation with great ease.

Past skills

  • Knowledge of Domain areas: I had a thorough understanding of the process wherein the team members perform their tasks. Even though skills do not hold much importance, however, in some situations while working in Clearvision Communication I had worked up to my full capacity in order to ensure a better understanding of each other's competency level.
  • Leadership: I have leadership qualities through which I tried to solve the problem of the coworkers and ensure that the team is committed to the organization’s goals. I have also illustrated the goals among the team members and thereby assigned responsibilities to the individuals. I have also tried to provide a clear vision with respect to the direction and the path through the team would be-headed.

It is noted in this section of decision making process assignment that initially, I faced a lot of challenges while working in this organization as it demands consistency and generating similar learning outcomes. Training and development of the students required improved teaching styles as well as expertise which the students would adjust easily. The organization had global students and workforce due to which I faced cultural differences while communicating with them. I tried to give feedback to the students while tracking their progress and monitoring their performance. As far as the future is concerned, I will try to develop my organizational and decision-making skills which are an important element of management for Clearvision Communications. In the present discussion initiated in this decision making process assignment it is also evident that along with this Time management is also equally important and for this, I will try to prioritize the important things in the organization which include assigning tasks and tracking of performance. I will ensure the full utilization of resources and speed up the operations in the organizations. Along with this, I would also try to reduce the overhead training through recognition of the minimum involvement of stakeholders. While working in this job as a manager as outlined in this context of decision making process assignment, I felt that the courses that I learned were implemented and implemented during many situations. I used KPIs and ROI for measuring the performance of the students which I have learned during the course.

Part B Research Topic
Introduction to the topic explored in the decision making process assignment and its relevancy to the managerial role of an organization
Managerial accounting information is a fundamental process of analyzing and interpreting information through which the managers can make decisions within the company. It also helps the manager in communicating appropriate information and achieves the goals of the business. The data collected passes through the key fields of accounting and informs the management regarding the costs of services as well as products. Managerial accountants use the budget for quantifying the business plan and through performance, notes deviations are noted (Petra & bin Haji Basir, 2019). Accounting information offers feedback regarding the operation as well as the profitability of the business. As a manager, these are the numbers that are indispensable in nature and thus accounting information provided invaluable insights. Along with this, the managers also use this information to know the critical aspects of the business and ensure the proper functioning of the business operations. This information also provides data regarding the background of the financial decisions taken such as capital required for expansion of the company

What is the role of accounting information in the context of decision making process assignment?
Accounting information refers to a set of concepts as well as techniques that are implemented to measure the financial information regarding the economic unit. The information can be reported to a wide range of personnel such as owners, creditors, financial analysts, and business managers. The business managers require accounting information which helps them in making leadership decisions. The profits earned by the investors and owners can result in distribution from the point of business. However, the creditors are always concerned with the repaying of obligations. As per the research carried on decision making process assignment, the analyst uses accounting information to provide opinions based on which investment is made. Thus, the study provided within the decision making process assignment depicts that accounting information for particular entities helps in satisfying the needs of interested parties. The diversity among these parties results in logical segmentation of the discipline of accounting. Management of accounting information requires specific as well as a better understanding of the needs of management. The business managers are in charge of the planning, coordination and decision making. These concepts and ideas outlined in the segments of decision making process assignment are developed by Clearvision Communications among its learners to ensure better performance while working in accounting-based firms.

Role of the accountants
An accountant performs financial functions in the business organization related to collection, accuracy, analysis of the company's financial data and business operations. The accountant role also varies depending upon the size of the business organization. For instance, a small business enterprise accountant only collects the financial information related to the business and generates yearly financial data based on the information gathered (Paterson, Yonekura, Jackson & Jubb, 2018). However, in a large or medium-sized business organization, the accountant coordinates with the external vendor, customer and financial institutions to expand the business and open new opportunities for the employees of the organization. Clearvision Communication ensures that it provides suitable quality services to Kiwi homes and businesses throughout New Zealand. The accounting structure of the company highlighted in the decision making process assignment is an essential part of the business organizations and Clearvision Communication values the role of the accountant in maintaining the financial data of the company. In order to maintain a record of accomplishment of the number of successful placements that the company was able to provide thorough and the expansion of the business in career-oriented educational courses and programs. In order to pursue a business career abroad involves a lot of monetary involvement and everyone’s financial situation is different from each other (Petra & bin Haji Basir, 2019). Clearvision Communication understands each of the people’s needs and requirements and offers them the best fibre installation services within New Zealand. The collection and maintenance of financial data is the primary role of the accountant in the organization and all the reports that are generated of the training programs offered in a month on projects and health and safety-related information of the workers that are organized properly by the accountant. 

