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   Free sample   Cpd portfolio assignment reflective upon updated cipd profession map against present skills and behaviours

(SHR011-3) CPD portfolio assignment reflective upon the updated CIPD profession map against the present skills and behaviours


Task: You are supposed to update your CIPD profession map and analyse your skills and behaviours benchmarked against it in the CPD portfolio assignment.


Human resource management is considered an asset in an organisation for bringing change ad development in the workplace. They work in various activities like recruiting, communicating, empowering, motivating and helping them to improve employee performances are being done by human resource management.For human resource progress, CIPD is a significant tool as it allows them to be professional. The CPD portfolio assignmentdiscusses the CIPD's roles in human resource management to become more professional in their work.Ethical and professional issues in human resource management, CPD log, self-analysis of skill and behaviours, and PDP plan have been discussed in the report. The CPD portfolio assignmentalso discusses the further growth and changes that need to improve for being professional in the workplace.

CIPD map is a professional map as per the CPD portfolio assignmentthat allows the human resource people to work in improving and developing their work standards by following various guidelines and standards. It allows the HR of the organisation to be more professional in their work to bring progress in their skills and gain experience.CIPD stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, and it mainly focuses on the human resource department to allow them to become more professional in their roles and responsibilities (Blackwell, Daly and Lancaster, 2019).The CIPD map includes three types of knowledge and behaviours and three types of purposes (as shown in the figure below).


Figure 1: CIPD professional map
Source: (CIPD, 2021)

Analysis of own skills and behaviours based on CIPD map in the CPD portfolio assignment
The first type of knowledge from the map as per the CPD portfolio assignmentis specialist knowledge, and there are different types of specialist knowledge included in this section (CIPD, 2021). From this aspect, there is certain specialist knowledge that is currently existing in my profile, such as employee relations, employee experience, talent management and resourcing. I have this specialist knowledge as I have my business, a physiotherapy company. I am much aware of the recruitment and selection process of employees as I have employed two staffs at my company to analyse the CPD portfolio assignment. Managing the staff and guiding them enhanced my talent management knowledge. Working as a team within my company enhanced my knowledge about employee relations and employee experience.

The core behaviours from the map that currently exists within me are situational decision-making, valuing people and passion for learning. I am an attentive person according to the CPD portfolio assignment, and I listen to people when they are talking about something relevant that is useful for myself and my career development. I can work effectively and can focus on the allocated task without any disruption. I can work and communicate properly with people and have convincing power. I have to make challenging decisions in difficult situations since I run a company, and there are many aspects I need to take care of. Situational decision-making helps me to make better decisions. Initially, I faced many challenges in operating the business and writing the CPD portfolio assignmentsuch as poor management. Since then, I started valuing the team more and created an environment in which there is an endless passion for learning. In future, I need to focus more on commercial drive and ethical practice.

The core knowledge that currently I possess as per the CPD portfolio assignmentis people practice and evidence-based practices. As I provide physiotherapy to the customers, so I need to ensure that my staff are well trained in the session to meet the customer needs. The evidence-based practice, which usually takes place by implementing different tactics to train the staff in a better way, is helping to ensure better results at the company. I have developed skills in multi-tasking and identifying the changes that are acquired in CPD portfolio assignment. Moreover, I have developed skills in communicating properly with people and managing work in due time. In human resource management, I learned that it is very important for a person to bring change and to communicate properly with their employees to make a healthy place of work.

The principles-led factor explained in the professional map indicates three things that matter in better professional practice, and they are people, work and professionalism as per the CPD portfolio assignment. From these three aspects, currently, I am quite adapted to ensure a better workplace for my staff, and I also maintain professionalism to ensure the end results meet the business objectives. Further, I learned that communicating and developing a healthy relationship with them can help in identifying the performances of each individual and the motivation and encouragement required for their performance management. I can say in the CPD portfolio assignmentthat I have developed skills in learning consistently and can focus on work with more consistency for self-development and progress. I have the behaviour of getting angry easily, which I think is not good and healthy for my future career aspirations.

