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Critical Discussion On AHRI Model Of Excellence


Task: The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is the national association representing human resource and people management professionals. AHRI have over 20,000 members throughout the world and provide education and training services in HR and people management and business skills. AHRI also organises world-class conferences which bring HR practitioners together and holds seminars and networking opportunities all over Australia. AHRI also sets standards through accreditation of HR qualifications at universities across Australia (including LaTrobe’s HR degree), conducts research into people management practices, and assists governments in the development of policy and legislation that affects people at work.

AHRI have released a ‘Model of Excellence’, which explains the capabilities and behaviours of an ‘excellent HR manager’. This model provides a conceptual basis for the accreditation of HR practitioners and training offered by AHRI and universities. The model identifies 7 capabilities that are essential for HR practitioners. These capabilities are being:
Business driven;
A strategic architect;
An expert practitioner;
An ethical and credible activist;
A workforce and workplace designer;
A cultural and change leader; and
A stakeholder mentor and coach.
 In this assignment, you are to select three (3) of these capabilities and address the following (in your own words, with referencing as required):
What does this capability entail?
Why would it be important for a Human Resource Manager to have this capability?
Assume you are applying for a graduate HR position, and demonstrating this capability is one of the key selection criteria. What evidence could you provide to demonstrate you possess this capability?  Draw upon your own experiences, whether it be your work, university life, home life, volunteering or sporting experiences.   
I want to talk about business driven, strategy architect and expert practitioner.


Human resource management is a complex phenomenon and involves various expertises to manage the human resources of the company effectively. The AHRI model of excellence (Australian Human Resources Institute) is an association that helpsrepresents people management professionals. It trains the people on HR processes and ways of managing them. The association is known to hold various seminars and conferences that teach the HR professionals on various practices of managing people and assisting in policy development at work (Davidson, 2012). The association has introduced the new “AHRI model of excellence” that helps in understanding different capabilities an HR should have to be an excellent HR manager. The report analyses three capabilities among all the capabilities mentioned in the AHRI model of excellenceas essential to an HR practitioner. The analysis states the meaning of each of the capability, their importance for an HR manager and the way I will dremonstrate the capability while applying for an HR position.

Model AHRI model of excellence
The AHRI model of excellence has helped in introducing the work of an HR practitioners and the expectation of the organization from their HR. It is introduced by the AHRI model of excellence to train the HR practitioners about their job roles and duties in an organization. TheAHRI model of excellencerepresents the skills HR practitioners should know to show right behavior. It is a graphical representation of all the behaviors and capabilities. The behaviors that a HR practitioner should have are professional, critical and enquiring thinker, solutions driven, influencer, collaborative, care, courageous and others. On the other hand, capabilities of a HR are business driven, strategic architect, expert practitioner, ethical and credible activist, workforce and workplace designer, cultural and change leader and stakeholder mentor (Salleh et al., 2015). The AHRI model of excellenceis highly important for the organization to judge the capabilities of their HR practitioners and make the HR team to follow the behaviors and capabilities stated in the AHRI model of excellence, which is important to run the business smoothly.

The Three Capabilities
The three capabilities that have been chosen as some of the important capabilities that an HR practitioner should have to be a successful part of the business are business driven, strategy architect and expert practitioner.

Business Driven
What Capability Involves?

As stated by the AHRI model of excellence, the first important capability that is important for an HR practitioner to demonstrate to become a successful HR manager in an organization is a business driven attitude. This means that a HR should understand the objectives and context of an organization before implementing any decision or the HR of the business should have complete understanding about the services, operations and products that the organization is involved in, which help them meet organizational and stakeholders needs. A business driver manager is always focused in helping the organization to be competitive strong and take necessary measures together with the HR team. Thus, this capability needs the HR manager to be highly focused towards the needs of the business and committed to satisfy business requirements (Wright, Geroy&MacPhee, 2000). This is to be done through continuous collaboration with the HR team and working together towards common goals.

Importance of the Capability to HR Manager
An HR manager should have a business driven capability so that they contribute effectively to the goals and objectives of the organization. A business driven HR will make a business gain competitive advantage by identifying successful strategies and fulfill their job roles successfully. Moreover, such capability allows HR manager to form both internal and external relationships that can contribute to the success of the business. This is because it helps in forming an alignment between the human resources and the company. An HR manager has the responsibility to support what the organization wants to achieve and this capability allows them to do so. Thus, it becomes important for an HR manager to have this capability and the extent to which human resources functions are set to fit the organizational structure.