In order to manage the financial data of the organization, it is stated in this segment of decision making process assignment that it is important for the Clearvision Communication to develop, maintain and organize the data related to their career programs and courses in a secured financial database so that it can be identified in need and the Managers can also retrieve the exact data from the database. Accountants perform certain types of financial analyses that help the managers to assist in the business decision-making process and handle the intricate financial decision of the business on a daily basis (Stubbs & Higgins, 2018). The accountant of the organization also analyses the financial data to resolve the discrepancies and irregularities in the organization related to financial and accounting information and students payment related queries. On the other hand, accountants of Clearvision Company are responsible for preparing the monthly financial data of the training related activities within the organisation. The preparation of the financial management reports considered in the context of decision making process assignment can help the managers to analyse the regular profit turnover of the business and the financial loss that the company is bearing with respect to the placement services and the career advice to the potential students. Moreover, to meet the financial data in a timely manner and is presented effectively in front of the stakeholders of the business, accountant have a strong role to play (Crookes & Conway, 2018). In order to monitor and support the taxation related issues and filings of the financial data of the company; the financial accountant has an efficient role as they are responsible for presenting and showing exact records of accomplishment of the company's investments. On the other hand, the accountants provide data to a public accountant, consultant, and tax auditor to ensure that the financial information that is provided regarding the business is legal and ethical. 

Value chain analysis
The value chain analysis of the Clearvision Communication Company performed in this decision making process assignment is identifying the full range of activities that includes design, production, marketing and distribution of the services that are offered by the company. With the help of the value chain analysis, the company’s financial accountant is able to determine the primary and support activities that create value to the business and then analyse these activities to reduce the financial cost of the company and make a differentiation in the business services that are delivered by the company (Diana & Mihaela, 2019). In order to determine the value chain analysis of the Clearvision Communication Company, the application of Porter's value chain theory has been taken into consideration. 

decision making process assignment

Fig 1: Porter’s Value chain theory
Source: Porter's Value Chain, 2020)

Porter’s value chain theory illustrated herein decision making process assignment mainly focuses on the system and the way in which business inputs are changed into outputs that are successfully perceived by the potential clients of the business. In this regard to deliver an effective career-oriented business program and guide to the aspiring students and professionals on their career, Clearvision Communication ensures that the employees are well groomed and trained before they are handling any business projects of the company (Blom-Zandstra, Soethoudt & Axmann, 2018). Porter has mainly divided the value chain theory of a business organization into two different segments and those are primary and support activities

Primary activities
The concept of Porter's value chain primary activities explored in this segment of decision making process assignment relate directly to the physical creation, sale, and maintenance of the services that are offered by Clearvision Communication. This includes mainly the operational functions of the business, inbound logistics, marketing and sales, service offered by the company. In order to establish a good positive relationship with the supplier of the placement services and the external shareholders of the business receiving and distributing the inputs and services of the business functions equally among the internal employees of the organization helps to create value for the business (Mudambi & Puck, 2016). In this regard, it is clear in this discussion on decision making process assignment that the accounting related information helps the managers to identify the business activities and the new strategic implementations that are being adopted by the business to help in the decision-making approach. Moreover, through the marketing and sales promotion of the Clearvision Communication experienced technicians who tackle every day business-related issues help in ensuring the delivery of top quality services and the customers of New Zealand are benefitted. Once the students and the potential clients are able to differentiate the services that are offered by Clearvision Communication are beneficial and cost-efficient for their future growth and career goals then the company will gain a competitive advantage on its fiber net delivery services than that of its competitors (Jones, Demirkaya & Bethmann, 2019). 

Support activities
The support activities of the placement company identify the secondary activities of the business that adds value to the business and support the operational functions of Clearvision Communication. The HR team of the Clearvision Communication Company determines the way company recruits, trains and retains the employees of the placement organization so that a positive outlook of the organization is established globally. The HRM motivational training and the employee benefit schemes of the company add value to the organization and this is considered as a significant value chain analysis factor so that the business can create a clear advantage with good HR practices (Curry, 2016). Moreover, it is also evident from the study developed in the decision making process assignment that the company’s support system and the functions that allow the daily business operations of Clearvision Communication develop the infrastructure facilities of the business that gains a positive feedback on the clients about the company services and value generated. 

Data versus information
Clear vision Communication is committed to providing top quality fibre net services and innovative solutions in an efficient and effective manner. Since it is a Fibre optic solution provider, their main job is to install and manage the communication system in the people's houses in New Zealand. Clear vision is dedicated to providing first-class training opportunities to its customers that hire smart and dedicated workers who help in achieving the company’s mission. According to Clear vision Communication Company, HRM training programs, and modules, there are two types of training-related activities that are organized by the company for the growth and development of the employees who are working on various projects (Granlund & Teittinen, 2017). The basic training guidelines illustrated in this segment of decision making process assignment that are organized for the employees guide them on using the fibre net and the way to install it in people's homes, the technical process of the services that includes ribboned jointing, splicing, fibre blowing, and terminal and cable installation.

decision making process assignment

Fig 2: Apprentice Related financial data
Source: Data and Statistics, 2020)