The evidence-based practices as per the CPD portfolio assignmentare crucial in professional development, and I specifically rely on academic research, business reports and organisational reports. Decision-making is based on experiences and instincts, and problem-solving is based on various methods and procedures (Jajinovi and Toth, 2018). Decision-making and problem-solving attitudes are defined as significant factor in human resource management as it allows a person to make a vital decision based on the performance and situation (Fast and Joshi, 2014). On the other hand, problem-solving skills allow a person to become positive and bring effective solutions to the subject (Fazli, 2020). In the class, I learned to make effective decisions and in solving the problems that are required for CPD portfolio assignment. Making a decision based on the subject brings conflicts, and it can be beneficial for businesses. It is also defined as some sort of resolving the problems by making good choices for the better of the business and or any other thing (Talanker, 2016). I was satisfied that I learned those things, and these are the qualities that are required in me to bring change and transformation to my attitudes. I was not aware that problems solving and decision-making skills are effective in business, and this can be helpful for my CPD portfolio assignment.

Time management skills are also one of the significant factors that are required in human resource management to bring effectiveness to the workplace and in writing CPD portfolio assignment. Time is defined as one of the precious currency and commodities to spend, and time management has defined a process of managing complex conflicts and relationships within ourselves (weekly lecture 11). For managing time, one has to plan; accordingly, estimate tasks, multi-tasking, prioritising, monitoring and reviewing, and bringing productivity to work. It is also defined as an ability of a person to use time effectively and efficiently to bring positive outcomes (Kapur, 2020b). I had some idea about managing time and its benefits for myself while writing the CPD portfolio assignment, but I did learn something new, which is estimating time, multi-tasking etc. I realised that there are various that I need to learn to bring growth and development myself. In the workplace, conflicts are one of the most predictive outcomes of working in a group. Human resources and managers face various work conflict issues in the workplace, and it's their role and responsibility to reduce the conflicts. For managing conflicts, communication is defined as a key role in developing a healthy relationship at work (Madalina, 2016). I learned in the CPD portfolio assignmentthat for handling conflict in the workplace, a person has to communicate properly to bring solutions and maintain a relationship with one another. Therefore, I had to work further on myself in bringing change and development for employability.

The outcomes-driven aspect of the professional map indicates better professionalism can be maintained through making a positive difference on a personal, social and professional level. In my early career goals developed during writing the CPD portfolio assignment, I focused mainly on my personal and professional development, but currently, I want to focus on the social aspect of my business as well as my expertise in HR. Better training and development of the workforce at my company will help to provide customer-centred services. The employment opportunity that the staff members will get at the company will be a positive contribution to society.

Professional and ethical issues in HRM
HRM in an organisation is a significant factor as per the CPD portfolio assignment, and it allows for bringing change and development in the workplace.The workplace environment and recruiting talent-based employees are all done by human resource management, and failure in managing those relevant things can bring various challenges and issues in business (Chai, 2020). The professional and ethical issue that lies in human resource management is that they do not provide professional and skill development training programs to the newly hired employees.For growing the business in an organisation, it is imperative that employees need to be cared for and motivated. Therefore, the human resource also plays a key role in improving the performances of the employees and bringing changeand development to their business.Due to the lack of effective training development programs in the workplace, it is found in the CPD portfolio assignmentthat the employees lack their skills in conducting organisational analysis (Anderson and Caldwell, 2020).Performance management, legal issues, workforce planning, and compensation and benefits are also the major roles of human resource management in bringing improvement and growth in organisational and employee performances.However, due to the lack of managing those roles and regulations in an organisation, employee performance and organisational growth gets disrupted massively.In managing the performance of the employees as per the CPD portfolio assignment, the human resource team has to be more aware and professional as it allows them to make the right decisions based on the performance (Nillos, 2015).

