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Computer Science Assignment on Virtual Reality (VR) Implemented Wheelchair


Task: Prepare a computer science assignment critically discussing about the Virtual Reality (VR) implemented wheelchair


In this scenario of computer science assignment, the author presents a new technology called Virtual Reality (VR) application technology. In this paper, it is mentioned that navigating the wheelchair is quite a difficult task, and for any disabled person who uses a wheelchair newly have to face difficulties. Hence they use and review the virtual reality that is cost-effective and have Virtual Reality hardware advantages. Virtual Reality does not need any special high-end environment [1]. This virtual reality has developed in the wheelchair as it assists the clinicians in driving the wheelchair. In this technology, the participants can drive their wheelchairs easily and it is connected with the power mobility road test. In this hardware implementation one virtual simulator has displayed in the attached virtual reality screen. The wheelchair rider can interact or connect with it through some structured instrumented rollers. In this technology the participants’’ driving capacity, performance has calculated approximately as well as it has been compared with the quantitative metrics. These are preinstalled in the system simulator. These estimated values are required for the getting reliability of the system [2]. This technology improves the function of wheelchair and reduces the desertion of wheelchair power, mortality, the morbidity as well as the overall cost required for the cases of wheelchair accidents. Hence it reduces the number of accidents that guide people on the right track. Virtual Reality has several benefits and effective implications for human life. As we can conclude that it makes the process of wheelchair navigation very smooth and easy especially for the disabled person who newly uses the wheelchair.

Explanation of trade-offs

The entire developed virtual reality wheelchair primarily based on the chair check systems expertise problems giving each visual & movement input requiring very little to no effort. Is that because it might, exist methodologies having a cost or the reality trade-off issue. Developers state that it is easier to think about accessibility at the setup stage as against a brief time later, therefore the earlier that you just represent immovableness limitations, the better. There square measure tradeoffs of together with sensation current interaction mechanics like squatting, creeping, bowing, coming back to up which will provide an additional profound feeling of quality for physically match people. We tend to work with the Back-Up trust to finish an internal & out subjective investigation of the VR wheelchairs [3]. Developers tend to selected to create this move to expand the supply of the actions. They have to face several difficulties and to deal with these issues; the developer tends to propose a VR-based chair check system utilizing a combination of movements doable by Associate in the Nursing electric-fueled chair as well as the vection-instigating motion photos showed on a head-mounted presentation. This technique empowers the participants or the wheelchair users to possess additional extravagant reenactment expertise in lightweight of the very fact that the locations of the film modification as if the chair performs movements that are not extremely performable. Developer tends to engineer up a symbol of a plan utilizing simply client information, concerns, and directed the assessments undertakings, affirming that our methodology will provide an additional extravagant encounter to obstruction recreations.

Evaluation Strategies & Exploration
An intuitive or automatic chair seating assessment among an accomplished word connected specialist and a patient got to offer the foremost correct chair seating framework. A word connected specialist's mastery concerning legitimate situating is to spice up helpful capacities, forestall contractures & weight bruises, even as facilitate with the board of agony. When the patient's chairs assessment, suggestions are created concerning potential changes, fixes, & also choices. The standard assessment procedure is time and value outlay because the adviser and therefore the patient should be in an exceedingly similar space. Physical estimation is performed by the specialist on the road the wheelchair an equivalent variety of perception views are essential for the assessment and therefore the estimations. A system-generated simulation programming framework was worked to create a protected domain, wherever the presentation of chair management interfaces may be tried and thought of. we tend to utilize this to assess our eye-following information philosophy, a promising declare while not hands chair route, in lightweight of the plentitude of management orders that it offers and its spontaneous nature [4]. Regular eye developments have for a few times been thought of to replicate psychological procedures and are deeply connected with consumer aims. During this manner, the arrangement of look areas throughout the route is recorded and cleft, to seem & uncover styles in saccadic developments. The Virtual reality wheelchair explores the innovative idea for the wheelchair user and it helps them to navigate the chair as well as the innovation reduces morality because of the wheelchair accidents.

Discussion of Broader Challenges
The developer or the person who analyses the system faces some difficulties or challenges regarding the motion of the virtual reality wheelchair. We so will presumably build up the competence of a chair consumer whereas keeping removed from the hazards characteristic to getting ready truly. The most common difficulty is called cyber sickness. It causes the motion of the wheelchair. In any case, the event of digital affliction or cyber sickness could be a specific issue during this application that ought to be attended [5]. This problem is associate degree innovation incited style of movement upset caused by moving substance on screens that are set to the Virtual Reality Wheelchair. Be that because it might, there is a distinction. With movement disorder, you are feeling sick since you are feeling development in your muscles and your labyrinth, however, does not see it. The sufferer consistent thinking being a virtual reality receiver utilizes some tactile frameworks. These frameworks are visual, proprioception, as well as interception framework. Things would not have caused a difficulty if the framework was nice. Therefore the activities occurring within the virtual world would adore this gift reality. In any case, that does not occur. Within the event that our eyes see a photograph of a state even a few milliseconds that is out of synchronizing, the reaction taken by the body is postponed, or surged for instance body does not react opportunely. Any Virtual Reality receiver that incorporates a poor invigorate rate for its focal points can cause problems. This is the broader challenge that one virtual reality wheelchair participants need to face.

In this report, we have taken the XReality analysis part and explained about the Virtual Reality (VR) implemented wheelchair. We have explained the details of the technology and the possible benefits of the technology. The developer’s trade-off has also been discussed. We include the evaluation of the VR wheelchair with its exploration. Although the broader challenge of the VR wheelchair is cyber sickness, it helps to reduce the morality of the wheelchair accident and also makes the navigation process easier for the participants, especially those who are disabled.

[1]. N. W. John, S. R. Pop, T. W. D. Day, P. D. Ritsos, and C. J. Headleand, “The Implementation and Validation of a Virtual Environment for Training Powered Wheelchair Manoeuvres,” IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 1867–1878, May 2018.

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[5].D P. Salgado, et al. "The Effect of Cybersickness of an Immersive Wheelchair Simulator." Procedia Computer Science 160 (2019): 665-670.


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