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Customer Experience Assignment: Case Analysis Of Amazon


Select an organisation and write a customer experience assignment examing its value proposition, customer experience and implications of digital disruption using relevant sources.


It is evident in this customer experience assignment that the increasing competitiveness of the companies is developing a need of keeping the customers satisfied. A better understanding of the customers is determined to be the key to success for globally running businesses. The study is based on the business of Amazon. The company has a stronghold in the global market. The study emphasis on the execution of the value proposition model for Amazon with the effective understanding of the six pillars of the customer's experiences model along with the digital disruption to the delivery of experiences derived by the customers. The detailed study of the customer's engagement measures taken by Amazon is reflected in the study, along with the proper recommendation to improve the customer experiences in a vivid manner.

The value proposition of Amazon

Value proposition in customer experience 1

Figure 1: Value proposition
(Source: Mohd Satar et al. 2019)

Product and service
The business of Amazon provides its customers with a wide range of products and services. In the opinion of Mohd Satar et al. (2019), Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce business has been able to serve the customers with almost all the needs. Including the liquor in the business in the year 2019, Amazon has been able to execute international shipping. Some of the exclusives products and services by Amazon include Amazon Prime, Fire Table, Amazon web service, Alexa, Amazon Fresh and more. The wide range of products and services as offered by Amazon is determined to be effective in serving customers of all segment’s groups (Amazon. in, 2021).

Gain creator
The category of the gain creator is sodetermined to be effective in building a better outlook in creating customers engagements. In the context of Amazon, there are three broad categories that are effective in building a better gain creator (Amazon. in, 2021).

  • Seamless product ordering
    Amazon is allowing its customers to order their products without any hassle. The search bar on the portal shows all the similar products as searched by the users (Vollero et al., 2021). The users are also able to see the discount and offer produced by Amazon and thus are guiding the customers in the process of selecting the products that they want to buy.
  • A varied range of product price
    The products proposed by Amazon is of a wide variety and price range. It allows customers of all income groups to use the application and place their orders. The customers searching for any product gets access to the one with a moderate price range (Wu and Gereffi, 2018). It has been evident that the customers can be selected from any of the three-price range, including the products of the low-price range, moderate price range, as well as the high price range products.
  • Easy to use the portal
    The use of the Amazon portal is very easy and user friendly. It has been evident that the customers can use the application easily, and there is no confusion among the customers. Amazon is providing a filter feature to the customers, and this allows the customers to get the product that they desire (Amazon. in, 2021). The customers can find and buy the extract product that they desire by using the filters for size or colour. The interference of Amazon is considered to be user friendly and easy to adopt by the user.

Pain reliever
In the views of Poeppelbuss and Durst (2019), the use of the value proposition canvas is considered to be the systematic understanding of the customers want. It is allowing the customers to match the product and services executed by the company with their wants. Some of the exclusive pain relievers as proposed by the business of Amazon includes Easy check out, Amazon prime delivery, Reliable payment options. Amazon is also outlining the product review tools. The tools include that the Feedbag express, Kibly, AMZShark, Feedback as well as the Feedback Five (Wells et al., 2018). The discount as well as the offers that the provided by the Amazons from time to time are effective. The sales, as well as the discount and promo codes, are effective in developing the fact that the customers are able to buy the product at a reduced price.

Safe and secure marketing opportunities are contributing to the development of peace of mind in the customers. The services are confidential and allow the users to get easy refunds on returning the products. The company is also allowing fast and secure delivery to the door steps of the users, and thus, the customers are able to gaming a huge experience in building better engagement to services prosed by Amazon (Amazon. in, 2021).

The delivery charge is the extra amount that the customers have to pay to ensure delivery to their provided addresses. The issues of stock out are very common in the case of Amazon. The customers have to wait to get the product that they need (Cavallo, 2018). The exchange policy is too long, and the customers have to pass through different steps before ensuring that theory product is exchanged.

Customers jobs
The "Job to be done” concept is sed under this category. In the viewsof Yang (2019), Amazon basically achieved two jobs, including the emotional job as well as the functional jobs.

Emotional job: Amazon is executing the feeling of security and happiness to its customers. The wider product range, as proposed by Amazon, ensures that the customers are able to get the exact product that they are looking for (Kaushik et al., 2018). The customers are able to derive the fact that their money and needs are given priority by Amazon.

Functionals job: It is ensured by Amazon that the needs of the customersare fulfilled in just one click. The wide range of products is helpful in developing product satisfaction. The different categories allow the company to solve the issues of the customers within a limited time (Amazon. in, 2021).

Customer experience

Value proposition in customer experience 2

Figure 2: Customer experiences with Amazon
(Source: Kaushik et al., 2018)

The factors that are effective in creating an excellent customers experience for the customers of amazon are mentioned in the above diagram. The use of the value proposition canvas has been helpful in reflecting the fact that the fast shopping experience with Amazon is allowing the customers to gain satisfaction (Kaushik et al., 2018). In a similar context, easy access and the reliability of the interfaces are acting in favour of Amazon in building a positive customer’s experience. In the views of Saju and Santha (2018), the use of wide product diversification of different price ranges area lowing customer’s to derives a positive experience with the or shopping on Amazon.

Customers of Amazon
As per the demographic segmentation of the targeted customers of Amazon includes the people having access to the internet and are generally belong to the age group of 18 to 50 years. Around 45% of the internet users belonging to the age group of 35 to 49 years (Flamand et al., 2020). The people speaking English are the most promoting customers for Amazon. Both males and females are equally served by the business. As per the opinion of Arunkumar et al. (2020), the business of Amazon has products of wider ranges. It allows the customers to serve the business in an effective manner and therefore keep the customer's satisfaction. There is no such age specification to shop from Amazon sites but generally, 81% of the adult belonging to the age group of 18 to 34 years.