Before writing theCPD portfolio assignment in the class, I was not able to analyse the roles and responsibilities of human resource management, and it gave me an idea to analyse their roles and their significance in an organisation. I understood that for bringing development and growth in business, the human resource management has to be professional and has to make a decision that is right for their organisational growth.The other significant issue in human resource management is ethical issues. It has been identified that discrimination against employees, safety and health issues, employment issues and privacy maintenance are relevant.Human resource management has to work to serve equality and fairness in the workplace to make a healthy place of work.They are also defined as a strategic and coherent approach to management and the most valued asset of an organisation (Indeed, 2021).In an organisation, it is imperative that for bringing growth and development, one has to be effective has to be ethical. Due to the ethical issues in human resource management and CPD portfolio assignment, many employees do not get their rights, and this reduces their motivation to work and bring changes and growth in themselves. Their morale doing work and increasing and improving their performances gets reduced massively, and this leads to a decrease in the performance and growth of the organisation (Parthasarathy, 2017).
From the assessment, I learned that human resource has to be more effective and ethical in their work to be more fair and transparent.Human resource management has to be ethical to bring development and progress in their internal workplace environment. Before the class, I had no idea about the human resource management roles and responsibilities, and all I knew was that they recruit employees for the company. From the class while writing the CPD portfolio assignment, I gained effective knowledge on the subject, and it will be helpful for my future career development. I did not have any knowledge of the professional and ethical issues that arise in human resource management.I was unaware of the fact that there are various issues in human resource management. After joining the class, I learned that human resource management receives various issues and what strategies they have to implement for bringing changes and development in the workplace. I learned that human resource management has the role of making a healthy place of work for employees and managing a healthy relationship with senior members.While writing the CPD portfolio assignment, I learned the concepts that need to be implemented by human resources to be professional in the workplace.

CPD log and Template









Table1: CPD Template
(Source: self-created)

It is important that one should bring change and progress in self by learning various effective things through the CPD portfolio assignment. It gives an idea to the learner for bringing development and change in self and improves their thinking capability and personality. From the class, I learned various things of which I was not aware, and it helped me gain vivid knowledge on the subject like decision-making, problem-solving, time management, communication skills, leadership etc. Before the class, I had some knowledge of these subjects, and I did not think that it would be necessary for employability and making agood career. I was always focused on making better changes by learning things, and in class, I got knowledge that improving my skills can help me develop a career. It is evident from the CPD portfolio assignmentthat human resource management is a significant part, and it allows to bring productivity from manpower resources using day by day. Daily implementation of skills and taking effective decisions on the subject can help in bringing change and growth in business comparatively. Human resource management is considered to be the most significant part of business, and now many businesses are allowing human resources to work to bring change and development in the workplace.

Human resources can enhance organisational performance by encouraging employees and motivating them to increase and improve their work performances (Amadi, 2018).Leadership is also one of the significant factors in an organisation. As per the CPD portfolio assignmentto bring success to an organisation, leadership has to be maintained in the workplace by senior people (Sluss, 2020).Leadership in human resource management allows for taking effective decisions on improving performances. It allows the human resource to take desired actions as per the objectives and mission of the organisation (Okolie, Omole and Yakubu, 2021). I have analysed my leadership skill and style based on the leadership assessment questionnaire (appendix 1) and based on Blake and Mouton's Managerial Grid. The figure below indicates team leadership is the type of leadership style I have based on the leadership assessment.


Figure 2: Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid
Source: Self–made

As per the CPD portfolio assignmentteam leader means high relationship and high task. The team leader is a type of person who ensures a team environment, which is similar to my personality as I like to maintain a team environment even in my company. The team leader enables the team members to meet individual goals as well as team goals. It means I have the capability to lead productive teams, and based on this fact, I need to enhance my current leadership skill and HR management skills. To bring the change as mentioned in the CPD portfolio assignment, I will work on my leadership skills so that I can make better decisions and think positively and progressively.

