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Corporate Entrepreneurship Assignment Case Analysis of Aztrac & Safetours


Task: Prepare a corporate entrepreneurship assignment considering the following scenario: You own a lot of money because you have just won the lottery and are going to set up 2 businesses, one in France and one in Finland. One is operating in a stable market and one in a highly dynamic market. Choose a product or service, a structure and culture that will fit you, the market, and your passion and with which you can achieve your mission. One company “Aztrac” you’ll start from scratch and will grow fast; from 0 to 1000 employees within 5 years. One company “Safetours” you will buy (acquisition). The company you will buy has 400 employees and isn’t performing very well at this moment. Choose the reasons why it isn’t performing well for yourself and mention these in your powerpoint-essay. Use your imagination and create these companies in your mind. Make them grow!
Describe for each of the two companies an overall strategy to get from the company you described in your introduction (the overall IST) to the company you want it to be in the future (the overall SOLL, based on the things you thought of describing your models). This will provide you the IST and SOLL for an overall strategy.
You may SWOT and imagine the impact of the environment (Culture Finland, Culture France) to make your overall strategy more complex and lift your essay to a higher level. b. Evaluate and synthesize: How will your intervention or strategy affect the growth, knowledge and credibility of the company (if applicable)? And how will these interventions contribute to your mission?


According to the research on corporate entrepreneurship assignment, the idea of corporate entrepreneurship refers to the process of developing and growing a business and to generate good revenue through various entrepreneurial thoughts and actions. The first company is a mobile company based in Finland named Aztrac. On the other hand, the name of the acquired company is Safetours which is a tourism company based in France. Aztrac offers premium and high-quality smartphones for its customers. The company also provides services related to the maintenance and repairing of their smartphones. On the other hand, Safetours is a tourism company which provides good sightseeing tour packages for tourists visiting France.

The organisational structure of the mobile company named Aztrac is organic or flat. Flat organizational structure is being selected as it emphasizes on a wide span of control and decentralisation of powers (Burns, 2016, pp. 180). This is required in case of a smartphone manufacturing company to enable the different departments of the company like marketing and sales, research and development and HR management to work collaboratively. Moreover, a flat structure would enable the company to take an ad hoc approach while conducting business as it is operating a dynamic market which is prone to changes. On the other hand, a bureaucratic or mechanistic structure is selected for Safetours as it is operating in a stable market (Burns, 2016, pp. 181). As a result of this, a more centralised and departmentalized structure is needed for Safetours. Aztrac is operating in the highly competitive and dynamic smartphone business market which is fuelled by change and rapid growth.On the other hand, Safetours is working in a stable market where change does not take place very often.

Herein corporate entrepreneurship assignment, an adhocracy organisational culture is being selected for Aztrac as it would enable the company to work in a much flexible and adaptable manner(Burns, 2016, pp. 193). On the other hand, a hierarchical organisational culture has been incorporated in Safetours Company to enable better efficiency and coordination within the workforce. Moreover, in Aztrac a participative style of management has been implemented (Burns, 2016, pp. 193). A participative style of management encourages the employees to be a part of the decision making process. This type of management style would be suitable for Aztrac to receive innovative ideas and feedback regarding the development of smartphones and customer redressal. On the other hand, a persuasive type of management has been adopted in the Safetours tourism company. In this style of management, the persuasive skills of managers are being utilised to make employees understand the rationale behind the various unilateral decisions that are being taken by the company. The mission statement of Aztrac is to provide high quality and innovative products to its customers. Its vision is to be a pioneer in the high-end smartphone industry.

The mission statement of Safetours is to serve its clients with great hospitality services that would enhance their travel experience. Its vision is to strengthen the company's position as the leading tour operator in France.

Managerial and entrepreneurial characteristics

My top five managerial or entrepreneurial characteristics are given in the following section of corporate entrepreneurship assignment:

