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Critical Exploration On Apple SWOT Analysis


Task: Choose a business organisation and having conducted a SWOT analysis on it write a case study report on your findings. Include a critical evaluation of how the SWOT analysis might be used by the organisation’s senior management.


The present report is focused on presenting Apple SWOT analysis. The business organization selected for this assignment is Apple Inc. The organization is a multinational American technology firm which designs and sells technology products. Along with Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter and Microsoft are considered one of the Big Five technology companies. The success of the company is connected with the ability to use strength or its market power to resolve vulnerabilities (weaknesses) and risks and take advantage of industry possibilities that are the opportunities.

Apple SWOT analysis
In this case, Apple SWOT analysis analyses the company with respect to various industries and markets, to determine specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. This organization operates in the fields of consumer electronics, hardware and software that is computing technology, cloud computing and the online distribution of digital content services.

Apple SWOT analysis

Strengths: The business plan provides very special facilities, such as land monitoring. The management of property will also make owners very nervous as we integrate the fragmented market at one place. As this is a completely new concept, the secondary competitors will not be easy to take over because there is no main competitor. Strengths are those factors within an organization that are responsible for its growth and profits. Talking about Apple’s strengths, Simplicity, Brand reputation, Advertising, Loyalty of customers, distribution channels and there are a few more as mentioned below:

Innovation: The innovative product portfolio has been one of Apple's main strengths over the years. There was a series of hit or successful products launched by the company and this was Apple's main strength. At the initial stage, MacBook was launched, followed by the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch. In short, Apple covered nearly everything a single person "wants."

Consumer focus: With its focus on customers and on the future, Apple still designs its products. You always try to imagine things that have yet to be realized even by the customer. According to Steve jobs, "if you ask the customer what he wants, he will want another thing if you give him the same thing." The justification for Apple's popularity is this philosophy.

Technology and Design: Apple’s biggest share is architecture of its products as well as its technology, which is responsible for their great brand equity. In its product design, Apple has always been gentle and elegant. And at the same time, a computer is driven to achieve optimal efficiency under this exquisite design. All of this is achieved with the MacOS software, which is recognized for its efficiency.

The marketing combination or 4P from Apple requires the high-profit quality approach. This strategic internal aspect is an essential strength since, although the turnover is small, it maximizes profits. Therefore, the company standardized its strategic approach and the strategies of development which includes the innovation and it enables business to retain awareness of the latest technology in order to guarantee competitive advantages. On this basis, it is very tough to make a comparison with the strong points of the organization and thus support continued success in the global industry landscape from Apple SWOT analysis.

Weaknesses: In many ways it is a challenge to start a completely new business entity. The first move is to build a strong and professional team. Leasing and leasing are not our strength because it requires a lot of creditworthiness listings. The reputation of any business is a significant and vital aspect, and it takes time to build, because people do not offer their valuable property to run someone else without full confidence in the company. This is also a drawback, being a new entry into the market.

The company has exclusive policy and because of that, it has restricted its network. For example, the organization chooses the approved dealers for its goods carefully. This approach is very appropriately seen in the Apple SWOT analysis and is a limiting factor in the market. However, the company weakens its reliance on sales in high-end market segments because of its approach of premium pricing. High prices draw mid and high-income custodians, while excluding low-income consumers buying the goods of their business. Depending on its internal factors, Apple Inc.'s pricing and delivery practices enforce market limits or limitations depending on this component of the Apple SWOT analysis. Apple focuses on improvising its existing products so much that it no longer introduces anything new in the market. Apart from this, there are few more factors that are considered as Apple’s weaknesses that are patent infringements and its iCloud security issues which have created many cases where the consumers have complained about their data theft and hack. It has created a lot of issues for the company and also degraded its image and reputation in the market.

Opportunities: The greatest chance is the market gap without any major competitors. Yet, at the same time, setting a high standard of service is very necessary. The number of people who stay away from their properties is huge and most need property management services anyway. If the target market is well ahead and the reputation is established, there is enormous growth potential.

The distribution network of Apple Inc. is extended. The vulnerability of the small distribution network in the business is directly affected by that incentive. This Apple SWOT analysis underlines the need to adjust the marketing strategy of the business. The company has to improve its distribution network which would support the company in attracting more customers. As demonstrated in the company’s report, this risk is related to increasing demand for mobile access. In turn, the company is trying to explore the different line of goods. Its current line of products is very good. But the company will create and introduce new products, as it has done with the Apple Watch, with further innovation. Few of the opportunities are:

Apple TV: The home film theater experience is managed by it. This chance should not be allowed to slip away by Apple. Nonetheless, Amazon TV and OnePlus rivals will not be easy to beat.

Growth of Tablet Market: Without a doubt, Apple leads the tablet market but there is still room for growth for this company which will decrease the no. of competitors and their market share.

What is the concept of Threats in the Apple SWOT analysis?
In terms of competition, there are some external threats. There are many companies who will try to get into the market as soon as a new business plan comes up. Therefore, heading at the right pace is very critical. However, in recent times the trend of real estate development has dropped significantly, which can hamper potential company growth. As the government now plans to pass laws on the ownership of property, citizens who own properties away from the place they live are expected to drop significantly.

Rough market rivalry is partially due to corporate violence. The company has competition with the companies like Samsung which have an advantage of the innovation. The competitions are also getting a good position in the market because of innovative products and products available in lower costs with better features. In order to preserve competitive advantages, solid foundations are required due to the extensive behavior of the firm in competition. As per the Apple SWOT analysis, the company also faces an imitation threat. The fact that many local and multinational companies copy the design and functionality of Apple products makes this challenge quite real. Also, the labor costs are rising with the contact makers and the profits margins are decreasing. These profit margins are a great threat to the company. Because of this, the company is suffering as unfair completion is taking place. The product designs are also imitated by other companies which is a threat to the company and its performance as well. This is a major threat to the company.

Critical Evaluation of the Apple SWOT analysis
The Apple SWOT analysis clearly states that the company has strengths which are strong enough to handle the weaknesses. The strengths can be used to extend the distribution network of the company. Also, new products lines can be launched and it can be advertised and marketed with the help of strong brand identity of the company. Apple has to follow major challenges in the global market due to extensive competition, product design imitation, new product launches but the strong branding can help the company to fight this rigorous competition. The negative impacts of imitation on sales are minimized by such creativity. The Company should also further boost the efficiency of its production. Additionally, alliances with more distributors are being developed to advance the overall customer coverage for the company's distribution network (Smithson, 2019).

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