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Contemporary Management Assignment: Case Analysis Of DeWaal Pharmaceuticals & BioHealth Labs


Contemporary Management Assignment Task
In the contemporary management environment, mergers and acquisitions are hot topics; particularly as mergers and acquisitions are among the most commonly used strategies for growth. The pitfalls of mergers are well known and well-studied in the management literature.

Yet, there are some fundamental challenges that organisations keep stumbling over. One of them is integration. Preoccupation with due diligence and political factors surrounding merger negotiations too often leaves a crucial piece in the merger puzzle left till it is too late – integration of cultures and structures and people. It is well known today that poor results from mergers can so often be put down to people issues.

Consider the case study of Who Goes, Who Stays? by David A. Light and answer the following questions:

Using the knowledge that you have gained from the subject (UCA world [2.0] and GBCs, he VUCA leader-manager, Organisational planning, Managing strategy, shaping organisational culture, Managing people etc) , answer the following questions.

  1. Identify and explore the potentially conflicting values in the case using relevant management theory and concepts. Contextualize your answer with reference to literature on integration problems in mergers and acquisitions, with specific reference to people issues. (Maximum 400 words)
  2. Using theory and concepts from mergers and integration studies and with particular reference to structure and senior management, evaluate the process that is being applied to work out the details of the integration. Ground your answer in evidence regarding people and culture issues. (Maximum 700 words)
  3. Make specific recommendations on how these issues of conflicting values can be resolved. (Maximum 500 words)
  4. What process should the two senior executives and their HR teams follow to work through the detailed integration of the top management structure? (Maximum 500 words)
  5. Critique the usefulness or otherwise of the management and organisational theories and practices from this subject that you have applied in analyzing this case. (Maximum 400 words).


Executive Summary
The board of any association isn't the most significant thing; however it is likewise the most ideal part of getting the higher potential based efficiency in administrations and results of the association. Herein contemporary management assignment, Companies such as DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs have been taken into consideration for organization development measurement. The different sorts of potential conflicting characteristics that rely upon having the privilege and to the point-based outcomes are especially explained. The differential pieces of rolling out an effective improvement ought to have been kept up under the potential clients are particularly delineated. The progressive outlines and their future use for the improvement of legitimate security similarly as various things are a lot of kept up in the report. It parts with from those points of view which are less significant and which are continuously crucial to the extent the various leveled targets to be fulfilled. The comfort of theories which are connected with the organization based perspectives; for instance, Taylor's standard has been a lot of upheld under the potential conditions.

Management of any organization is not the most important thing, but it is also the best possible aspect of getting the higher potential based productivity in services and products of the organization. The various kinds of potential clashing qualities that depend on having the right and to the point-based results are very much clarified. The differential parts of making a successful change should have been kept up under the potential users are very much illustrated. The hierarchical diagrams and their future use for the improvement of authoritative security just as different things are very much kept up in the report. It gives away from those perspectives which are less important and which are progressively vital as far as the hierarchical objectives to be satisfied. The convenience of speculations which are related with the administration based points of view, for example, Taylor's standard has been very much supported under the potential conditions.

Identify and explore the potentially conflicting values in the case using relevant management theory and concepts.
There are several theories which are in relation to making two or more cultures to be acquainted with the existing cultural associates. The cultural theory is the most important theory which could make the current situation to be in a better association. It has been one of the most useful concepts of making sustainable and productive among the process to be idealized.

In the current scenario, DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs could be able to make their merging culture which could be useful for gaining productivity and its comprehension through the proper guidance based on the experts. Thus, every emerging in most diversified application of the potential outcome could be addressed through the correct appreciation of the concentrated significance.

The aspect of making the conclusion to a particular theory is based upon correctly providing the resource and manpower to make the upcoming change applicable in the scenario. There should or should not be any kind of conflicts that could make the understanding of the future aim and potential to be easy. Thus, DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs both will have to align with their current situation for adapting the changes which could be easy to cater only if the higher-level authorities emerge in making the change to be happening in the organization ().

There are several challenges that could be addressed through this particular aspect which are based upon the facts such as risk, environmental degradation, water engineering, organizational control, crime, traffic regulation, and religion in terms of aligning the two cultures within the specific time and resources. Both organizations are needed to understand their productivity in the products required which could make them be successful in the future. The specific attitude based updates are needed to be concerned through the utmost guidance of the leaders.