  • Creativity
    Creativity is one of my dominant managerial skills which enables me to think of solutions out of the box. Creativity is a vital factor that helps in gaining a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market environment. It is also quite useful in taking projects forward when there is a lack of resources or time constraints. Creativity in the products and services also helps in attracting the attention of the customers.
  • Communication skills
    I have good communication skills which help me to establish strong and meaningful relationships. Effective communication is necessary to run a company successfully. It helps in the clear transmission of the job roles that employees need to perform and it also enhances the sense of trust among the manager and employees. Moreover, good communication skills are also required to build bonds among the employees so that they perform their duties in a coordinated and collaborative manner.
  • Commitment
    I stay committed to the work until and unless the tasks are completed. If I as a manager do not show commitment then such commitment values would not be inculcated in my employees. A manager is responsible for pulling the whole team forward when the employees are demotivated or during trying times to finish the tasks in time.
  • Teamwork
    I am a great team player and I am also capable of managing teams in an efficient manner. My communication skills further assist me in assigning clear jobs roles to the different members of the team. Moreover, I am also able to motivate the employees by adhering to their individual needs. Motivated team players contribute much better in the workplace and also help in uplifting the overall rate of productivity and efficiency.
  • Flexibility
    To survive in today's volatile and rapidly changing business market, managers need to be flexible as well as versatile. I am quite flexible with my work and I am open to changes. To be successful as a leader in the business market, one needs to be able to adapt to the new changes that are upcoming regularly in the business market. Moreover, being a flexible manager I treat the employees of the companies as individuals and try to inculcate their styles and suggestions within the business processes.

Leading the companies
Effective leadership requires years of practice, experience and empathy. To lead the companies in an effective manner I need to inculcate a strong sense of community and teamwork among the employees. As per the view of Plotnikova and Strukov (2019) considered in this context of corporate entrepreneurship assignment, it can be stated that incorporation of a sense of community among the employees leads to better collaborative and coordinated work in the organisation. This, in turn, increases productivity and also creates a positive work environment.

I would also look after the ethics of the organization and set up strict regulations to prevent any kind of fraud or misdemeanour in the companies. Incorporation of an inclusive working environment to provide value and respect to the employees who come from different cultural backgrounds is also a vital part of leading an organisation. As suggested by Romani et al. (2018), a cross-cultural workforce helps in gaining insights and innovative ideas due to its diversity in backgrounds and experiences.

The incentive system and promotions in both Aztrac and Safetours would be completely based on the performance of the employees. This, in turn, would create a sense of fairness and equality in the workplace and would also motivate the employees to strive to gain different benefits. Creativity and innovation is the key to grow a company and obtain competitive edge in the industry. As a result of this, it is imperative for me, as the leader of the organizations to stay open-minded so that the employees can approach me and share their innovative ideas. I would also incorporate a healthy work-life balance so that the employees can maintain a good relationship with their families and take rest adequately. To carry out the operations of a company for a longer period and responsibly, I would emphasise on various sustainable norms. As per the view of Zhang et al. (2019), it can be stated in the corporate entrepreneurship assignment that reducing the overall carbon footprints of the company and recycling of wastes are vital steps towards achieving sustainability. I would also emphasise on using renewable resources of energy for carrying out the different processes related to manufacturing for Aztrac.

Models from Burns P. Corporate Entrepreneurship
Culture and Innovation Theory in organizational Architecture

I think, following a fair working environment and maintaining all the regulatory compliance for maintaining the organizational structure is necessary. Otherwise, the organization would lack behind in terms of technology and innovation, which is not recommended for maintaining the competitive advantage in the dynamic market of Aztrac. Personal characteristics should change from the achiever to the influencer to motivate the employees because motivation is important for increasing the productivity level. Better motivation further increases the engagement level of employees by which they can be involved in better competency levels in the current competitive market of Aztrac (Burns and Dewhurst, 2016, p.143).

Culture should change from low acceptance to high acceptance for promoting the discrimination at bay and increasing the fair policies in the organizational context of Aztrac. Structure/corporate venturing should change from flat structure to a decentralized structure is necessary for Aztrac because it is operating in a dynamic market.

Management style/change management should change from a participative style of management to a persuasive type of management for utilizing the persuasive skills of managers in Aztrac. Innovation/marketing/creativity should change from incremental innovation to disruptive innovation for applying new processes or technology to the current market of Aztrac.

Complexity Theory
The complexity theory illustrated in this section of corporate entrepreneurship assignment mainly involves the ability of leaders to generate creative ideas for managing complex situations within the workplace. Leaders are playing an important role in motivating the employees and getting feedback for the employees, to make them prepare for any upcoming risk or obstacles in the organizations. Skills development and boosting morale are the key roles for leaders. Strategic implementation is increasing the plethora of maintaining technology and innovation at the same time for making the organization meet with the demands in Safetours (Burns and Dewhurst, 2016, p.82).

Personal characteristics should change from creativity to communication skills for building bonds among the employees so that they perform their duties in a coordinated and collaborative manner in Safetours.

Culture should change from adhocracy organizational culture to hierarchical organizational culture because it provides better coordination between the workforce of Safetours. Structure/corporate venturing should change from bureaucratic or mechanistic structure to a centralized structure that is necessary for Safetours as it is operating in a stable market (Burns and Dewhurst, 2016, p.180).

