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Computer Science Assignment: Reflection On Ethical & Professional Standards


Task: Write a computer science assignment critically reflecting your learning experiences and its impact personal career growth and professional future using Kolb’s Learning Cycle.


This report on computer science assignment will reflect upon the significance of the ethical and professional standards and commuting its learning outcomes effectively in my personal career growth and professional future (Peterson & Kolb, 2017). The learning cycle by David Kolb provided a significant influence on my personal learning pathway and my professional life. Simultaneously, this learning cycle has four key elements and distinct stages.According to Kolb's learning cycle, it aims the learners with different types of cognitive processes (Suratman&Sinaga, 2020). Based on the theory of Kolb’s, the learning of every individual is dependent upon the abstract concepts and its attainment. These will help the learners to apply the concepts in every situation in a flexible way.Here in this report, the concrete cycle helps the learner in getting interactions in the 1st step of the learning process. I learnt and reported my learning experiences in weekly journalsthat I will expand inthis reflective report.


Figure: Kolb’s Learning Cycle
(Source: Schultz, McEwen & Griffiths, 2016)

Reflective Observation
During the second trimester of my Master Training, MIS500 was a complimentary package for me. The course provided me with the knowledge to bridge the gap between business and consumer requirements. It is necessary to understand the distinction between these two as they are entirely intertwined. The course consisted of various topics such as protection of records, e-commerce, big data, corporate ethics and the value chain. I have been learning these subjects during my fifth trimester which provided me with great concepts over information systems. Through my experience in the MIS500 curriculum, I have learned several different skills and concepts. I have learned about the importance ofcybersecurity approaches and its threats from the concepts of information security. I have learned how to protect theunethicalor illegal transmission of data via data regulations. I have also been exposed to many concepts on computer network risks such as unlawfully accessing data, improper data usage, leakage, data destruction, data breakage, manipulation, abuse, records analysis, depreciation and many such more. Many such internet hazards and internet threats have been told to defend from information security. I havealso acknowledged from the concepts that all data breakdowns will take place either remotely through the internet or physically by hard files.

From the concepts of Big Data, I learned the fundamental difference between big data. I learned to locate the necessary knowledge from an immense range of data sets. I have also learned a range of core concepts in this topic, big data processing, data analysis, data manipulation, data extraction, data cleansing and data visualisation. I have learned some key concepts from this part which reflects about virility for processing data viral, viscosity for sticking data and velocity for identifying the risk factors and real-time data opportunities. In the topic of Business Intelligence, there was another positive thing for me. I gathered some corporate experience. I have benefited from this topic to use methods and experience to evaluate circumstances and market results. While practising the concepts of the topic, I have also found some link between big data and BI.I also come to learn that even in the current subject are data mining, data analysis, data analytics. I also, however, compiled some recent principles in this area, including machine learning and data mining, data processing, data analytics, performance analysis, performancemanagement and prospective risk assessments. This topichas become a matter about moral integrity which reflects some problem after completion of this topic. In this topic of business intelligence, I have also learned that professional ethics and personal ethics are different in its own way. Professional ethics has delivered me to an understanding of the behaviours of persons within the workplace.

I have also gained some knowledge in the sense of market activity in real-time, which was the core strategy. It showed me the relationships between various company stakeholders. I also studied the significance of distinct and important stakeholders in a group and their contribution to organisational performance.

Abstract Conceptualisation
I even did several activities concerning the above subjects during the MIS500 course module. This program has provided me with great knowledge regarding business and information systems. The activities provided me with an in-depth knowledge of information system and company experience through various events. I have learned many principles and skills while learning about the topic. These principles and competencies have helped me to learn this package in depth. I am encouraged by this deep insight into my potential life and professional career.But there are some potential challenges I had faced while learning such concepts of information systems. Challenges such as lack of technical tools to deploy business algorithms and many more.

