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Conflict Management Essay: Theories, Analysis And Mitigation Approach


Task: Write an essay in about 1500 to 2000 words on Theories of Conflict Management and discuss about the various approaches to mitigate them.


In an organizational context, conflict is an obvious matter. At the present situation, organizations are operating at a large scale and due to that the chances of conflicts have increased. However, firms can manage the conflicts developing and implementing effective strategies for that. The strategies in this conflict management essay have been developed by adopting some theories or models of conflict management. For example, principled negotiation theory can be implemented or used by the organizations in order to deal with the conflicting situations in a better way. If the managers can incorporate the theoretical approaches they can manage the organizational conflicts in an efficient manner (Wallensteen, 2018). The primary purpose of this conflict management essay is to explore the different conflict management theory and compare them to understand the most suitable and appropriate theory that can help in reducing conflict in an organisation. The two theories selected for this purpose are the principled negotiation theory and the conflict transformation theory

Thesis statement– Better conflict management needs development of better strategies using the most effective theoretical approach.

  • Separating the people from the issues that they are facing
  • Focusing on the interests of the people rather that their organizational position
  • Developing several solutions before selecting any one for the agreement
  • The agreement should be made on the basis of the objective criteria (Ramsbotham and Schiff, 2018)

The basic advantage of this theory of conflict management is the focus of the conflict management which is on the common interests of the parties involved in the conflicting situation. However, the disadvantage is that the theory is based on the assumption that the conflicting parties will be agreed for the negotiation, but there are situations in which the parties are not ready for any negotiation. In such scenarios often, the management needs to step in and resolve the problem that initiates chaos, stress, confusion and might disturb the work environment of an organisation.

Style of conflict management: Principled negotiation theory follows the compromising style of conflict management as in this theory the shared interest of both the parties is considered (Carmody-Bubb, Duncan & Ree, 2015). The involved parties mutually agree the solution that is derived from this they and thus they both compromise in order to resolve the issue.

Conflict management theory 2 – Conflict Transformation Theory
The Conflict Transformation Theory has been developed by Bush, Fodger and Lederach. This theory has completely different view than the other theories of conflict management. This particular theory suggests that if there is conflict among the employees of an organization that should be managed by a peace building way. The higher authority of the organization must transform the negative patterns of communication into positive patterns of interaction (Yu and Zellmer-Bruhn, 2018). The theorists have suggested that in order to manage the conflicting situation in a better way the organizations or their higher authorities need to empower both the parties so that they can deal with the situation in a better way.

The major benefit of this theory is the transformational view that the theory suggests while dealing with the conflicting situation. The transformational view emphasizes on changing the entire mindset of the conflicting parties. At times changing mindset can help in improving the work place environment and might be helpful in boosting the performance of the employees in a significant manner. However, the theory ignores the fact that transforming the mindset of the conflicting people is very difficult in the current scenario. It will also require the management to develop strategies to change the mind set for which the management must study the situation in a detailed manner and develop a solution, which will require a lot of time. In addition, this theory can also disturb the work environment of an organisation in a significant manner.

Conflict management style: As this theory suggests that the entire mindset of both the parties should be transformed in order to resolve the issue, therefore, this theory followed the competitive conflict management style, as it is tough to change the mindset of any individual regarding any situation therefore; this theory is competitive in nature.

Comparison between the conflict management theories
Performing a comparison between the two theories in this conflict management essay, it can be stated that the first theory has emphasized on negotiation for better conflict management; whereas the second theory has emphasized on conflict management through transformation. It means the ways of conflict management are different in different studies. However, it is true that both the theories have emphasized on development of a peaceful situation within the organization. Comparing the two theories will help in understanding the different situation and the ways both theories care adopted in an organisation and the results of the theory on the conflict situation for which they are being adopted. This will also assist in highlighting the benefits as well as disadvantages of both the theories based on which the most appropriate theory can be recognised.

It is analyse that the principle negotiation theory helps in encouraging more employee engagement in an organisational context. For instance, if any conflict arise between the employees of an organisation and the management of the firm adopts principled negotiation theory than as per this theory the concerns and issues of both the employees will be heard,. The employees will feel valued as they are being heard and understood by their management. As per the concerns of the employees both the employees will be suggested a solution that will help in fulfilling the needs or interest of both the employees. Therefore, in this theory both the involved parties achieve satisfaction, as the solution is beneficial for both of them rather than one of the parties. On the other hand, in conflict transformational theory it is analysed that the higher authority and the higher authority undertake the problem develops strategy in order to change the mindset of the involved parties in order to avoid conflict or resolve the identified issue. It can be observed that this theory is comparatively more complicate than the principled negotiation theory. The solution is simple in principles negotiation theory and at time that theory does not require to involve superior authorities as compared to the conflict transformational theory.

It is observed that the principled negotiation theory is less time consuming and it helps in providing solutions as a faster rate. In this theory, the employees are allowed to discuss their issues and as per the identified problem, a particular solution beneficial for both the employees is suggested. If the solution is suitable, the employees accept it and therefore, the conflict is easily resolved without any further disturbance. At time, the employees can use this theory among them and resolve their issue without wasting any time. On the other hand, the conflict transformational theory is more time consuming as in this theory the management needs to understand the matter and then develop an appropriate strategy that will allow them to change the mindset of their employees. This entire process will take a lot of time and to implement an idea in an individual will require a sufficient amount of time. In addition, the amount of time that is taken by the management in order to provide a solution is the amount of time that the employees remain in their conflict and this affects their performance, which in turn affects the outcome of the organisation. Therefore, it is important to implement a theory that helps in resolving issues in a lesser amount of time so that work environment can be enhanced.

It is evident in this conflict management essay that whenever an organisation makes use of principled negotiation theory the involved parties experiencing the issues such as one or two employees sit together, discuss their problem, and formulate a solution that is acceptable by them. Therefore, the conflict is resolved within the involved members without disturbing other members of the firm. On the other hand, in conflict transformational theory the theory involved increased number of members such as superior management, employees, the involved parties and more. The solution developed is to change the mindset of the entire employees of the form which affects everyone performance and is a much complicate procedure, and it takes time to explain them the reasons for implementing new rules or regulations. This theory disturbs the work environment significantly and therefore, it is analysed that in comparison the principled negotiation theory is much simpler, less time consuming and involves lesser members therefore creates less chaos at workplace. So organisations should try to make use of the simpler theory that helps them in saving time and assist them in improving the performance of their employees in appositive manner. As the global competition is increasing, it is important that organisations should resolve their conflict in a fast manner so that the performance of their employees can be enhanced so that they are able to remain competitive in the market. Therefore, theories such as principled negotiation theory are much suitable and appropriate for business firms.

Considering the discussion in this conflict management essay, it can be stated that conflict management is much critical in the practical context. Initiating negotiation or transformation of mindset of the people is very critical as the modern business world is much complicated and involves several types of people. As per the comparison of both the theories it is analyse that the principled negotiation theory is much flexible and suitable for organisation that need a solution in quick and simpler manner without involving much members. The theory helps in resolving issues at a faster pace as compared to conflict transformational theory that needs to involve the superior management. In addition, the different styles of conflict management associated with both the theories have been identified that helps in understanding the significance of both the theories in managing conflicts at various situations. Therefore, as per this conflict management essay it is suggested that principled negotiation theory is more suitable for conflict management as compared to conflict transformational theory. Conflict management essay assignments are being prepared by our conflict management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay help online service.

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