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Consumer Behaviour Assignment: Motivation of People Interested in Fashion


Task: For this consumer behaviour assignment, you are required to undertake a literature review on a theoretical concept/construct of consumer behaviour that has real world management implications (e.g. consumer motivation, emotional experience, nostalgia, place attachment, consumer decision making, consumer satisfaction and behavioural intention etc.). Research the field to find four academic articles relating to the concept (published any time); and three other more recent articles (2015 onwards) one of which must apply a quantitative research design, the second, a qualitative design and the third, a mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) design.


Summary of the theory utilized in the consumer behaviour assignment
Consumer behaviour theory is a kind of theory used in research studies in analyzing the factors that influence a customer or people to make decisions while purchasing or selecting something. At that time, the firm needs to capitalize on the customers' behaviours to predict their needs and demand. One of the critical factors or critical aspects related to consumer behaviour is the consumer's motivation that is very important in monitoring their behaviour. Reason helps to give an extra advantage for the consumer to choose their product based on the type of motivation they get from the organization and surrounding people.

Considering the following research article, the paper deals with the motivation of the people interested in fashion and thus influencing them in making decisions with the help of social media, particularly in the UK sector. The paper deals with the CDMP process, which is described using the Engel Blackwell Minibar model. It also points out the collection of data by organizing interviews and discussions (Nash, 2019, p. 12). The article entirely deals with the use of social media in motivating the people of the UK by influencing them with the fashion choices. Here, data collection is done significantly, which contributes to the proper analysis of the research. The findings of this research on consumer behaviour assignment show SM has a significant impact on the participants' minds and their behaviours. Thus, it can be said that the theory of consumer behaviour is well presented through this article, and with the increase of technology, it has evolved more.

Common themes of four articles
The central concept revolves around the quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and consumer behaviour on consumer motivation articles in the given articles. The first article about the qualitative article revolves around the theme of the implication of qualitative research in business that is upholding the economy and technological advancement of that particular firm (Basias and Pollalis, 2018, p. 92). This article provides a methodology to formulate qualitative research and deal with its framework management. Using the study of this article, the possible findings that can be observed is that it is essential to undergo proper qualitative research, which helps to contribute to business and technology.

The second article is about quantitative research, and it deals with its methodology. It points out the quantitative analysis of data to get a result of the study (Apuke, 2017, p. 7). It deals with the numerical analysis of data, including statistical presentations. From the findings of the paper, it can be said that the research design is supported by the qualitative and quantitative data analysis simultaneously and helps to bring out the result of the research based on the numerical data that is collected.

The third article deals with the mixed method that is research studies to bring out specific possible results (Anguera et al., 2018, p. 13). It is supported by both the quantitative and qualitative analysis of data and works together. It is a mixture of numerical data analysis and descriptive method that is used to bring out relevant outcomes. From the findings, it can be said that both direct and indirect observation is essential to deal with the methodology of research.

The fourth and last article deals with the theory of consumer behaviour on the motivation of them. It is also a research article that points out the causes of the customers that are responsible for the conduct of them towards a particular brand or organization (Nash, 2019, p. 12). From the findings, it can be said that customers use both internal and external inspirations that affect the perception of many retailers and so on.

From all the four articles, it is expected that all of its deals with research studies are connected with each other by some means. Simultaneously, all the articles are based on the methodology of the research and revolve around the common theme of bringing out positive results of the research by the proper analysis of numerical, statistical, descriptive data.

Different themes of four articles
In the above discussion, it is evident that all the articles have some common similarity that focuses on the methodology, but apart from that, it has some differences. The difference is seen in their approach and concept of the article. Talking about the first article focuses on the implication of qualitative research, particularly in the field of business that is associated with technological research connected with the economy (Basias and Pollalis, 2018, p. 92). It focuses on the implication of it in the banks that they may use for their development.

The second article entirely deals with quantitative research in general; there are no such selected organizations as in the previous article (Apuke, 2017, p. 7). It deals with it on a very available note. The last article relies on the data that is collected manually and is descriptive in nature, whereas this article focuses on the collection of data that is done based on the numerical stats.