Evidence to Show the Capability
When applying for a job for a graduate HR position it is important to provide evidence about this capability if the job states this capability to be an important selection criterion. There are various types of evidence that can be provided from academic works to professional experiences. It is important to provide evidence on the capability to demonstrate that I possess a business driven ability to be focused. I would demonstrate this through my evidence in my university life where I have attempted HR strategic assignments with a company case study. I would be able to show my assignment on the ways in which I played a role of an HR in a team and remained business driven attitude when taking decisions or strategy implementation for the human resource of the company. This will help me show my capability of being focused towards the business during the recruitment process and demonstrate my ability of being a successful HR.

Strategy Architect
What the Capability Involves?

According to AHRI model of excellence, the second capability is strategy architect, which helps the organization to shape their vision and know the way they are situated in the marketplace. They are the strategy builder of the organization that can help the business gain maximum profitability. They play an important role in establishing strategy to highlight the vision of the corporate. Thus, this capability involves strategy building in a way that can help the business attain success over time. Strategy architect use their skills and position to initiative strategy discussion with executives of other departments (Ulrich, ,Brockbank, & Johnson, 2009). They are the one that facilitate strategy building, communication of the strategy and successful implementation of the strategy.

What is the importance of the Capability to HR Manager as per AHRI model of excellence?
One of the most important roles of an HR is to coordinate administrative functions and handling employees. This requires timely planning and implementation of strategy to control human resources of the business. Thus, capability of strategy architect allows the HR manager to implement their key role in the most effective way. moreover, capability of a strategy architect allow the HR manager to understand business trends and structures and are able to analyze the impacts on the business results. Thus, with the capability of strategy architect an HR manager could find the best strategy or approach for the business to meet the industry standards.

Evidence to Show the Capability
This is a crucial capability and it becomes highly complex to demonstrate this capability when applying for an HR position. However, I will have to give evidence to show the recruiters that I possess this capability. I will demonstrate this capability through my past work experience as an intern. I have completed an internship as an HR in an organization where I assisted an HR team. I would inform the recruiter about my work, the kind of strategies I took and the way it aligned with business needs and trends. This will help me show my capability in a real work scenario and my strength in strategy building.

Expert Practitioner
What the Capability Involves?

According to the capability of an expert practitioner, an HR needs to maintain and build proper HR knowledge to manage people. Thisis one of the most important capabilities because the major role of an HR is to manage people. This also involves effective decision making by considering culture and business performance. Moreover, an expert practitioner is also an excellent problem solver with the ability to solve business issues and achieve the real potential of the business (Wright, Geroy&MacPhee, 2000). They apply various expertise to deliver maximum value to the business including problem solving, critical analysis and others.

Importance of the Capability to HR Manager
The capability of being an expert practitioner is highly important for a HR manager because it is with this capability they will be able to deliver value added HR service and meet organizational needs. Moreover, they are able to grow their knowledge personally and be productive towards delivering positive organizational outcomes. Moreover, with multiple expertise the HR manager would be able to implement the global trends in the business.

Evidence to Show the Capability
To show that I possess the capability of an expert practitioner I need to show the level of expertise I have that can help me implement HR role efficiently. This includes problem solving, critical understanding, people management and others. I would share my volunteering experience with the recruiter where I faced number of problems while working in a team. Moreover, I will share the kind of problem solving strategies I used to make teamwork successful. I would also show my volunteering experience certificate to make the evidence authentic.

Therefore, it is stated that the AHRI model of excellence allows an HR manager to be an excellent HR in an organization by implementing all HR roles successfully through their capabilities. AHRI has developed excellent HR managers over time with their training and their ability to build important capabilities in them. Among all the capabilities, the three that I will demonstrate in my job posting are expert practitioner, strategy architect and business driven. I will present different evidence related to my internship work, university life and volunteering experiences to prove that I possess such capability.

Davidson, P. (2012). Preparing the next generation of HRM professionals: An international comparison of tertiary HRM programs.

Salleh, N. M., Alam, S., Alam, S., &Alam, S. (2015). Human resource management roles & skills shortages in Malaysian organisations. AHRI model of excellenceOpen Journal of Social Sciences, 3(03), 219.

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right, P. C., Geroy, G. D., &MacPhee, M. (2000).A human resources model for excellence in global organization performance. Management Decision.


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