The conflicts between Steve and Chairman of the organization are very much interested in making the organization more successful in terms of the future. The potentiality of both of these persons is almost equal to make the company successful which could make the cultural diversity to be easily adapted in the organization using the cultural theory. This theory clearly points out the flaw as well as the advantages of the different cultures based on a different significance.

Indeed there is not a solitary test in M&A .As M&A is a mind boggling process in itself because of numerous reasons, people composing barely any significant ones underneath that may be helpful.

  1. Finding the correct organization for Acquisitions. While one is in Prospect stage (from the get-go in bargain process) finding the correct fit and clearness of key fitment is critical.
  2. When people get the best fit at that point moving as next period of Due-constancy and making sense of all information and approvals you need is basic before Defagreement(definitive understanding) is being marked .
  3. Completing the Due-constancy and recognizing early dangers in bargain is significant exercise before bargain is marked and shut.
  4. Once arrangement is shut and declared genuine M&A begins starting here as we have a basic assignment of doing the M&A combination which is most basic chain in any M&A bargains as that characterizes the achievement and disappointment of arrangements.
  5. Having the correct Post-Merger combination group set up and recognized Integration pioneer when you are in the middle of marking and shutting is most basic step. Most of the time coordination pioneer are not included right off the bat in bargain process make the entire round of mix gets postponed and the probability of joining achievement is negligible.
  6. Also the vast majority of M&A bargain execution procedure and following is un-sorted out and the same number of cross fringe bargain have a few people to chip away at bargain and subsequently it gets difficult to bring the entire procedure exceptionally straightforward and the arrangement incorporation progress gets postponed (Currie-Alder, Kemp, G.C. &Scodanibbio, 2019).

Using theory and concepts from mergers and integration studies and with particular reference to structure and senior management, evaluate the process
Merger hypothesis more or less incorporates a couple of significant thoughts:

  1. The more assorted a portfolio, the better it performs
  2. The more prevailing a player is in the market, the more it can direct its terms well (along the graceful chain, along the channel, and so on.) and obtain resources in a good rate (Thielker et al. 2018)

On the off chance that organization thinks about a huge organization as a speculation arrangement of specialty units alongside a foundation that offers shared types of assistance, at that point converging with another enormous organization builds the portfolio. The motivation behind why against trust laws exist is to deny the most outrageous rendition of market strength.

Unlike an arrangement of new companies sharing a hatching space not to mention new businesses in a speculation portfolio that are scattered topographically a lot of items inside an organization have considerably more profoundly associating informal organizations and networks of intrigue and practice. The corporate culture that rises is hearty and truly obvious inside().

It has been seen that most of the possessive atmosphere in the organizations of DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs are the main aspect which has forced them to make acquaintance with the merger and acquaintance theory. The best possible aspects of getting higher conflicts within the significant approaches are needed to be revised regarding the potential outcome from the organization. The best possible segments which are advised to get better outcomes of any specific situation are needed to be obliviated in the atmosphere of the organization. The systematic research has been a part of the organizational leaders to get their potential outcome to be significant for their future provision.

There are some conflicts regarding the techniques, ways of making the laborers work in the organizations both. These have emerged in the wide range of activities that are being placed at the organizations such as DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs. The merger and acquisition are mostly based upon the supplier, manufacturer, and the customers who are aligned wet make the service as well as products in the best possible ways. The appreciation and conflicts within getting the timely service will help both three organizations to grow according to their state of resources(Shukla& Gandhi, 2019).

So the absolute first thing that regularly happens post-super-merger is an assessment period, where individuals battle to confide in one another, where the world-class entertainers looking for security leave, where political situating is improved to where chiefs are decided by their subordinates on their capacity to "win" the political battles. On the off chance that organization was a financial specialist and organization knew by consolidating two portfolios organization would demolish a great deal of the immaterial resources of the joined portfolio(Virta&Gustafsberg, 2019).

In the event that the organization disposes of losing items and redundancies, does that smoothing out of unmistakable money related position show signs of improvement position later on than the disintegration of impalpable resources (Wong&Liaw, 2017).The situational example of merger and acquisition related problemswith people culture and other contemporarysituation are comprised of the following

The loss of group mindset
The present representatives care a lot about organization culture. At the point when you work at a moderately little startup, that culture is for the most part about a feeling of being a group. That mindset props you up as you accomplish the difficult work of building the brand. On the off chance that your association gets sufficiently alluring to be procured, it's normally on the grounds that you've gone through years emptying substance into it.