Management style/change management should change from autocratic leadership to democratic leadership for recognizing the suggestions of employees to increase productivity due to the dynamic market of Safetours.

Innovation/marketing/creativity should change from disruptive innovation to incremental innovation because utilizing the existing technology is necessary for increasing the customer base is necessary for Safetours.

Cognitive Theory
New strategies are backed by technical aspects and innovation, which would be useful for increasing creativity in the organization. Change management is observed as it is involved in some changes in the existing organizational structure of Aztrac. Personal characteristics should change from creativity to communication skills for building bonds among the employees so that they perform their duties in a coordinated and collaborative manner for coping up in the dynamic market of Aztrac. The study developed in the corporate entrepreneurship assignmentsignifies that the cognitive theory deals with evaluating the efficiency of employees, managers and team members to work together on the basis of culture, corporate structure and management styles (Burns and Dewhurst, 2016, p.48). The theory ensures that the employees are able to use critical thinking skills in order to implement new ideas and concepts which can be further improved by using a bottom-up approach. In this process, different hierarchical groups can work upon each other’s ideas in order to develop the most efficient solutions for an issue.

Culture should change from hierarchical organizational culture to an adhocracy organizational culture because Aztrac needs to work in a much adaptable and flexible manner.

Structure/corporate venturing should change from flat structure to departmentalized structure is necessary for differentiating the workflow in diverse areas to increase the customer base to maintain the work progress to increase the competitive advantage in Aztrac.

Management style/change management should change from autocratic leadership to transitional leadership for maintaining integration between the work progress with the new changes to maintaining the competency level in the competitive market of Aztrac.

Innovation/marketing/creativity should change from disruptive innovation to architectural innovation because new customers are necessary for increasing business growth in Aztrac.

Innovation Theory
Innovation is the key is certainly a statement for increasing the chance of getting more customers and focusing the technical development, while change management is associated (Burns and Dewhurst, 2016, p.383). Customers' demands are increasing and changing continuously, coping up with that, innovation can do the trick by offering better products and services, while increasing the chances of innovation in Aztrac. Considering the case scenario of corporate entrepreneurship assignment, it can be stated that personal characteristics should change from a commitment to creativity because gaining a competitive advantage and solving the issues with innovative solutions in the current competitive market is necessary by Aztrac. Culture should change from hierarchical organizational culture to a customer-centric culture because identifying customer needs is the key necessity for better entrepreneurship to increase the plethora of innovation in the Aztrac.

Structure/corporate venturing should change from bureaucratic or mechanistic structure to a centralized structure that is necessary for facilitating change through the innovation in Aztrac. Management style/change management should change from a persuasive type of management to a participative style of management for encouraging the employees for increasing the decision-making process for Aztrac.

Innovation/marketing/creativity should change from architectural innovation to radical innovation because creating new revolutionary technology for the business is necessary to increase the customer base of Aztrac due to the existence in dynamic market.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Theory
Leaders are the key people for identifying the problem areas in an organization and getting logical thinking backed phenomena for increasing the overall process of organizational performance to maintain the competitive advantage in dynamic market of Safetours. Identifying the proper innovation and technology or increasing the customer base are the key responsibilities for making the perfect example of change management. As stated in the corporate entrepreneurship assignment, personal characteristics should change from non-adaptable to teamwork and flexibility followed by communication skills because building bonds are necessary among the employees so that they perform their duties in a coordinated and collaborative manner with enough motivation and flexibility in the team for maintaining its competency in the stable market of Safetours. Culture should change from hierarchical organizational culture to an empowered organizational culture because employees need to be empowered for increasing their productivity level and overall efficiency in Safetours. Structure/corporate venturing should change from flat structure to bureaucratic or mechanistic structure is necessary for better integration among the employees and leaders to maintain an effective work culture in Safetours.

Management style/change management should change from democratic leadership to transformational leadership for coping up with the new changes in the stable market in Safetours (Shafique and Kalyar, 2018).

Innovation/marketing/creativity should change from incremental innovation to architectural innovation for increasing the customer base through taking lessons from overall technology of Safetours.

What are the strategies for futuristic advancements noted in the corporate entrepreneurship assignment?
This systematic empirical framework provides proactive strategies for both Aztrac and Safetours to gain higher audience and revenue streams.

In order to assess the IST (Current State)of both companies, SWOT analysis has been utilized. Based on the results of this analysis, the SOLL (future state) can be achieved via the implementation of Strategic actions.

a. Implementation of SWOT
Evaluation for Aztrac

Strengths: The brand is focused on the provision of high value mobile devices at affordable prices which contributes to high sales. The provision of these high-quality products at low prices can lead to high customer satisfaction and lower opportunities for brand substitution in the future years.

