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Cross Cultural Assignment: Failure Of Baggage Handling System At Denver Airport


Assessment Topic: Ethics, Governance, Sustainability, Politics and Global Influences on Projects..

1. Background to the Assessment: The ever increasing emphasis on globalisation and the implementation of large and complex projects will often mean that the projects are delivered through joint ventures, alliances, partnerships and other contract forms which can involve several multi-national corporations operating from more than one country.

This method of project delivery can mean that it will be necessary to take into account legal and strategic objectives of corporations from different countries with the associated environmental, social, ethical, religious and cultural diversities that this brings. There is also the complexity of managing the external stakeholders in a global environment.

2. Scope of the Assessment: In preparing the team report:

  • Discuss the emerging challenges for the management of projects and the application of project governance where the project is delivered through any form of joint delivery by more than one company and in a global context and often from different countries.
  • Discuss the ethical issues that are likely to arise in the management of these projects in a situation where there are several corporations involved (maybe from different countries which have social and cultural differences themselves) and then there is the social and cultural diversity in the country where the project is being undertaken which must be managed.


Denver International Airport automated its handling system of baggage. However, the system ailed completely as it proved to be highly complicated than it was estimated. It was thought to be the most advanced system in the world in terms of baggage handling however, the system failed miserably. The airport has to be left idle for 16 months when the baggage system was constructed. The expenditure on airport increased and that increased the loss of the airport thus reducing its profit margin. The system of handling baggage was implemented in the year 1995 and made a new all over the world for the hi-tech design it had.

In this report, the failure of “Denver international airport automated baggage system” has been explained with reference to the cross cultural assignment challenges in companies along with cultural background. The law and methods of management of the baggage system in airport that was automated in Denver. ?

Issues in cross-cultural companies
Cross cultural issues arise in cases when people belonging to different cultures mix with each other. The misunderstandings that take place among people or folks belonging to different religions, ethnic groups, or nationalities are termed as cross-cultural issues (Warren, 2017). The organizations face cross cultural assignment issues related to the organizational behavior of the employees in a company such that they are able to work together by coordinating with each other. The automated baggage system in Denver Airport was built with an aim to increase the efficiency of the airport in terms of baggage handling and reduce turnaround time or period of the aircrafts (Dawkins et al., 2016).

The strategies of the system was very complex however it can be said that the failure of automated baggage system of Denver can be accounted to engineers from different cultures working together. It can be stated that the workers or the engineers who were liable for building the baggage handling system were not able to coordinate with each other that lead to failure of the system since they failed to recognize the issues of the system and address it.

Cultural background
The cultural background of people determines their beliefs and actions. Cross cultural assignment background can be said to be the crowd from which a person descends and share his or her identity distinctly. The tradition, cultural and family background of people affects their beliefs thus affecting the way they accomplish a task (Schneider and Heath, 2018). Globalization has lead people from varying cultures to work together and coordinate with each other in order to accomplish a task properly. The differences in culture sometimes lead to conflicts between people descending from various backgrounds thereby creating obstacles in the work that has to be accomplished (Goeke et al., 2015).

The automated baggage system of Denver airport failed miserably as the engineers or workers who were responsible for building the system failed to work as team in order to make the system successful. They failed to address the complications of the system by identifying the issues and devising proper solutions for it. Thus, it can be stated that the differences in culture of people lead the automated baggage handling system of Denver to fail miserably.

Law: The laws of an organization affect the ways of operation of an organization. The laws that govern the operation of the organizations include relations as well as rights that the employees and the management of the organization can exercise. The law of the organization governs the conduct of the staffs of an organization thereby affecting the way they work and accomplish a task that is allocated to them. With respect to the automated baggage system of Denver airport the project and its details or the ways of its operation were changed on a frequent basis that lead to the failure of the system miserably. If proper laws had been devised with respect to the modifications in the details of the system then the project might have been saved or prevented from failure. The backup of the automated baggage system of Denver airport was not designed by the network engineers that in turn lead to the failure of the system completely thus if the laws of the airport with respect to design and safety of the system was more strict then the system could have emerged successful (, 2019).

Management Methods: The methods of management of any project play a crucial role in determining its rate of success. The methods of management aids in administering the various steps that are required to complete a project thus making sure that the project achieves success however in case of the automated baggage system of Denver airport it was observed that the management method was inefficient. It was observed in case of the automated baggage system of Denver airport that details of the project were changed or modified on a frequent basis along with it the electrical supply of the system had issues that delayed the time or duration that was required to complete the system.

The automated baggage system of Denver airport was very complicated yet it was not addresses moreover the network designers did not design any sort of plan for backup of the system such that the capacity of the system can be recovered in case the system fails (, 2019). Thus, so many issues lead to the failure of the system however, the primary issue was that the management of the project failed to manage the little issues or details of the project that required to be addressed efficiently. ?

The automated baggage system of Denver airport filed to increase or enhance the efficiency of baggage handling system as the project failed miserably. The complications of the project were not addressed by the engineers of the project thus leading the airport to incur huge amounts of loss. It can be stated the differences among the cross cultural assignment values and beliefs of people lead the system to fail, as the team of the project did not work together in an efficient way. The automated baggage system of Denver airport failed because the method of management of the project was not efficient and failed to make sure that the engineers of the project work together and make the project successful. Cross cultural assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable online assignment help service.

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