The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Model
In the opinion of Balaji and Rajashekara (2017), KPMG Nunwoork in the UK, with the use of more than one million customers of more than three different continents, identified the six key principles that are considered to create a positive customer’s experience.

The individual attention by the company to the customers are helpful in building am emotional connections. The company with the understanding of the specific needs of the customers and the circumstances are helpful in developing a positive experiencefor the customers as per the expected norms (Muriithi, 2020).

The act of integrity, along with the engendering trust, is the outcome of the consistent behaviour of the organisation that are helpful in developing trustworthiness (Chheda et al., 2017). The Integrity of the business allows the customers to develop a bond and therefore allows the customers to develop positiveuser experiences.

It is the role of the organisation in managing, meeting as well as exceeding the expenses derived by the customers. The needs of the customers and their expectations and the criteria of meeting the customer exceptions are essential to developing an excellent buying experience for the customers (Muriithi, 2020).

The problem-solving skills are the key factor that is allowing the company in developing an effective attitude of turning the poor experiences into a great experience. The measures are resolving the issues or the inconvenience caused along with the service recovery skills are considered to be effective in nature.

Time and effort
The execution of the frictionless processes is helpful in keeping the customers satisfied. The company with the use of the time and efforts minimising the time that they waste in collecting information.

The execution of an excellent understanding of the circumstances of the customers in developing better sales rate are must (Chheda et al. 2017). The care attuites among the business about the safety, and the wellbeing is determined to be a successful measure in building a better customers satisfaction and thus are creating a prime concern about the customers are allowing the company to develop positive customers experience.

Application of model in Amazon
Theapplication of the model in the context of Amazon has been demonstrated as follows:

In order to ensure a personalised treatment to the customer, the use of filters are provided by Amazon. The customers are able to get a wide range of products, and they can select the product that they want with the use of filter tools (Wu and Gereffi, 2018).

The secure shopping experiences with the proper payment facilities are allowing Amazon to create customers integrity (Amazon. in, 2021). It has been thus produced in building the fact that the easy return policy of Amazon along with the seamless refunds are providing positives customers experiences.

The execution of the wide product ranges with the prices of products of all ranges are contributing an excellent opportunity to the users, and they can build an effective measure in marking the needs of the products available on the website (Amazon. in, 2021).

The customer services facilities of Amazon are fact. The companies are resolves with the personal attention of the customer's services experiences (Wu and Gereffi, 2018). A quick solution is provided that is helpful in developing a positive customer experience.

Time and effort
The fast logistics us adopted by Amazon. The company is ensuring fast delivery of the products offered (Amazon. in, 2021). It allows the business to ensure that they are able to derive a better services experience for the targeted customers.

The initiates like providing discounts and offers, allowing customers to shop on less process during the festival are the gestures of empathy by Amazon as it is so willing to care about the festive feeling among the customers and are trying to contributes to making people happy by providing them with exclusive shopping experiences.

Implications of digital disruption to the delivery of the customer experience
In the opinion of Rachinger et al. (2019), digital disruption is considered to be essential in developing a more efficient organisational structure. Measures such as a cost-effective and more customer-friendly model are helpful in developing better promotional measures. In a similar context, digital disruption is the effective transformations that are the root cause behind the transformation in the area of developing the emerging business model and digital technologies. In the case of Amazon, the value of the products as week as the services offered are also impacted. In the case of Amazon,the digital disruption is a boon to attract wider customers (Amazon. in, 2021). With the increase in internet connectivity, the customer's rage target by the business has also enhanced. It has been an excellent measure in creating a stronger attitude in ensuring customers satisfaction as well. The use of digital disruption is allowing Amazon to keep its customers satisfied. Understanding of the customer's circumstances has increased with the customers experience are altered with the increase in shopping options among the cs of the strategic notions of digital interactions (Amazon. in, 2021). The use of digital aspects has been helpful for Amazon in building customers integrity and thus build a better growth prospect for the company. In the view of Nakasumi (2017), the customers can solve their query with the company and even called essential information about the product before purchasing it. However, the increase in digital disruption has increased the business competition.

Strategic recommendation to improve the customer experiences
The evaluation of the customer's experiences model of Amazon, along with the implication of digital disruption, has been effective in outlining the areas that the business needs to work in enhancing its customer's experiences. To ensure that the company is able to keep its market position secures some of the strategic measures that the business can adopt are mentioned as follows:

  • The company needs to work on adopting a more seamless return policy
    The return policy of Amazon is very long-termprocess, and the time of the customers are wared in useless steps that they have to pass through before retiring their products. It is thus evident that the adaptation of an effective return policy by Amazon will be helpful in creating better measures in building a positive customer experience with Amazon.
  • Amazon needs to keep on its stocks and refill the products before it is out of stock.
    The issues of out of stock of the products are hampering the customer's experiences. A close watch on the sales and restocking the products in demand are essential strategies that Amazon needs to adopt.
  • As the digital disruptions are attracting huge business tirades of e-commerce, it is essential for Amazon to build a better marketing strategy.
    The use of the # tag trends on Twitter as well as fun activities of Instagram’s is needed by Amazon. The integrity of customers can be developed and they can sustain the market competition as well.
  • The company needs to work on empathy by contributing towards the wellbeing of the people and of society.
    It is a must for Amazon to be vocal about the CSR measures adopted by them.This will allow the business to build customers empathy and contributing towards the positive experiences derived by customer’s when shopping on Amazon.

It can be concluded from the above discussion that Amazon has a good hold on the market and thus are executing measures in building positive customers experiences. The company is able to build a positive attitude and thus create an effective engagement of the customers with the company.

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