Weaknesses: Considering the fact that this brand is new in the market and are operating within dynamic market conditions, the organization has low brand value which needs to be improved for continued operations.

Opportunities: The brand can focus on better innovation in order to provide higher quality products and gain better market value. Additionally, modern technological implementations can also help to improve product development and improve features within various products. Threats: The brand faces high competition from leading brands in Finland such as Alcatel and Alcom which have higher brand value and popularity within the market.

Evaluation for Safetours
Strengths: The brand is highly focused on providing quality service to travelers in France, thus leading to long term sales and high customer satisfaction as well as brand loyalty.

Weaknesses: The brand lacks in proper marketing processes which contributes to lower potential customers. This issue can be mitigated by implementing proper online digital marketing processes.

Opportunities: The brand can focus on expanding their service to other areas worldwide. This is a major challenge considering the recent COVID 19 outbreaks but the initiative can be taken by implementing safety guidance.

Threats: One of the major threats of the brand identified in the present context of corporate entrepreneurship assignment includes the fact that the French government tourism service provides high value travel experiences at low prices and thus Safetours need to implement better offers and loyalty programs to gain recognition.

b. Evaluate and Synthesize
Strategies for Aztrac

As intensified competitiveness, changing consumer purchasing behaviours and regulatory compliances have been hindering the company's sales and market shares, Aztrac must emphasize on fact-driven infrastructure development programs and streamlined operations.

Investment in Innovation and Product Development
Aztrac needs to adequately invest in R&D pipelines to enhance creativity and innovation that allows developing cutting-edge technologies and high-tech configurations to improve smartphone capabilities and performance (Wilson and Makmud, 2019). Product diversification attributes regarding smartphones including digital cameras, battery, encryption algorithms, operating systems and ease-to-use interfaces are necessary to gain competitive advantages.

Technological Advancements
The company must consider disruptive innovations including automation, artificial intelligence, IoT and analytics to transform business landscape and manufacturing practices. Incorporation of cloud computing systems and embedded centralised information systems will assist to improve collaboration and communication channels to reduce complexity and disruptions. Automation and robotics will facilitate the creation of modular design and reduce operation costs and interpretation issues.

In the current corporate entrepreneurship assignment, the above-mentioned strategies can lead to improved growth as technological advancements can contribute to higher brand value whereas better innovation can help to increase visibility. These factors can help to ensure that the brand is able to operate efficiently within the market and gain customers as well as increase sales. Additionally, knowledge and credibility of the company can increase as modern technologies such as the use of IoTs and MIS can help to keep track of customer requirements and can influence the brand to develop products as per their needs. These strategies can also have positive effects on the mission and vision of the brand as a higher customer base in the future can allow the brand to ensure higher sales. Additionally, it can also allow the brand to gain high financial values for the introduction of premium quality phones.

Strategies for Safetours
The company can implement various research-driven strategies including social media marketing, strategic partnerships and team development initiatives to maximize revenue streams and futuristic advancements.

Social Media Platforms
Digitalisation and computerisation attributes have brought revolutionary opportunities for travel companies to reach out to widely distributed customers with adequate information and feedback. Safetours needs to implement a multichannel strategy to increase brand loyalty, recognition and presence. As social media platforms uphold a large section of customers, dedicated marketing and promotional campaigns will drive traffic and sales (Anderson and Sanga, 2019). SEO policy, pay per click advertising campaigns and sponsorships initiatives can increase social media presence. Extensive use of Facebook and Instagram will facilitate the production of adequate information, and assist bro to collect VOC, feedback and suggestions.

Strategic Partnerships
As Safetours is determined to ensure high-quality services including safety precautions, hospitality services and accommodations, strategic partnerships will help to improve transportation and hotel services. Collaboration with top hotels, airlines and agencies to effectively increase customers and revenue. Moreover, customer-focused services such as daily cleaning, automated services and notification settings will help to provide customised services while mitigating WHO's safety policies and national standards. The strategies presented above within the corporate entrepreneurship assignment can ensure that Safetours can gain higher customer base in the future thus allowing them to provide high quality services at lower prices. This can lead to an overall increase in profits and can help to gain competitive advantages over the tour and travelling initiative taken by the French government. Similarly, knowledge and credibility can be improved as social media marketing can help to increase customers as well as gain knowledge about service requirements of customers and new services provided by rival brands.

