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Contextual Factors Essay: Discussion On Issues Encountered By StayWell


Task: In 1998 George Soros made the following statement in an article on globalisation:

–"A global economy is characterized not only by the free movement of goods and services but, more important, by the free movement of ideas and of capital." - George Soros

–In the last decade, the business environment has become more polarised and uncertain. With this in mind, select ONE organisation and critically investigate how they are transforming their operations (if at all) to cater for changes in the global environment. Use ONE of the topics from Weeks 7-9 as the framework for your investigation:

1.Knowledge Management, Technology and eCommerce

2.Regionalisation and Globalisation

3.Cross-cultural Issues, Diversity and International Management

4.At the end of your presentation please provide a brief set of solutions for the company, highlighting the risks that they face and the environmental factors that may impinge on their decision making.


This contextual factors essay should demonstrate critical understanding of the problems associated with the relevant contextual factors i.e. Cross-cultural Issues, Diversity and International Management. In the background of polarized and uncertain business environment in Australian market, as well as in the global market, this impact of International Management, Diversity and Cross-cultural Issues on StayWell, one of the largest Western Australian Hospitality, will be discussed.

The steps and decision taken by the company to cope up with globalized above stated three contexts will be discussed in the contextual factors essay. Following up this section, this contextual factors essay will cover up the External and internal environmental factors that have the ability to impinge on decision making process of the company for sustainable practice in the super dynamic business environment. All the study will be done on Western Australian one of the biggest hospitality/hotel company, StayWell. With its growing international marketing it has successfully scattered its overseas business in Indonesia Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom (Michelle Kerr, August 2, 2018). More than 100 seven stars hotels are present across Europe, Australia, China and South East Asia.

(I) Impact of globalized cross cultural issue in Hosspitality Industry (StayWell)
Definition: “Culture” is a word that conveys an assortment for implementing it in various factors. By and large, convictions, a lifestyle, levies; individually acknowledged from a social basis (StayWell Media Release, 23 March 2016). Culture provides familiarity to a person with proper personality, roots, verifiable foundation, giving likewise a feeling that one has a place with a specific network. Providing direction and controlling person's frames of mind and performance. Culture is formed by plentiful authorities, in between that political force circulation, religion, solid and magnetic pioneers, antiquarians and tellers of story are demonstrated.

Be that as it may, issues will takes place at that time when representatives of a social group misjudge one another, language hindrances take place as results well as is additionally because of social contrasts. Along these lines entirely making conversation in remote language; till now granted as social contrasts in various nations (Michelle Kerr, August 2, 2018).

Sustainable practice:

The contextual factors essay examines that from past decades, the travel and tourism industry made the encounter with the proceeding with expansion and enhancement getting the reach of rapidest evolving economic dissections in the entire world. Global vacationer appearances developed by 4.6% in 2013 to 1.185 billion, and UNWTO estimates a proceeding with development in worldwide visitor appearances (About StayWell Hospitality, 23 March 2016).

Real life Example: In 2013, StayWell lodgings were approximated as 16 million remote visitors, which is 2.3% more juxtaposed and the earlier year. In 2012, 5.4 million outside travelers visiting StayWell hospitalization convenience foundations, for the most part in inns and comparable foundations. These guests were of various nationalities and socio-social foundations (Yu et al. 2014).

Although, Numerous inn networks are looking for extension openings into abroad markets. The StayWell inns, for instance, as a universal inn bunch works all-inclusive and has inns in various capitals and significant urban communities all through the whole world. In this manner stirring to an alternate nation for a worldwide task is conceivable when operational for a worldwide lodging gathering.

Social decent inconsistency related to hospitality workforce is growing day by day. From the overall working lodging networks mentioned in this segment of contextual factors essay – as per claim of the Hilton Worldwide –with in excess of 350,000 possessed, oversaw, diversified and corporate Team Members crosswise over in excess of 93 nations, we are ordinarily different (About StayWell Hospitality, 23 March 2016). Though the StayWell lodgings gathering, shows that they utilize 180,000 laborers in excess of 92 nations and offer just about 100 callings crosswise over 5 landmasses.