The third article is a combination of both the previous article and consists of several other analyses that are related to mixed research in general (Anguera et al., 2018, p. 13). The significant difference is seen in the methodological proposals, which bring out the differences in outcome.

The last article is entirely different from all three articles. It deals with consumer behaviour, particularly in relation to highlight its effect on consumer motivation prior to fashion retailing (Nash, 2019, p. 12). It deals with customer decisions and their impact.

Thus from all the four articles, the significant difference is seen in their way of approach and findings, which is contrasting with each other. The aim of each piece is particularly based on their field under which they are undergoing the research activities.

Study limitations
Every research has some limitations, which is evident in this case also. In the first article, it is seen that there is a lack of proper statistical data about the banks and their reports based on their economy and sustainability. Secondly, it is difficult to analyze the complex issues that do not fit into the categories as required (Basias and Pollalis, 2018, p. 92). Another limitation that can be observed is that the collection of data that is generally descriptive in nature is a time-consuming process which can also be seen in this article.

In the second article that is dealing with quantitative research it is found that there is a lack of proper information about the theory that revolves around it and its impact on the research studies (Apuke, 2017, p. 7). It only points out the research designs and lacks numerical data and statistical representation. Alternatively, it is very difficult to understand the phenomenon, and the data that are used for the commencement of research may not be useful in dealing with complex issues. The third articles deal with the mixed research methodologies, and there are certain limitations observed in the paper (Anguera et al., 2018, p. 13). One of the limitations is that the entire study depends on the indirect observation based on the several frameworks which may be lacking in providing valuable information. Secondly, the observation instruments that are used to observe the data and records need a proper theoretical framework which may be absent.

In the fourth and last article it is seen that there is no such additional information given about the preferences of the customers and their choices (Nash, 2019, p. 12). Simultaneously it is not easy to conceive or influence a people as the process of consumer behaviour is vast in its aspect.

Future research related to articles
Each of the articles has its own importance in its respective ways. All the mentioned theories in the articles are very important in bringing out positive results of research and experiments. The theory is entirely based on the practical implications and data collection, which is used to get a proper outcome depending upon the analysis of the data. All the above-mentioned articles will help future researchers to proceed with further studies related to the topic. They can rely on the findings of the research and can look forward to meeting all the faults and limitations related to the research. It will help them to analyze and bring out more accurate results related to the topic and can motivate them in several ways of their approach that will give them a clear idea about all the research methodologies.

Critical evaluation of the research on consumer behaviour assignment
From the above discussion, it can be found out that the articles serve a common interest of research methodologies and can be used while conducting research. Qualitative analysis can help to express necessary information that is not linked with any kind of behaviour (Basias and Pollalis, 2018, p. 92). It can be stated that it is very useful while conducting educational research. It can help to monitor the experience of a human being. Similarly from quantitative research, it can help in increasing the knowledge about the importance of numerical data in research studies (Apuke, 2017, p. 7). It can help to get a proper conclusive answer to the research. It can be stated that the studies from the mixed research can help to get a result about the research by combining the hypothesis and data. Since it is a time-saving procedure, it can also be used by many researchers in their further studies (Anguera et al., 2018, p. 13). From the final article, it is evident that customer behaviour is a very important thing that is to be monitored properly. It will help to contribute to the business growth by the use of motivation (Nash, 2019, p. 12).



Reference for each academic article

Conceptual article theory-based (taken from Google scholar)

Nash, J., 2019. Exploring how social media platforms influence fashion consumer decisions in the UK retail sector. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal.

Quantitative article

Apuke, O.D., 2017. Quantitative research methods: A synopsis approach. Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review33(5471), pp.1-8.


Qualitative article

Basias, N. and Pollalis, Y., 2018. Quantitative and qualitative research in business & technology: Justifying a suitable research methodology. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research7, pp.91-105.


Mixed method article

Anguera, M.T., Portell, M., Chacón-Moscoso, S. and Sanduvete-Chaves, S., 2018. Indirect observation in everyday contexts: concepts and methodological guidelines within a mixed-methods framework. Frontiers in Psychology9, p.13.



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