The above data depicted in the decision making process assignment represents the number of apprentices that have been published in the financial year from 2008-2018 and the quality of the range of services provided by Clearvision Communication. It can be identified from the graph analysis done in this section of decision making process assignment that the financial stability of the firm has steadily increased from the year 2015 until 2018 and this is mainly due to the development of the training module that was introduced by the HRM team within the company for employee benefits (AL-yasar, Hussein & Barrak, 2019). The information obtained through the internship period identifies that the Advance training module that is offered by the company helps in delivering a quality assurance of the services provided and an improved customer experience through proper traffic management and maintenance and care of the customer's needs. 

decision making process assignment

Fig 3: Percentage of success area in the business expansion
Source: Data and Statistics, 2020)

The above interpretation of the graphical data provided within this decision making process assignment represents that the success of the internship training programs is maximum in the technology-based sector where the growth of career opportunities are highest. Moreover, with the advancement of technology people are preferring to get trained in the technological field so that they can be well efficient in managing all the business-related tasks and activities and ensures in delivering effective business services to potential clients (Bawaneh, 2018). The business notion of Clearvision is to emphasize and become successful in selecting competent people who are efficient in providing safe building construction and electricity supply by working at the heights. In comparison to the above statistical result, the continuous learning process of the employees through Clearvision Communication smart tech application and in-house training is considered an essential factor for the increasing technology-related industrial training for the employees. 

The training school that is run by the organization ensures that the employees deliver first-class customer service to the target market. As a financial Manager updating all the CCD documents and scope documents in an organized manner, generating the estimated cost for the training-related purposes, and generating the invoice copy along with the completion of each activity was a mandatory function. The ultra-fast broadband services that are provided by the company are of exceptionally high quality and the company is constantly focused on upgrading the services through technological improvement so that it gains a competitive advantage and increases business profitability (Rosa & Purfini, 2019). 

Discretionary versus mandatory information
Clearvision Communication is dedicated to serving customers with a seamless experience that delivers high-quality services and a stress-free environment. In comparison to the other fibre net business organizations, it is stated herein decision making process assignment that CC focuses on serving the customers and building business operations that not only fulfil the customer's needs but also exceed their expectations from the company output. The quality project management on installing various broadband services and connections and the improved standardized administrative qualities help the employees to maintain a prompt and skilled job description and cultural communication between the people (Cristea, 2017). The business-related and project management services discussed in the context of decision making process assignment are considered as the discretionary factors in this research context as a key area of focus is on developing individual needs and developmental skills through the accounting-related information that has been gathered by working as a financial assistant in the firm. The technical competencies in delivering the WIP report of Clear vision communication on a daily basis fall under the mandatory information and the techniques learned while delivering the report and collecting the financial data in a systematic manner also considered as the mandatory information of the company. 

Clear vision Communications are committed to continuous improvement in health and safety improvements of the employees by establishing safe and secure practices methods of the installation process that are served by the company. Complying with all the legislative requirements, business code of practices and the safe operating procedures the company ensures the employees are trained in a safe and secure environment without the risk of the business laws and practices. The safety measurements and the occupational health of the Clear Vision employees are the primary focus of the company in achieving its business goals and objectives. On the other hand, it is also clear in this decision making process assignment that in the managerial decisions making process that is related to financial accounting working among the cross-cultural diversified team and communicating with each other is a challenging task for the financial assistant (Alves, 2017). In order to generate the business report in a comprehensive and structured manner establishing good and positive communication among the diverse cultural groups of people in different teams helps in making the work speed up and the process of compiling the financial information also becomes easier. In order to manage the entire customer’s information and technician’s financial related information in the Cleavision’s individual database, the financial accounting tasks are segregated into different tools and that is a time-consuming process (Curry, 2016). Therefore, active involvement and participation of the employees from other teams help the process to run at a faster speed and the chances of making mistakes minimize.

Clearvision Communications network installation process and the field services are considered as discretionary factors in relation to this research topic examined in the decision making process assignment as the main area of focus here is the learning and professional development skills that have been gained by the managers through knowing the detailed process of financial accounting information in the company. It has helped the Manager to make effective business decisions related to the financial functions and operations that add value to the company and helps the company to increase its profitability and sustainability. On the other hand, the findings obtained in the decision making process assignment signifies that the training school that is maintained by the organization for giving industrial and technical training on the aspirant business technicians in this networking field helps the company to promote a culture of diverse communication and business services to the external stakeholders and market competitors in New Zealand and also nearby locations (AL-yasar, Hussein & Barrak, 2019). Therefore, the above-identified factors are considered as the primary and mandatory information that the managers need to consider to take any effective business decisions in financial accounting related services of Clearvision Communication. 

The decision making process assignment focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of the role of accountants and accounting information in influencing the Managerial decision-making process. The reflection part of the decision making process assignment has discussed the major knowledge gained during the professional skill developmental process of the Manager in a Clearvision Communication company and the key challenges faced by the finance and admin assistant in the learning process. The second part of the decision making process assignment focuses on drawing a critical evaluation of the accounting information and value chain analysis in the Managerial decision-making process for business growth and success. In conclusion, it can be stated that accounting information is considered as important in a large business for the managers to make the right business decisions on the profit and loss and financial position of the business. 

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