(II) What is the impact of globalized diversity on hospitality industry (StayWell) in the case of contextual factors essay?
This contextual factors essay will cover up the External and internal environmental factors that have the ability to impinge on decision making process of the company for sustainable practice in the super dynamic business environment.

Decent variety never again only alludes to your social or strict foundation. Today, assorted variety envelops the one of a kind point of view that is brought by consumers to the organization, going through past work the understanding or else one's novel method for examining and tackling issues.

As endeavors consider "decent variety" in progressively multifaceted ways, workers need to cultivate themselves. Assorted variety today may allude to parts of one’s experience in (at least one!) of the accompanying ways:

  • Culture, religion or financial status
  • Work knowledge, profession ways and thought span
  • Gender character, physical capacities or sexual direction
  • Age, training and beneficial experience

Real life Example: More extensive cordiality industry, gives a chance to representatives and visitors the same to take part in new social encounters and to pick up experiences into how others live (Ivanov & Webster, 2013). In StayWell it should be mandate for workers to connect with individuals of wide social foundations, including changing races, ideologies, ages, hues and sexual directions, it is significant for them to acknowledge social an ending, and as somebody inspired by the friendliness business, it is urgent that leadership have to train company’s workforce to grasp individuals from various foundations.

Sustainable practice: There are innumerable advantages to making a differing work environment. For instance, decent variety in the working environment builds efficiency, correspondence and advancement. Additionally, the study developed in the contextual factors essay also noted that a familiarity with assorted variety enables the organization to plan and give administrations to visitors that are comprehensive and intelligent of their exceptional needs and needs (Niewiadomski, 2014). Working environment assorted variety in the cordiality business is accomplished through classified rules that advance equivalent work opportunity paying little heed to sexual direction, age, race or ideology.

  • StayWell management have to Question its supervisor. When contracting, terminating or advancing, inquire as to whether you would settle on a similar choice if the individual's social foundation were something contrary to what it is.
  • Acknowledge contrasts. Individuals are not the same as each other, and there's nothing amiss with that. Try not to avoid these distinctions, and remember that piece of recognizing decent variety is recognizing various characters and overseeing panaches.
  • Seek out tutors for your staff. In the event that StayWell have underrepresented staff as discussed in this contextual factors essay, associate them with a tutor of comparative foundation, in a perfect world inside your very own association. Doing so can expand their certainty (Niewiadomski, 2016).
  • Practice being visually impaired. While considering faculty for division head positions, work on taking a gander at certifications alone. At that point, it can be stated herein contextual factors essay that if at least two competitors show up similarly qualified, it might settle on sense to settle on the decision that advances assorted variety.
  • Consideration of Couched Bias Training. This preparation assists staff with perceiving and recognize when their basic leadership is affected by social—and regularly oblivious—predispositions. Offering certain predisposition preparing to StayWell whole staff can bring about quantifiable advantages.
  • Encourage your official group to perform self-assessments. StayWell pioneers have to check k\8 mtheir informal communities. Are a large portion of their associations their very own race, age, sex or statement of faith? This activity can assist staff with perceiving regions in which it will be possible from them increasingly comprehensive (Kapiki, 2012).
  • Recognize the estimation of different points of view. A payment access to a wide exhibit of viewpoints. Utilize this to further your potential benefit.

(III) Impact of globalized International Management on Hospitality Industry (StayWell)
Recent college grads the generated Segment of power - Association, Exploration, and enthusiastic involvement is the Millennials sign, more over the rapid development with the client section in the friendliness commercial, predictable to make a conversation with a large nuber of explorers by 2030.

Political Terrorism and Tensions– Everywhere in the world residents have started to react towards expanded administration contribution doubtfully becasuse political gatherings related isuof having with doubt and host started to challenge settled in political gatherings. Rebuffing financial approaches and starkness quantifies alongside ethnic, social and strict strains have brought against the issue and with common distress.

