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Reflection On Crown Perth Corporate Social Responsibility


1. Reflection is always in the 1st person. Please use ‘I’ throughout the paper.

2. Tell us which Industry you chose and why.(for example, IT, finance, hospitality, tourism, health, education or any other industry(about 200-250 words)
a. Are you already working in this industry
b. Or would you like to work in this industry if so why

3. Define with references what Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation are using 2 readings from week 10 and tells us how you would apply Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation in your chosen industry and why (about 350 words)

4. Tell us something about your experience, professional aspirations and qualities that you have learned about in this subject that would help you to assist the chosen industry to fulfill their Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation (350 words)

5. Choose and define any 2 steps of the UTheory and tells us how you could use them to help your chosen industry to fulfill their Higher Purpose and Stakeholder Orientation and therefore to become a Conscious Business and contribute to society and environment (300 words).

6. No introduction or conclusion are necessary. You will need to have 4 references: 2 from week 10 and 2 from week 11 from our Weekly Resources (strictly)

7. Your reflection needs to be 1200 words long


For undertaking the reflection, I have taken the hospitality industry named as Crown Perth corporate social responsibilitywhich is basically a resort and a casino located in Western Australia near Swan River and consists of convention center which has got meeting rooms, two ballrooms along with 32 other restaurants and bars. Apart from this, Crown Perth also features three main hotels namely Crown Metropol Perth, Crown Towers, and Crown Promenade Perth. All the casinos located in Crown Perth operate 24/7 wherein there are 2400 coin-operated machine games such as video poker, keno, etc. Apart from this, various table games are also included in the casino such as Blackjack, Poker, and Money Wheel, etc. Crown Perth is one of Australia's biggest state venues which operate the maximum number of poker machines on a daily basis and their clubs are all licensed. Along with the construction of the casino sites, parklands are also formed known as Burswood Park wherein various statues such as Paddy Hannan, Henry Camfield, etc, and heritage displays could be observed. Overall the formation of Crown Perth cost $200 million while the renovation which took place in 2002 cost $96 million and renovation done in 2012 cost $750 million.

I would like to work in the hospitality industry especially at Crown Perth since it has got the best resort and casino and is working in the industry since 34 years and has gained much experience in meeting the demands and requirements of potential customers. Apart from this, the Crown Perth corporate social responsibilityhas also got a competitive advantage in the market which also boosts up their revenue leading them towards further success and development. ?

Through week 10 I got to know that Crown Perth corporate social responsibility as well as understanding the tenets of the conscious business plays a very crucial role in attaining higher purpose as well as stakeholder orientation for the organisation. I also got to know that for an organisation to remain successful in the business environment, apart from Crown Perth corporate social responsibilitythere are various other responsibilities of the organisation in terms of social as well as a political aspect which acts as a legal requirement for the organisation's future growth and development. Ethics, national, legal, religious as well as political aspects when kept in mind by the firm allow them to attain higher purpose effectively as well as stakeholder orientation could be well implemented (Thakor& Quinn, 2019). Through the study done by me in week 10, I also got to know that there are various global issues such as poverty and degradation of the environment which also needs to be looked after by the firm to remain successful and in the minds of the customers. Various strategies related to anti-corruption, labor laws, human rights, etc also need to be looked after by the firm management to remain as a responsible company in the environment.

For creating a purpose-driven and stakeholder orientation at Crown Perth, I would make sure that the organisation defines its goals and vision to the employees so that they could work effectively towards it. Apart from this, I would also ensure to have more connections with potential customers as well as unleash positive energy in the business environment. Also, various activities would also be implemented by me within the organisation's operations for the employees and customers through that they remain to engage within the firm and attain satisfaction (Crane, Matten& Spence, 2019). In addition to this, I would also try to maintain a proper culture within the operations of the organisation wherein physical, emotional, and ecological values are also implemented in an effective way in the operations. Also, I would undertake research at regular intervals so as to determine the best activities, needs as well as the financial performance of the business (Week-10). ?

Through the study, I got to know various different aspects that are needed in an individual for personal as well as professional development. I attained knowledge about the significance of Crown Perth corporate social responsibilitywhich should be fulfilled so as to make effective relations with the customers and make them loyal towards the organisation. Apart from this, I also gained information about conscious business culture through which I was able to build positive aspects about the environment, culture prevailing as well as about the uncertainties that may come within the operations of the business. I got to know about various management approaches which could be well-implemented by me such as empowerment, decentralization which can also be said as the delegation of authority and collaborations.

From the study, I have gained qualities such as decision-making, problem-solving, and effective communication skills which can help Crown Perth corporate social responsibilityin making their marketing as well as financing decisions quickly and effectively through which further higher purpose of the firm could be attained. Also with the help of U theory, I got to know that thinking about the situation and implementing them within the operations would make the company attain desired goals and objectives in an effective manner. Apart from this, I also developed positive psychology towards different situations that can arise within the organization and hence this thinking would help me to be calm and composite in the firm’s working when the firm has to deal with uncertainties.From the study made in week 11 I was also able to enhance love towards learning new things, have an open mind towards the situation as well as creatively implement the operations of the organization. Week 11 also taught me to be honest, maintain authenticity, implement the quality of persistence, and build skills such as kindness, love, emotional and social intelligence, leadership, teamwork, forgiveness, self-regulation, and gratitude.There are various different methods that helped me in gaining insight about self-awareness such as going for interviews, tests, attaining practical experience, or self-reflection which I can use them while working at Crown Perth.

Following are the two steps which are involved in U Theory:
1. DOWNLOADING: This is the initial step according to which first the research patterns are determined and collected from the past and then the habits related to it are analysed. Here, listening to others is the main aspect that needs to be followed along with an open mind and so employees at this step engage their customers and interact with them so that the exchange of information could take place (Scharmer, 2018).

2. PERFORMING: This is the step wherein the employees from past experiences and records, tries to develop new strategies and implement them for a new customer base as well as engages them with the help of innovative and creative technologies through which they could gather the right set of information needed.

I can effectively look towards the past information about the customers coming to Crown Perth corporate social responsibility with the help of their feedback and then can make changes accordingly within the organisation through which in future I would help the organisation in attaining stakeholder orientation as well as higher purpose through which conscious business could be formed and hence would contribute towards the environment as well as society at large (Jain, Aguilera&Jamali,2017) (Week-11).

Also, by making the customers avail of new technologies and engage them in various activities of the business with the help of different social technologies, I can attain the set objective and core purpose of the firm. ?

Scharmer, O. (2018). The essentials of Theory U: Core principles and applications. Berrett-Koehler Publisher

Jain, T., Aguilera, R. V., &Jamali, D. (2017). Corporate stakeholder orientation in an emerging country context: A longitudinal cross-industry analysis. Journal of Business Ethics, 143(4), 701-719.

Thakor, A. V., & Quinn, R. E. (2019).Crown Perth corporate social responsibilityA higher purpose, incentives, and economic performance. Incentives and Economic Performance (April 8, 2019).

Crane, A., Matten, D., & Spence, L. (Eds.). (2019). Corporate social responsibility: Readings and cases in a global context. Routledge.


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