PDP plan for the next 12 months


Develop strategies

Gather resources for the CPD portfolio assignment


Track progress


Communication skills

Speak with friends, participate in debates, and take courses.

I will attend seminars and workshops.

Three months

I will take part in debates and other activities to analyse my progress.



Leadership skills

I will do the online course from Coursera

The course if for 3-6 months

Read books based on that and join webinars to write the CPD portfolio assignment.

4 months

I will track my progress of leadership skill by tracking the team performance of my company starting from 1-12-22 to 1-3-23


Time management

Take part in different activities, and manage my daily routine with allocated time. I will do course on time management for 4 weeks to ensure to develop productive teams.

I will analyse myself and write it for managing time in CPD portfolio assignment. See lectures and videos based on that.


I will analyse myself and my behaviour for tracking my progress.




Decision-making& problem-solving

I will find challenges I am facing, work on taking decisions and solve problems for my better.

I will go to seminars and webinars and will read books to taking decisions.

 3 months

I will work on search different scenarios related to CPD portfolio assignmentwhich are unresolved and try to find solutions and make decisions and show them to my tutor for analysing of my progress.


Table2: PDP Plan
(Source: Self-created)

In the PDP template mentioned in the CPD portfolio assignmentthe goals that are necessary for developing my skills have been identified and as per the changes required the overall plan has been shown. The overall class gave an idea that for bringing change and growth one has to take a positive approach and has to think positively and has to work in a timely manner. It allows a person to be fair and bring fine judgement and decisions based on the subject. Effective communication is a significant component for bringing growth and development in self and in building healthy relationships with other people (Keates, 2018). It allows a person to share their ideas and thoughts properly and execute the plans according in an understandable way.Communication is the basic skill in the CPD portfolio assignmentthat one should have and proper and effective communication will help in bringing positive outcomes(Khemesh, 2019).

Leadership skills are also one of the vital components that allow a person to be effective in an organisation. It has been identified in theCPD portfolio assignmentthat people with strong leadership allow in bringing change and development in the workplace and it consistently improves the working nature by motivating and encouraging employees.It allows a person to be forward-looking, inspiring people, bringing change, and honest and empowering people to develop their performances and share a vision.It allows a person to focus on their work and make a decision based on the subjects and by analysing the facts (Iwata et al., 2017).

Time management, decision-making and problem-solving skills are the significant factors that need to be developed in self to bring change and improvement in the CPD portfolio assignment. These are the significant factors that are relevant in human resource management for bringing growth to the workplace. As per the PDP plan, I will work on my goals of improving my skills and becoming competent for my career development and employability. It not only helps me to gain knowledge on the subject but it will further help me develop skills on the subject.

Human resource management is one of the significant factors in an organisation it plays a vital role in business. From recruiting and managing the workplace environment they are responsible for bringing change and developing the performances of employees.For becoming a professional human resource, CIPD and CPD portfolio assignmentallows for taking vital steps and strategies for empowering and enhancing performances.It allows a person to develop their standards and be professional in their job and improve the workforce environment. CIPD allows the human resource to develop personal skills that are relevant for their career development and growth. It allows the human resource to handle the employees and professionally empower them. Human resource management faces various professional and ethical issues in the workplace. Lack of human resource management in the workplace brings various challenges to employees like training and development programs,performance management, and lack of management roles and regulations in the workplace can bring various issues. As per the CPD log and CPD portfolio assignmentI have to work on my skills like communication, leadership, time management, decision-making and problem-solving skills etc. for bringing change and development to my career growth. As per the PDP plan, I have developed a skill development plan for 12 months for being more competent and learn new skills.

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Appendix 1 of the CPD portfolio assignment: Leadership assessment questionnaire

Appendix 2: Scores from leadership assessment questionnaire


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