Real life Example: Encompassing Income Variation and the Operational Deprived – the research on contextual factors essay illustrated that inequality can be adopted as the monetary system followed in Australian trends saw that mostly inconsistent of the world's top richest countries. The flushest 1% of all Australians have multiple times of the white collar class Australians family.

Assuming Responsibility for Personal Well Being and Health– Captivating care of individual wellbeing will extend (Chang & Hsu, 2010). Observing the innovation interchange challenge, customers assume more prominent responsibility for their wellbeing.

Maintainability and Constraints of Resource – Eco-accommodating scheme have to be grabber by most hotel; those should have to be an alluring "jade arrangement” (Gibson & Parkman, 2018).

Sustainable practice: Lodging workers are spoken to by a wide range of societies and foundations so it is significant that inn associations actualize diverse administration aptitudes and approaches and systems so as to successfully deal with its faculty. Worldwide issues, for example, correspondence, topography, language are for the most part gives that a powerful lodging administrator should address. These variables discussed in the contextual factors essay are essential in framing the suitable worldwide affiliations.

Various neighborliness associations are searching for approaches to frame such affiliations so as to pick up section into business sectors, are different to them. For them it is hard to go only it as doing so makes fairly a hazard for them. By shaping these unions with neighborhood and provincial accomplices, they can pick up the important shrewdness and understanding so as to possibly overcome that specific market. Cordiality associations that don't frame these coalitions find that it is hard to build up nearness in new markets. Framing these coalitions enable accommodation associations to take advantage of the solid suits of bigger worldwide enterprises while profiting by their very own prosperity (Brookes and Becket, 2011). Clients in the accommodation business are searching for administrations that empower for unreservedly working worldwide. The way of life of the worldwide explorer has to some degree formed globalization and how cordiality organizations work.

(IV) Key risks and Environmental factors of Hospitality Industry (StayWell) that impinge on decision making discussed in the context of contextual factors essay:
Key risks:
Generational advertising masters state that twenty to thirty year olds have introduced the "experience economy," where live encounters are esteemed more than material merchandise — great news for the movement and accommodation businesses.

Key risk factors obtained in the case scenario of contextual factors essay can be sated: (i) Sharing Economy (ii) Ultra dynamic customer demand (iii) Lack of Qualified Staffs (iv) perception of risky Future (v) International Travel uncertainty (vi) Guest Engrossed Technology (vii) New Protocols.

Influential Environmental factors can be sated:

Environmental factors: Changes in climate: Changing the weather from its normal one or taking place or some abnormal weather can act as a barrier to tourism industry. It is clear in the context of contextual factors essay that based on the historic climate condition, travelers makes plan for visit.

Green policy: Going with the ongoing awareness, for saving green and water, if would be beneficial for the tourism industry, for incorporating the vitality with protection measures.

Disruptive Force: Now a days, shared travel theme is applying in a large sector. Compared to a traveler’s book the super online web may not deliver actual knowledge about the tourist interest place. It may be harmful for the tourism industry.

Income Inequality: The hotels between the rich, the normal white collar, economically downgraded family are getting progressively conspicuous. This may affect the number of the traveler and their travelling frequency (Ivanov & Webster, 2013).

Monetary Uncertainty: Misfortune in employment, optional payment service, trend of pressurized voluntary service is nothing but a threat towards the tourism industry. The event conducted by the inns should be out of cost unlike the other multi stars inns.

As indicated by the Ernst& Young industry report "the rise of obligatory ozone harming substance and vitality announcing crosswise over Australia and New Zealand and the advancement of discharges exchanging plans is probably going to keep on raising maintainability profile and environmental variation issues for the cordiality business in the Oceania area. Government guideline is probably going to affect the stockpile of new improvements through least vitality effectiveness measures while more noteworthy divulgence will impact existing advancements and working practices". In this setting supportability projects can give an upper hand. In any case, everything demonstrates that after some time practices will turn into a necessary prerequisite to working together in the accommodation business, especially as the expense of nonrenewable vitality keeps on expanding. Therefore, it can be concluded herein contextual factors essay that those organizations with plans of action that pivoting green practices, that will have the most grounded chance of accomplishing a "feasible" upper hand.

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