Acquisitions change all that. In a buyout, it's commonly simply the proprietors who become rich. In spite of regular misguided judgments, most workers don't get a groundbreaking measure of cash.

So securing talks can eradicate the group attitude practically overnight. You no longer feel that you're working for something all of you have a stake in. Presently, you're attempting to make your authors rich.

The risks of expanding esteem
This deteriorates if your business looks to rapidly increase deals and eradicate costs to an unreasonable degree. Doing so can expand the apparent worth, making the association appear as though it's worth more than it truly is. However, inside your association, that implies thorough, distressing additional work for every one of your representatives - with no limit to it in sight.

As VP of deals, a person was advised to push extra hard on the entirety of our measurements. Our groups began working nonstop. Some time ago cheerful, connected with workers were rapidly getting hopeless(Virta, S., &Gustafsberg, 2019). They needed out.

Activating untruthfulness seeing someone
Genuineness is significant in the working environment. It can represent the deciding moment connections. In any case, our supervisors trained us to imagine our out of nowhere higher measurements were exact projections for the drawn out future. As head of deals, I was to start to lead the pack in passing on that message.

So when the person met with a high ranking representative at the partnership hoping to get us out, I adhered to the content. The people non-verbal communication presumably clarified how awkward I was. The official later told my authors that he didn't have a nice sentiment about me. At the point when that news was then given to me, it felt like a loss and began to grow a chip on shoulder. That was the start of the end for me.

Make specific recommendations on how these issues of conflicting values can be resolved
The first and most fundamental belief is the rigid workflow and structure of working which has been set within the particular limit. Thus, most specific yet trustworthy lead is needed to manage these things under any circumstances. The values and beliefs of making the workplace-based change are very much tough to place under the specific time as well as resource-based working capabilities. Thus a very idealized and effective working strategy is needed to be made by the directors who are engaged within the organizations (Tukhvatulina et al. 2019).

The second most important recommendation needs to be followed in order to accept the different culture and diversification of workflow in their organizations (Sim, Morgan& Mason, 2018). The selection based decisions which are needed to be made according to the perceptional segments are needed to be made as per the procedures of making the ultimate goal to be fulfilled. Thus making the strategic changes and its implications are very much important in setting the diversified people to work. The whole progress should be developed under specific aspects which could make the organization successful and need to be considered as per the most important approach in the organizations (Scott& Bicknell, 2019).

In terms of the structure changes, the organizations should have to make their own understanding with the perfect alignment of their future provision based assignment to be succeeded which could make the balance of work and progress in the organization. The balance between the higher, middle and lower levels of workers is thus needed to be aligned making the best possible structure within the working premises(Zhang et al. 2019).

This issue is the political effect in the advisory board which has been seen in the two organizations. It will affect the organization in terms of the long run. The advisory which has been made according to the need is most important in setting the proficient and magnifying possibilities to be overlapped in a particular situation. In terms of fairness and benchmarking in the workplace, sustainable development should not be based upon the business of the political effect in the organizations in DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs.

Individuals will, in general, overlook the way that building an organization’s culture is tied in with making a culture that both organizations and organization groups are glad for. That makes progressively positive attachment, which empowers the organization's business to develop (Magistroet al. 2016).

Positive organizational culture isn't tied in with having ping pong tables, free Friday brews or other working environment advantages. Extraordinary culture brings about a gathering of connected human personalities who are quick to come to work. They ought to comprehend what the organization crucial qualities are.

Along these lines, moving along without any more, let us investigate a couple of regular errors individuals make when planning an organization culture. Additionallyorganizationsshare some counsel on the most proficient method to stay away from these incidents. Talking about an organization's group, fabricating a positive organizational culture will never occur with poor recruiting decisions. There is a familiar saying that says 'Recruit moderate, fire quick'. In the event that organizations have workers who are spreading pessimism or continually subverting their administrators, it might be a great opportunity to release those (Holtkamp et al. 2017).

During the organization’s enrolling procedure, an organization such as DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs may feel the organization has discovered a splendid applicant with the correct range of abilities to push the organization’s firm ahead. Be that as it may, the organization ought to likewise break down these contenders for social fit. On the off chance that the organization needed to pick a possibility for his specialized aptitudes, recollect that organization can prepare anybody for abilities. A similar won't go for preparing somebody to change their character or attributes.