Change Management a. Change Management Processes
Change Management Process for Aztrac

Globalization of economy and techno-capitalism initiatives have significantly influenced entrepreneurial spirit and commercial ventures to incorporate innovative and transformative leadership practices to ensure productivity and profitability. To become a technology conglomerate, Aztrac must create potential products with high-end specifications and attractive pricing policies. Creation of a centralised management system will assist effectively articulate the company's vision. The company needs to develop a systematic mobilization plan that encompasses technological advancements, stakeholder groups and entrepreneurship skills to gain flexibility and competencies (Martins et al. 2019). Development of globalised supply chain, dealership networks and streamlined R&D pipelines will allow the company to effectively improve portfolio and cost-effectivity. Moreover, the creation of a risk management system alongside inventory management practices will facilitate to reduce overhead costs and scalability issues. Incorporation of globalization strategies and region-focused marketing strategies will assure seamless expansion within the global smartphone industry.

Change Management Process for Safetours
It is evident in the corporate entrepreneurship assignmentthat the cornerstone of tourism services highly depends on market trends, competitions and disruptive technologies, and Safetours needs to focus on long-term strategies and industry-specific practices to amplify organisational competency and flexibility. To streamline business operations without sacrificing productivity and efficiency, the company needs to create more safe and secure services including effective sanitisation, cleaning services and transparent payment mechanisms to cope with cybercrimes and contamination issues. Restructuring service policies, implementation of KPIs and customer-focused infrastructure development initiatives are necessary to transform the business landscape (Saner et al. 2019). To thrive customer satisfaction and retention policies, Safetours needs to increase social media presence and participation to drive higher audience and contents. Dedicated team and cheaper marketing packages will facilitate to reduce vulnerabilities and occupational hazards. Moreover, business analytics and IoT applications can improve business decisions and planning processes.

b. Impact of Strategy
What is the impact of Strategy on Aztrac's Corporate Mission explored in the corporate entrepreneurship assignment?

Aztrac's fundamental corporate mission is to provide the best user experience through innovative and affordable smartphones with integrated software, upgraded hardware and lucrative design-build specifications. To remain competitive in pricing and affordable smartphones, the company needs to cut off overhead costs and inventories by incorporating fact-driven production and distribution channels. Installation of automation and artificial intelligence will facilitate to diminish costly errors, and allow increased productivity, efficiency and quality assurance (Zufall et al. 2020). Extensive allocation of resources in R&D pipelines and leading-edge technologies will provide disruptive innovations that satisfy product differentiation and product leadership strategies. Moreover, extensive market research through various model-based frameworks will facilitate market uncertainties, product gaps and demands, and Aztrac can cope with macro-environmental factors. Diversified workforce and transformative leadership practices will increase collaboration and inclusiveness.

Impact of Strategy on Safetours' Business Mission
As the global tourism industry encompasses a variety of business types, MNCs and customer needs, Safetours must create a strategic transformation program to minimise occupational hazards due to global pandemic and supply chain disruptions. The fundamental purpose of the strategic transformation program identified in this corporate entrepreneurship assignment is to improve quality assurance and compliances. Extensive application of social media platforms will provide cost-effective marketing policies, and e-commerce opportunities can be thrived by creating a dynamic and multichannel digitalisation policy (Peng and Tzeng, 2019). Moreover, adequate ICT based training programs, high-end specifications in sanitisation and transportation services alongside hotel services can minimise operational costs and interpretations. Development of a centralised safety measurement committee, compulsory documentation of customer engagements and relationship-driven partnership strategies will improve service quality and accountability.

Corporate entrepreneurship requires a lot of mettle, hard work and effective strategizing. To manage a company efficiently one needs to have certain qualities like team-building capabilities, good communication skills, commitment, flexibility and creativity. A transparent communication system in the workplace has enabled me to interact directly with the employees and understand their difficulties or grievances that they might be facing in the workplace. This had helped me to create a good bonding with them which facilitated in the growth of a positive working environment. I am also flexible in how the employees of my companies carry out their tasks as long as they are not violating any regulations. I have also understood that creativity is a vital component to gain a competitive advantage in a dynamic and competitive market like the one in which Aztrac is performing. Creativity in the products and services also helps in attracting the attention of the customers. To be a successful entrepreneur one needs to be able to adapt to the new changes that are upcoming regularly in the business market. I have also understood the importance of digital marketing and how it might be implemented to uplift the business profitability like it has been done in case of Safetours. Moreover, it is also of paramount importance to value the employees of the company and schedule the working hours in such a manner that it enables them to have a healthy work-life balance. It can be concluded in this corporate entrepreneurship assignment that hard work and commitment are essential to run a business in an effective manager.

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