In my learning journey, the subject I learned in the module was really relevant and fascinating. I learned specific areas in information systems and its awareness. I also heard about the detection of data and related properties, including possible flaws, risks and data security impacts. I have been validating on how to recognise and evaluate risks accurately. I heard about decoding strategies such receive, withdraw, relieve and engagement when assessing risks. I have also learned how data can be managed and protected with the right procedure and defined in terms of protecting cybersecuritydata. In order to get growth opportunities, it was necessary to review practices, to establish constraints as well as assessdifferencesand issues. I practised and analysed the different factors when I researched the Information systems extensively. I have acquired considerable information about computer protection, such as password estimation, usage of virus tools, encryption importance, firewall application, web network legal control and data handling experience. From this study, I have also learned quantitative and qualitative analysis of Big Data measures that have helped me to gather theneed of data orientation in a professional career. Through the analysis, I can also use any big data to get further details and separate knowledge from the results. I have also discovered that, when the data is checked or processed, it remains in the material state. Therefore, such data can be further analysed and can be more delicate and dynamic for greater capacity analysis. The advancement of technological resources renders things more accessible than ever because the information system has become a global need for building a various data centre. Big data relates to the increasing data analysis by various industries, where I can get some more insights into understanding. Before I had a tremendous amount of interest in e-business, and this was one of the most preferred subjects in my learning module. Therefore, I have discovered a lot of modern e-business ideas and skills. I researched industry trends from individual to individual through the internet. I realise that the internet is the largest e-business service, and it plays one of the major roles in Ecommerce businesses. The main aspect of the modern business environment is e-business or e-commerce. I also practised numerous e-commerce systems that are normallyusedin the industries such as,such as TCP / IP,OSI, routing, packet-changing,circuit-switching, addressing, and DNS. During my in-depth analysis of my project, I have learned about different e-commerce infrastructures. I have also learned to use and create an e-commerce application framework using HTML. I have also learned various electronic and technological applications, such as encrypted messages and PDF.

I would say from my MSI500 learning experience that business intelligence is one of the most important topics that will assist me in prospering my professional career. Business intelligence or BI has helped me to make decisions. I have an apparent experience of decision-making focused on specific market circumstances from Business Intelligence concepts. The vital ethics contribution has significantly helped me to recognise the mind-sets and values of cultures in understanding individuals. I gathered the skill powers and responsibilities that can help me toinfluence the different roles in multiple company positions. I have discovered the most significant part of the market of value chain analysis. I have learned objectively about the internal and external factors of the company’s stakeholders. I have also witnessed a rise in market growth and competition.

Active Experiments
Thisstudy has assisted me with numerous operational practices, such as studying the Netflix Corporation’s knowledge regarding its network and examining the Australian Bank cyber framework. My comprehension was profoundly affected by both the activities and helped me to figure out the business structures. I was enriched by the deep understanding of InfoSec,big data, e-commerce, Business Intelligence, etc. and certain common objectives to be achieved in the future. I have developed my passion for becoming a part of the corporate IT sector. I will also try to find an entry in the big data system industries. My way of thinking and behaviour have been profoundly affected by the experience. Now I am confident that I can definitely be going to get a good career with my information system knowledge.

The above study reflects my assessment as an interpersonal learner of ELT. This reflective report underlines the values of utilising the information system skills to further improve the confidence, knowledge and profitability. I had a great performance and in-depth knowledgeduring mytrimesters of LIU research. As a professional and trustworthy learner, I havecom acrossvarious students and instructors, who had helped meto enhance my skills and experiences. While this principle is quite narrow, it is a good guide for learning and developing technical skills.


Diwakar, S., Radhamani, R., Nizar, N., Kumar, D., Nair, B., &Achuthan, K. (2018, March). Using Learning Theory for Assessing the Effectiveness of Laboratory Education Delivered via a Web-Based Platform. In International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation (pp. 639-648).Springer, Cham.

Peterson, K., & Kolb, D. A. (2017). How you learn is how you live: Using nine ways of learning to transform your life.Computer science assignmentBerrett-Koehler Publishers.

Schultz, K., McEwen, L., & Griffiths, J. (2016). Applying Kolb’s learning cycle to competency-based residency education. Academic Medicine, 91(2), 284.

Suratman, M. &Sinaga, O., (2020). Path Analysis of Experiential Learning Model In Developing Professional Competence of Cooperative Management. Talent Development & Excellence, 12(2). ?



Learning Activity




Studying the organisational system framework of Netflix Corporation

I acquired value through consumer input, skill research, the creation of a strategic advantage by the accelerated solution of lower price costs and customer problems.



Analysing the Cyber system-attack of Australian Bank

I've seen how cyber attackers are increased and what technologies they use. So what repercussions will we have in the protection of these kinds of assaults?



Learning from tutorials or videos:

·         Internet, the role of the internet and working framework

·         Managers and their roles

·         BI

·         Data science which includes data mining, data visualisation

·         Cyber-attack

·         Ethical-Hacking

For spite of the detrimental usage of these techs, I have learned all these things to obtain constructive information and implementations, which can further help me out in defining a better professional career.



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