Transforming a thought into a fruitful endeavor isn't some espresso. I don't care to scrutinize any representative here as it is the way of life they are content with. Let me clarify in basic words. A startup fellow will remain back and fix the code to make the item live as quickly as time permits. A representative would remain back dependent on the discharge date. This is one of the significant purposes behind mergers and acquisitions.

What process should the two senior executives and their HR teams follow to work through the detailed integration of the top management structure?
The management structure should be very much flexible in making the current strategy of working to be much effective. The best possible aspect, in giving the best output, is the proper collaboration of workers in the organization. The impeccable segment such as the people management and the internal conflicts management are needed to be managed by the directors and the other senior-most management staff of the organization. The main roles which the HR should follow are

Recruit the opportune individual at the correct activity it incorporates the see how the competitor's desire fits with the activity, focuses on the inquiries they pose.

Fabricate a decent domain in the association. Great correspondence between a chief and representatives is basic for a positive working relationship.

  • HR duty that thinks about their representatives, on an individual level, and approaches workers for their assessments.
  • Improvement and preparing both are a fundamental piece of an association. Preparing implies giving new representatives broad directions preparing to assist them with progressing into another hierarchical culture numerous HR divisions likewise give authority preparing and proficient improvement to the new workers. Initiative preparing might be required for recently recruited representatives.
  • Keep up discipline in the association. Indiscipline the things come like expels interruption, make the standard understood for the representative, appropriate correspondence with workers.
  • A worker taking care of and record-keeping.
  • Post occupations at the ideal spot to get the correct up-and-comers like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter.
  • Spotlights on enlistment, the board and gives the correct heading to representatives who work in your association.

The organizational structure should be based upon the two-way communications that are based on making different work progress or the significance of establishing goal-based subsidiaries to be worked throughout. The organizational structure is needed to be considered following the top to a bottom approach which needs to be appreciated within the particular time and resource-specific. The organizational structure should be very simple yet effective in getting the perfect balance of organizational significance. The ideal structure charts which need to be advised for the organizational segments are as follows. These structures will help to make the different operations to be worked out within the perspective of management based works which could be needed to be completed as early as possible.

Organization structure in contemporary 1

Figure: Organization structure
(Source: Meyeret al. 2019)

Critique the usefulness or otherwise of the management and organizational theories and practices from this subject that organization have applied in analyzing this case
There are many types of theories which are needed to be enhanced under the particular situation of organization management.

Logical Management is the "logical" way to deal with procedures and the board. Otherwise called "Taylorism", it is a period based way to deal with the executives with the view to expanding representative profitability. It's an early takeoff from the old-style/industrialist the executive’s model that allocates work errands to ranges of abilities of representatives including organizing administration for pioneers and administrators. It's about planning a "best fit procedure" for the job needing to be done and getting everyone to isolate the procedure into time touchy fragments and allot staff most appropriate to employment to do their part while pioneers and directors lead the procedure administering its encouragement.

The fundamentals of the Taylor' management theory which is also known as scientific theory are

  • Practical foremanship : a specialist ought to be under the order of eight "utilitarian foremen" or managers, each accountable for a specific part of work e.g shop drill sergeant, pack chief, time and cost representative, fix chief, speed chief, overseer and so forth.
  • Rule of Exception: a chief ought to be intrigued not in standard execution however in excellent execution which goes astray from the norm.
  • Differential Piecework Plan: an arrangement of money related motivators to persuade the specialist to invest in his best amounts of energy. Over the essential pay, a reward is to be paid relying upon the laborers execution.
  • Partition of arranging and execution
  • Movement and Time Study: a logical appraisal of hand and body movements, devices, techniques, and gear to locate the "one most ideal way" of getting things done and disposing of superfluous movements to augment profitability and proficiency.
  • Collaboration, Division of Work: among specialists and the board.
  • Experimentally selecting, preparing, and building up the specialist.
  • Soldiering: the propensity on some portion of the laborer to confine yield.

The different types of potentially conflicting values that are based upon having the correct and to the point-based outcomes are well explained. The differential aspects of making effective transformations are needed to be maintained under the potential utilization are very well demonstrated. The organizational charts and their future utilization for the betterment of organizational stability as well as the other things are very well maintained in the report. It gives a clear idea of those aspects which are less necessary and which are more necessary in terms of the organizational goals to be fulfilled. The usefulness of theories that are associated with the management based perspectives such as Taylor’s principle has been well sustained under the possible circumstances.

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